Hey, hey, I’ve heard that snake blood is a very rare tonic for rock snakes, so I think they should be waiting for the snake head to die and then grab its flesh and blood.

No wonder they’re not here, my boss. You just had a chance to kill all these rock snakes, but you’ve been hiding. Even Xiang Ling’s attack on you has to stop. Laugh, Luo Cha asked again
Fool, that’s not it. You think the rock snake is an intelligent creature, but the leader of the rock snake is very cunning. Just now, they have been surrounding you, just waiting for the snakehead to enjoy a good meal first, while I am regarded as an enemy. Generally, creatures will destroy the enemy first and then eat. If I am not destroyed, you won’t be in danger. However, if I remove the rock snake on a large scale, the snakehead will bite you first and then run away, so I will slow down and wait for the snakehead to find the right time and then kill them in one fell swoop. Dragonfly said with a
Oh, the rock snake is so cunning. It’s a good thing the boss knows more, or I will be finished. Hey, hey, boss, what should we do now? Luo Cha suddenly realized.
Otherwise, they will attack us again after eating the flesh and blood of the snakehead. After the dragonfly finishes, it will immediately call back Xiang Ling, who has left the snake group. With a smile, Luo Cha strode to the mouth of the cave. A human-snake war is finally over in Lebanon. For Luo Cha, who was caught in a snake group laughing in the middle of the night, this memory may never be forgotten.
Chapter 355357 Orc Soul Jade
Luo Cha is not as afraid of the rock snakes as before, perhaps because he has left the snake group, or because the dragonfly explained to the rock snakes. Luo Cha seems to have a little interest in those reptiles, and it is with this little interest that Luo Cha stopped to watch the rock snakes again.
It seems that they have realized that their leader is dead. Three or five large rock snakes are brave enough to get close to breaking two pieces of snow-white small snakes and secretly stretch out snake letters to lick the blood of small snakes in the ground. Many rock snakes around them are watching the actions of several big snakes at this moment. When they confirm that it is impossible for small snakes to come back to life, the snakes immediately stir and twist their bodies. The rock snakes have rushed to the small snakes as quickly as possible to grab the remains left by the snake head.
Luo Cha, why don’t you go outside the cave and enter the cave again for fear of laughing at Luo Cha? said the dragonfly.
Boss, look at these snakes. They were their bosses just now, but now they have become their delicacies. I’ll kill them when I get to this little brother. Luo Cha said casually
Haha, you idiot! These are snakes and not people. How can you know anything about loyalty? Let’s go, dragonfly laughs.
Hey, hey, it’s also a laugh. Luo Cha patted his head and stuck out his tongue and laughed. When the dragonfly laughed and Luo Cha were ready to turn around and leave, there was a sudden loud noise at the corner of the rock snake.
When the sound gradually calmed down, the dust fell behind, and Luo Cha suddenly found that the wall was actually a huge cave, while the rock snakes were unlucky to be crushed on the rocks and most of them were killed on the spot.
Wow, these snakes are so exaggerated. Such a thick rock wall can make them laugh. Luo Cha said with a wide-eyed expression.
No, these stone walls are already very strong. It must be because we cut off too many knots when cleaning the cave today, which makes the stone wall very fragile. Therefore, when squeezed by these rock snakes, a dragonfly will fall off. Looking at the gap in a large cave about two meters high and one and a half meters wide, it said
Boss, it’s like a ladder. When the dragonfly speaks, he laughs. Luo Cha has stepped on the gravel and is close to the huge gap
Well, how is it possible that the mountain department has been built by people and the dragonfly is confused and close to the gap and said
It’s true, boss. Although these steps are covered by the secretions of rock snakes, they can still be seen as artificially built, and the road twists and turns. The direction seems to lead to the top of the mountain. Luo Cha smiles with the magic fireball in his hand. At the moment, Luo Cha’s dragonfly stands like a huge hole, and a tall cylindrical stone wall is erected along the stone wall. The winding path photography can increase the light by virtue of the magic ability. However, this narrow mountain road is full of strong gas, so that the light magic elements can be formed into a light ball and the visible range is very narrow.
