Yanji looks at the soul of the moon and respects Suiye very much. She also knows that she can’t be rude and laughs. "Sister Suiye flatter me. I listened to the soul of the moon for a long time. When you saw Yanji today, you really liked her sister. Please don’t call me a girl. We are sisters. Otherwise, it would be too welcome."

After two people praised each other for a few words, Moon Soul asked, "Sister Ye said that there is a way to find Datong Pearl. I don’t know what is the way?"
With Ye Dao, "Datong Pearl, we are all connected with Datong doorways. It is not difficult to perceive Datong Pearl."
After that, I scattered my breath with the leaves to find the Datong Pearl, and I found the Datong Pearl in the eclipse room very soon.
Lin Shu, from outside the cave, asked how the children should be placed.
The Moon Soul went to ask those children and knew that they were all robbed by the eclipse king, and all their families were killed by the eclipse king. Now they are all orphans and can go home.
The Moon Soul wanted to look at Qu Sheng, Lin Shu, Chu Gong, Huang Ting and several younger brothers of Datong. Knowing that there are twenty younger brothers in Datong Gate now, it is better to take these children to Datong Gate to collect them as younger brothers, so that these five hundred children can be well placed. Secondly, it is difficult to plan behind Datong Gate.
Moon Soul said this idea to Suiye, and Suiye agreed that Suiye said the five-line method can be achieved. I heard that Moon Soul also told Huang Ting to take a few younger brothers to clean up the treasure in the cave of Yinshi Jundong and take it away together. In fact, Moon Soul is not a greedy person, but needs the money to prepare some clothes for these children and some food in the early stage.
Yin-yang and Five Elements are the origin of all spiritual practices. It’s said that a five-element array will never fail, and it’s not difficult to take away so many people and things with Ye.
At noon the next day, I returned to Datong Gate.
Qu Sheng and Huang Ting went to buy clothes and food for those children according to the command of the Moon Soul. Looking at Lin Shu and some younger brothers, they were arranging housing for those children. What suddenly occurred to the Moon Soul?
He found Suiye and wanted everyone to move to Datong Peak. He tried to tell her that when she came there, there was a Datong boundary law to protect her. Secondly, there was enough aura to help those children practice. Suiye agreed to the suggestion of the moon soul
Just as it was about to be put into action, a female voice came outside the gate.
"You asked me to look for Brother Moon Soul."
"I’m sorry, girl, but it’s inappropriate for the boss to see outsiders now. Please go back."
"If you say Qianxue wants to see him, he will definitely meet me."
"No, girl, he really has something to do."
"If you don’t inform me, I’ll see him myself."
When the soul of the moon heard it, Qianxue remembered that she had spoken to him when she was playing abortion in Linglan family, and she didn’t know how to face her. Her horse was about to rush in, so she ran to the flower bed to hide.
Sure enough, those brothers couldn’t stop the snow or rushed in for her.
Lin Shu just walked out of another yard and saw it and went away.
Lin Shu asked, "What’s the matter?"
A younger brother replied, "Sister Lin, this girl has to see the boss. We can’t stop her …"
Lin Shu already knew about it and smiled at Qian Xue. "I wonder what the girl wants with our head martial uncle?"
Qian Xue took Lin Shu’s hand before seeing Lin Shu diffuse. "This elder sister Qian Xue wants to see the moon soul brother, please help him call him out."
Lin Shu saw that this was called Qianxue girl’s innocent tone and lovely appearance, and she seemed to know the moon’s soul. She was so fond that she asked, "Does Qianxue sister know Uncle Nangong?"
Qian Xue tried to light his little head and said, "I know him and I’m still very familiar with Brother Moon Soul."
Lin Shu let the brothers leave and then smiled at Qian Xue. "Then you can go to the living room with me first. I’ll help you get Uncle Nangong out."
Qian Xue Xi said, "Thank you, Sister."
Lin Shu came to the hall with a thousand snows and asked her to wait for a while before coming out to find the soul of the moon.
Lin Shu went out of the living room and was going to look for the Moon Soul, but the Moon Soul came out of nowhere. Lin Shu was about to say that a man named Qian Xue came to look for him, and the Moon Soul pulled her aside and looked back until Qian Xue didn’t come out. She said to Lin Shu, "I know everything. When you go back and tell her, I have to go out temporarily and I don’t know when I will come back. Don’t let her know where I am, otherwise … I will send Qu Sheng away to do business so that you won’t see it for a year and a half."
Lin Shu feels that the soul of the moon is strange today. How can I tell Qianxue when I get back? I can’t bite the bullet and say it.
Lin Shu went back to the living room to see Suiye and Yanji, who were also talking to Qianxue at this time.
Yanji changed her clothes with the leaves, and with the help of the leaves, she became less wild and more dignified.
Qianxue jumped up from her chair and ran to her when she saw Lin Shu coming back. "Did Sister find Brother Moon Soul?"
Suiye also said, "I was just about to discuss with him about moving these children to Datong Peak. Where are your uncles?"
I didn’t have the heart to cheat Qian Xue, such a lovely girl, when I came to Lin Shu. Now I was about to tell the truth with Ye again, but I remembered the "threat" of the Moon Soul just now, so I stammered, "Oh, Uncle Nangong … He, he just had something to go out."
With Ye and Yan Ji, Lin Shu’s expression is a bit unnatural.
Thousands of snow is don’t give up, "where did he go? Did you say when you will come back? "
Lin Shu thought for a moment and stammered, "He … He didn’t say where he was going or when he would come back."
Qian Xue’s face showed disappointment as Ye and Yan Ji looked at Lin Shu and felt that some of them were wrong, but they couldn’t say what was wrong.
At this time, Huang Ting sounded outside the gate.
"The nangongshan ShiShu what are you doing here? You asked Brother Qu and I to buy things, and we all bought them. Let’s report to you. After a province, you said we were stealing. "
As soon as I heard the moon’s soul and snow, I ran out of the living room, ran across the courtyard and ran to the front door like a gust of wind.
This matter Huang Ting is dragging the reluctant moon soul in from the outside, followed by QuSheng also came in.
"Moon Soul Brother Qianxue came to see you."
The moon soul came to sneak out, but just slipped out of the gate and bumped back, Qusheng and Huang Ting.
Then think of Huang Ting’s enthusiasm, go and pull the Moon Soul in a hurry to show his achievements. Do you want to hide or not? Since you can’t hide from the Moon Soul, you can face it.
The moon’s soul is filled with surprises. "Ah! Is it a thousand snows? How did you find this place? I haven’t seen you for a long time, how did you lose weight again? "In fact, the moon soul is telling the truth, and Qianxue is really gaunt."
Thousands of snow crossed and ran to the front of the moon soul. "I heard my brother say that you became the head of the big gate. I came here to see you thin. Of course, I miss my brother."
It seems that she doesn’t know that she is the soul of abortion. It is also a hint to her, but she really can’t have an affair with her, but she can’t say that he can repay her with a wry smile in his heart.
On the surface of the soul, I still said with a smile, "You also said that your brother didn’t introduce me and the crazy Taoist priest, so he left. It really scared me when I was in Muxinzong. I didn’t expect you to be a family member of Linglan."
On hearing that the Moon Soul said that Qianxue was a family member of Linglan, Huang Ting was puzzled. After Mu Xin’s general tinker, he felt that the Moon Soul should hate the family members of Linglan, but what seems to be very affectionate with this girl?
Qianxue looked aggrieved. "I don’t want you to change your attitude towards me because I am a family member of Linglan. Brother Moon Soul won’t be angry, will he?"
As soon as the moon soul looks up, she walks out of the living room with Ye and Yan Ji. She has an idea in her heart and laughs. "How can you be angry? Thousand snows come, let me introduce you to two people." She says, she walks to Yan Ji and Yan Ji with thousands of snows.
In front of the two people, the soul of the moon has not spoken yet, and Qianxue is proud. "I know this is Sister Suiye and this is Sister Yanji. We met just now."
This girl bites a sister and adds that lovely face. Ye and Yan Ji like to keep from ear to ear.
The moon soul walked beside Yanji and took Yanji’s waist and smiled. "You have another identity as Yanji’s sister, don’t you know? She is also your brother, my wife. "Say that finish, I kissed Yanji on the cheek and provoked Yanji to push him aside. Huang Ting blew a whistle.
When Qian Xue heard Moon Soul say Yanji was his wife, her charming body trembled and stepped back in disbelief, shaking her head and saying, "No, no, this is not true."

Dayou Dazhuang and Lin Cheng are in Wendeng for freight transportation. If they are more familiar with the industry, they will introduce the transportation situation here in the port to Lin Cheng in detail.

