"Hurry up and find a police station and someone will catch you. Don’t stop!" Liu Yi said, "Don’t call the police. Go directly to the police station. Call me when you arrive. I’ll have someone protect you from flying back to Beijing!"

Lin asked, "What’s the matter?"
Liu Yi said, "I’ll explain when you come back. Go and find a police station and hide!"
Lin is not a fool. It must be something wrong with Liu Yi. He hung up and thought about it. He got into a path and muted his mobile phone while walking.
There is an ordinary house near No.15 Middle School. There are no high-rise buildings and houses are full of paths. This is all the forests around Lin’s hometown. It is very clear that there is a game room in the surrounding house, which is the net and which is the small restaurant. Even in the middle of the night, the door will not go from which house to get there.
Lin has absolute home court advantage!
If you want to catch him here, you have to use high technology and thousands of troops … Of course, this is because Lin has never seen a scout or a hunter in reality!
Even the farmers who had to rush to the market to buy food before Li did not get up so early, and they would have to wait for an hour or two to get up. The rooster kept in the house had not crowed yet.
Woof woof …’
A burst of dogs barking from all directions. At least half of the houses around here have doormen. The routes are all restaurants, game rooms and internet houses, but it’s different to catch others. Even if you walk in front of other people’s houses, you will disturb the dogs in the courtyard.
Lin just walked out of the back door of a game hall when he heard the barking and stopped.
"There are a lot of Nima people, at least dozens!"
With the familiarity with the surrounding environment and the barking of dogs, you can be sure that every intersection of this residential area will be guarded.
Lin moved again and heard footsteps in a lane. When he turned around, he didn’t hurry back when he heard the dialogue.
"Eldest brother! Who the hell is that guy we want to catch? It’s so valuable that if we get it, we can expand our territory and call several surrounding villages! "
"I don’t know what someone is doing to pay people to take care of so many things!"
"A 17-year-old foreigner … although there are no photos, it is still easy to find. Our height of one meter here is really too small!"
Lin was depressed … The home court advantage disappeared. It turned out that he was a gangster. Of course, not all of them were mixed up in this area. There are so many four or five, and most of them are still unfamiliar with the surrounding environment.
Outsiders … It’s a pity that Lin is a very special’ outlander’
Another important message is that they don’t have their own photos, which is very surprising to Lin.
If you think about it carefully, Lin will come here. Even he didn’t think it was an accident. It is quite difficult to pay for others to catch him in such a short time. The most important thing is that it is very expensive to send MMS in 21 years. Except for those rich people, not many people are willing to spend money to buy such expensive mobile phones.
Lin is also relieved that if those players don’t find someone to catch him, then he won’t worry about the danger of his life … If those players really come to him, it’s unimaginable that any player can discover his identity so quickly. He has been keeping a low profile during this period.
Since Liu Yi can get the news that someone is coming to arrest him, it should be the money. Even if he is arrested, he is safe!
But then the dialogue forced Lin to escape from these gangsters’ encirclement.
"Eldest brother, this guy is a martial arts school and so tall, not one or two brothers to deal with one thousand …"
"If you are disabled, you can get the money if you don’t die!"
"Then I’m relieved!"
There is no difference between disability and death for Lin Lai … Lin looked at two talking gangsters from a distance, holding a swinging watermelon knife. If you cut off your hands and feet, you can’t completely recover your disability.
Lin retreated in the alley and turned seven times to face a wall more than two meters high!
This is the fence of No.15 Middle School. Turning it over is the campus of No.15 Middle School … If there was no mat in the forest, it would definitely be impossible to turn it over, but for Lin, who is now one meter tall and has practiced for a while, it is not too high. He grabbed the fence and easily turned it over and jumped into the campus of No.15 Middle School.
Campus is a very sacred place in many people’s hearts.
It’s the same for these gangsters. No one will break into the school unless they have to … It’s in one million * * These gangsters will not let go of the No.15 middle school campus. Of course, these gangsters will not break into the school. They have their hands in the school.
A very poor school in No.15 Middle School comes to this school, and most of them are students who study badly and fight all day, just mixing high school diplomas.
When Lin was studying here, there were four or five students in the same class who followed the local ruffians outside the school … all bad students. Since they are bad students, everyone just got their life from home on this Monday. Can we not go out to play games and fool around? Will you honestly stay in the school dormitory and sleep well?
Not long after Lin just turned into the campus, he heard some young voices coming in from outside the fence.
"What’s the monkey doing? Look for it carefully. If you find something, the boss will give you a reward of 5 yuan!"
"Orangutan, do you think that person will run to school?"
"It’s possible! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have looked for all the game halls and nets nearby … we didn’t find them! "
"Why don’t we go back to school to look for it? It is not certain that he will hide in a certain class or dormitory, and now there are our senior three students who are easy to find at school! "
"The dormitory shouldn’t, after all, the doors of the dormitory building are locked … it should be possible to hide in the classroom. Let’s look for it. If we get the money, if we can’t find it, we will go straight to class to sleep!"

He immediately jumped forward and was a short figure, and he fell behind with a sword stab in Hanshan.

But the palm wind still hits the beam.
Liang Dou threw himself out and people crashed into the column, and the Wulong Pavilion collapsed.
Xiao colchicine lost call way
"Liang Daxia!"
Only to see Liang Dou, the great warrior in the ashes, magically get up.
When Liang Doufu got up, he bowed and his body tightened.
But his horse didn’t relax until he found that Liang Dou’s mouth was bleeding and his face was like purple and gold.
Xiao colchicine rushed to hold Liang Dou Liang Dou gave a wry smile.
"Brother Qu is so fierce."
Qu Hanshan sneer at a way
"Liang Daxia has great strength!"
Liang Dou eye closure gave a wry smile Hanshan rhetorical question.
"How do you know I want to sell? !”
Liang Dou slowly Zhang Mu way
"Your words"
Qu Hanshan eyes contraction way
"I speak!"
Liang Dou incredibly still can say with smile
"Your words"
Qu Hanshan laughed
"I don’t believe my words will go wrong. I am very calm!"
Liang Dou smiles to say
"It is because of too calm" Liang Dou smiled and added.
"If you hadn’t been so calm, people would always be a little angry if they were wronged."
Say "cough up" vomitted an one mouthful blood flexor Hanshan murder big blazing teeth way
"It seems that you are a wise man and I have to kill you."
Xia Liang Dou tired tunnel
"If I don’t have a little bit of Xiaocong, I won’t have a life if I don’t stay away from you when you palm the sword." I stretched out my hand and slowly patted Xiao Qiushui on the back of my hand.
"You protect the law for me, and I want to exercise my power and adjust my breath."
Xiao Qiushui suddenly rushed Xia Liang Dou with blood, but he closed his eyes with his legs crossed.
-Great Xia Liang Dou gave his life to him like this!
Him! Xiao Qiushui! Even martial arts have not yet married Xiao Qiushui!
Qu Hanshan grimly smiles to say
"He protects you? If only he could protect himself. "
Liang Dou still closed his eyes as if Root didn’t hear him.
Qu Hanshan sneer at a way
"You are closing your eyes!"
Suddenly listen to a humanitarian
"Who said that? !”
Another humanitarian said, "I saidno."
Another humanitarian said, "How can something happen with our Liang Daxia? !”
Another person said

[Nearby] Banlangen in the mountains, I rely on you to dare to be red!

