Yanji looks at the soul of the moon and respects Suiye very much. She also knows that she can’t be rude and laughs. "Sister Suiye flatter me. I listened to the soul of the moon for a long time. When you saw Yanji today, you really liked her sister. Please don’t call me a girl. We are sisters. Otherwise, it would be too welcome."

After two people praised each other for a few words, Moon Soul asked, "Sister Ye said that there is a way to find Datong Pearl. I don’t know what is the way?"
With Ye Dao, "Datong Pearl, we are all connected with Datong doorways. It is not difficult to perceive Datong Pearl."
After that, I scattered my breath with the leaves to find the Datong Pearl, and I found the Datong Pearl in the eclipse room very soon.
Lin Shu, from outside the cave, asked how the children should be placed.
The Moon Soul went to ask those children and knew that they were all robbed by the eclipse king, and all their families were killed by the eclipse king. Now they are all orphans and can go home.
The Moon Soul wanted to look at Qu Sheng, Lin Shu, Chu Gong, Huang Ting and several younger brothers of Datong. Knowing that there are twenty younger brothers in Datong Gate now, it is better to take these children to Datong Gate to collect them as younger brothers, so that these five hundred children can be well placed. Secondly, it is difficult to plan behind Datong Gate.
Moon Soul said this idea to Suiye, and Suiye agreed that Suiye said the five-line method can be achieved. I heard that Moon Soul also told Huang Ting to take a few younger brothers to clean up the treasure in the cave of Yinshi Jundong and take it away together. In fact, Moon Soul is not a greedy person, but needs the money to prepare some clothes for these children and some food in the early stage.
Yin-yang and Five Elements are the origin of all spiritual practices. It’s said that a five-element array will never fail, and it’s not difficult to take away so many people and things with Ye.
At noon the next day, I returned to Datong Gate.
Qu Sheng and Huang Ting went to buy clothes and food for those children according to the command of the Moon Soul. Looking at Lin Shu and some younger brothers, they were arranging housing for those children. What suddenly occurred to the Moon Soul?
He found Suiye and wanted everyone to move to Datong Peak. He tried to tell her that when she came there, there was a Datong boundary law to protect her. Secondly, there was enough aura to help those children practice. Suiye agreed to the suggestion of the moon soul
Just as it was about to be put into action, a female voice came outside the gate.
"You asked me to look for Brother Moon Soul."
"I’m sorry, girl, but it’s inappropriate for the boss to see outsiders now. Please go back."
"If you say Qianxue wants to see him, he will definitely meet me."
"No, girl, he really has something to do."
"If you don’t inform me, I’ll see him myself."
When the soul of the moon heard it, Qianxue remembered that she had spoken to him when she was playing abortion in Linglan family, and she didn’t know how to face her. Her horse was about to rush in, so she ran to the flower bed to hide.
Sure enough, those brothers couldn’t stop the snow or rushed in for her.
Lin Shu just walked out of another yard and saw it and went away.
Lin Shu asked, "What’s the matter?"
A younger brother replied, "Sister Lin, this girl has to see the boss. We can’t stop her …"
Lin Shu already knew about it and smiled at Qian Xue. "I wonder what the girl wants with our head martial uncle?"
Qian Xue took Lin Shu’s hand before seeing Lin Shu diffuse. "This elder sister Qian Xue wants to see the moon soul brother, please help him call him out."
Lin Shu saw that this was called Qianxue girl’s innocent tone and lovely appearance, and she seemed to know the moon’s soul. She was so fond that she asked, "Does Qianxue sister know Uncle Nangong?"
Qian Xue tried to light his little head and said, "I know him and I’m still very familiar with Brother Moon Soul."
Lin Shu let the brothers leave and then smiled at Qian Xue. "Then you can go to the living room with me first. I’ll help you get Uncle Nangong out."
Qian Xue Xi said, "Thank you, Sister."
Lin Shu came to the hall with a thousand snows and asked her to wait for a while before coming out to find the soul of the moon.
Lin Shu went out of the living room and was going to look for the Moon Soul, but the Moon Soul came out of nowhere. Lin Shu was about to say that a man named Qian Xue came to look for him, and the Moon Soul pulled her aside and looked back until Qian Xue didn’t come out. She said to Lin Shu, "I know everything. When you go back and tell her, I have to go out temporarily and I don’t know when I will come back. Don’t let her know where I am, otherwise … I will send Qu Sheng away to do business so that you won’t see it for a year and a half."