The transport fleet is full of ground cars, and no car has been brought from Wendeng. Now everything is lacking except people and cars.
At present, the port industry is less, and it goes out to sea in winter, and the freight volume is not large. Now it is easier to organize the fleet than to be in a hurry.
There is always trouble here. The big fishmonger’s name is Jiao Wen. Everyone calls him Wen Ge Jiao Wen. He is the earliest fishmonger and the biggest fishmonger in Shidao Port. He has a boat, that is, four pairs of fishing boats, which is worth 10 million yuan. He also has a cold storage. Half of the fish in Shidao Port are sold to Jiao Wen.
With money and territory, he still befriends the fishing gang. He takes it for granted that this place should be his own boss, plus the fishing gang’s second husband, that is, Uncle Chen Jingtang and follow focus promised that you would be the boss of the port fishery after that, and no one had ever competed with you.
But now Lin Cheng and others are here. Although Lin Cheng and others are not collecting fish, Jiao Wen can feel the sense of crisis. Since Lin Cheng can come, he must have hesitated in his heart, so he found Chen Jingtang’s uncle Chen Guangzong. Chen Guangzong didn’t know that his father was missing. He didn’t recognize that Chen Jing was so bold that he could kill his father in secret, but after all, he also suspected that he and Chen Jing were not very tough on this cousin Chen Guangzong. He loved and feared that Chen Jing was the goddess he had always dreamed of, but he knew that his IQ was not Chen Jing’s opponent. He hit it off and he supported Jiao Wen secretly.
Of course, Lin Cheng and Chen Jing attacked Weihai to help Chen Guangzong and Jiao Wen don’t know that if they knew, they didn’t have the courage to Lin Chengnan.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Jiao Wen swaggered with his Toyota bullying, followed by a Jetta, in which Jiao Wen sat two bodyguards and a driver.
Jiao Wen is also a mixed gang in Shidao Port. Of course, he is in the fishing gang. That is the underworld. Jiao Wen can be regarded as a relatively mixed gang. Of course, everyone understands the difference between the underworld.
Jiao Wen is obviously drunk today, and he can’t walk steadily when he is drunk. Jiao Wen staggered ahead and followed three minions for the common people to see. It’s really a triad.
Jiao Wen walked to the front of Lincheng colorbond board house and kicked the door of the board house.
The cold wind blew in, and Zhang Bin Dazhuang and others shrank their necks with cold. Dayou squinted at the door and came in, such as Jiao Wen and others.
Lin became up "who are you trying? What can I do for you? "
Jiao Wen unbridled laughed with a mouthful of alcohol. "What can I do if I kick the door? Elder brother is to find another project, "said this JiaoWen frankly come straight to the point.
Big Zhuang was annoyed with "Fuck you" first. Big Zhuang picked up the teapot and threw it at Jiao Wen.
Jiao Wen was drunk and tired after talking for a long time. A stumble just happened to avoid hitting the teapot with a big strong one. I have to say that this Jiao Wen was so lucky.
However, Jiao Wen’s good luck seems to stop here. Lin Cheng watched Jiao Wen avoid the teapot and provoked a lump of coal to fly to his knees. Lin Cheng didn’t look at it. A volley of coal flew to Jiao Wen’s thigh like a bomb.
The coal hit Jiao Wen’s thigh and flew Jiao Wen out. He lay on his back directly in the arms of two bodyguards behind him, and his mouth ached and groaned.
"Are you still so crazy now?" Lin Cheng walked to the front of Jiao Wen and pulled out Jiao Wen’s sweater to wipe the blood on his mouth and asked softly
This lump of coal was knocked dizzy by Jiao Wen. Although it hit the thigh instead of the brain, Jiao Wen was really knocked dizzy by Lin Cheng.
But Jiao Wen’s mouth is not soft. "Are you Lin Cheng?"
"I am my mother, my mother is my mother." I grabbed Jiao Wen and dragged Jiao Wen to the hearth, grabbed Jiao Wen’s palm and pressed it on the red-hot stove.
Jiao Wen gave a general cry of killing pigs, emitted squeaky smoke and gave off a barbecue smell.
Jiao Wen was really awake and cried out in pain, "Brother, grandpa won’t dare. Never again."
Lin Cheng withdrew Jiao Wentang’s half-cooked and half-cooked palm. "Remember that I am responsible for the port transportation, and you’d better not challenge me."
"Grandpa, never again." Obviously, Jiao Wen’s nerves are still immersed in the pain and fear just now.
"I also want to tell you that whether you are a dragon or a tiger before, you have to lie down and roll when you see me as a dragon or a tiger!"
Jiao Wen entered the Amnesty and fled with his arm in his arms.
Set up a card at the entrance of 99 village
The formation of the port transportation fleet went well. The second space-based fishing port was visited by everyone, and Zhang Bin’s eyes were even more awed. Because Lin Cheng rarely came forward, Zhang Bin was carrying the whole thing. Of course, he was regarded as Zhang Bin’s deputy, and his reputation in Shidao Port also soared.
Everything is going well here at Shidao Port. Lin Cheng got a message. Who is it? It’s Xiaojian
"Master, is everything going well over there?"
"Yeah, not bad. What about you?"
"I’m okay here, but there’s a little problem."
"Don’t hesitate. Is it practicing or business?"
"It’s a little trivial to report that the master practiced martial arts for a day, but the business is a little trivial. So there is a driver in Gejia Town who came here and walked all the way. Didn’t Gejia section of National Highway 39 be renovated earlier? There is a village next to a provincial highway in Gejia Town, which is called Dongli, and then the national highway is closed, which saves this small provincial highway. Then Dongli Village set up a card on the road to collect large trucks passing by, especially medium-sized trucks with a semi-trailer of 20 yuan from other places. This has little to do with us, but when the driver left, he left a message for us It’s illegal to collect it here, but the law enforcement officers ran away as soon as they collected it, and it came out again. I also called Wang Brigade, the third brigade of Gejia Traffic Police, and he also found someone to go, but he still couldn’t hold back. The culprit should be Dongli Village Committee, but the police can’t master the credentials. Do you think I won’t go and see for myself? "
"You went to the goods? Now our industry is so busy that we can’t lose our cars for a day. We are all familiar drivers. Let’s just say that my side is also busy. I will go back to Wang Jie and me today to see what’s going on. "
After Lin Cheng hung up, he called Chen Jing, "My horse is going back to Wendeng to do something to tell you."
"Hehe, you don’t tell me when you do things." Chen Jing thought about it and asked, "When will you come back?"
"Look at the situation. It’s hard to say."
"How do you get there? I’ll send a car to take you home. "
"No, no, I’ll just take a taxi."
Lin Cheng hung up the phone and gave a brief explanation to Da Zengyou and Zhang Bin. He stopped a taxi at the door and went straight to Wendeng.
In less than an hour, Lin Cheng returned to his own place in Wendeng Kunpeng Freight and met Xiaojian Wang Jie and others. Lin Cheng took off his coat and hung it on the wall.
Xiaojian Wang Jie and others got up when they saw Lin Cheng coming, and sat around the stove. There were many drivers waiting in line for Xiaojian to arrange work.
Xiaojian and Lin Cheng came to the office. Xiaojian specifically introduced Lin Cheng to the recent industry situation. The industry exhibition is very good. Now Kunpeng freight has reached many markets in Wendeng. There are more than 100 cars and ten trolleys every day, which are at least as busy as a bee every day.
In addition, Chen Wenfeng promised to buy the Land Rover Freelander and come back to the 4S shop before the Chinese New Year. donglin village Xiaojian introduced Lin Cheng in detail and nodded "I’ll go and have a look at it in the afternoon".
"Master is not with you?"
"No, it’s really no good leaving you. I’ll go with Wang Jie."
At the entrance of Dongli Village, a low-key Land Rover Range Rover stopped at the path beside the village.
Lin Cheng sat in the main driver’s seat. Wang Jie lit a cigarette in the co-pilot’s hand. The front of the car was facing two villagers wearing armbands at the entrance of Dongli Village.
Every big truck passing by will put that self-made roadblock bar more than two meters long, which directly blocks the road. More than one-half of the cars can pass from the side, but the big trucks can’t pass unless you are not afraid to scrape and force through, but several drivers are not afraid to scrape and transport the cars. Many drivers are not afraid to give the boss oil and water, not to mention saving more than 320 accelerator. In this case, foreign drivers usually pay for money. The village has a name for collecting money, called road maintenance. Think about it. The weight of big trucks is from several tons to more than ten tons. Every truck is ten tons.
Everyone knows that it is harmful to the road, but the national road is closed and renovated, and another provincial road is opened. This is the city’s policy and setting, and can it be decided by the city? You can set up a small village Committee? The smallest administrative unit in the country is the county, and your village is separated from the county by thousands of miles. The county dare not say that you can accept it casually. How dare you accept it?

Kemp body majestic strong magic blood energy suddenly burst the original tall and stalwart body at this time in the whole body around latosolic red energy state is more terrible like a real fiend.