[Nearby] Cool Cool Cool Hum
[Nearby] Narcissus, you not only directly rob the dart car, but also directly target people. It’s outrageous!
[Nearby] Xiao Apple doesn’t just talk so much!
Ah, ah, it’s really messy. Zuo Tangtang almost made a noise in front of him. Is this going to fight?
[Team] You don’t get close to the hoof ~ You can just go to other places to play.
[Team] Beique is right ~ Just leave it to us!
Watching red mist hanging over the crowd, Zuo Tangtang still has some worries.
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed or you’d better not come!
[Team] Pig’s trotters are stewed. It’s quite messy here now …
[Team] Don’t worry about hooves and hooves after nine days. Don’t take part in fights like you.
[Team] Pig’s trotters stew = = Are you despising your sister ~
[Team] After nine days, I’m serious/I’m not contemptuous of hand disability.
[Team] Stewed pig’s trotters …
Zuo Tangtang didn’t stay far away in the end, but hid in the nearby Woods to continue her life as a little cook.
While frying steamed bread with a spatula, I watched the people in the team appear on the map bit by bit until they got closer and closer.
I have to say that the world has a day to make trouble everywhere, so there must be that kind of idle grass people.
Xiao Pingguo At this time, most of the people in the team are chatting and can’t talk anymore, but they really want to find something to look for, just as Xiao Pingguo cries out that kind of passion in the world.
They are the kind of people who are happier when they are in chaos. At this time, watching the group of people who have just escorted the darts, the more they want to really fight.
How to put it? They are similar to war criminals, but unlike them, most of them have a good time for robbing the dart buff, so they don’t add red and killing.
Zuo Tangtang is also white about this, but now the problem is that the other party has already had a red dot, so this is not necessarily about the interests of the escort car
In the field, some people are often sent to the red before they know it, and then they are killed and sent to prison for one day.
What is red?
It is in the red state that the other party deliberately died in the hands of the red man, so that the killing of the red man went up instantly. At this time, a group of people came to specialize in killing this person and forced him to die before being sent to death row.
Because death row is a law to destroy wealth and eliminate disasters, that’s true. Going in today will not be released until the next day at 3: 30 noon.
It seems that there is nothing wrong with not playing games for a day, but in this battle, the other side is equivalent to really losing a fighting capacity to be continued.
[159. Chapter 161 Affect the city]
Zuo Tangtang has to say that sometimes he is quite cautious. At the thought of this situation, he quickly expressed his concern in the team.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew us … Will we be sent red?
[Guild] Master/Nine days later?
Gee, pig! When soy sauce makers saw this place, they shook their heads. A bunch of pigs didn’t even know to send red? Gee, it’s so ignorant. How can you unify the rivers and lakes like this?
Compared with soy sauce, they nodded their heads with relief. Their younger sisters are so clever that they know everything. They can also worry about the most fundamental situation. It’s worth moving them for several days.
In fact, it’s not surprising that nine days later, after all, the word "send red" is often known by people who fight. Suddenly, the word "send red" comes out of their own cognitive handicaps, so everyone should stare blankly. This is a normal reaction!
After nine days, I don’t know if his normal reaction was severely despised by a group of abnormal reaction goods, but even if I knew that numb heart, I guess I wouldn’t care.
[Guild] Master/Nine days later! You said to send red!
[Guild] Master/It’s okay after nine days. We still have masks here.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew and bite fingers/masks?
Deputy Wang/Beique of [Guild] Yes, it’s the time. I told you that the mask of counteracting killing is the most effective way to prevent being sent red.
[Guild] Stewed pig’s trotters and nodded/Oh, oh, I see …
[Gang] Stewed pig’s trotters. That’s good. That’s good
Yes, it’s really good, even if they encounter such a cruel role, this move can be completely prevented. Fortunately, this was prepared when the friends were fighting earlier, but it’s not due yet. Just teach those bastards a lesson.
Beique and nine days later are all like this. It’s wonderful to think about it. No wonder they think so. After all, it’s a natural step! Is there anything wrong with it? No, everything is reasonable ~ yes ~ everything is so natural, there is no problem …
But is there really no problem?
[Gang] Soft soft candy!

Yin Yun and Shan Yu are almost at the same time. Is generate leaping out of strength? Is Yin Yun’s attention in front of the national championship center or is he involuntarily distracted? Basketball is touched by Shan Yu first and then dialed to power forward Yang Ke behind him.

