In the fourth month after the recruitment list was posted, the number of refugees returned to the normal range, but in the fifth month, the number of refugees really decreased again.

Now the Han dynasty can be returned to refugees, although many of them have millions of people.
But after all, it is scattered all over the country, and it is great that Lingyun can recruit all over Jizhou.
Lingyun now takes in refugees in Jizhou, and there are almost no refugees outside Jizhou.
First of all, it is difficult to get the news of recruiting refugees as soldiers outside Jizhou, and the foreign base of Jizhou has changed several times, or the words are not very clear to the audience
Second, even if the news goes outside Jizhou, they haven’t started or are ready to start when they get the news, the recruitment list has been torn off, and the news base has come.
There is still a long way to go and many refugees have given up.
They are deeply afraid that they will starve to death halfway before they get to the truth.
Not many people dare to walk so far away.
And Jizhou is just a few hundred thousand refugees. Lingyun has taken in more than 300 thousand, and there is not much left.
Other counties and cities have taken in a little more, and now the number of refugees in Jizhou is absolutely 100 thousand
Most of the remaining tens of thousands of refugees have also been there, but they are in good health
Lingyun didn’t take them in if he didn’t meet the requirements of joining the army and wouldn’t starve to death for a while.
At least 30% of the refugees in Jizhou were taken in by Lingyun.
In addition, more than 40% have been taken in by other satrap county magistrates, and less than one layer of refugees are still moving.
Lingyun taking in a large number of refugees is also a guide.
From the Yellow Scarf Rebellion to now, there are almost more than one million refugees in Jizhou.
Before Lingyun took them in, less than 200,000 of the more than one million refugees were taken in by cities all over the country.
When Lingyun took in refugees on a large scale, other county magistrates were also anxious.
They were not in a hurry before, because of the large number of refugees and the great pressure to take them in, but that doesn’t mean they are not spying on the nearly one million refugees.
However, they all move slowly and take in a few people at a time. The pressure is small and easy, and their calculations are long-term.
Where would have thought that Lingyun would suddenly take in a large number of refugees in Zhending?
At first, they didn’t think there was anything to recognize Lingyun, and even if they took it in, they couldn’t take it in much.
Where would have thought that Lingyun’s admission of refugees was six figures?
Before, even if the county took in 10 thousand refugees at a time, it was already a lot. The number of refugees taken in the county was three figures, while that in the county was four figures and five figures, but it was rare.
Before this, no one would have thought that Lingyun dared to take in 300 thousand refugees at a time.
At that time, many people thought that Lingyun’s recruitment among refugees was an extremely stupid practice.
The refugees’ physical fitness will be worse than that of ordinary people and return to married with children.
As we all know, if we recruit soldiers from refugees and do not properly arrange their families, these soldiers will never form combat effectiveness and will become the hind legs of the army.
This is why many people don’t want to recruit soldiers from refugees.
Only those rebels and rebels will be included in the refugees, because their physical quality is low, and it is difficult to lower their quality by allowing low-quality refugees to join.
The army has low quality and low fighting capacity, but the huge number can make them feel strong and can pile up the enemy.
Because I thought Lingyun was stupid, everyone thought it was a joke in the first month.
In the first month, Lingyun really didn’t collect many refugees, and it was only tens of thousands.
Then Lingyun removed the recruitment list, and many people felt that Lingyun had reached the limit and could no longer take in refugees.
But the next month, when it was learned that there were hundreds of thousands of refugees outside Zhending County, the prefects of all major counties in Jizhou were dumbfounded.
When they first heard the news, they thought it was false. After the news was proved to be true, they thought Lingyun would not last long.
However, a month has passed, and there has definitely not been any turmoil. The prefects in all parts of the country can’t sit still.
Because Lingyun is still collecting refugees, he wants to take in the whole Jizhou refugees.
How can this be? Let all the refugees be really taken in. Where are they going to find someone?
When they are also gritting their teeth, no matter how hard the pressure is, they will take those refugees in.
As a result, the number of refugees in Jizhou has dropped sharply, but in return, the pressure of local county magistrates has increased greatly, thinking about how to settle these refugees every day.
They don’t have the money as Lingyun wants to go to other places to buy food.
Fortunately, although they are trying to take in refugees, the number is far less than that of Lingyun, and an average of 10 thousand people are taken in a county.
It’s not enough for these refugees to starve to death, but it’s certain that they don’t have enough to eat every meal.
Although they can take in so many refugees, they are all jealous of Lingyun’s three hundred thousand refugees.
Some of the jealous people want to give Lingyun some trouble.
Naturally took aim at lingyun conscription.
They don’t know the specific number of Lingyun recruits, and they don’t know the actual number of soldiers now.
But they can guess and complain.
More than a dozen county magistrates in Changshan junior high school more or less know that Lingyun and Guoxiang are very good. Although they are jealous, they don’t bother Lingyun.
Want to find lingyun trouble is not in Changshan country.
Things were quickly channeled to Zhou Yong, the state animal husbandry.
In fact, it’s funny that the number of soldiers exceeds the limit. It happens in all counties. Generally speaking, no one cares.
But now it’s true that the soldiers are overstepping the channel. Zhou Yong’s ears are idle, and Zhou Yong wants to take the real knife
In the past few months, he hasn’t done anything else except initially framing Chunfenglou.
Zhou Yong wants to do something to make others think that he is a troublemaker.
But he came here as a boaster. Let him do things by himself. He doesn’t know what to do at all.
Now really set things in front of him, he will not let go.
Therefore, after learning the news, Zhou Yong was not sure whether it was true or not, so he had to let people catch Lingyun.
Zhou Yong didn’t know Lingyun, and he didn’t know that Lingyun was the emperor’s younger brother. Lingyun was an ordinary county magistrate.
When Zhou Yong learned the news, it was already the fifth month after Lingyun recruited.
At this time, Lingyun has 140,000 military forces in its hands, of which 60,000 are elite soldiers and 10,000 recruits have not finished training yet.
Chapter 35 Neglect
Zhou Yong people first arrived at Changshan Kingdom Prime Minister’s Office.