The whole thing seemed to be in this powerful momentum and trembling gas kept rippling like ripples in Kemp, and this energy department was hit by Gedao Gedao in Kemp’s energy support, which instantly shone with dazzling brilliance.
When Duanmu Quchong saw Kemp’s sample, he hit a black box with a soul print, and a large area of black fog floated out of the unique mixed print under the urging of a large number of immortal forces. The black fog kept drifting to cover an increasing area before blinking, and the black fog was already hundreds of meters in Fiona Fang.
Windson and Lin Ye have already retreated to the distance and watched the black fog continue to spread. Some Kemp in Windson are worried that because Windson knows that this soul print is badly touched by the black fog, Yuan Ying will be taken away and ruined.
Kemp, of course, won’t be stupid enough to wait in the same place for the black fog to cover himself and fly high. Duanmu Quchong controls the black fog and entangles Kemp like a snake, pouring out a large amount of magic blood and energy, and slashing the light with a knife.
A giant knife with a length of 100 feet chopped the black fog head-on and cut it to the place where Duanmu Quchong stood. It was early to guard against Duanmu Quchong and narrowly avoided Kemp. This blow once again urged a large number of black fog to attack Kemp.
Angry Kemp didn’t stop attacking himself. The ghosting image fluttered all over the sky. Kemp kept moving, and it didn’t stop attacking Duanmu. Zhan Ran’s knife light chopped the Duanmu like half a month, and the black fog was scattered by the knife light department.
Duanmu Quchong was very embarrassed and dodged around, but Duanmu Quchong was afraid to face Kemp face to face. The biggest reason was that Kemp Xiu was superior to Duanmu Quchong, and the magic artifact, Ge Dao, was powerful. Duanmu Quchong was certainly no match for Kemp.
The masterpiece is Kemp’s great fear of magic weapons, and it is only by grasping Kemp that he dares to fight Kemp.
If it had not been for the soul print, Qu Chong would have died in the Kampgo knife.
Windson know that this is not the way to play, but dare not let Kemp get close to Kemp, and also fear that it will be a pause to pester the soul print in his hand all the time.
At this time, Lin Feng made a bold decision in his own mind, that is, to help Kemp by his own ability, and only by giving Kemp a chance can he defeat Duanmu Quchong.
Windson figure suddenly disappeared in the in situ Lin Ye now very angry nu way "the wind! Where are you going? Your strength to help Kemp is nothing! "
Lin Ye, his disciple’s mind, is able to guess that the tug-of-war has already unfolded in front of him. Lin Feng’s character will not endure long-term torture, although sometimes he can remain calm, but after patience to a certain extent, Lin Feng will still make more impulsive things.
Windson cast his wind shadow travelling at the fastest speed, and at the same time, Tianhong blade in his hand suddenly cut forward, aiming at still dodging Kemp’s knife.
Kemp saw that windson suddenly joined and was slightly surprised, but the horse recovered. In Nai’s wry smile, he also flew near the self-respect.
Is a mess dodge Duanmu Quchong theory such as also can’t think of windson unexpectedly dare to die casually waved and swept to windson Tianhong blade but didn’t think windson face instead of fear revealed a sly smile.
When the pain in the left arm came, Duanmu Quchong was surprised that instead of sweeping the latosolic red long knife in Lin Feng’s hand, he was scratched by it, and he had not come to see the injury. Lin Feng called out the statue of two places at once and had already made a second attack.
Angry, Duanmu Quchong frantically urged Jueyin to kill Lin Feng immediately in Jueyin, but behind him, Lin Feng Zun was attacked by two places at once, but he arrived at Kemp again. To avoid accidental injury, Lin Feng has temporarily stopped attacking himself. Duanmu Quchong flickered away from the Zun Mang attack and was about to kill Lin Feng.
An important question suddenly appeared, that is, where did the Kemp people go? This question was answered by Kempgo’s knife. Duanmu Quchong’s knife flashed, and Duanmu Quchong was frightened. Now he left his body with a ghost print, and his left arm and legs were cut off one after another by Kempgo.
To the best of all the immortals in the body, a dark red light flashed, and Duanmu Quchong used the method of escape-blood dun. This dark red light passed, and Kemp knew that Duanmu Quchong used the method of blood dun to escape Mure Xuean Lin Feng and did not stay here.
And Kemp Lin Ye, three people chased Murrexue’s place, and Kemp teleported the fastest several times to find Murrexue’s mountain peak.
Lin Feng and Lin Ye also flew here a moment later. Lin Feng saw sitting cross-legged on the ground and practicing Mu Rexue. "Ruoxue!"
But MuReXue like finish didn’t hear windson Shouting is still sitting still windson felt something strange was about to call MuReXue again was stopped by Kemp.
"If Snow Girl is trapped in the array set by Duanmu Quchong now, we can clearly see if Snow Girl’s every move is outside the array, but if Snow Girl is in the array, she can’t see us here, which is the severe point of imprisoning the array," Kemp whispered.
Lin Feng was busy. "Then Kemp, please break this imprisoned Ruoxue array quickly!"
Kemp chuckled, "Are you so anxious to meet Ruoxue? Look at you in a hurry, as if you will fight me hard if I don’t break the array. "
Lin Feng was embarrassed to look at Kemp and glanced at Lin Ye angrily. "Are you asking me to go through all the hardships to help you find the magic artifact and restore the magic artifact Godknife Kemp? Is this how you repay me?"
The third volume Chapter 25 Blood dun
Kemp said quickly, "My horse will break this array and let you get together with Miss Muruexue."
After that, he stretched out his hand and waved a few magic blood energy at random at the corner of the array where Muruoxue was imprisoned, and instantly heard "Bang Bang!" A few days later, the law of imprisoning Muruoxue collapsed in shape.
At this time, the original dish sat on the ground, Mure Snow seemed to sense the energy fluctuation and slowly opened her beautiful and melancholy eyes.
When you see windson full of passionate eyes, MuReXue seems to be in his sleep, but he still has a very psychedelic and unreal feeling. "Windson, is it really you?" Am I dreaming? "
"If it were me, I finally found your deadwood, Qu Chong, who was also injured and escaped from these, didn’t come to torture you?" Linfeng low road
Aside Kemp dry cough a dignified way "windson let’s get out of here first? Duanmu Quchong was seriously injured, and what’s more, he used his life-consuming divine power to escape. At this excellent time, we must find his soul print. At this moment, he still has it. Once he is recovered, the consequences will be very serious! "
Mure snow strangely looked at Kemp and Lin Ye puzzled eyes and asked Lin Feng that both of them were Mure snow strangers. Lin Feng smiled, "If you don’t know who these two are, do you? Let me tell you that Yingjie is a big shot in this person-O Kemp. "
After hearing the words of windson, Murenxue paused for breath, and his face was full of amazing colors. "O Kemp! Windson you incredibly and fiend camp together what the hell is going on? "
Lin Ye changed his true power and restored it to its original state. Looking at Mu Ruoxue, he said, "Ruoxue, look who I am?"
"Lin Shibo! Things seem to be getting more and more complicated. Can you tell me all the details? " Mure snow more confused way
Windson gently stepped forward and came to the front of Mure Snow, and carefully watched Mure Snow’s eyes. "If Snow actually has a very simple cause, it all has to start with the original black iron bar when I got the magic artifact remnants."
Lin Feng’s experience of doubt is very tortuous. He wandered around for life and death several times to find all the remnants of magic artifacts. It can be said that Lin Feng has suffered a lot. If Mu Re Xue has not been held hostage by Duane Quchong, Lin Feng will help Kemp find the fiend remnants. If it is to keep the promise, then if Xue is caught by Duane Quchong to intimidate Lin Feng, Lin Feng has already put everything aside.
There is no point in saving Mure Snow and Windson from doing other things. Even if you can practice to Du Jie, you will not feel the heart.
Mu Rexue’s mood is ups and downs after hearing all Lin Feng’s experiences at the moment. I didn’t expect that there was such a big conspiracy hidden in it. What Lin Feng did made Mu Rexue very moved. Although his family was killed by Duanmu Quchong, he wouldn’t feel lonely with Lin Feng in Mu Rexue.
The chief culprit of Duanmu Quchong is not dead yet. Kemp has not sensed where his breath is for the time being. The four of them stopped and continued to pursue Duanmu Quchong’s footsteps.
Now Lin Feng and others don’t want to go back to the polar city. Mu Rexue doesn’t want to touch the scene again. Lin Feng stayed here in a place with beautiful scenery.
The sea of clouds is rolling and misty.
In the depths of the sea of clouds, at the moment, there is a flash of blood-red light and shadow. Yes, this blood shadow is a dead end.
Although the physical body was severely damaged by Kemp, after the ascent, all celestial beings could rebuild their true bodies with immortal strength, and Qu Chong reunited with immortal strength to recover the physical injury = = = =
However, due to the use of blood, a large number of immortal forces have been consumed. Now Duanmu Quchong is very weak. If they are again spoken by Lin Fengkamp, Duanmu Quchong will never escape again.
Hiding his breath, Duanmu Quchong hid in the vast sea of clouds and sat cross-legged in the middle, and entered the dormant state of consciousness. The immortal knowledge was not leaked, so it was very dangerous, but it was able to quickly reply to his own immortal strength. Now Duanmu Quchong has no other choice.

"Even now, Wu Lao and Hu Yan’s predecessors are not quick to start work!"