(The two chapters together are more economical and look strong.)
21-22 Fighting Qinhuai Enemy Beiyang ()
After two years of cooperation with Chinese fir feather, Yang Ke took the basketball into his own hands for the first time. Before he grasped it firmly, he suddenly slammed forward and went out.
In this second, everyone in Nanchuan stood in the same place because Yang Keqiu finished one person there, and they had never seen any opponent throw the basketball in such a hurry without grasping it firmly.
Chu Chenxi thinks it’s ridiculous that the ball is like this. He thinks that even he can’t have such a reaction ability to catch the ball. Although Ouyang Zhi is indeed the closest person to basketball according to the current situation, the basketball has already flown out of his control range as early as the first time, and he still flies sideways. If he is moving forward, he still has a chance to catch the ball according to the distance from the basketball court.
The first move in Beiyang No.12 midfield was actually a cross ball, which could only be received when teammates were already running at high speed. Is it a mistake for Chu Chenxi to think that such a ball is ridiculous when everyone is in the same place?
Ouyang Zhi quickly gave everyone in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School an answer.
Here, 70% of the audience have carefully paid attention to many games in Beiyang No.12 Middle School before, and they already have the answers in their hearts and hardly doubt them.
Chu Chenxi admits that he has always had an unquestionable conceit about his explosive power. Even after seeing that Ji Hantian is faster than himself, Chu Chenxi still thinks that high school students who can reach this level are absolutely few, especially Ji Hantian. In fact, Chu Chenxi rarely sees players who can compare with him or Ji Hantian in the competition.
Nanchuan has a former Nanchuan MVP, Yi Yefeng, and he didn’t meet a player who could make Chu Chenxi feel pressure in terms of speed and explosiveness in the first three rounds of the national competition.
At the moment when Ouyang Zhi started, there seemed to be a feeling of being out of breath. At that time, his vision suddenly blurred, and Ouyang Zhi almost crossed the center line and was about to touch the ball.
Too soon!
Xue Yangyi can almost feel the wind brought by Ouyang Zhi’s running on the sidelines. His original cold weather should have reached an extreme in high school students, especially after several months of training. When he saw that his speed easily broke through Xia Ruxuan’s defense line, he felt that no one in high school should be able to compare with the speed in cold weather. But this concept was established in his mind at this moment, and Ouyang Zhi was so smashed in an instant.
"follow!" Chu Chen wanted to let him slowly realize the deep frustration when he didn’t care about his face. When he saw Ouyang Zhi pulling the basketball from his left hand side to his right hand side as skillfully as threading a needle, and the speed didn’t affect it at all, he could shout it out like that when it was close to the three-point line.
Ouyang Zhi didn’t choose the ball again or waited for the basket left in his eyes. Breaking the basket at the first time before the opponent’s reaction was still sluggish was the result he wanted.
Yang Ke’s seemingly wrong ball was actually planned by him. He asked Yang Ke to throw it in the frontcourt as soon as possible after receiving the ball, so that the other side couldn’t understand it, so he didn’t need to worry about the rest.
Actually, Yang Ke never worried about the speed of the flash assassin in Beiyang No.12 Middle School. If he didn’t have the speed and incredible offensive ability, what qualifications would he have to be called flash … What’s worse, the name of the assassin was given to him when he stepped into the national arena in the first year. What kind of situation would it be for a flash assassin who was less than fourteen years old in that year four years later?
I don’t think it needs to be said.
Ji Hantian can clearly feel the pressure that Ouyang Zhi can bring to the defenders almost head-on. In the rapid movement, even a little expression change will make the defenders choose the direction when they can’t catch the other team’s breakthrough. At this moment, Ouyang Zhi is like this. He is like an arrow that broke through the sound barrier and left the string, and there is no way to do it.
Ji Hantian didn’t dare to think about it again. It was relying on sports to follow Ouyang Zhi, and the latter was obviously far behind. It was not only above the national high school students’ shame. For the first defender, Ji Hantian seemed a little tender even though he was gifted. Ouyang Zhi hardly relied on too many gorgeous changes. He turned himself slightly and passed Ji Hantian.
Ji Hantian doesn’t lose heart. Although the obstacle has made Wu Ji take a good position online at this moment, he still can’t let Ouyang Zhi stride into the stadium easily. Although this is the first time he has played against Ouyang Zhi, he still has a sense of awe for this opponent who has seen the most aura. He dare not let this line of defense go so easily and let Ouyang Zhi stride forward. Although he believes in Wu Ji’s ability, he really can’t.
Ouyang Zhi didn’t turn his head to look at Ji Hantian. In his cognition, almost all these four years have been spent in such a running. Even a slight partial glance is a wave-time thing for Ouyang Zhi. It’s a matter of locking his eyes tightly on the basket and being flexible and coherent again. Retreating in cold weather wants to hinder his speed.
This is the first time Ji Hantian has faced such a situation, and it can’t help but make him panic for a while. He has never given others a good look before, and he has been easily taken over by others one after another.
But when Ouyang Zhi didn’t give him a thought, he glanced at Wu Ji and glanced at him in the corner. In cold weather, he didn’t even hesitate. He sent the basketball out with his right hand. He wasn’t ready to move, didn’t take off and didn’t have a smooth step. Ouyang Zhi sent the basketball out from the top of his head like he suddenly sold it in dribbling, which made Wu Ji have little chance to move.
Basketball hits the backboard and bounces back into the basket accurately.
OuYangZhi corners of the mouth gently become warped a look at the eye discipline, a face of pride, he waved to all kinds of bleachers for ten decibels.
"Two than come on" OuYangZhi Ji cold with the wave and then turned back to defense.
No one thought that Ouyang Zhi’s attack was so quick to know that he was not waiting to catch the ball in the frontcourt, but came running with the ball directly from the backcourt, but he entered the three-point line almost at the same time with Wu Ji in the frontcourt. At this time, Chu Chenxi just crossed the middle line and the Nets shook gently.
