However, the completion of this first step of transformation has achieved Su Yonglin’s expected goal.

These troops have essentially separated from the old body of the original SHEN WOO Army and are now in the new body of the original Victory Army.
A new army in the body is an expected army.
Chapter 27 Zhao Liang’s visit
It happened in mid-February and early March, and it was over, but Yu Wei still
Su Yonglin’s powerful army-building ability and decisive killing methods have also made many people feel afraid of him, but at the same time admire him.
They witnessed Su Yonglin’s powerful force and simply killed people, leaving no mercy to the opponents.
At the same time, they also witnessed Su Yonglin’s rectification of the army and the change of military regulations and laws, which made the army’s orders clear and the provisions correct, and all kinds of problems could find corresponding solutions.
The chaotic situation was quickly straightened out, giving people the feeling that everything was different from the past and everything looked so novel and energetic.
So what they understand a little bit is that the original Victory Army has such a strong fighting capacity.
There are some things you really can’t do
You can’t do it yourself, and some people just can easily solve the problem department without paying attention.
Su Yonglin completed the army reorganization, integrated the Hebei military forces, and put their department in the first stage of his own command. The goal is to bring the training level and organization of the army, so that it can be regarded as a fighting army.
Spirit is soft power, fist is hard power, and spirit alone is not enough. It is not the pursuit of dying, but trying to make money.
In order to achieve this goal, the original regulations on the training of victorious troops have also been implemented. Whether the military workers are fighting or not, what they talk about is false.
The big training began in full swing.
In the process of this plan, Su Yonglin unexpectedly ushered in Zhao Liang’s visit.
He didn’t expect Zhao Liang to visit him.
After all, the two have always been nodding, and he can feel that Zhao Liang is alienated and indifferent to him because if there is any alert.
Of course, he is absolutely wrong about Zhao Liangyou.
It’s that Zhao Liang is relatively more rational than his Zhao family members, and doing things looks better, not as headstrong as Zhao Kaishan.
This is what Su Yonglin found out and what he thought of Zhao Liangji.
But after Zhao Lianglai came, Ji was aiming at shocking him for a whole year.
Zhao Liang personally came to talk about marriage with him.
Su Yonglin’s own marriage partner is Zhao Liang’s daughter.
"Sue general age is not small, it is time to talk about marriage. When I was married, I had a young girl who was beautiful and smart. I don’t know if Sue general can have a lover. If there is no little girl? "
For this special door, Su Yonglin, a marriage partner, felt for a while that he was here to do things, just to have fun and have fun with him.
Uncle Zhao Kaishan is an indispensable helper for Zhao Kaishan to govern his family all the year round.
You came to talk to me about marriage so close?
It doesn’t seem real.
But looking at his very serious expression, Su Yonglin felt that this thing really didn’t look like a joke.
Parents ordered matchmakers to say that marriage is definitely not a joke.
Especially people like them.
And to be honest, Su Yonglin is not a hot commodity in the marriage and love market.
These days, not to mention the halls of Dalian, the general landlords and powerful families have not shown much thought.
Occasionally, some people came to sound out and didn’t really listen, which made Su Yonglin’s marriage suddenly a little difficult, as if no one wanted it.
This somewhat embarrassed Su Yonglin’s group.
But it also made Su Yonglin feel the real political environment in which Jin Ting pressured his whole regiment, and the real attitude of the local forces in Hebei Province towards himself.
They still haven’t prepared to really take refuge in him and turn their backs on Xu Jin Guo.
Even if some families took part in the rebellion, they split up with each other. One clan rebelled with Su Yonglin, and another was obedient.
Some families simply don’t care about being neutral and don’t help anyone-or whoever wins.
That’s a real list of all kinds of people.
Su Yonglin imagined that this embarrassment would be broken by a certain iron family, but he never thought that this embarrassment was actually broken by Zhao Lianglai.
Before, he heard that Zhao Kaishan’s anti-corruption campaign turned out to be directed by his own family, and Zhao Liang was forced to resign, surrendered his strength and went home.
He thought it was a little funny at that time, but he didn’t expect Zhao Liang to appear in front of himself and talk about marriage with himself at this time.
Zhao Liang is an uncle Zhao Kaishan and an important figure in Zhao family. How did he come here to talk about his marriage?
Is it true that someone in the Zhao family already thinks that Zhao Kaishan is unreliable and wants to leave a way out for himself?