Especially at this time, Ji Xiaotian cried anxiously. The strength of the Pope’s struggle before he died was amazing. I believe that it is really possible for him to continue to struggle like this, and it is really possible for him to get rid of the shackles that Ji Xiaotian is not very skilled in. Naturally, he quickly woke up Wu Gui and them.
The pope was scared out of his wits and struggled even harder. He almost broke out of the shackles of small days and recovered his ability to act several times.
"Let’s die here!"
Root regardless of what Xiaotian still awake Wu Gui and HuYanLei as early as in the side secretly preparing for them to see the Pope such an old guy really trapped by JiXiaotian, unable to move ecstasy without any hesitation, two people directly weaponized their bodies and two streamers collided.
At least, the scattered fairy’s body has gone through the baptism of Armageddon, and finally failed to turn into scattered fairy. In the end, it is not comparable to ordinary people’s bodies. When they are desperate, physical doubt is the best weapon, and it is only with such weapons that they can successfully kill the Pope.
As far as I know, there is no small danger in doing so. Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei did not hesitate. Since they are in a hostile position with the Pope, it is nothing to kill the Pope or be killed by the Pope.
What’s more, being able to save a life in Armageddon is equivalent to living one more time than others. Both Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei are the kind of people who want to have no fear of this kind of life-threatening thing. They bumped into the Pope’s body almost at the same time.
At this time, Ji Xiaotian’s control of the golden thread was quietly shaken off by the Pope’s roots, and he was hit by two huge forces, and his body was smashed like tofu, and he could not die again in an instant.
If the Pope hadn’t struggled to break free, maybe Xiaotian and Wu Gui couldn’t have cooperated so well in a hurry. In that case, Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei might not have done so well. It can be said that the Pope killed himself.
Chapter two hundred and ten Sudden Armageddon
Chapter two hundred and ten Sudden Armageddon
"Dead so dead? Pretty old? "
The two streamers also faded a lot, and one of them was Hu Yanlei, who reappeared in the distance and watched a pool of rotten meat fall from it. Some of the bodies of the Pope really didn’t believe it, so he killed the Pope.
I don’t know how many years it has been. Hu Yanlei was crushed by the Pope and hid in Chinatown in London. He didn’t dare to go out and show his face. If it weren’t for Ji Xiaotian who happened to be in London, I don’t know how long it would take Hu Yanlei to hide like this.
This mentality, even if the Pope didn’t kill Hu Yanlei, is because the heart has always had such a shadow. I’m afraid that Hu Yanlei will not even think about it once, but he will definitely not be killed directly by the apocalypse.
Up to now, the shadow in my heart has disappeared with the death of the Pope. Hu Yanlei’s heart has never been relaxed before, and there is a different vitality in his body under such a large consumption situation, which makes his whole person somewhat different.
"Congratulations, HuYan bro, you have hope this time. It’s a pity that I-hey!"
Wu Gui’s figure is also revealed from another time. He is very envious. Looking at Hu Yanlei, he is full of vitality. Everyone is scattered and he naturally knows what this means.
Think about yourself when you robbed the thousand-year-old clam Yuanzhu and forcibly extracted so many creatures’ vitality. Even if there is little hope, Wu Gui can’t help sighing even if he is beyond the general realm of life and death.
"Wu Lao said that this is not the result of your help and Jack’s help. Don’t worry, Jack promised you that he would help you survive the disaster. Is there anything he can’t solve?"
Huyanlei smiled and comforted him. Before that, he didn’t really believe that Ji Xiaotian could lead people to destroy the Pope. He either did his best to be an ally. He didn’t expect that this time he really succeeded. He was very happy to talk to Ji Xiaotian. He still had many things to please Ji Xiaotian.
"Ah-how did that happen?"
Four miles a search plan small day figure is not only HuYan LeiLeng lived is Wu Gui also stayed in the forehead on the spot, the tide poured out like a waterfall, how ugly his face is.
It turned out that when Huyanlei was searching for the figure of Ji Xiaotian, I was startled to find that Ji Xiaotian had run to the ground early and was still there.
HuYanLei surprised reason nature will not be stingy to plan small day didn’t come and say hello to him, he was shocked that plan small day is now facing a new problem, Armageddon plan small day himself Armageddon would come at this time.
"What’s the matter, Jack? Why do you invite doom now? Don’t you know that when the critical value is reached, you should compress your strength and passively invite doom?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Huyanlei hurried to Jixiaotian’s side, where he complained about it. Is it that things were not prepared before child’s play? Now crossing the sky is tantamount to dying.
Hu Yanlei is not the only one who means this, including Wu Gui. Everyone thinks that it is too rash to plan a small day, but now I can’t come because there are already dark clouds and snakes in it.
It is at this time that Ji Xiaotian suppresses his own strength to prevent the apocalypse from continuing to appear, and it is impossible that Ji Xiaotian will wait for the apocalypse to completely kill him without any residue left because the apocalypse cloud has locked him.
By Wu Gui, they said that even Ji Xiaotian felt wronged. No matter how talented he was, he didn’t think that he could cross the sky so soon. After all, it was less than ten years before he cultivated the real dharma. If he published this, I don’t know how many people would have to drop their eyes.
There is no time to think about such unnecessary things. Now he is thinking about how to spend it. It seems impossible to spend it. Before a thing is finalized, it is said that he will not give up.
Even the Armageddon plan Xiaotian will not put it in his eyes. If he is not prepared at all, Xiaotian will never look at the Armageddon in front of him. Now he will not be confused.
If you panic like that, I’m afraid you’ll die faster in this coming Armageddon. Xiaotian doesn’t want to be really killed by Armageddon
"How to do it is not that I have never seen a transitional apocalypse, but I have never seen a apocalypse like this. I am afraid that the power is not weak!"
Ji Xiaotian looked up at the sky, and his face was almost the same as the dark clouds. For a person who didn’t do all the bad things but occasionally did something unconventional, it seemed that the dark clouds in the sky were too thick and too many.
Just looking at Ji Xiaotian, I feel that this Armageddon is not simple, and I’m afraid it’s much more powerful than I thought, which makes it more difficult to get through it.
"Dan medicine is the most important thing!"
When I didn’t have time to think more, Xiaotian quickly figured out the most important place. He bowed his head and shouted to everyone, "Brothers and Uncle David Patel, the elder of Wu Lao Huyan, give me all the pills!"
Since there is no time to prepare for the small day, I will not think about it. Compared with the previous day, it is still no problem to distribute Dan medicine to all people. This is a very big problem for others, but it is simple here in the small day, but I ordered everyone to wake up one after another.
"Here you are-all of them!"
"Jack must survive the apocalypse!"
"We are watching you silently in the back to give you strength!"
They handed the Dan medicine to Ji Xiaotian, and at the same time they quickly said the words of blessing. So many people left the bottles of Dan medicine to Ji Xiaotian like an assembly line, and Ji Xiaotian was also very skilled in throwing the bottles of Dan medicine into his bag.
Even if the bag is bombarded by Armageddon, it won’t collapse. Only when he is dead will Dan medicine be lost and scattered, so he is not worried that these Dan medicines will have problems in Armageddon bombardment.
Soon Xiaotian’s bag was full of Dan medicine, and there was no way to put it in. When the rest of the people couldn’t help but jump, they always felt that Dan medicine was given too little for fear of not counting it, little angel.
"Come on, Jack, you wear this and put the rest of the pills in."
At this time, HuYanLei came out, and he was reluctant to take off a black jade ring from his fingers. Finally, he gritted his teeth and handed it to Jixiaotian.
The drop of blood is the master’s plan. Xiaotian soon knew why Hu Yanlei would be so reluctant to calculate the area compared with the meter unit in the bag. This ring turned out to be inside to calculate.
It’s at least about ten miles, that is, about five kilometers. This is still a plan. In a hurry, it is conservatively estimated that he will not look at what is a little numb and send the rest of the people into the ring.
With the ring meter, Xiaotian doesn’t need to pick up all the pills. It is to let everyone take out the pills and put them on the ground, and then Ji Xiaotian will urge the ring to collect all the pills with one thought
"Gankun Ring" Is this the Gankun ring of Zhongxian? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Compared with Ji Xiaotian, he was puzzled and didn’t know the value of this ring. Wu Gui was much more suspicious. He looked at Ji Xiaotian’s performance and pointed to the ring and asked Hu Yanlei in doubt.
"Well, otherwise, why are you and me so distressed?"
HuYanLei nodded his head, he can get this fairy or narrowly escaped death. If it is not an emergency, he really doesn’t want to hand it over to Du Jie.

Hey, hey, I’ve heard that snake blood is a very rare tonic for rock snakes, so I think they should be waiting for the snake head to die and then grab its flesh and blood.