It shows that it is so unreasonable to make a quick break just now, but it is almost out of the concept of teamwork. There is no need for division of labor, no need for ball and running a member of Beiyang No.12 Middle School. They need to defend their opponents well and then hand over the basketball to Ouyang Zhi. No one will doubt that Ouyang Zhi’s prestige in this team has exceeded that of head coach Wang Xuechao. Every player in Beiyang No.12 Middle School knows it clearly.
Beiyang No.12 Middle School has come this far and stayed in their team for one year. Coach Shanglin can’t escape Wang Xuechao’s staying here for decades. If he has such excellent ability, how can he wait until these years?
To say that Shanglin can still maintain the top strength in the Southern District after leaving Beiyang, it is to rely on Ouyang Zhi, the point guard. It is not his words that Beiyang has declined. In the final analysis, it is more appropriate to say that Ouyang Zhi is the team.
The game of Beiyang fast break started, so what about Nanchuan No.7 Middle School? It just hit the muzzle of Beiyang, so what should they do?
Ji Hantian took a deep breath and took the ball sent to him by Wu Ji. In fact, they lost the opportunity to play fast break in a moment of stupidity.
Are you going to do your own attack again? Thought of here, Ji Hantian always looked at Ouyang Zhi. His expression was a mockery in Ji Hantian’s view, but Ji Hantian didn’t want to go there. He wanted to try to change it a little.
Basketball flew over less than half of the stadium from Ji Han to Chu Chenxi.
Chu Chenxi leaned forward to catch the ball and protect the basketball behind him. Then he looked up and looked at his opponent, Chu Chenxi, who was also wearing the same number. He also heard that the number was once the arrogant Yan Yufeng jersey, but this year it was a rising star named Jiang Yu.
He is said to be a rising star only because he is Yan Yufeng. Compared with him, he has also participated in two national competitions this year, and this year is the third. Everyone knows that there are no weak people in Beiyang No.12 Middle School. How many Beiyang basketball teenagers are attracted to apply for Beiyang No.12 Middle School and can stand out from the crowd? How can this gang be weak?
Even without Yan Yufeng and Jiangsu ball king, they are still the national championship, and they are still as huge as a mountain in front of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School.
Jiang Yu is also a dazzling star in Beiyang. Although he is not as radiant as Yan Yufeng, he can make every small forward who is opposite to him play strangely in his defensive field.
Chu Chenxi couldn’t help recalling the information about this player once again-Jiang Yu’s position as a small forward 1cm5kg. In 27 years, the member of KFC’s three-on-three basketball Saijiang Soviet champion team was named as a defensive expert in the South District. Last year, Beiyang’s sixth person was selected as the best defensive array in the South District.
Chu Chenxi gathered up his mind for the first small forward he met who reached a peak in defense. He didn’t dare to care about the length of Jiang Yu’s double-arm exhibition, which surprised Chu Chenxi. In his impression, he seemed to be one meter tall and Wu Ji’s wingspan was about the same, while Jiang Yu was only one meter and several centimeters shorter than himself.
Jiang Yu firmly there, let ChuChen hope to have an illusion that it is difficult to move, just like it has been deeply rooted on the floor, which protects this piece of ChuChen hope to attack.
The atmosphere of the stadium is still noisy when it beats every second. In the eyes of these people, this Nanchuan No.7 Middle School, which came out of nowhere, has little value for them to boo.
There were thirteen seconds left in the attack, but Chu Chenxi still didn’t move. He had just made two temptations, and almost all his opponents stared at him motionless, as if they had seen through it at a glance. That wasn’t Chu Chenxi’s real attack intention, but now Chu Chenxi knew that he had to do something.
He leaned over to Jiang Yu, while the latter retreated half a step sharply, keeping a proper distance from Chu Chenxi.
At this distance, Chu Chenxi feels very embarrassed. Whether it is a breakthrough or shooting seems that Jiang Yu’s wingspan can just interfere with Chu Chenxi enough. It seems that the situation has changed the deadlock in a moment.
Online Wu Ji can also watch Chu Chenxi worry about Jiang Yu’s defensive style and Wu Ji’s finish. Jiang Yu is a steady and steady person who is as steady as landing deep roots. In front of his opponent, he doesn’t necessarily need a strong ability to predict, but it seems to be just stuck in Chu Chenxi’s throat. It’s neither a retreat nor a retreat.
Compared with Wu Ji, he prefers a sudden gesture and relies on his judgment ability to cause a sudden sense of oppression to his opponent, because in terms of physical consumption, it is far less than the stalemate with his opponent from beginning to end, and the effect is not bad. For one scene, Su Mu was in a trance for most of that time.
But now there is no time to give ChuChen hope to dry up, and the latter is obviously white. He gritted his teeth and took a step to pull Jiangyu, which seems to be enough to accelerate the distance, and then pulled the distance into ChuChen hope to pull to the parallel position of Jiangyu almost in an instant. He wanted to take advantage of such an excellent opportunity to leave Jiangyu behind. He showed an advantage over Jiangyu that he was advancing and Jiangyu was retreating.
No matter whether it is an excellent player, compared with the forward speed, Chu Chenxi took advantage of this small advantage and went straight to the paint area
Sitting on the sidelines watching this scene, Wang Xuechao suddenly smiled gently. His parallel square happened to capture such a strange picture. Chu Chenxi had a chance to break through the line. Why could Wang Xuechao have such an expression as capturing prey?
The answer is revealed.
Jiang Yu’s arm was drawn at a wonderful angle to Chu Chenxi’s right-handed basketball surface. His body was almost folded, but his eyes were still shining with wonderful light, and he was staring at Chu Chenxi’s basketball.
But Chu Chen, who is breaking through, didn’t expect to encounter such a situation. You know, the chance of basketball staying in that position in his hand may not exceed half a second. He didn’t expect all the changes at the moment when he received the ball.
He has become more and more cautious about basketball protection before, except that he was once robbed by Ji Hantian in the Freshmen Cup, especially after several months of improvement. He feels that the average person can’t easily touch his protection ball.
But this time he was wrong. Jiang Yu was not the average person. The sudden strength of basketball made Chu Chenxi lose control of basketball almost instantly.
And Jiang Yu is not the kui is a defensive expert who lost to the southern district. He took advantage of his right hand and took basketball into his arms.

"It’s exposed!"

