What a sweet dream this night!

141 bet
The next day after the carnival of the God clan, the spider ghost basked in it and came to this area with the new spider queen.
Kay and all the members of the species gave a grand welcome to the spider queen family.
The huge body of spiders and ghosts has made many populations feel terrible, and the habits of spiders living in the ground have also made many creatures afraid.
Spider ghost can’t speak World of Warcraft lingua franca, but Spider Queen speaks World of Warcraft lingua franca very well.
The spider queen said to Kay Yunxi Haier, "We want to join the gods, but we want to be leaders."
"But you can decide your movements at any time," Kiah answered them.
"No, we ghost basking and I want to be the leaders of the whole God clan." The spider queen answered very strongly
"I represent them!" Kay also answered very strongly.
"Then let’s talk about it." The spider queen answered quickly.
At this moment, the black tower with a black iron body and an iron pocket is like a spider ghost basking in a violent roar …
But after a short while, he was quiet again.
"What did he say?" Kay asked.
"He said that he had to join the Gods because he had been involved in the war. They, Spider, Ghost and Basking, had been enemies of the Terran, and he had to become the leader of the Gods because of him!" Nami Xiao Rui Xin Ma translated.
Kay smiled at that time. This semi-black iron rock is like a buddy who thinks he can lead everything. Kay said, "I represent myself. If you beat me, you will lead me. If you lose to me, you will be led by me."
Spider ghost basking BaoHou Nami small core way "he said! He said he would bet with you. "
"Gambling? I’m not good at gambling. "Kay answered directly.
Spider ghost basked in a violent and messy.
"all right! If I lose the bet with you, I will give you Kay, the handsome man, and you will listen to Kay, the handsome man. "Nami Xiaoruixin said as a spider ghost basking like that half a small black mountain."
Kay naturally replied, "Yes, I agree."
The spider ghost barked at the spider queen and said, "We agree! In the first game, the person who guesses the points closest to the shake-out points wins. "
Then they saw the spider ghost basking in an iron mouth bag and jumped out of a box of dice. This box of dice flew to the hands of Nami Xiaoxin with blue light, so that Nami Xiaoxin could test the authenticity of this box of dice.
Nami’s small core hands move to change a magic crystal ball, and the ball shines little by little, mapping the box of dice. Nami mistakenly checked and flew the box of dice back to the spider ghost.
The big bet is just around the corner, and everyone is very excited and nervous. Those lower creatures who can’t understand it are also holding their breath and saying nothing.
The dice just flew to the middle, and the spider ghost suddenly shot a black magic. The magic hit the dice and a box of dice shook wildly.
Everyone saw that a box of dice was basked by spiders and ghosts, and the ghost was shaken in one iron mouth bag, and the box of dice was shaken in the other iron mouth bag, and it kept rolling like crazy.
Nami Xiaorui core happily ate his own crystal grapes and looked at the box of baby dice rocking, not in a hurry or panic.
If the spider and ghost bask in a black tower, the box of dice is blue, if it flows, if it is jade-like stone, if it is lined with blue, if it flows, it is lovely, if it is reflected in blue, if it is black, if it is a god of death, tens of thousands of eyes will look at that small box of flying blue light and wait for the result.
The whole cave can finally hear the dice beating in the box.
Kay remembered that the Spider Queen clan likes to suck the essence of men, and she couldn’t help but look at that box of blue light with a little fear.
That box of blue light finally stopped in a pocket on the left of Spider Ghost Basking. Nami Xiaoxin ate a grape and said, "Where’s the magic hamster? Come and draw me how many dice there are in him."
A magic hamster came running. Nami Xiaoxin squeaked at it for a while. The little guy ran quickly. Soon a plan of magic spider ghost basking appeared in front of everyone. Everyone saw that there were hundreds of dice boxes for Nami Xiaoxin. The box was actually parked in an iron mouth bag on the right side of spider ghost basking.
This map clearly marks the points of each box of dice.
"Do you want to deny it?" Nami small core laughed.
The spider ghost basked in the wind and went berserk again.
The spider queen said, "If we lose, we lose, and we will never deny you."
Spider ghost basking frantically turned into a box of dice and came to Nami’s small core.
Nami gently rolled the dice. "Guess what time it is?"
The spider queen asked, "Are you sure, little girl?"
"Of course! Just guess. "Nami confidently looked at this box of dice in his hand.
Spider ghost bask in laughter shouted a.
The spider queen said "14 o’clock"