No wonder they’re not here, my boss. You just had a chance to kill all these rock snakes, but you’ve been hiding. Even Xiang Ling’s attack on you has to stop. Laugh, Luo Cha asked again
Fool, that’s not it. You think the rock snake is an intelligent creature, but the leader of the rock snake is very cunning. Just now, they have been surrounding you, just waiting for the snakehead to enjoy a good meal first, while I am regarded as an enemy. Generally, creatures will destroy the enemy first and then eat. If I am not destroyed, you won’t be in danger. However, if I remove the rock snake on a large scale, the snakehead will bite you first and then run away, so I will slow down and wait for the snakehead to find the right time and then kill them in one fell swoop. Dragonfly said with a
Oh, the rock snake is so cunning. It’s a good thing the boss knows more, or I will be finished. Hey, hey, boss, what should we do now? Luo Cha suddenly realized.
Otherwise, they will attack us again after eating the flesh and blood of the snakehead. After the dragonfly finishes, it will immediately call back Xiang Ling, who has left the snake group. With a smile, Luo Cha strode to the mouth of the cave. A human-snake war is finally over in Lebanon. For Luo Cha, who was caught in a snake group laughing in the middle of the night, this memory may never be forgotten.
Chapter 355357 Orc Soul Jade
Luo Cha is not as afraid of the rock snakes as before, perhaps because he has left the snake group, or because the dragonfly explained to the rock snakes. Luo Cha seems to have a little interest in those reptiles, and it is with this little interest that Luo Cha stopped to watch the rock snakes again.
It seems that they have realized that their leader is dead. Three or five large rock snakes are brave enough to get close to breaking two pieces of snow-white small snakes and secretly stretch out snake letters to lick the blood of small snakes in the ground. Many rock snakes around them are watching the actions of several big snakes at this moment. When they confirm that it is impossible for small snakes to come back to life, the snakes immediately stir and twist their bodies. The rock snakes have rushed to the small snakes as quickly as possible to grab the remains left by the snake head.
Luo Cha, why don’t you go outside the cave and enter the cave again for fear of laughing at Luo Cha? said the dragonfly.
Boss, look at these snakes. They were their bosses just now, but now they have become their delicacies. I’ll kill them when I get to this little brother. Luo Cha said casually
Haha, you idiot! These are snakes and not people. How can you know anything about loyalty? Let’s go, dragonfly laughs.
Hey, hey, it’s also a laugh. Luo Cha patted his head and stuck out his tongue and laughed. When the dragonfly laughed and Luo Cha were ready to turn around and leave, there was a sudden loud noise at the corner of the rock snake.
When the sound gradually calmed down, the dust fell behind, and Luo Cha suddenly found that the wall was actually a huge cave, while the rock snakes were unlucky to be crushed on the rocks and most of them were killed on the spot.
Wow, these snakes are so exaggerated. Such a thick rock wall can make them laugh. Luo Cha said with a wide-eyed expression.
No, these stone walls are already very strong. It must be because we cut off too many knots when cleaning the cave today, which makes the stone wall very fragile. Therefore, when squeezed by these rock snakes, a dragonfly will fall off. Looking at the gap in a large cave about two meters high and one and a half meters wide, it said
Boss, it’s like a ladder. When the dragonfly speaks, he laughs. Luo Cha has stepped on the gravel and is close to the huge gap
Well, how is it possible that the mountain department has been built by people and the dragonfly is confused and close to the gap and said
It’s true, boss. Although these steps are covered by the secretions of rock snakes, they can still be seen as artificially built, and the road twists and turns. The direction seems to lead to the top of the mountain. Luo Cha smiles with the magic fireball in his hand. At the moment, Luo Cha’s dragonfly stands like a huge hole, and a tall cylindrical stone wall is erected along the stone wall. The winding path photography can increase the light by virtue of the magic ability. However, this narrow mountain road is full of strong gas, so that the light magic elements can be formed into a light ball and the visible range is very narrow.
Boss, what do you think of this? Shall we go and see Laughter? Luo Cha turned back and said to Dragonfly.
Well, it’s still early, and there is no rock snake threat here, so let’s go and have a look. But Luo Cha, we must be on high alert. There are threats of Warcraft everywhere in this mountain. Maybe this side is also fierce, and the dragonfly of Warcraft said after thinking for a long time
In fact, the dragonfly thought that climbing the mountain from the outside is also very energy-consuming, so holding this channel to the top of the mountain can reduce many times when the dragonfly decided to take the risk of taking the mountain road.
Hearing the dragonfly’s words and laughing, Luo Cha was greatly interested to see him crack his mouth and say with a laugh, OK, let’s go now and immediately draw silver teeth and move forward to the mountain road without waiting for the dragonfly’s consent. Seeing the smile, Luo Cha has already beaten the dragonfly to follow behind. Because the mountain road is relatively narrow, the dragonfly will consider that walking side by side will make the two people fight more crowded, so he will choose to break.
Cutting a road in the mountain is not only narrow but also rugged. Dragonfly laughs. Luo Cha first stepped on a mountain road covered with a large amount of liquid secreted by rock snakes. Fortunately, most of these liquids have dried up, so the ladder is not sticky. Unfortunately, the good times will not last long. When two people walk along the spiral and the ladder is about 100 meters high, the ladder is no longer replaced by a steep slope.
The steep slope has an inclination of more than 45 degrees, but its surface is very smooth without the rough appearance of the previous steps. It is absolutely impossible for human beings to walk for a long time without a certain degree of intellectual achievement. Although the tunnel in the mountain is illuminated, the dragonfly and the dragonfly can see dozens of meters ahead, but this steep channel seems to be limited to extend without any end.
At the last stage of the ladder, look forward and wait for a long time. After the dragonfly sighed, he smiled at the smile. Luo Cha said, Luo Cha, let’s go. On what is ahead, this is the fastest way for us to go to the top of the mountain. After listening to the dragonfly, Luo Cha nodded slightly and headed for the line.
Although the mountain road is steep, with the help of Jie Wuyi’s dragonfly, the two men are still moving forward at a high speed, but they can no longer save physical climbing methods and must carry the true qi and keep jumping forward.
After about twenty minutes, Luo Cha suddenly found that there was a little light in front of the channel, and the channel gradually widened. The boss seemed to have a light in front. Luo Cha turned around and said to the dragonfly.
Well, let’s go and see the dragonfly’s response. Laugh and Luo Cha will speed up at the same time.
Winding and hundreds of meters away in the dragonfly, the speed of the two people is instantaneous. When they leave the steep channel and jump into the wide platform, they look around and see that the platform is circular with a diameter of about 60 meters. Four orc statues with a height of about 5 meters are built in the corners. When the dragonfly enters the platform, they are on the other winding ladder. They look around and see that there is an altar-like stone building in the center of the platform. At the top of the altar, there is a colorful and radiant gem. It seems that the light that attracted the two people was shot by this gem.
Boss, what on earth is this place? What is so strange that something is laughing? Luo Cha asked
Well, it’s probably because the orcs’ ancestral buildings don’t know what, so they forbid orcs to enter the dragonfly and look around.
Orc ancestors said that it is impossible for them to be orc statues. Laugh. Luo Cha looked at four orc statues with different expressions and said.
Let’s go over there and have a look. After that, Dragonfly should start walking towards the central altar. Follow behind Dragonfly and laugh. Luo Cha also stepped forward at the same time. When two people walked slowly, the center of the platform was about to approach the altar, the platform suddenly shivered and then trembled more and more. It seemed that an earthquake would stabilize the two people.
When the dragonfly laughs at Luo Cha, two people try to keep their balance, the central altar gem suddenly shoots a more dazzling brilliance and gathers in front of the dragonfly to form an orc-like figure.
Knowing humans, you have to step into the forbidden area of orcs and disturb me to sleep deeply. Suddenly, the voice is not only gloomy and horrible, but also has an unspeakable power.

Three people each drank a large can of dark beer, which was half full, and the chat happened to be a happy place. The three people were going to look around the beer city to see the beautiful women drinking beer.