Windson nodded, "I underestimated our opponents."
"What shall we do?"
"Let me think."
Not far from the jungle, that special team stopped in the mountains and slowly turned around with a cold hum. "Didn’t Kojima see it?"
The samurai named Kojima nodded and said, "I almost got cheated. If the blood inside was not true, those people were really pirates."
The person next to him is happy. "On the surface, it seems that these people are full of flaws. Doing those things from the back of the most exposed flaws is constantly trying to cover up these flaws, which will make those flaws expand and eventually become lies."
"Songjun deserves to be the wisest man among the generals’ most proud brothers."
The man next to me smiled. "Although I’m not sure who these people are, they may be our enemies since they are not our friends."
The island nodded. "This will make it easier. While they are still in the dark, they will launch a night attack tonight to wipe out each other."
"Good. That’s what I’m thinking. It’s a celebration of our first victory in the great territory."
Two people smile at one another. From the identity, it should be forbearance. In the world, it is more forbearance. For example, those who hide water and kill water ghosts generally have special skills. If they want to achieve forbearance, they must pass the layer-by-layer assessment. Once they have defeated Lin Feng in the secret method, that water girl is forbearance. Once they have achieved forbearance, it is absolutely terrifying. Because forbearance has not only super killing methods, but also extraordinary brain power and control.
A forbearance is often a battle planner, and the real implementation is precisely these responsible forbearance and forbearance.
"What would you do if you were them?" Lin Feng’s eyebrows are locked, and he keeps asking questions, cheating and lying. Don’t forget that the other side is a murderous ninja team.
Will definitely retaliate.
Windson eyes open "those who ambush in the forest tonight will definitely come"
It soon got dark at the top of the moon, and the whole night became quieter than before. There were insects singing in the ears. Lin Feng and his party lit a fire in front of the dense forest. There were seven people around the fire. It should be the night watchman. At this time, it was nearly midnight, and the predecessors bowed their heads and dozed off. Someone had fallen asleep.
You can faintly see the figure lying prostrate in the Woods, and then the black shadows are quietly touched. The movement is very light and there is almost no sound. At this time, the machete hand holds the ninja in the other hand, often hidden weapons shuriken.
Once there is any trouble, shuriken can be instantly hit. This wrist-powered rotating hidden weapons hit technique is extremely special and more difficult to deal with than flying knives or iron thistles.
Don’t forget that these ninjas are all good at fighting shuriken. If they are one, they may be able to cope. Once they find danger, dozens of people throw it at the same time. I can’t imagine who can be so close to hidden weapons.
One person makes gestures, several black shadows approach the feet quickly, the speed is very light, and the speed is not slow at all. The distance between each other is holding a sharp sword and approaching the fire quickly. Every target of the predecessors is almost at the same time, covering their arms and breathing, and the knife in their hands takes advantage of each other’s neck force.
The whole killing process became very simple in front of these specially trained killers, almost as soon as it was completed, with the shaking of the arm, the bodies by the fire fell to the ground from appearance to death without even making a sound.
With a wave of his arm, a man in black quickly approached these Japanese samurai camps that appeared during the day. As Lin Feng said, these people really saw the flaw from the blood on the ground, and determined that those roots of Lin Feng were not the generals, but the pirates in advance.
A black shadow ran in the Woods and leaned against the tree. On the one hand, it was carefully prepared to hold a sword killer, on the other hand, it was unaware of its opponent. This was doomed to be a massacre.
The only difference is that the other person’s reaction seems to be really small. Even if you are close to that moment, your arm will cover your opponent and gasp. Even if you are asleep, your body will still react very strongly when the weapon pierces that moment. That is human survival ability.
At this moment, when different weapons pierce, those people who sleep on tree trunks do not respond, and some people will not feel.
dead body
Someone took out a fire and took a closer look. The man couldn’t help but gasp and fell to the ground. Although there was blood on the body, the blood had solidified. When he touched the body, the body was as cold as a piece of ice.
The man shouted a voice, which should be that he found something wrong. Almost at the same time, a fire rose around him, and then two bangs, bangs, bangs, and the whole jungle flashed up.
There is fire around, and there is no one. Since there is no one, there will be no fire!
One man winked, and four Japanese samurai slowly advanced with knives in their hands. When they took the first step, there was a dense hidden weapons in the dense forest in front.
Those who hit hidden weapons and shuriken in ninja’s hands with different flying knives, sleeve arrows and even stones instantly hit away through the cracks in the trees. The four Japanese samurai found it too late.
At the moment before the blade, I waved a hope in front of my body, but this way blocked those who flew to hidden weapons. Unfortunately, hidden weapons was not only anxious, but also had a dense forehead, chest, lower abdomen and legs, all of which were hidden weapons.
A few times, I screamed that the bodies of four samurai who tried to get close to the Japanese fell to the ground. This is what people should react before they die. At this moment, these people know that they have been fooled by being surrounded by dense forests.
There are also people leaning against the tree trunks by the fire. Those people are all dead people who have that strange feeling. It is precisely because of the appearance of these dead people that these close-to-Japan warriors will enter the ambush circle carefully set by each other step by step.
Just four people fell to the ground at the same time, and one person drank a swish swish. More than a dozen shuriken instantly sent a message straight to hidden weapons to go to shuriken, which was heavier than ordinary hidden weapons. The wrist was strong enough, and the speed was faster than that of ordinary hidden weapons real ninja master. shuriken could fly back by himself.
Poop, poop, poop, in the night, the ninja should have hit something when he hit the shuriken. This is a dense forest with lush trees, which is relatively large and shuriken is relatively disadvantaged.
There is no sound in front of the first ninja, so I can’t help but frown. These people are all hidden weapons players who can judge each other’s position by hidden weapons’s position and strength.
All those seemingly random shuriken are also purposeful.
No sound is equivalent to telling yourself directly that those shuriken hit tree trunks instead of people.
"Pine is a little strange here. It’s better not to stay long."
Another person nodded, "Good tactics, right place, right time, and recklessly at this time are not dominant."
"knot array"
Those ninjas quickly gather to form a square array to control each other’s certain positions, especially the peripheral swordsmen slowly move backwards. Once hidden weapons calls, they can immediately shoot.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-three Endure in the war again
As the flames around the jungle rise, the situation in the jungle changes, just as Lin Feng predicted. These seemingly agree that the ninja has seen the flaw and it is the first time to launch a night attack.
If it weren’t for Lin Fengzao’s arrangement, this moment would inevitably suffer the other party’s extremely high means of night attack, and the means of killing is not bad compared with Lin Fengjinyiwei.
Windson, a thick branch looks at the surface. Those people are close to the jungle and have been alert to the distribution. Those people by the fire and in the Woods are just the bodies of pirates killed during the day. At this moment, they are also sent to the scene.
Good fighting power! Windson couldn’t help feeling this way from the heart. Although there are more than a hundred people in this team, if they are properly finished, they can defeat a previous team and easily attack a city.
Such an elite is absolutely a terrible force, even if it is found that these faces are surrounded by people at this time, they are not afraid at all, and they are not in a panic.
When the opponent’s square moves slowly, it looks like a compass moving slowly outward, which can maximize the flexibility of the array
Windson heights coldly looking at the ninja camp at this time those deadly hidden weapons with disappear in front of the camp back to the front of a tree that moment windson corners of the mouth couldn’t help to Yang.
It was a small movement, followed by a bang, bang, bang. Someone accidentally stepped on the machine and fell all over. At that moment, dozens of ropes bounced up. This is far from over. At the other end of the rope, a wooden stick was attached to it. At that moment, the boulder fell with the rope.
This opponent suffered a great loss. Those boulders fell from the surface, which happened to be the position in the phalanx. The camp formed by the ninja was actually suffering at this time.
This is the first time that Lin Feng’s calculation has met, and it has been seen that the other side often adopts relatively dense positions, which can reduce some uncertainties, especially by entering unknown areas and increasing camp secrecy, which can ensure mutual care.
Peripheral ninjas roll forward quickly. It should be worried that hidden weapons will suddenly hit, and almost at the same time, the ninjas will retreat to the periphery. Those ninjas who get out will hold the periphery with machetes.
It is undeniable that these Japanese samurai have mastered the battle quite well in an instant. It can be seen that it is inevitable to form this kind of instant coping quality in the face of different forms after several killings and drills on weekdays.
This is the so-called elite. Of course, don’t forget that the Royal Guards hiding in the dark at this time are also the elite trained by Lin Feng and the training experience of modern special forces in China and Canada, which can form amazing combat effectiveness in such a short time.
Fei Tian Yan’s face was cold at the height. Looking at Fang, those people changed their positions with the change of the other camp. At night, Fei Tian Yan’s flying skill traveled back and forth too easily, hiding in the dark. hidden weapons was carefully trained by Liu Ernian. Feitian Camp was one of the best in a hundred, and his legs were trained for a while. There were ropes all over the jungle, and every tree was connected because those ninja roots discovered such secrets at night.
Feitianying people changed their positions immediately after these ropes were sent out of hidden weapons. It is for this reason that those shuriken will fight.
All over the sky, hidden weapons sent out that although the other side was prepared, someone was hit by hidden weapons from time to time. The most important thing was that even if the people behind were prepared in front, it would not work. Those hidden weapons kept changing direction and almost just got ready. The original head-on call came from hidden weapons and suddenly appeared from behind.
This continuous change is the ninja method. Those ninjas gather again with the boulder falling from the forest air. This time, it is a chastened few people rushing out quickly. It should be to destroy the other party in this way.
With a wave of his hand, Lin Feng’s high arm flashed out thirty or forty branches, holding a sharp stick in his hand and throwing it straight to the ninja camp.
This almost original style of play is unimaginable at this time. Throwing a wooden stick from the surface instantly pierces the body of those peripheral defense samurai.

And this song "The Tide of the Blue Sea" is the first sound and wave skill that the prince got.