Boss, what do you think of this? Shall we go and see Laughter? Luo Cha turned back and said to Dragonfly.
Well, it’s still early, and there is no rock snake threat here, so let’s go and have a look. But Luo Cha, we must be on high alert. There are threats of Warcraft everywhere in this mountain. Maybe this side is also fierce, and the dragonfly of Warcraft said after thinking for a long time
In fact, the dragonfly thought that climbing the mountain from the outside is also very energy-consuming, so holding this channel to the top of the mountain can reduce many times when the dragonfly decided to take the risk of taking the mountain road.
Hearing the dragonfly’s words and laughing, Luo Cha was greatly interested to see him crack his mouth and say with a laugh, OK, let’s go now and immediately draw silver teeth and move forward to the mountain road without waiting for the dragonfly’s consent. Seeing the smile, Luo Cha has already beaten the dragonfly to follow behind. Because the mountain road is relatively narrow, the dragonfly will consider that walking side by side will make the two people fight more crowded, so he will choose to break.
Cutting a road in the mountain is not only narrow but also rugged. Dragonfly laughs. Luo Cha first stepped on a mountain road covered with a large amount of liquid secreted by rock snakes. Fortunately, most of these liquids have dried up, so the ladder is not sticky. Unfortunately, the good times will not last long. When two people walk along the spiral and the ladder is about 100 meters high, the ladder is no longer replaced by a steep slope.
The steep slope has an inclination of more than 45 degrees, but its surface is very smooth without the rough appearance of the previous steps. It is absolutely impossible for human beings to walk for a long time without a certain degree of intellectual achievement. Although the tunnel in the mountain is illuminated, the dragonfly and the dragonfly can see dozens of meters ahead, but this steep channel seems to be limited to extend without any end.
At the last stage of the ladder, look forward and wait for a long time. After the dragonfly sighed, he smiled at the smile. Luo Cha said, Luo Cha, let’s go. On what is ahead, this is the fastest way for us to go to the top of the mountain. After listening to the dragonfly, Luo Cha nodded slightly and headed for the line.
Although the mountain road is steep, with the help of Jie Wuyi’s dragonfly, the two men are still moving forward at a high speed, but they can no longer save physical climbing methods and must carry the true qi and keep jumping forward.
After about twenty minutes, Luo Cha suddenly found that there was a little light in front of the channel, and the channel gradually widened. The boss seemed to have a light in front. Luo Cha turned around and said to the dragonfly.
Well, let’s go and see the dragonfly’s response. Laugh and Luo Cha will speed up at the same time.
Winding and hundreds of meters away in the dragonfly, the speed of the two people is instantaneous. When they leave the steep channel and jump into the wide platform, they look around and see that the platform is circular with a diameter of about 60 meters. Four orc statues with a height of about 5 meters are built in the corners. When the dragonfly enters the platform, they are on the other winding ladder. They look around and see that there is an altar-like stone building in the center of the platform. At the top of the altar, there is a colorful and radiant gem. It seems that the light that attracted the two people was shot by this gem.
Boss, what on earth is this place? What is so strange that something is laughing? Luo Cha asked
Well, it’s probably because the orcs’ ancestral buildings don’t know what, so they forbid orcs to enter the dragonfly and look around.
Orc ancestors said that it is impossible for them to be orc statues. Laugh. Luo Cha looked at four orc statues with different expressions and said.
Let’s go over there and have a look. After that, Dragonfly should start walking towards the central altar. Follow behind Dragonfly and laugh. Luo Cha also stepped forward at the same time. When two people walked slowly, the center of the platform was about to approach the altar, the platform suddenly shivered and then trembled more and more. It seemed that an earthquake would stabilize the two people.
When the dragonfly laughs at Luo Cha, two people try to keep their balance, the central altar gem suddenly shoots a more dazzling brilliance and gathers in front of the dragonfly to form an orc-like figure.
Knowing humans, you have to step into the forbidden area of orcs and disturb me to sleep deeply. Suddenly, the voice is not only gloomy and horrible, but also has an unspeakable power.