There are more than three beers, more foreigners, more beautiful women at Oktoberfest.
There was a big circle of people in front of Tsingtao Brewery booth. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou were very lively. The more lively people were, the higher Xing Lincheng was. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou also crowded in.
In fact, Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou are not crowded, but directly in front of the crowd
There is a beer competition in front of the Tsingtao Brewery counter. The first prize is 10 thousand yuan, the second prize is 5 thousand yuan, and the third prize is 2 thousand yuan.
"Let’s go for a walk and sign up." Nie Lei is a good person and a strong person. No one will care about the prize money in the competition, but he enjoys the atmosphere.
In fact, Nie Lei said that the most important thing to sign up is to let Lin Cheng fully enjoy this atmosphere and forget about women’s troubles.
"If you sign up, sign up." Lin Cheng also felt the atmosphere now and had a good time when you came out to play.
There are many good people in China, and many people like to watch the excitement, but there are not many real drinkers. It is not that simple for everyone to drink beer by cups and bottles.
When the beer is poured into a cup, the bubbles in the beer will evaporate a lot during the pouring process, and a drop of gas in the beer will be drunk into the stomach when it is blown into the bottle.
It is said that blowing into a bottle is stronger than pouring into a glass, and it takes a considerable level to blow such a large bottle of wine without taking a breath.
Many people pour beer into a glass and drink three bottles and five bottles, but blowing two bottles is the reason.
Lin Cheng and Nie Lei signed up together. Liu Zhongzhou didn’t attend. His best skill is not beer but liquor. He knows that his beer level is not high.
Lin Cheng is a heavy drinker, and it is common for Nie Lei to blow a few bottles of beer directly to his mouth when he is fighting with his younger brother. Whether it is to boost morale or show his eldest brother’s demeanor, it is necessary to give confidence to his younger brother. Blowing bottles is the most basic thing for social people.
Nie Lei is full of confidence.
It has been going on for several rounds now, and the fastest time to drink a bottle of beer is seven seconds. Nie Lei is not to be outdone when he goes to Lin Cheng for the first place in the record, nor is he going towards the second place.
Nie Lei and Lin Cheng are grouped together, and the horse is about to die. Nie Lei and Lin Cheng are in good condition at this time. What do you mean, because they are just in the stage of having something in their stomachs but they can’t hold it up, it is most suitable for a person to drink a lot at this time. It must be very difficult for him to drink a bottle, which will affect the actual level of exertion. Abdominal drinking also affects the exertion of people’s body. It is a wonderful organization that is more receptive to gradual changes rather than sudden changes. When people suddenly change from one state to another, their bodies will be extremely uncomfortable, that is, when they change from abdomen to
But there is no such thing as Lin Cheng and Nie Leixian. They both drank a large glass of Munich stout just now, and both of them are at their peak.
Although there are a lot of people in the surrounding audience, it is less than 1% compared with the participants.
Lin Cheng and Nie Lei’s participation in this beer drinking contest obviously triggered the climax of the scene. The audience applauded warmly. Nie Lei drank quickly. First, he was in good condition. Second, he often practiced his physical skills. Nie Lei drank a bottle of beer in one breath. It took only five and a half seconds. Nie Lei wiped the foam on his mouth and looked at Lin Cheng. He was already smiling at him and put a bottle in front of Lin Cheng. Nie Lei didn’t know how long it took Lin Cheng to finish this bottle of wine.
Nie Lei didn’t know, but there was someone present who knew that the atmosphere was completely detonated by Lin Cheng, who was close to the speed of drinking.
Everyone else drinks, but Lin Cheng is a drinker. It takes Lin Cheng four seconds at most to run out of this bottle of wine.
What do you mean by drinking? A bottle of beer can be poured vertically for four seconds, but it can be finished after drinking. What is this? Because the drinker has mastered the trick, the beer gas exchange and drinking have been integrated into a fastest speed, and this drinking also has a certain nature of attraction.
Lin Cheng’s lung capacity is amazing, and his body muscles can be changed at will according to the actual situation. Lin Cheng’s neck muscles pull the esophagus outward to increase the radius of the esophagus and add lung suction. Naturally, Lin Cheng’s drinking speed of this bottle of wine is amazing. Compared with Nie Lei, it is even more amazing and unpredictable for the veteran bottle blower.
Lin Cheng and Nie Leishen pushed the beer contest to a climax, and then several rounds were held, but Lin Cheng set a record of three and a half seconds, but no one could break it.
In the end, not surprisingly, Lin Cheng won the first prize of 10 thousand yuan, and Nie Lei also won the second prize of 5 thousand yuan
Liu Zhongzhou was so excited that he almost asked for a play-off. He won the third place again, so today’s game is perfect.
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While Lin Cheng and Nie Lei were drinking beer, Wang Jiao was resting with Liu Yifei at the beach with an umbrella. Liu Yifei had just finished filming a scene and his forehead was sweating.
Wang Jiao has been filming with Liu Yifei these days because Liu Yifei persuaded Wang Jiao to try the development of the entertainment industry first. It is quite easy to develop in the entertainment industry. It is difficult for Liu Yifei to be unknown again.
Wang Jiao also thought carefully about Liu Yifei’s words. She said that it was reasonable. If she became a superstar in the entertainment industry, she would like to see Lin Cheng regret it when she found out.
You can take a break from school first. Wang Jiao hates to clench his fist when he thinks that hateful person even has a child. Please go to the net to see the first advertisement.
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143 Sanzhangwei
Liu Yifei strongly invited Wang Jiao to show with her in the entertainment industry ≥ ≯ 1 ≤ <. ≦ 8 ≦ 1 ≦ Z ??. ?? C ?? O ≦ M ≦ mainly Liu Yi.
Liu Yifei’s character has been quiet for a long time. In the entertainment industry, she is called an iceberg. She has never had an affair. This is simply an alternative entertainment industry. As we all know, everyone in the entertainment industry has to lose sex after going in and out, but Liu Yifei is an exception.
In fact, this is why Liu Yifei is lonely. There is no one like her in the entertainment industry.
The consequence of getting rid of mud without dyeing is being avoided by mud.
Liu Yifei talks very much with Wang Jiao, and both of them are congenial. It is rare to see a beautiful woman talking and speculating. Liu Yifei really wants to bring Wang Jiao to the show business.
Liu Yifei is a big name. She told the director to temporarily add a role suitable for Wang Jiao. Of course, the director knows that Wang Jiao is the niece of Deputy Commander Wang. He dare not say that with Wang Jiao’s appearance, it is a first-class and great temperament, and people can match it. With backstage helpers and rich directors, Wang Jiao was forced to squeeze in and become the female No.3. However, it can be seen that this is the level until the director and screenwriter’s skills are not greatly changed.
Wang Jiao went back to school two days ago and went through the formalities of suspension. Of course, Lin Cheng didn’t know.
Lin Cheng is actually not worried that Wang Jiao sent Wang Jiao directly to his home because Wang Jiao is a local person. Presumably, no one will dare to touch the niece of the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet in Wang Jiao’s family.
What really reassures Lin Cheng is not that Liu Lin Lin Cheng is worried about what happened to Liu Lin during his study. Well, let’s go to Liu Lin’s house and have a look.
After more than three hours, the bus arrived at Liu Lins’ home. Liu Lin had already gone back to school. It had been ten days since Lin Cheng heard Liu Lin’s parents say that he could say that he had not arrived at school and was just about to come over. Then Liu Lin went with him. Since Liu Lin was not at home, Lin Cheng could go back first, but if he told Liu Lin’s parents that this was really a tangled problem, wouldn’t it be crazy if he suddenly heard that Liu Lin was missing? If Liu Lin went to a classmate’s house to play or nothing happened, it would be a big sin to scare Liu Lin’s parents and parents.
Lin Cheng called Calvin on his way back from Xicheng and asked him to ask Lingling if Liu Lin had gone back.
After getting the negative news, Lin Chengxin couldn’t help but sink. Today is the second day of school. It is reasonable to say that it is time to go back. All the students have already gone back. It is impossible to be at school at this time.
Suddenly, Lin Cheng had a flash of light in his mind. "By the way, you should ask Liu Lin, their counselor. It is reasonable to say that the counselor knows best whether the people in his class have come or not and will ask for leave with the counselor."
Thought of here, Lin Cheng stepped on the accelerator to the end, and the six-cylinder motive force produced great power. The degree of instantaneous grip reached 200 yards, and the old Duke Wang’s territory was solid and wide, and the tire grip was very strong, and it was very stable to run.
Lin Cheng ran back to school in less than three hours.
Find the counselor in Liu Lin’s class and see Lin Cheng. "Who are you from in Liu Lin?" The tone of voice is unhurried, but the tone of voice is that you should know that Liu Lin fell
If this counselor was a man in his 40 s and 50 s, Lin Cheng would never be so rude as he is now. "Don’t pretend to be deep with me if you are not old!" Lin Chengyi slapped him in the teacher’s office.
The table suddenly sank, and the legs of the desktop were broken by Lin Cheng’s dark strength, but there was nothing strange about the desktop.
Lin Cheng’s palm is quite powerful in suppressing anger in Lin Cheng.
In fact, Lin Cheng doesn’t want to run wild in the teacher’s office because he doesn’t want to come this semester, but the tie is here. He is so relieved to find out the situation in Liu Lin and Wang Jiao. However, there is no news from Wang Jiao and Liu Lin. Lin Cheng is in a bad mood to the extreme, and this counselor knows the situation, but he is also angry with Lin Cheng.
In fact, a master like Lin Cheng will not easily get angry because of family boxing, especially a master who is strong in mind and firm in mind as a rock.
When the counselor saw that his desk was shot by Lin Cheng, he suddenly became shorter. The whole desk collapsed and almost hit his feet. The teachers all looked this way. It seems that the counselor is also angry. "How dare you run wild in the teacher’s office?"
The more anxious Lin Cheng is, the more the counselor can force Lin Cheng to flip his palm and slap it directly at the table, which shocked everyone more than just now.
Lin Cheng’s first palm was slapped on his desk, but the desktop was not damaged at all, but the legs of the desk were broken. Lin Cheng’s second palm was patted on the desk glass, and the glass was made into a palm shape, which frightened the counselor at that time.
It’s not difficult to break the glass and put it on the table, but it’s amazing that one hand can make the glass into a palm shape. It’s a big surprise to the teachers in the office
What is this? Does that mean kung fu? Lin Cheng is the president of the martial arts association. Many teachers know this, but what is this martial arts association? Everyone knows that it is just a student organization with a low status. No one will pay attention to such a thing. But just now, Lin Cheng’s palm has made these teachers instantly change their views on the martial arts association. Look, there are still talents in China. They know that this is not a movie, and they are not prepared before.
The palm of Lin Cheng’s beating the glass is dark, but it is not the same as the one that just broke the leg of the table. Although it is also dark, it is not the same as dark. The first palm of Lin Cheng’s beating cattle from the hills in the dark, that is, the second palm is strong, but the second palm is strong, and it suddenly spurts out from the pores of the hand hole at the moment of contact with the glass, forming a powerful stamping effect, which is equivalent to a one-stage punching machine, but much higher than the punching machine. Because the punching machine is strong, Lin Cheng is mainly soft.
Being able to play the soft strength in boxing is equivalent to being a master of dark strength, but being able to transport dark strength to perfection is a master of turning strength.
Lin Chengdui’s dark energy has been transported to perfection.
"What did Liu Lin tell you?" Lin prejudice this counselor has been shocked by himself patted him on the shoulder and asked softly.
"She said something happened at home and she needed to take a month or two off."
"Oh, did she say when she would be back?"
"No, she hung up without my consent."
"When did she call you?"

Sue sent the Empress Dowager Tai back.

Mu Jing saw that they had just set foot in Meiyuan, and he quickly left in another direction, even jumping over the wall without further delay. He quickly rushed to the palace gate, but Chen Shougang was lucky.
Hearing Chen Shou’s report, the first snow is already in the palace.
It’s been an hour
It’s late. Is the gate closed?
Was it at the gate an hour ago?
Does the first snow take the waterway or does Lu Dao go east or west?
Mu Jingma sent someone to chase them respectively.
According to the first snow, it shouldn’t go far, and will he travel at night?
Calm down, Mu Jing forced himself to calm down. How can it be too sexual to let him go like this? Don’t say that if he doesn’t take medicine for half a year, his life will be in danger.
Chen Shou is at Mujing’s disposal.
To be cautious, Mu Jing didn’t send Chen Shoujing.
He always felt as if he had revealed something, so he asked Chen Shoudao where did you say the first snow would go? Did he really say that he would go to Naman?
I don’t think so. Why should I go to another relative? I’m afraid Sima Dian will receive a letter just like you.
Well, it’s unlikely that he will go, so in which direction will he change? Yes, in which direction will you go? In the opposite direction, Mu Jing is a fan of the authorities. He needs other people’s opinions and then decides that Section 118 will be the last one to ask for 4.
I don’t know Chen Shou’s words and deeds, but if I were you, I would definitely go to a place that means something to me. He doesn’t know anything about the first snow. After all, he is the closest person to their family.
Where is the most meaningful place for Chuxue? Looking back, Mu Jing can’t think of it. He doesn’t know where is the most meaningful place for Chuxue. He thinks the most meaningful place is the Imperial Palace in Beijing. He grew up here and loved his relatives. Isn’t this enough?
Suddenly Mujing Road, Chen Shouma rushed to the ferry. Now the first snow is probably not in Beijing for several times. What is the most way to leave Beijing alone? It has become the only way for him to walk through the waterway together from the ferry in recent years.
Shuidao was once embarrassed by Chen Shouzheng and didn’t continue to talk because he shouldn’t have said the next words.
Admire the scenic spots and nod for the first snow. If you still choose the waterway, do you miss it or deliberately?
Ride wildly
Several fast horses galloped quickly.
The night wind is cool, and the scales on the water surface are shining with soft colors.
The big ships are moored in considerable order one by one.
Chen Shouma asked someone to check.
It wasn’t long before people reported that no one had seen them.
Mujing kept silent and stared at the water god.
It’s late at night, and there is no boat now. Shouldn’t you go back to the palace and wait for another day?
No, you send someone to guard the gates with the first snow. If you want to beat the city even if the gates are closed, you must send a confidant to guard it. When you see him, you must leave him and report to me quickly. Don’t disturb anyone. The first snow doesn’t want to disturb Mujing. When making the order, he deliberately added.
Chen Shouling was ordered to leave.
Mujing stood by the river in the evening breeze and looked up at the stars. He couldn’t help wondering if he was right or wrong. Chuxue said that he wanted to live according to his own will. If he stopped it again, what would it be? In fact, he has been struggling. Section 119 became the last one to ask for 5.
The east side is getting white.
The veils of the hazy night on the earth are gradually lifted.
It’s dawn.
The silent ferry also gradually rang, and there were few people in the place where there was no figure.
Not far away, a young figure in a gown is leisurely
Long hair blown and look safe.
The light pace looks like flowers in the weeping willows by the river, which are warm and pleasing to the eye.
He has no baggage, not like a distant place, but like a distant place.
At last he stood at the ferry.
Looking at the riverside boat in a daze
I still remember the day when he and she came here together, but they boarded Xiao Zhong’s boat. It seems that all his life, he lived in his brother’s feather and Ji, and never really left him to protect or appreciate the shadow. At the same time, he would be rebellious like many teenagers in his heart.