In order to prevent "The Tide of the Blue Sea" from attacking a sword to win the snow, we have to effectively block the sound wave damage.
However, in this way, the original is not good at winning the snow with one sword, and the physical consumption is particularly huge.
"Damn it, I can’t go like this or I’m afraid I’ll be defeated by him!"
When you look at the absolute wind, a sword wins snow and your body moves, you have to help him.
But at this time, those who followed the prince to this moon and moon as members stopped him from disturbing the prince to perform "Blue Ocean Tide"!
Seeing that a sword wins snow will make you hate it, but at this time, a sound that makes a sword win snow is particularly familiar.
"Small sword meets sword!"
As the voice fell into a flame, Changhong broke.
A sword wins snow and reaches into the fire, and then draws a lux crystal sword from the flame Changhong.
At the same time, the unified display also appeared before the sword wins the snow.
Without the slightest hesitation, the sword wins the snow and immediately clicked OK.
Suddenly a red pillar rose from the sword-winning snow body and turned into a flaming cloud floating on the top of the sword-winning snow.
Excalibur is here!
Chapter DiYiSanQi Take a long-term view
Pang Xia has been holding Yan’s sword for a long time, but he is not bound.
Therefore, Yan’s sword did not play any role in Pang Xia’s hands.
At this time, after the sword wins the snow and becomes the master of Yan’s long sword, this flaming sword finally shows its great power.
I can’t stop the crimson streamer, like magma constantly flowing around the sword and snow.
Mind move several firm but gentle from Yan sword generate.
Then as Yan sword gently waving those firm but gentle beating like a flame.
"A good sword really deserves to be the nine swords of Nuwa. It is really extraordinary!"
Say a sword wins snow. Hold Yan’s sword in one hand and stab it in the direction of the prince.
Great flame firm but gentle crashing toward the prince.
When the prince saw this, he immediately contracted the scope of "The Tide of the Blue Sea" to remain only two meters in front of him.
However, although the scope is narrowed to the extreme, the power is multiplied.
The shock wave impact of the huge flame immediately stopped in the sonic range, and then it was gradually decomposed by sonic vibration.
At the same time PangXia came to a read side.
He used his hands repeatedly to make his palm fierce.
Adding "Ten Hands of Dragon" means going straight to martial arts, which is even more powerful!
Every time you clap your hands, you will kill a member of the sun and moon or hit a fierce and powerful moment!
"hide! it’s the monster of fat shrimp!"
"Is that the one who defeated the monster of the fat shrimp?"
"Hide quickly!"
I have to say that Pang Xia is really fierce among ordinary players.
Although it is not possible to smell three hundred miles, it has indeed reached a daunting level.
Seeing these sun and moon, when players retreat one after another, Pang Xia doesn’t kill them.
He is watching a sword win snow and fighting with the prince beside Yi Nian.
At this time, the battle between the sword and the snow has become fierce, and both of them have played a real fire. It seems that if you don’t tell the outcome, then Root won’t stop.
Huang Yaoshi is suspicious by nature and wants to inspire his martial arts. The probability base is not much better than winning the prize.
However, if a famous np martial arts player learns the method, then the game must be unqualified.
The designers have designed a series of Huang Yaoshi’s theories, which may make Huang Yaoshi think you are pleasing to the eye and give you some martial arts.
The prince’s two unique skills, Jade Flute Sword and Blue Ocean Tide Song, were thus obtained.
However, with the help of the sun and the moon, Huang Yaoshi looks more pleasing to the eye and accepts his registered brother
Although he is not a real brother, he has finally got two famous martial arts bases in Huang Yaoshi, and his real brother is almost less.
A sword wins the snow, and the power of Yan’s long sword fencing rises greatly.
Because Yan’s sword attribute is the same as Qinglei’s dagger, but it has the abnormal attribute of swordsmanship level +3.
Therefore, the original ninth-level masterpiece "The Wind Sword Method" and "The Three Immortal Swords" directly became the twelfth abnormal level.
And the seventh layer of "Nine Swords of Dugu" has also risen to the tenth layer, which is not as powerful as before!
At this time, a sword wins snow in combat power, just like Pang Xia, unless Pang Xia displays the second type of "Sword over Heaven", the root method is better than a sword wins snow.
It is also because of Yan’s sword level bonus that a sword wins snow and has pressed the prince to gradually win.
Pang Xia looked at the sword and shook his head slightly, saying, "It’s a pity that the small sword didn’t learn, otherwise it all came from the martial arts small sword. With the help of Yan’s long sword, the sword broke."
As PangXia voice falls there war circle also has the result.
One sword is better than snow. Twelve layers of "The Three Immortal Swords" have three consecutive swords on the front, which are in the sound wave of Prince.
Break the prince’s "Blue Ocean Tide" in one fell swoop
Then the sword wins the snow. With that sword, the backhand sword hits a crit and directly cuts off the jade flute, the weapon in the prince’s hand, and turns him into white light.
Pang Xia took his blue thunder dagger out of the sword box behind his back and * * * waist scabbard.
Then directly threw the sword box to the sword wins the snow.
Sword wins snow took the sword box and put Yan’s long sword and his day-level sword in the sword box and then carried it on his back and equipped it.

Venting the evil fire in his heart, he was panting, his eyes were bloodshot, his eyes were red, and he stared at his brain gloomily. He seemed to want to complain through the brain screen to the other party. "You wait for me to find someone to kill you, and I’ll write it backwards!"

Time, nose, itching, rubbing, sneezing, I can’t get it out, and I can’t keep my eyes open.
Hit her blindly with both hands on the keyboard. It’s very simple to slightly modify the np data of a royal animal park. Today, Qinglong will get the chance. No player can come in without a photo. She is about to enter the most important link.
Before modifying the data streamer, I looked at the firewall again. "The secondary firewall is still a little weak and needs to be strengthened."
Add a few more programs to it, and connect it with the fat brain of the Magic World Technology Department. If someone tries to attack or break the fat brain by force, she will automatically send out the police to repay her kindness. She is such a good person.
When a man surnamed Tian and his friends attacked the fantasy database, it was time to verify the streamer technology. The fat brain alarm program rang at the first time, and the night shift technician was awakened to a round of attack and defense.
But this has nothing to do with streamer.
She just wants to make sure that no one will disturb her in Qinglong Garden today.
Landing game
The sky in Qinglongyuan Lake seems to have a few fireflies staying a little and emitting a silver halo to illuminate the cliff bottom. It is as calm as a mirror. The lakeside of the lake is dotted with lush green grass and reeds with silver light, without losing screenshots and taking pictures.
The silver spot is not the scenery of Qinglong Garden, but the streamer. The ancient array was arranged yesterday, but it hasn’t started yet.
Qinglong seems to know that today is the day when it changes its destiny. It is waiting for the time.
"Are you ready?" Qinglong asked
Once again, the alarm was unexpected, and she chose yes.
Heptachord’s piano score disappeared into white light after she finished reading it, and heptachord’s knowledge point was added to her head. She took a deep breath and breathed deeply, and then slowly exhaled. Her hands were pressed on the strings and the passive skills of "red crisp hands" automatically took effect. As she played the elegant piano, she became a silvery silk thread to avoid other silvery lights floating. Youlong generally went to the outermost periphery to connect the outermost fluorescence.
This "silk thread" is dotted with fluorescence inspired by the sound of the piano, and finally forms an ancient array that is huge and complicated than the pattern!
Streamer frees up one hand and quickly pours blue medicine into her mouth to activate the ancient array skill, which is divided into four parts. The prelude to "getting up" alone consumes her a tube of blue!
Oh, yes, and those two people in Harrenyi Building cheated! Give them a bad review sooner or later!
They didn’t tell her that playing the piano can’t move, and this process is so spicy!
The array method activates the hexagram array, and the four images in the middle five lines are activated. When the streamer is activated, it does not consider what to do when the gods find something strange. What should I do if I fill the blue bottle again? Pick up the red line scissors and aim at the iron ring of Qinglong Foot.
From eye to hand to heart
The trajectory of the red-line scissors is like a crescent moon sliding over the "Mao" and "Dang", and it has successively met the Qinglong hoop to be continued.
PS _: 3 "∠ _ I’m really sorry that I fell asleep at 7 o’clock a few days ago and woke up … the next day.
191 Stealing the Dragon … Dragon?
Hear "click" a hoop should be dropped.
At the same time, breaking the iron ring is full of disconnected array patterns, which seems to want to re-adhere to all the binding dragons.
The iron ring is in a "repair" reading state.
The hoop seems to want to be reassembled. Please change it as soon as possible.
As soon as the streamer hand turns, the strings are plucked, and from the "up" to the "down" part, the sound of the piano is as exciting as the drums on the battlefield, and the heart beats faster.
From her fingertips, the sound of the piano condensed into the blade of the piano, and the autumn wind swept the leaves and blew on the hoop. A string of numbers floated out, and Liu Guangfu turned his wrist and plucked the strings to continue his attack.
Music noise damage value appears frequently.
"Repair" was interrupted by her!
When the amount of damage reaches a certain amount, the repair of the iron ring is interrupted, and the face pattern is bright and dim, and it is no longer closed and floats quietly in the half.
And the streamer also played into the gentle and melodious part, and she took the opportunity to release the famous dumpling trapped in the props.
The famous dumpling just got out of the dragon lock, and its health was hit by the streamer to a minimum of 1%. If it hadn’t been protected by the streamer, it would have been killed by the streamer. This prop is only trapped, unlike pets, the famous dumpling will return blood to the pet to restore its state.
One more hoop shows defeat and control it.
Liuguang realized that this is one of the steps to control the famous dumpling. Constantly make the red crisp hand skills until her vision suddenly turns from the shore to the lake and becomes a perspective overlooking Qinglongyuan
This is …
The streamer is looking for himself and can also make the red crisp hand skill, but this skill is coming to him!
It took her a long time to score points by herself? Half manipulated heptachord to control the ancient law, and the other half manipulated the iron ring to bind the famous dumpling.
"One mind and two minds respect me, right?" The streamer couldn’t help but vomit.
She didn’t forget to spit and spit.
Yi Long, a dumpling appeared at the same time in Qinglongyuan, the original size of Qinglongyuan, and it was barely enough for a Qinglong to stretch its bones and muscles, but it was stuffed into a dumpling, which …
Dragon and dumpling are inextricably intertwined.
The streamer just learned to manipulate the hoop to move "back, forth, left and right" and listened to the whistling wind. Before sighing that the weather was cool in autumn, someone swept away his tail and was photographed sticking his face to the cliff wall.
My face!
The streamer couldn’t help but close his eyes for a long time and didn’t feel anything. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Yi Long was biting them with a dumpling. There may have been a little accident in the middle, which led to two tails tangled together and tied a knot like a two-headed snake. You bite me and I bite you.
They’re not fighting for the name dumpling, they’re new enemies and old grievances. They’re generally counted in Qinglong Head, but they haven’t realized that Qinglong intends to pit it here.
Tsing lung, on the other hand, won’t beat it to a halt, so it’s hard to toss it around, so this plan can be carried out.
The streamer looked at them, and the hoop moved slowly. Although they fought with words but not hands, their bodies were twisted, and sometimes they could not sweep away the tail and fish.
The famous dumpling fell in the wind and was suppressed by Qinglong. The body exhaled white fog and paused briefly.
Now or never, don’t come and move around, manipulate the iron ring and buckle it!
"…" Hey?