Lin Shu feels that the soul of the moon is strange today. How can I tell Qianxue when I get back? I can’t bite the bullet and say it.
Lin Shu went back to the living room to see Suiye and Yanji, who were also talking to Qianxue at this time.
Yanji changed her clothes with the leaves, and with the help of the leaves, she became less wild and more dignified.
Qianxue jumped up from her chair and ran to her when she saw Lin Shu coming back. "Did Sister find Brother Moon Soul?"
Suiye also said, "I was just about to discuss with him about moving these children to Datong Peak. Where are your uncles?"
I didn’t have the heart to cheat Qian Xue, such a lovely girl, when I came to Lin Shu. Now I was about to tell the truth with Ye again, but I remembered the "threat" of the Moon Soul just now, so I stammered, "Oh, Uncle Nangong … He, he just had something to go out."
With Ye and Yan Ji, Lin Shu’s expression is a bit unnatural.
Thousands of snow is don’t give up, "where did he go? Did you say when you will come back? "
Lin Shu thought for a moment and stammered, "He … He didn’t say where he was going or when he would come back."
Qian Xue’s face showed disappointment as Ye and Yan Ji looked at Lin Shu and felt that some of them were wrong, but they couldn’t say what was wrong.
At this time, Huang Ting sounded outside the gate.
"The nangongshan ShiShu what are you doing here? You asked Brother Qu and I to buy things, and we all bought them. Let’s report to you. After a province, you said we were stealing. "
As soon as I heard the moon’s soul and snow, I ran out of the living room, ran across the courtyard and ran to the front door like a gust of wind.
This matter Huang Ting is dragging the reluctant moon soul in from the outside, followed by QuSheng also came in.
"Moon Soul Brother Qianxue came to see you."
The moon soul came to sneak out, but just slipped out of the gate and bumped back, Qusheng and Huang Ting.
Then think of Huang Ting’s enthusiasm, go and pull the Moon Soul in a hurry to show his achievements. Do you want to hide or not? Since you can’t hide from the Moon Soul, you can face it.
The moon’s soul is filled with surprises. "Ah! Is it a thousand snows? How did you find this place? I haven’t seen you for a long time, how did you lose weight again? "In fact, the moon soul is telling the truth, and Qianxue is really gaunt."
Thousands of snow crossed and ran to the front of the moon soul. "I heard my brother say that you became the head of the big gate. I came here to see you thin. Of course, I miss my brother."
It seems that she doesn’t know that she is the soul of abortion. It is also a hint to her, but she really can’t have an affair with her, but she can’t say that he can repay her with a wry smile in his heart.
On the surface of the soul, I still said with a smile, "You also said that your brother didn’t introduce me and the crazy Taoist priest, so he left. It really scared me when I was in Muxinzong. I didn’t expect you to be a family member of Linglan."
On hearing that the Moon Soul said that Qianxue was a family member of Linglan, Huang Ting was puzzled. After Mu Xin’s general tinker, he felt that the Moon Soul should hate the family members of Linglan, but what seems to be very affectionate with this girl?
Qianxue looked aggrieved. "I don’t want you to change your attitude towards me because I am a family member of Linglan. Brother Moon Soul won’t be angry, will he?"
As soon as the moon soul looks up, she walks out of the living room with Ye and Yan Ji. She has an idea in her heart and laughs. "How can you be angry? Thousand snows come, let me introduce you to two people." She says, she walks to Yan Ji and Yan Ji with thousands of snows.
In front of the two people, the soul of the moon has not spoken yet, and Qianxue is proud. "I know this is Sister Suiye and this is Sister Yanji. We met just now."
This girl bites a sister and adds that lovely face. Ye and Yan Ji like to keep from ear to ear.
The moon soul walked beside Yanji and took Yanji’s waist and smiled. "You have another identity as Yanji’s sister, don’t you know? She is also your brother, my wife. "Say that finish, I kissed Yanji on the cheek and provoked Yanji to push him aside. Huang Ting blew a whistle.
When Qian Xue heard Moon Soul say Yanji was his wife, her charming body trembled and stepped back in disbelief, shaking her head and saying, "No, no, this is not true."