Yao Danxi’s smile faded as soon as the door opened. She sat there for a few seconds and suddenly raised her hand to cover her face.

She is actually very tired, because Shen Zhou is "busy" and she can’t see each other. The anxiety in her heart torments her all the time and makes her fall asleep at night.
But now she is afraid to relax, for fear of relaxing a little, and Shen Zhou has disappeared again.
Yao Danxi has been waiting in Shenzhou office with a tired and straight back.
The meeting didn’t end at half past eleven. Assistant Yuan Sheng came over twice to convey Shen Zhou’s meaning and let her go back first, while Yao Danxi smiled gently and didn’t speak.
Yuan Shengfa can relay Shen Zhou.
Shen Zhou didn’t show any surprise when he heard that Yao Danxi didn’t leave in the main seat of the conference room. He immediately threw himself into the meeting before talking to Yao Danxi in the office. It’s half true and half false, but it’s also true.
When Shen Zhou returned to the office after the meeting again, Yao Danxi had fallen asleep on the sofa.
The woman leaned back on the sofa with her head slightly crooked and frowned in her sleep.
Shen Zhou in front of her in the mind some regrets … If Yao Danxi didn’t meet her, wouldn’t she become like this?
Shen Zhoufa deeply wanted to go because he had seen Yao Danxi when he married Su Yun …
Shen Zhou leaned over and picked up the woman, but he woke up as soon as he moved Yao Danxi. He just woke up and looked at Shen Zhou vaguely.
Shen Zhou saw her eyes for a moment and seemed to return to the time when they had just been dating several years ago.
Shen Zhou squat/body her eye level way "why don’t you go back to sleep? What should I do if I catch cold? "
Yao Danxi raised his hand to encircle his neck judo. "Don’t want to go back to the meeting?" Let me order lunch. "
Shen Zhou smiled and said, "Yuan Sheng has already booked the horse and sent it."
Yao Danxi said, "Okay, I’m going to wash my hands."
Shen Zhou nodded
It’s past twelve o’clock now, and whether it’s Shen Zhou or Yao Danxi’s spirit is actually not easy.
Yuan Sheng will send lunch to Yao Danxi and Shen Zhou for dinner.
Both of them were well educated since childhood, and they didn’t say much about table manners.
Shen Zhou gathered her eyebrows slightly and ate intently. Yao Danxi sat opposite him and had a fine lunch, but she didn’t have much appetite.
Yao Danxi has been watching Shenzhou Shenzhou. I don’t know if he didn’t notice her sight or didn’t want to look up. He always bowed his head and ate without looking at her.
Yao Danxi took a deep breath and put chopsticks. "Ah Zhou, I … I have something to say to you."
Shen Zhou didn’t show any surprise, but also put chopsticks and paper towels and wiped her mouth. "Huh?"
Yao Danxi looked him in the eye and said, "Yu Xingxing … Do you think Xingxing is really Meng Yunan’s child?"
When it comes to the stars, Shen Zhou’s face becomes cold and smiling. Although he can’t see the difference in face, how can Yao Danxi not see it after years of dating?
Yao Danxi felt uncomfortable but continued, "If the star is really Meng Yunan’s child, then it is proved that she hooked up with Meng Yunan during the wedding period! You’ve always cared about the star’s life … Now you’re competing for it … You can also let Su Yun go … She’s not worth being sincere to her. "
Shen Zhou sighed, "Danxi …"
As soon as he called her name Yao Danxi, her heart ached reflexively-she seemed to be afraid that he would say something again quickly; "Su Yun she never loved you! She has been deceiving you and your feelings. She has impure eyes. Otherwise, how can the stars be Meng Yunan’s children? What will she not know about you and Meng Yunan? What a coincidence? !”
Yeah, what a coincidence? On the day when Shen Zhou learned that the star Meng Yunan was angry, Shen Zhou kept asking himself what the answer was.