Black loach

She is a black dragon, even though her blood may not be pure, at least she is a dragon, which cannot be changed.
The man who raised her called her loach so much.
Placing it on purpose is a sign of extreme contempt for her.
Chai Wanying couldn’t help feeling angry and wronged by this little black dragon. Then why are you here now?
That man asked me to come.
The little black dragon is obviously really sincere.
And when this answer came up, she suddenly jumped Yi Long.
Oh, no, I forgot about him
Said the little black dragon while some fear looked up at the natural Wan Liyun sunny scene.
Tears in golden eyes suddenly fell to the rustling.
When it falls to the ground, it immediately condenses into golden balls and emits fragrance.
Chai Wanying quickly stroked her head while looking at this scene in surprise. Hey, don’t cry, don’t cry. Who is that man? What does he want you to do?
He told me to scare people and gave me two spirits to eat me. I forgot to go back. He would definitely hit me.
The little black dragon is obviously really afraid that the dragon body is huddled up.
Damn it, I hate it when people abuse animals and even abuse a dragon.
Chai Wanying immediately became indignant when you heard it.
Why don’t you just don’t go back? I think you’re pretty white, too. Just stay and be friends with Xiaobai and live with us. I’ll raise you.
Tourmaline, however, looked slightly moved after listening to the little black dragon’s words. That man asked you to scare people. How could he scare you?
The little black dragon was afraid to see Xiaobai being honest in front of tourmaline.
I can also be afraid of tourmaline in my heart.
At this moment, when I heard his mouth, I told her how the man who raised her told her to hide in the clouds and make clouds and rain.
Listen to Chai Wanying Luning and they frown.
When Lu Ningkou asked her what the person who raised her looked like, the little black dragon obviously couldn’t tell.
She can’t see the human face clearly every time, saying that his face is foggy, golden and tall.
And she said that if these three conditions are met, the immortals in heaven can achieve these three points.
Root can’t judge who the people who raised her and sent her are.
The only thing that can be judged is that the little black dragon is sent by heaven.
Chai Wanying clenched his fist and looked at the direction of the sky. He said shamelessly, it’s so mean that even small animals benefit.
Don’t go back to heaven after I give you a new name. Since that man is so bad and abuses you, how about hitting you and following us?
Chai Wanying’s abacus is like this.
On the one hand, this little black dragon is cute and straightforward. She is bullied by the celestial people and she really can’t stand it.
Secondly, Xiaobai has always lacked a companion.

"Did everyone get the pulp washing pills?" Muhai shouted

"Yes," everyone answered together.
"That’s good to get another set of achievement methods from all of us, so that the cultivation speed of this achievement method is several times faster than the current achievement method." Muhai said.
"Great, thank you, Mr. Mu."
"You’re welcome. Consider me a little compensation."
Say that finish MuHai put achievement method formula said to get up.
These villagers try to remember.
Muhai instructed them to practice the formula just now until everyone knew Muhai.
How can you hide your privacy if you dare to do your own thing and don’t kill the villagers Muhai?
"Don’t you have to do anything without my consent?" Muhai said coldly
Hearing this, these villagers also knew that the matter was serious and nodded in succession.
"If anyone goes out privately, don’t blame me for not caring about the past."
Say that finish MuHaiShen thick murderous look crazy chung.
Murderous but with a cold momentum.
Whenever the villagers encounter murderous look, they can’t help but feel a fear from the heart.
Until Muhai withdrew his murderous look, their bodies felt much better.
"How strong is this Mr. Mu?" A villager couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat and said
"unfathomable!" Another villager said
Now when the villagers look at Muhai, they are awed by worship and gratitude.
Seeing the villagers’ appearance, Muhai could not help secretly nodding.
To manage others, you must be gracious and achieve the best results.
Today, Muhai will let them know that they have dignity as well as kindness.
Chapter 317 Distribution LingShi
"Brother Zhao, you called the backbone of the village and we went to the village meeting room." Muhai said.
"good!" Zhao Qingguo said.
The meeting room in the village was actually built with Muhai funds.
In addition to the conference room, there are activity rooms, parks, recreation rooms and so on.
The conference room is a five-story building, and the bottom floor is a conference room for one person.
On the fourth floor, there are various meeting rooms and training rooms of different sizes.
Soon the leaders of each group of village cadres were called to the conference room on the second floor.
Muhai sat in the middle of the front row.
"It is very important to call everyone here today."
"Presumably, everyone knows that the world is changing in chaos, and many ordinary people are dying in various corners of the world."
"Although the Dragon State has a secret department, the number is too small to manage the country."
"In the future, the rural dragon kingdom may give up," Mu Hai solemnly said.
Hearing this, the backbone faces of these villages showed horror.
"What about Mr Mu?" The old village head asked.
"It is natural to call everyone here today so that everyone can cope with the future crisis," Mu Hai said.
"What exactly does Mr. Mu do? You arrange for us to listen." The old master asked.
"It’s simple. You still need strong strength to cope with future crises."
"Just now, I’ve given you the pills for washing marrow, but these things are to speed up your practice."
"If you really want to reach a high level, you need to work together."
"Of course, farmland can’t be abandoned. Everyone should be busy when they are busy."
"When everyone reaches the golden state, they can live by aura without eating grains."
Muhai talked in detail about the ways to cope with this world change.
"One purpose of calling you here today is to give you some resources to speed up your practice," Mu Hai said.
"Cultivate resources?"
The backbone of the village all show doubts.
Muhai smiled and took out a small piece of Lingshi, which surprised everyone’s eyes.

Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "If Chen wears bright red, this is the newlyweds offering tea to their parents."