"Close the team!" Princess Jenny waved a few flags and said

After they heard the word "call it quits", they didn’t run around because of their hearts, but ran orderly to the gate of the Sky City one by one like those soldiers in the 21st century! Every soldier who enters the city will receive a gold coin from the gate of the guarding city, and then he will be scattered around the city and go back to their own homes to drink water and eat.
"This duke really has money to send after practice. No wonder they are serious and hard!" Next to those people looking at the door that a box of gold coins said
Through this exercise, Li Lian is convinced that she will be able to play in four or five months. I believe that their strength should reach that in four or five months. Although Li Lian wants to come back outside, Princess Jenny is very tired, but she is very sweet when she looks at this batch of military strength. If Li Lian is willing to borrow this army one day, she believes that she will get what she wants soon, but now she is still a virgin. Li Lian has been busy with military affairs and things in the city, but she has to wait for those beautiful women to arrive.
After the drill, Li Yun did not go back to the house, but patrolled the streets with three beautiful women to greet the rented civilians and asked them if they were satisfied with the monthly rent here. Although the monthly rent is three gold coins, their workers here get seven gold coins a month and live a better life than usual. However, those businessmen are a little dissatisfied. They say that those civilians rent three gold coins a month and they charge as much as 30!
"First, my Sky City is a world-class big city, where civilians can enjoy preferential treatment if you are willing to be civilians, but I don’t think you will give up that wealth, right, sir!" Li Yun explained it to them reasonably.
However, these 30 gold coins are not a problem in the eyes of these businessmen, but they are a little unbalanced in their hearts. But this is indeed a place that mainland people want to come to. Not only can they enjoy equal class treatment, but they will also be protected by the city. Residents here also get a gold coin every month. It is only in the eyes of others that residents here enjoy Li Yi’s love for the people as a Lord, but Li Yi’s heart is so bad that he keeps trying to make these civilians wait for work every day.
At this moment, Li Lian passed by a hotel and saw two waiters blocking a person outside the hotel. This city wanted Li Lian to manage everything when he saw it. So he asked this person to tell Li Lian about this hotel. The waiter said that he couldn’t let him in without his hands.
"Dude, how can I recognize this little two? You don’t have double hips. Did you go in and let the little two feed you? Or do you have your own way to eat? " Li Yun couldn’t help asking the man if he had no hips.
"Hum, if my arms were not cut off by the lackeys in the Temple of Light, I would challenge you!" The bear’s waist and tiger’s gait scolded Li Yun for looking down on him.
"Do you know who is in front of you? It’s thanks to him that your grandmother can come here. If you stop me from doing business here, I’ll have someone stick you! " This young man knows Li Yun and Li Yun speaks well of him.
"bang!" Crash!
Sweat! This big fellow is not too hot, is it? That little two was kicked by him and hit the ground more than ten meters outside, clutching his belly and coughing with Li Yun’s horse to stop this big fellow. I didn’t expect this big fellow with no hips to use force against Li Yun, and my feet kept kicking Li Yun ten times in a row. Li Yun was surprised. I didn’t expect this big fellow to be so powerful that his hands were blocked and even took two steps back!
"Good strength and good footwork. Please back off a little and let me meet him for a while!" Li Xun meaning beauty receded around looking at the big fellow in situ, such as loose way
Chapter one hundred and nineteen The emperor’s daughter
Chapter one hundred and nineteen The emperor’s daughter
Since the big fellow was cut off by the Temple of Light, he didn’t think he would kill himself. He wanted to live well and try his best to have his identity and disability. He was bullied and despised wherever he went until one day he heard that there was a sky city in the lost forest, where there was no honor to come here and live a peaceful life.
I didn’t expect to walk for two months and beg dozens of silver coins to enter this vault city, but I was still ridiculed by those people, and today I was bullied by a noble (Lord) young man. He is tired of living like this, and today he will show the noble how to practice his legs and feet for months.
In front of Li Xun, he flew without reservation to gather his feet to fight. There are grades to make Li Xun can’t believe that this disabled person turned out to be a blade master. He gathered his feet to fight and kicked dozens of feet to Li Xun in a row with strong strength and a whirring wind.
And Li Xun’s eating of the dozens of feet in front of him surprised him. It reminded him of a movie called "man called hero" in the 21st century, in which the strongman without arms secretly decided to accept this disabled person. If he was retrained, he should become a humble killer. So Li Xun drank a lot of anger at his dozens of feet and gathered his hands.
"Ice and fire boxing!"
Dozens of ice and fire punches and his foot shadow exploded together with great strength to melt away the foot shadow of this disabled person and repel him for a few steps, which made him unable to believe the strength of this young man. He was not afraid that Li Yun stepped on his feet again and then flew up, constantly turning this man’s stick-shaped body. The speed of rotation was very fast, as strong as a wind.
"whirlwind feet!"
"His grandmother this recruit is not the earth" Fengyun "Nie Feng trick? Ok, let me break your whirlwind leg! " Li Yun recruit looked at him from the surface such as diamond dragon roll pressure to say.
One yin, one yang, one true qi, Li Lian’s palm is another trick, Tai Chi, the sixth formula, and the four strengths reach a certain level, so that the strength of the other party can be turned away. Li Lian’s head is covered with a huge fish of yin and yang, and this trick is slowly consumed. Finally, Li Lian throws it to the ground, making him look at Li Lian with incredible eyes. I can’t believe this young man is so easily resolved.
"What other moves do you have? If not, it’s my turn!" Li Yun smiled and said to this middle-aged man with great strength.
"Good old today will make your eyes wide open!"
Say that finish, it’s another trick of leg skill, which is more malicious and poisonous than the previous two tricks. If Li Yun is not mistaken, it should be a leg piercing. If he is hit, a person with shallow skill may be fatal on the spot. However, Li Yun has several hundred years of deep skills, so he is not afraid of this trick, so he forms a light protective shield for his true spirit, sticks it in place and lets him wear a leg piercing. He is kicking seven serial legs in a row.
"This Mao Gong let you see what is leg work! !” Li Yun hand gently patted his chest and said
Later, a few figures around Li Yun made a move, and the little dragon asked for directions in different directions. This big fellow was kicking, and then it was Huang Feihong, Foshan, whose shadow feet really deserved its name. His constant attacks made him retreat.
"Let you see a chain of legs again!"
After that, Li Yun appeared beside him again like Bruce Lee. He kicked out a dozen feet and then flew up. Those Sanda legs in Thailand kept banging on his knees, but Li Yun’s strength was still under control. Otherwise, he would have hung up at the moment of landing. Li Yun swept his legs and fell to the ground. At the moment when he didn’t fall to the ground, his legs sent him to the middle. It was another trick. The wind wheel legs kept kicking him behind him and flying to more than 20 meters high, and then he slammed his lower abdomen over his body.
"Boom!" Drop sound
Li Lian’s last move fell to the ground like a meteor and cracked the ground. After this move, Li Lian can also make a fatal attack, which is to press his neck from the middle to end his life. But Li Lian doesn’t need to do this. Instead, two sacred balls appear in his hand and throw them at him and his little hand respectively, and then throw a sentence.
"If you want to report the broken arm, you can come to the duke’s house to find me!"
In this way, Li Lian took his woman back to his own house to stay. When the big man in the shape of a stick was lying on the ground with a smile on his face, he knew who the young man was. He knew that he was the king praised by civilians and slaves in the Lord of the Sky City. He knew that Li Lian had deliberately used those legs just now. He just gave him those feet in battle.
"What a martial arts genius! I’ve been practicing leg skills for months, but I can’t match his temporary realization of leg skills!" Mouth murmured praise Li Yun said
Li Yun actually learned it from the 21st century cinematography, but Li Yun believes that if he has profound skills, he will be more powerful and powerful! It will never be worse than the blade master’s strength. In the future, there will be a general in the battlefield. He is wearing a black cloak and has no arms. Others will see that he rides with his feet as quiet as a bell. Ma An is facing a horde of horses and his face is pale. That is the man without arms, but that is another story.
"I’m sorry I misunderstood you just now. I’ll help you up and then I’ll take you to the duke’s house after I get something to eat in the store!" The little two came to him to help him up and said
Just now, people gathered around the theater and dispersed in succession. Since then, they have known a disabled strongman in the city and won the attention of the duke. At the same time, they have learned to respect those disabled people. There are good people in the city to build a disabled welfare union so that people there can enjoy some treatment.
Miss Louise and Princess Camille, accompanied by thousands of elite soldiers, hurried day and night to the Sky City in the lost forest. Princess Camille kept asking if Miss Louise had lost her virginity to someone. And miss Louise smiled and answered what she said. She will know when she gets to Sky City.
"What is the sky city? I heard from my classmates that I don’t know who is building a big city there, but if we get lost in the forest and practice our father, that’s what I’m told! " Princess Camille was naive and said to Miss Louise
"You really don’t know or not? You don’t even know your father’s attention. Is he really willing to take risks in the forest? Even if he is willing to your mother, he won’t be willing, "said Miss Louise, patting this good sister with a smile.
"The imperial edict says that if I didn’t go there to practice, what did my father ask me to do in the lost forest?" Kamiai said, pointing to the surface with the imperial edict from the ring.
"Oh, I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m not afraid to be honest with you!" Miss Louise told Princess Camille the real purpose, so that she couldn’t finish her father there.
It turns out that the real purpose of Princess Camille’s father’s call for her to go to the Sky City is to get to know it so that she can see more of the world there. If possible, she can recruit some powerful warriors from various empires. Finally, she can get to know Li Lian and make good friends with him. In this way, she also hopes that Li Lian will not find it difficult to help the great empire in the future. If possible, she can get Li Lian’s great empire to work and seal him a big, big city from his official position.
Of course, the Senao empire also hopes that his daughter Princess Camille is known as the first beauty in the country, and then he can live and work in peace and contentment in the future, and he will no longer be afraid of the lackeys of the Temple of Light. The Emperor Senao knows that the Temple of Light is afraid of Li Yi’s body weapons. If he helps him someday, the Senao empire will not contribute millions of gold coins to the Temple of Light every year.
However, this time, either the Senao Emperor appeared a honey trap, but also the Temple of Light appeared a honey trap. At the same time, all the mainland empires received their spies. It was reliable that the Senao Empire and the Temple of Light sent honey traps to approach the Castle of Heaven in the lost forest to pull the duke, so all the imperial horses sent their most beautiful women in the empire to send them to the lost forest.
At one time, the top ten beauties in the Royal Academy received orders from their king or father, and they were asked to practice in the lost forest by the oldest imperial edict. The dean of the school found that it was not that simple, so he sent someone to inquire about it. It turned out that the empires sacrificed their students as politicians, while the dean of the Royal Academy protected those students.
They decided to send the youngest and most beautiful granddaughter of the college to the Sky City with those beautiful students. At best, it means supervising them. At worst, it was the dean who thought of the boy in Sky City. With his help, the dean of the Royal College will have a successor. The Royal College will once again break through the top, or the college will find a powerful man for his granddaughter.
But this cold weapon era is also an era of war and strife. How many beautiful women can escape the road bandits and come to the lost forest in the sky city? In the end, has this sky city really become the residence of the world’s beautiful women? The back is more exciting, waiting for everyone to explore together.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Plane supermarket
Chapter one hundred and twenty Plane supermarket
As we all know, there is a trade union in ideal city. The headquarters of the mainland trade union in Senrdas needs to know that there is a prosperous and powerful city in the lost forest. Ma sent hundreds of construction workers to the sky city and the ground south of the sky city did not pass the approval of Li Luan to start construction. The so-called trade union planned to build a good shop and supermarket for the land south of the city.

