Le Xuewei hurried into the room to look at it, but did not see the nurse pushing her grandmother out. "Where is my grandmother, doctor?" Why hasn’t she come out? Are you still in the rescue? "

"Hey …" The doctor took off his mask and looked at Le Xuewei and Han Chengyi. "Are you all patients’ families?"
Han Chengyi should be busy to "this is my wife and I am the patient’s granddaughter-in-law"
"Ah," the doctor nodded and sighed, "I’m sorry, we’ve tried our best. The patient is getting old and has an acute heart attack … The old man will be sent to the intensive care unit later. Go and see her and prepare one by the way! It’s been two days now. "
Le Xuewei smell speech eyes suddenly a black like a broken puppet body tilted.
Han Chengyi’s arms are just like holding people in his arms, and all the weight of Le Xuewei is leaning on him, and his sadness can be contained.
"Ah …" Le Xuewei’s lips were slightly parted, breathing hard and tears solidified in her eyes. She couldn’t believe this fact. She stared at Han Chengyi and never gave up. "Chengyi, what did they say? They lied to me, right? Grandma’s fine. Grandma’s fine! They can’t cure grandma’s disease. Do something! Call Ni Jun and ask him to transfer all the experts from China! The doctor also said it was terrible, but didn’t you help me save my grandmother? I know you must have a way! Seung-yi, talk quickly! It’s dangerous to be late for grandma … You are quick to talk! You can save grandma! Ah? "
"Light snow …"
Section 93
Han Chengyi held Le Xuewei in her arms, and she cried so sadly that he was distressed, but he didn’t know how to comfort her. "Xiaoxue calm down and let Ni Jun go, so don’t cry."
"…" LeXueWei tearful eyes blurred staring at Han Chengyi grabbed his skirt.
"Light snow" saw Le Xuewei, and Han Chengyi felt a twinge of pain in his heart. There was nothing he could do to hold people in his arms tightly and tightly.
Le Xuewei leaned against Han Chengyi’s chest, and she had never done anything like this in her life.
The operating room door hit grandma lying in bed again. The nurse pushed her and was about to go to the intensive care unit. "Family members come in and change with us!"
Le Xuewei gave a cold shudder and pushed Han Chengyi to her grandmother regardless.
"Grandma! Grandma! "
Han Chengyi followed closely behind her, and two people followed the nurse into the intensive care unit.
Independent intensive care unit Le Xuewei has been sitting still for several hours in isolation gown, holding grandma’s hand. Han Chengyi has been sitting outside frowning and distressed.
"Three little experts are here. Shall we let them in?" Ni Junjin came to ask for instructions
Han Chengyi see callous LeXueWei nodded "let them in! Don’t let them see light snow wake up don’t wake up. "
Ni Jun promised the expert to change clothes and went inside to check the grandmother’s situation. Han Chengyi hugged Le Xuewei for fear that she would not stay up alone.
"How about it?" Le Xuewei tightened her nerves and hoped for a miracle.
Experts look at Han Chengyi Han Chengyi Nai nodded. Experts only looked at Le Xuewei and said, "Third mistress, the old lady, she … you are so sorry for your loss."
"…" LeXueWei knee a soft almost not to live.
"You are here tonight with the old lady! I’m afraid this situation won’t last until dawn … "The expert thought for a while, but how can this be tactfully said?
"Whoops …" Le Xuewei’s face tilted against Han Chengyi’s chest and whispered "What about Grandma Chengyi …?"
Han Chengyi can hold her silently. All he can do is stay here with her.
In the early morning, the sound of various instruments in the intensive care unit became louder, but grandma’s breathing was so weak that Le Xuewei’s tears never stopped.
Suddenly, grandma moved her hand, and Xue Wei suddenly straightened her back and shouted "grandma?" Did grandma just move?
Grandma moved a lot and struggled very upset. Her hands always reached her face and the mask seemed very uncomfortable.
"Grandma, what are you doing? Don’t move You have to rely on it to breathe! " Le Xuewei is crying.
"Light snow" Han Chengyi stopped her and analyzed, "Grandma … seems to have something to say."
Le Xuewei Zheng tears hanging in the corner of her eyes. At this time, grandma has something to say, that is’ last words’. Le Xuewei tilted her face and closed her eyes and took off her grandmother’s face mask.
"Snow … snow EU …"
"Hey, grandma, I’m here." Le Xuewei held grandma’s hand and put it on her face and told herself not to cry, but how did the tears stop?
"Xue Wei …" Grandma’s voice was very weak, and she couldn’t hear clearly. Le Xue Wei bent down and leaned against her mouth. "Grandma, you said I was listening."
"Grandma has to go … you remember to be good and filial to you … your father! He … He … is, is, good … People … "
Grandma said it was difficult. Le Xuewei kept nodding. No matter what grandma said at this time, she would promise "Your mother … your mother …"
"My mother what?" Le Xuewei froze and listened carefully, but grandma didn’t say anything. Her words came to an abrupt end here. Life has come to an end, and the heart monitor shows a straight line!
Han Chengyi put his hand on Le Xuewei’s shoulder and couldn’t bear to tell her that "Grandma Xiaoxue has passed away"
Le Xuewei directly knelt on the ground and burst into tears. The porcelain white face was mottled. She was confused and cried, "Grandma, why did you lose me?" Did you really lose me? Grandma, I’m not a third party. I didn’t rob my brother-in-law … I haven’t even come to tell you! Why don’t you listen to me? Chengyi is my husband and he is your granddaughter’s husband! Grandma, grandma, I didn’t listen to you … I’m not a bad boy. Grandma, grandma, wake up and listen to me and explain to you that Chengyi and I are married … Ah … "
But no matter how she cries, grandma will never wake up!
"Light snow, light snow …" Han Chengyi squatted down to hug Le Xuewei in her arms and cried by her. Light snow hurts as much as he does now.
Le Xuewei cried and leaned against Han Chengyi’s arms. Tears seemed to come out of her heart and she couldn’t stop.
Suddenly Le Xuewei pushed Han Chengyi crazy and rushed out of the intensive care unit and ran to Qiao Yuwei’s ward. Both Qiao Yuwei and Kang Huizhen were sick there. When they saw Le Xuewei, they were stunned, but they soon changed their disdain and contempt.
Le Xuewei went without saying anything, grabbed Kang Huizhen’s collar and dragged people outside.
"You! Little bitch, what are you doing? Are you crazy? " Kang Huizhen looked drastic and wanted to break free, but Le Xuewei was too strong at this time, and she couldn’t break free.