Shen Zhou sneer at one in my heart-what’s the answer? Maybe it’s fate that makes them entangled.
Yao Danxi was emotional and stared at Shen Zhou’s chest ups and downs.
Compared with her, Shen Zhou was much calmer. He listened quietly to Yao Danxi and it took several seconds to lightly tunnel "Danxi Suyun met Meng Yunan that night."
Yao Danxi leng a "that night? Which night? "
Shen Zhou took the cup and drank a mouthful of "Su Yun’s birthday night two years ago"
Section 36
He spoke calmly without hesitation, but Yao Danxi’s face was instantly white and there was no trace of blood in his face. She leaned back in panic and almost swept the table and plate.
Shen Zhou calmly looked at her panic and her eyebrows were flat.
Yao Danxi’s heart was beating violently, and she was so nervous that she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were so wide that she couldn’t speak for several times.
After several minutes, Shen Zhou said gently, "It’s all over Danxi."
He was comforting her. This sentence is like giving Yao Danxi a sedative. Yao Danxi quickly adjusted his mood and said, "Was the man Meng Yunan that night?"
"Yes" in Shenzhou Road
Yao Danxi sip lip way "that’s impossible! What a coincidence! And-"
And how can Meng Yunan enter that room!
Yao Danxi can’t figure it out. The more she thinks something is wrong!
Yao Danxi eagerly said, "Did Su Yun tell you that she told you that the man was Meng Yunan that night? No, it must not be like this! She’s lying to you. No way! How did Meng Yunan get into that room! His identity like that … "
Yao Danxi shook his head. "Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Ah Zhou, don’t believe this! It must be that Su Yun has long been allied with Meng Yun. They have been keeping you in the dark and watching you pay those feelings for Su Yun … Meng Yunan, Meng Yunan and Su Yun are definitely a group! "
Yao Danxi got up and walked over to grab Shen Zhou’s hand and repeated, "Ah Zhou, don’t trust them!"
Shen Zhou sighed and put his hands on the woman’s shoulder. As always, he said gently, "Calm down, Danxi."
Yao Danxi looks pale and lips are silent.
Shen Zhou said, "The star Meng Yunan is father and daughter … There is no doubt that you don’t doubt Su Yun … It was indeed that Meng Yunan was in the same room by mistake that night."
Although the man’s voice is gentle, Yao Danxi obviously feels that he is strange.
Yao Danxi said, "Why are you so sure?"
Shen Zhou let go and walked to the French window. He suddenly became addicted to smoking. He touched the table and didn’t touch the cigarette case. He remembered that he had given up smoking as early as Su Yun’s pregnancy. This habit has been preserved until now.
Yao Danxi saw Shen Zhou move without speaking.
Shen Zhouyin’s calm wave is a little cold. "Danxi, do you think Meng Yunan will joke about this?"
Yao Danxi’s Zheng suddenly turned white … but she had been paying attention to Su Yunshen and almost forgot what Meng Yunan was like. He had no reason to lie to them about the stars.
But-she never believed that Su Yun and Meng Yunan were innocent!
Want to know this Yao Danxi bit his lip to sober himself up a little. She walked behind Shen Zhou and raised her hand and hugged the man’s waist and put her face on his broad back.
Shen Zhou shape did not move is looking out of the window.
Yao Danxi’s voice came from behind with a hint of apology and gentleness. "I’m sorry I was arbitrary. You’re right. It’s all over. Whether it’s Su Yun or Meng Yunan, the stars are all you and me, I’m too afraid to lose you again. I’m afraid that other people will destroy our feelings … Can you understand me?"
Shen Zhou turned around and held her in his arms and said in a low voice, "Well, it’s good that you want to be white."
Yao Danxi laughed and said, "Then let’s continue to eat."
Shen Zhou rubbed her head and smiled "Good"
After dinner, Yao Danxi said with a smile, "Then I won’t bother you at work. Go back first and pay attention to rest."