"Of course, I also advise you to care about yourself once in a while!" Unexpected things happened. Coke with ice suddenly sounded around the guy who hypnotized him. What’s more, the iconic ice sword with coke with ice has been put on the guy’s neck.

"Our pastor can not only attack others, but also she has a strong pastoral ability. She has successfully helped me dispel your hypnosis idiot!" Coke and ice sword oozed a burst of abnormal cold and frozen breath, which crept into his neck.
"And your companion asked him to pay attention to his back!" Coke with ice corners of the mouth lifted up. The guy who put the machete on his neck behind the spokesman of death is not feeling well now, because the immortal sword will never bypass him so easily. The dark Excalibur suddenly strangled the guy’s neck from behind and then pulled it back.
"body double operator-puppet body double! 」
The guy with the machete thinks that the situation is not right. The horse pulls out a yellow paper symbol from his arms and sticks it to himself. Then the immortal sword is just a puppet whose head you cut off.
"Hum really has a set?" The guy with the machete also tore off his face covering cloth and jumped back. His two companions were together.
The guy who just turned into a mountain has now turned back into a human form, and the three of them have finally got their information together.
The dark sickle and the enemy leave a remnant army with the forbearance method that the enemy is good at, but it is not as good as their predecessors who can start level 1 BOSS with the help of paper operators.
The dark mutant can get the shape he wants with the help of paper symbols, and his cell tissue is extremely unstable and has a strong sense of change.
It’s hard to tell whether this guy is a man or a woman. He has two faces, one is always smiling, and his attack will be very feminine. If his face becomes an angry man’s face, his attack will become masculine.
There were three guys with dark prefixes at a time, but they didn’t expect that the Dark Bone Dragon Knight once said that there were seven heroes in the dark, and now there are three at once.
"Hey, hey, actually, we have a lot of bosses with dark prefixes, but the seven dark heroes are people who have already lit up the dark bones, dragons, knights, Darth night, dark elves, and the three of us who have never appeared. We also have a lot of dark prefixes." The dark sickle explained that although the hand sickle death spokesperson looks similar, it is very different. His sickle is much smaller and I believe that he will definitely not launch the death spokesperson’s signature death cross.
"Maybe one of the three of us is not so conspicuous, but once it is combined, it will be extremely powerful." The dark mutant proudly said that on his side, the dark yin and yang are still shy. "You damn fool see what you say."
"I think we should know each other, too. Well, let’s play games now." When the Dark Yin and Yang people talk, they can’t help laughing. Now that they have obtained his information, they don’t think this guy is so mysterious, but he is just a shemale.
"I warn you, if you look down on others, they won’t bypass you." Dark Yin and Yang people burst out laughing when they saw him talking, and they couldn’t help laughing. They said angrily, and in order to highlight the fact that he is a transvestite, this guy is still very feminine and stamped his feet, which made everyone more heart-warming.
"You hate it!" The dark yin and yang people finally got angry with the shemale face. Suddenly, his face turned into a dark face and full of stubble like Uncle Zhang Zhongnian.
"I want you to look good." The middle-aged uncle’s body rushed towards everyone to see him, just like a menopausal husband cow. The other two BOSS didn’t hesitate. Everyone took out their own paper symbols from their own pockets and threw them at the body. The dark mutant turned into a snake with a green pattern and a sharp head. When he saw that it was a poisonous dark sickle, he continued to play his ninja skills. When the paper symbols were thrown in the body, her body disappeared or more precisely disappeared.
"What a combination of Yin and Yang!" The spokesman of death frowned and said that now the three of them really complement each other with Yin and Yang, and the dark Yin and Yang have now taken the Yang route, while the dark one has become a serpent. Although it looks clumsy, it has an unusually feminine skill.
The most depressing thing is that the dark sickle has disappeared. Who knows what kind of form this ghost guy will appear after a smoke bomb?
Dark Yin and Yang punched a coke with ice and coke with ice without fancy. Seeing that this punch was fierce, I knew that I couldn’t stick my body and think about it, but suddenly I felt that a guy behind me actually hugged him with ice and couldn’t see who was doing this kind of thing, but the horse also thought that it must be the dark sickle who had this ability.
Now the situation is critical. Coke and ice used his quick wits to suddenly think of turning his ice sword into a huge round shield in front of him. The dark yin and yang punched the round shield.
A powerful fist punched the round shield through the fist. One goal of the fist was to add coke to the head with ice. This was a love affair, and finally the dilemma of adding coke to the ice was discovered. The horse released a bright light and wrapped the coke with ice tightly around the dark sickle, which startled him and accidentally revealed his shape.
The Dark Yin and Yang encountered something that made him depressed. Coke and ice were added. With the extension of the battle again and again, his magic control ability has reached the point of perfection. Just as the Dark Yin and Yang fist penetrated the ice shield and instantly repaired itself, it instantly turned into an ice handcuff and sealed the whole arm of the Dark Yin and Yang.
"So it’s over? Very early! " Coke with ice now concentrate on dealing with the dark yin and yang in front of him. Seeing that he is trying to get rid of the ice handcuffs, the more he tries to get rid of them or throws them away, the stronger the handcuffs become, and the deeper his hands get. When he tries to break them with his other hand, the handcuffs actually seem to be alive and instantly close his arms.
"Death is in your hands." Coke with ice retreated and turned to the dark sickle. The spokesman for death received instructions from Coke with ice and moved towards the dark yin and yang who had been handcuffed.
"Sacrifice to take blood! 」
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Is it Yin or Yang! Dark Sanjie (3)
Forever Fairy Sword is now engaged in the battle between the dark mutants who have turned into a big snake. This big snake has a very fast attack speed. Although its bucket-like body makes him look heavy, whether it spits venom or dances fangs like bayonets is not limited.
Forever fairy sword, of course, is still playing his elegant characteristics, and his body can reach a soft state like a serpent. After fighting with him for dozens of rounds, the dark mutant gradually feels a little different. Forever fairy sword opponent’s body slams back to its original shape.
"What’s the matter? Don’t play? " Forever XianJian withdrew the sword potential smile Mimi looked at dark vision way
"Hum, I’ll play with you in another form." Panting, the dark mutant said that Xianjian was always graceful and didn’t move, but still smiled and watched him act.
Suddenly coke with ice shouted behind him, "Watch your back, Xianjian!" The immortal sword cracked a big hole in the back, and the dark mutant became a big snake, which emerged from the inside and bit the immortal sword with its mouth open.
It’s really surprising that the dark mutant who has changed back into a human form has emerged from the ground again, but now the situation has to be considered so much forever. Turning over and jumping over, the serpent dodged a fatal bite, but the serpent doesn’t seem to give up. It has risen to the middle of the school and sprayed two venom towards the fangs of the immortal sword forever.
Forever Xianjian waved the light and dark Excalibur and drew a circle to stop the venom department. At the same time, he looked at the face. It turned out that the dark mutant was actually a body double. There is no doubt that this must be the skill of the dark sickle.
"Ninjutsu is not necessarily to escape by yourself, but also to help others. This is the place of Ninjutsu!" Dark sickle said as he waved his sickle and threw a long chain at coke with ice.
After listening to his words, the spokesman of death seems to understand what is in front of him? ? ? "bang!" In front of the spokesman of death, the dark yin and yang turned into a smoke screen, and it was indeed a dark sickle. The spokesman realized the danger, but it was too late to turn into a smiling face. The dark yin and yang suddenly appeared at his side, chopping the spokesman of death and the sickle flashed past, and then his body suddenly became as soft as a snake and firmly entangled the spokesman of death.
"We look like we’re fighting Hani alone, but we’re directly echoing quite strongly. Otherwise, how can we merge into the dark three heroes? ? ?” Dark Yin and Yang people stretch their bodies to tie up the spokesman of death more tightly and put their heads in the ear of the spokesman of death and said
"Oh, I see. No wonder." But it never occurred to the dark yin and yang that it was the spokesman of death who hung the same smile at his side.

Xiao Ai is a good girl. Cai doesn’t want to directly refuse to make her sad, but it also makes things more complicated. What should we do now?

A Cai suddenly asked in her ear, "Who taught you this trick, Xiao Ai?"
Bowing their heads and thinking deeply, Xiao Ai didn’t react. Intuitively, she said, "It’s a dream sister." After that, she suddenly woke up and smiled, "The boss is good or bad. Do this sneak attack."
Choi ha ha laughed. Otherwise, how could she tell who was giving her advice behind the scenes?
Xiao Ai looked at him and said, "Boss, can I call you Bai Dage?"
"Ah, this-"A Cai was just about to say, "Don’t be so bad, but seeing Xiao Ai full of hope, he couldn’t bear to re-export at the moment and said," OK! "
A Cai thought in his heart, anyway, there are already many people. Just one more.
"Little love me, I’m curious when you suddenly do that."
"Do you like you?" "Well, can you tell me?"
Little love said slowly, "a long time ago!" I don’t know when it was, but I had a feeling for Brother Bai. It wasn’t until that day that you and we were chased and separated by mountain thieves in the Woods that I found that there was another person in my heart that I couldn’t shake for a long time.
I’ve been waiting for the day when I come back. It’s been twelve days, but after you come back, Ma has a tournament in Wudang. You’re not free. I’ll tell you when I can’t find it. I’m worried and contradictory when I see your mountain after the tournament. Sister Mengdie comforted me and told me to tell you when I found a mountain as soon as possible. "
A Cai is ashamed. Isn’t he aware of little love?
But he’s been running away. Romance and flow are two different things. Laughing and making trouble in rivers and lakes, beauty is romance, cheating a girl, and feelings are gone.
A Cai is not emotional because he doesn’t want to give his feelings, or he doesn’t want to give his feelings because he has little sympathy.
He can chat up beautiful women on the roadside at will, and he often flirts with those dissolute women, but can he talk to Xiao Ai about his feelings? Choi asked himself that he couldn’t do it. He had no feelings to give.
A Cai was lying on the grass, looking at the stars and smiling, and asked, "What is Xiao Ai’s greatest wish?"
Little love turned to lie prone on the grass with her legs up. "Wish? I hope there will be no more dead people in world peace. "
O food burst out laughing little love nu way "what’s the matter? Maybe you want to make money and pick up girls all day, so don’t let others have lofty ideals? "
A Cai turned to look at her in surprise and said seriously, "No, I don’t think you’re lying!" "
"Eldest brother, what is your ideal?"
A Cai opened her hands in the air and shouted, "My great ideal is to make money! Get rich! Pick up girls! No one can be short of "the sound swings far away and the wind blows to the marginal distance.
Xiao Ai laughed and shouted, "Big Brother, you are an idiot. You have such a retarded ideal."
A Cai shouted angrily at her, "If you have lofty ideals, you are not allowed to have retarded ideals."? My goal is to soak up all the girls and earn all the money. "
Xiao Ai looked at him quietly and his eyes were full of cunning. "Can Big Brother Bai date me first?"
O food hands in the air suddenly froze mouth mumbling could not say half a sentence.
"Am I not a beauty?"
Small love see his stiff expression urgent asked.
A Cai nodded slowly. "It’s a beauty. My pure eyes are quite standard, but less beautiful."
"What makes you hesitate? You don’t like me?"
"What is it that you don’t want to accept?"
Little love looked at Al-Al’s silence and said, "I already have someone I like."
"Who is she? Is it Ke Linger or Kiki? "
"It’s not her. It’s a girl I met five years ago. I like her."
Little love silently put her head in her hand for a long time and sobbed softly. Yuan Ye mourned silently
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The body of the Chapter 27 Black eat black
A girl cries beside you. What should you do? If you like her, if you can protect her, then you should hold her like a man and let her seek comfort in your broad and warm chest.
But what should you do if you accept her?