Hearing Mu Tianxuan’s words, Hu Yingxue hardly strained her expression. She didn’t listen to Mu Tianxuan’s words. She really didn’t feel anything. Now if she looks over there, she looks more and more like it. Chen and Xu Feng are older and younger, and Chen is older and Xu Feng is smaller and left. It looks like Xu Feng is married to Chen. She is not a rotten woman, but I have to admit that these two people are quite pleasing to the eye.
In fact, Chen and Xu Feng also feel uncomfortable in the eyes of the public. They can crustily skin of head and follow the steps arranged by the courtesy officer. Chen has nothing to worry about. Xu Feng has decided to go to the etiquette officer who is suspected of being lazy and have a good talk. When he finishes his duties, the etiquette officer retreats to one side and shudders as soon as he decides.
The maid took away the teacup, and many people stretched out their necks. Because one link was that Tao Zheng should give two new disciples a gift. Tao Zheng didn’t let them down. The maid stepped aside and saw that he took out a jade bottle. "You already have a sword and a sword code. I will give you this creature Dan."
Chen did not immediately reach out and pick it up, but said, "Brother Xiu’s realm is still in the realm of the elixir. Please keep it."
Tao Zheng threw the jade bottle directly to Chen. "If you give it to you, you can keep it in our house."
What is the creature Dan? I haven’t had a chance to see its efficacy, but many people took out a creature Dan in Tao Zheng to make a new apprentice a gift. It’s already amazing. Who would have thought it was even more amazing? Tao Zheng even said that their family doesn’t lack this kind of thing that will make people crazy.
Eyes swept away from Xu Wenshan and Jane Mo. Many people in Zhao Hang were jealous of the red fruit in their eyes. Not many people connected Zhao Hang with the half-life old man. When Cang Shuozong met this Dan Shi and then borrowed his hand, Hu Yingxue, Wei Zhe and others were not weak in Dan Dao in the future. I couldn’t help secretly hating knowing this Dan Shi who was not them, or they would be a group of people smiling now.
Then they saw that Tao Zheng took out a sword. "This sword is refined from the main raw material of your brother’s blood bone and sea dumpling closest to the heart keel."
Immediately around the frying pan again small talk.
"Is there really a bloody sea dumpling thing?"
"Of course, and it’s not one. It’s two."
"How do you know?"
"Idiot, he is Cangshuo."
Not to mention the small-scale laughter caused by the dialogue here, Xu Feng’s hands took the sword from Tao Zheng in the middle of the hall, and when his eyes were calm, he went to half of his fingers and touched the blade, and he found that his hands were shaking. The reason was that there was a way to restrain joy from rising from his heart.
Practitioners know what this feeling means, and the way to suppress joy is because Xu Feng can feel how well the sword fits him. He didn’t hesitate to draw the palm of his right hand with the blade of the sword, and at the same time said, "My blood molds your soul."
The dark sword with the blade rose from Xu Feng’s hand and turned around Xu Feng several times. After seeing this, it melted into his Dan House. Even if it wasn’t Jian Xiu, I knew that he had made the sword his life weapon.
A person can have many swords, but he can raise a better sword. Of course, he can choose to give up his original sword, but no one will do so. The sword is not so good to raise, and it takes more thought and investment to repair it than not.
Seeing that Xu Feng took the sword and didn’t take a good look, he made it a life sword. To be honest, it really scared many people. Although Xu Feng, a state governor, can’t say that it is raining, someone will send him a lot of things when he beckons. Among them, it is not rare to make a life sword, but he chose a general sword that can’t be separated from simplicity from the appearance.
Mu Tianxuan smiled at Hu Yingxue, "Look at those people whose eyes are glaring and the beads are almost falling out of their eyes."
Hu Yingxue swept a circle of sounds to Mu Tianxuan. "Is there something special about that sword?"
Mu Tian Xuanyin replied, "In fact, there is nothing, that is, the order can rise with the master’s realm."
That’s nothing. Hu Yingxue’s mouth shook slightly, and where a growth weapon appeared would cause some contention. If Xu Feng didn’t let others know that the sword was a growth weapon, even if he was a young gentleman, he would be stared at. Of course, one of them was to snatch the sword.
Chen and Xu Feng accepted Tao Zheng’s gift, even if it was a gift. When they got up, Zhao Hang threw them a jade bottle. "I will give you these pills if I don’t keep them."
Then Jane Mo-li, Zuo Tao and Shi Bin gave them gifts one by one because they were patriarchs, elders from Dongfeng and elders from Xifeng, and they gave Mo Shao-yu a few steps forward. "When the master was not there, I gave him his gift." Say that finish, like Zhao Hang, I threw two jade bottles to them respectively.
Jian Mo-li, Zuo Tao, and Shi Bin gave the meeting ceremony, which can be said to be quite satisfactory. Everyone was curious about what Dan medicine Zhao Hang and Hu Yingxue gave Xu Feng and Chen. Even though Zhao Hang and Hu Yingxue didn’t give a hint, others were still sure that the Dan medicine in the jade bottle was terrible. After all, one was an Dan Shi and the other was a Nine Dan Shi meeting ceremony. How could they just fool ordinary Dan medicine?
Although the Dan medicine in the bottle is good, it’s all others. The Cangshuo people sent the gift to the ceremony officer at the door. At this time, they sent the carefully prepared gift to you to sing. I came on stage. Xu Feng and Zhen Chen received some soft hands until Xu Wenshan announced that the banquet was ready.
Look at them, although they received a lot of gifts, they were relieved when they stopped. Hu Yingxue secretly thanked himself for being alone when he was a teacher, or worshipping Qingyang with a wisp of Yuan God. The process is quite simple.
Because of the large number of people, the banquet was placed in the garden around a crescent-shaped lotus pond. In the middle of the lotus pond, there was a waterside pavilion with many layers of veils, but the figure was faintly visible. Everyone sat in the corresponding position under the guidance of the waiter. The veils of the waterside pavilion were rolled up by the wind and floated to one side to reveal that a group of veils were dancing inside, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively.
Hu Yingxue doesn’t like this kind of occasion very much. Fortunately, there are not many people around a big table, and at most two or three people eat at a table. Most of them have a small banquet, and few people go to other people’s seats to walk around. They are all members of their own family who don’t worry about who will have different goals if they don’t pay attention.
There is also a windfall. Xu Wenshan asked people to prepare several spiritual fruits. She didn’t eat the pulp in the secret house, and threw the stone or other types of seeds into the secret house. When Laobai got the stone and other types of seeds, he ran to sow them. Soon, there were several more forests full of mature fruits in the secret house.
No one knows what has happened in Hu Yingxue’s secret house. When she saw that she had eaten several spiritual fruits, she looked a little serious and smiled. One of them got up and turned his hand and took out a rare spirit. Sure enough, he walked slowly to Hu Yingxue. "If you have offended these before, consider it my gift."
This man is Cao De, who believes that Dan Meng brand can’t be a problem. The balance in his heart suddenly tilted to Cang Shuo Zong’s side, and he quickly came to find an opportunity to improve it. He and Hu Yingxue were stiff.
"Elder Cao is in strict accordance with the standards and doesn’t need to make a gift like this." There is an old saying that Cao De, a person who reaches out without smiling, has a kind face full of smiles, and Hu Yingxue is not good at giving him a look. But she was so impressed by this person that she wouldn’t forget that he had stopped them from signing up because he deliberately smiled kindly.
Cao De smiled wryly. "It won’t happen again."
"Elder Cao" someone ran to Cao De’s ear and said a few words.
After eating a nail that is neither soft nor hard, Cao Dezheng is worried that he can’t find a suitable reason to go. After listening to the bearer’s report, he looks apologetically at Hu Yingxue. "Sorry, there are some things that I have to go back to deal with. After Danby, Cao will give a special banquet to make amends, and then please attend." Say that finish, you can’t Hu Yingxue’s response and follow them to find someone else to leave.
Looking at Cao De hurried out of the back of the garden, Hu Yingxue swept Cao De and asked the maid next to her to bring the exotic fruit in front of her. "Is it better for him to do well with me or is it a trick to relax my guard so that I can fall into their elaborate trap?"
Mu Tianxuan held his glass and his eyes rested on the opposite waterside pavilion. "Cao De is a famous swing. It should be planned in both cases, depending on which situation can bring him greater benefits."
Seeing Mu Tianxuan looking at the waterside pavilion, Hu Yingxue frowned lightly. "Are they beautiful?"
Mu Tianxuan looked back and smiled and replied, "When I saw them, I couldn’t help but think of the scene where a group of musical actors changed zombies. It was really lively."
Hu Yingxue pulled the corners of her mouth, saw the beauty dancing and thought of killing zombies. What should she evaluate?
Chapter 17 Believe it or not, the strength is there.
Although the state government has become the younger brother of Cangshuo Sect, Cangshuo Sect will not be directly qualified to join the Lotte League. The next day, they appeared in the state government martial arts field like other people who came to attend or watch the League. This time, they received extra attention, and there was a scene of sudden silence.
It’s not surprising that, like other states, all the allies are Dan Bichang Baichuan States. Although there is no Dan Zong alchemist, there are quite a few. Except for the scattered Dan Shi, there are no Danfeng or Dantang branches. Most of them have Dan Shi, and everyone’s original level is almost the same, but Cang Shuo Zong suddenly fights out a bunch of high alchemists.
Although those high alchemists are not competing with them, those who participated in Danbidi in Cangshuo Sect have to be afraid. In addition to fear, they are more jealous. It is definitely better to have someone to give advice than to build a car behind closed doors. Cangshuo Sect has more than one person to give advice or several high alchemists who participated in Danbidi Sect.
In fact, not only were they shocked by Cangshuo Sect, but others were also shocked by Hu Yingxue and a group of people. Wei Zhe and Su Yi were promoted to Qidan Division not long after Cangshuo Sect, but when they arrived at the state capital, they became Dan Division Min Shao and Zongjiu. It was not because they didn’t have the strength to be promoted, but someone had to play with some people.
The thirty brothers have also been promoted, three of them are from Sandan, but they have not been promoted to the level of Dan’s teacher, but seven of them have been promoted to the level and level of Dan’s teacher, two of them are former four Dan’s teacher, and five of them were former Sandan’s teacher.
That is to say, Cangshuo Sect now has one Dan Shi, one Nine Dan Shi, two Dan Shi, one peak seven Dan Shi, one peak six Dan Shi, two five Dan Shi, four Dan Shi and twenty three Dan Shi. Don’t say it’s called the first Dan Zong in Ganyuan world, but there are also intermediate Dan Zong who can be sent there.
Seeing that list, many people sympathized with the Water Accord. They were able to get into the title of the First Danzong, and they seldom provoked those who could not easily provoke sect forces. So-called caution is probably the reason why the ship sailed for ten thousand years. Unfortunately, the recent two generations were not as confident as before, not to mention the excessive expansion of self-confidence, and they also carried forward the arrogance to a certain height. Seeing that they finally provoked people and hated them, many people were happy to invite friends to celebrate.
Of course, there are also people who are firmly on the United front with Shui Accord. When they saw the list, their reaction was to give it to them immediately, but they didn’t have a strong physical strength. They didn’t know Shui Accord’s master’s position in the sect was very high, but when the list reached Linli, they were already sitting in the state government martial arts field in Changqing.
When I saw the list, Lin Yi’s father’s first reaction was not to believe the second reaction or not. Their two fathers spent a lot of money to buy a lot of Dan from the mixed world, but they were promoted to Liudan Division. As far as they know, Cangshuozong has not sent anyone there in the past three years, and no one has come to Cangshuozong’s side.
Lin Ran, the elder of the Water Accord, stroked his chest and deliberately left it for more than a foot. Hu "Is it possible that Yi Lian was the teacher you did? For example, the man named Zhao Hang Yidanshi was invited from the mixed world. "
Lin Yi Lian’s look immediately turned cold. "My second uncle, the dying old thing, has dismissed the mentoring with me. Don’t put that name on him again."
Lin Ran’s eyes flashed a trace of dislike, but the cover-up was very good. Lin Yi Lian, who was sitting in the first place and standing beside him, found out that he didn’t entangle the address problem. Lin Yi Lian continued, "It shouldn’t be that although he has always been wary of me, his bottom was still known to me. Although there are many roots in his collection, he can’t compare with our water accord, and others are very lonely. Don’t say that there is a mixed yuan world, and there are no friends here in the dry yuan world."
Moreover, if he can invite a Dan Shi or have the ability to help so many people to upgrade to Dan Shi level in a short time, how can he stay in Dan Shi level for more than 300 years? He has not yet entered my Dan Shi level and stayed in Wudan Shi. He has also thought of many ways for me and given me many high-level spiritual plants. The result is not without a point. "
Lin Li frowned. "As far as I know, Dan Meng won’t pass this list on at Dan Shi level. I also believe that he doesn’t have the courage to deceive us."
Lin Yi Lian turned to look at Lin Li’s eyes and couldn’t tell whether he was jealous or angry. "Father, you just believe that the list is true."
Lin Li stared and lost his composure. Lin Yi Lian "At least we can’t find evidence to prove that it is false now."