"Even now, Wu Lao and Hu Yan’s predecessors are not quick to start work!"

Especially at this time, Ji Xiaotian cried anxiously. The strength of the Pope’s struggle before he died was amazing. I believe that it is really possible for him to continue to struggle like this, and it is really possible for him to get rid of the shackles that Ji Xiaotian is not very skilled in. Naturally, he quickly woke up Wu Gui and them.
The pope was scared out of his wits and struggled even harder. He almost broke out of the shackles of small days and recovered his ability to act several times.
"Let’s die here!"
Root regardless of what Xiaotian still awake Wu Gui and HuYanLei as early as in the side secretly preparing for them to see the Pope such an old guy really trapped by JiXiaotian, unable to move ecstasy without any hesitation, two people directly weaponized their bodies and two streamers collided.
At least, the scattered fairy’s body has gone through the baptism of Armageddon, and finally failed to turn into scattered fairy. In the end, it is not comparable to ordinary people’s bodies. When they are desperate, physical doubt is the best weapon, and it is only with such weapons that they can successfully kill the Pope.
As far as I know, there is no small danger in doing so. Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei did not hesitate. Since they are in a hostile position with the Pope, it is nothing to kill the Pope or be killed by the Pope.
What’s more, being able to save a life in Armageddon is equivalent to living one more time than others. Both Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei are the kind of people who want to have no fear of this kind of life-threatening thing. They bumped into the Pope’s body almost at the same time.
At this time, Ji Xiaotian’s control of the golden thread was quietly shaken off by the Pope’s roots, and he was hit by two huge forces, and his body was smashed like tofu, and he could not die again in an instant.
If the Pope hadn’t struggled to break free, maybe Xiaotian and Wu Gui couldn’t have cooperated so well in a hurry. In that case, Wu Gui and Hu Yanlei might not have done so well. It can be said that the Pope killed himself.
Chapter two hundred and ten Sudden Armageddon
Chapter two hundred and ten Sudden Armageddon
"Dead so dead? Pretty old? "
The two streamers also faded a lot, and one of them was Hu Yanlei, who reappeared in the distance and watched a pool of rotten meat fall from it. Some of the bodies of the Pope really didn’t believe it, so he killed the Pope.
I don’t know how many years it has been. Hu Yanlei was crushed by the Pope and hid in Chinatown in London. He didn’t dare to go out and show his face. If it weren’t for Ji Xiaotian who happened to be in London, I don’t know how long it would take Hu Yanlei to hide like this.
This mentality, even if the Pope didn’t kill Hu Yanlei, is because the heart has always had such a shadow. I’m afraid that Hu Yanlei will not even think about it once, but he will definitely not be killed directly by the apocalypse.
Up to now, the shadow in my heart has disappeared with the death of the Pope. Hu Yanlei’s heart has never been relaxed before, and there is a different vitality in his body under such a large consumption situation, which makes his whole person somewhat different.
"Congratulations, HuYan bro, you have hope this time. It’s a pity that I-hey!"
Wu Gui’s figure is also revealed from another time. He is very envious. Looking at Hu Yanlei, he is full of vitality. Everyone is scattered and he naturally knows what this means.
Think about yourself when you robbed the thousand-year-old clam Yuanzhu and forcibly extracted so many creatures’ vitality. Even if there is little hope, Wu Gui can’t help sighing even if he is beyond the general realm of life and death.
"Wu Lao said that this is not the result of your help and Jack’s help. Don’t worry, Jack promised you that he would help you survive the disaster. Is there anything he can’t solve?"
Huyanlei smiled and comforted him. Before that, he didn’t really believe that Ji Xiaotian could lead people to destroy the Pope. He either did his best to be an ally. He didn’t expect that this time he really succeeded. He was very happy to talk to Ji Xiaotian. He still had many things to please Ji Xiaotian.
"Ah-how did that happen?"
Four miles a search plan small day figure is not only HuYan LeiLeng lived is Wu Gui also stayed in the forehead on the spot, the tide poured out like a waterfall, how ugly his face is.
It turned out that when Huyanlei was searching for the figure of Ji Xiaotian, I was startled to find that Ji Xiaotian had run to the ground early and was still there.
HuYanLei surprised reason nature will not be stingy to plan small day didn’t come and say hello to him, he was shocked that plan small day is now facing a new problem, Armageddon plan small day himself Armageddon would come at this time.
"What’s the matter, Jack? Why do you invite doom now? Don’t you know that when the critical value is reached, you should compress your strength and passively invite doom?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Huyanlei hurried to Jixiaotian’s side, where he complained about it. Is it that things were not prepared before child’s play? Now crossing the sky is tantamount to dying.
Hu Yanlei is not the only one who means this, including Wu Gui. Everyone thinks that it is too rash to plan a small day, but now I can’t come because there are already dark clouds and snakes in it.
It is at this time that Ji Xiaotian suppresses his own strength to prevent the apocalypse from continuing to appear, and it is impossible that Ji Xiaotian will wait for the apocalypse to completely kill him without any residue left because the apocalypse cloud has locked him.
By Wu Gui, they said that even Ji Xiaotian felt wronged. No matter how talented he was, he didn’t think that he could cross the sky so soon. After all, it was less than ten years before he cultivated the real dharma. If he published this, I don’t know how many people would have to drop their eyes.
There is no time to think about such unnecessary things. Now he is thinking about how to spend it. It seems impossible to spend it. Before a thing is finalized, it is said that he will not give up.
Even the Armageddon plan Xiaotian will not put it in his eyes. If he is not prepared at all, Xiaotian will never look at the Armageddon in front of him. Now he will not be confused.
If you panic like that, I’m afraid you’ll die faster in this coming Armageddon. Xiaotian doesn’t want to be really killed by Armageddon
"How to do it is not that I have never seen a transitional apocalypse, but I have never seen a apocalypse like this. I am afraid that the power is not weak!"
Ji Xiaotian looked up at the sky, and his face was almost the same as the dark clouds. For a person who didn’t do all the bad things but occasionally did something unconventional, it seemed that the dark clouds in the sky were too thick and too many.
Just looking at Ji Xiaotian, I feel that this Armageddon is not simple, and I’m afraid it’s much more powerful than I thought, which makes it more difficult to get through it.
"Dan medicine is the most important thing!"
When I didn’t have time to think more, Xiaotian quickly figured out the most important place. He bowed his head and shouted to everyone, "Brothers and Uncle David Patel, the elder of Wu Lao Huyan, give me all the pills!"
Since there is no time to prepare for the small day, I will not think about it. Compared with the previous day, it is still no problem to distribute Dan medicine to all people. This is a very big problem for others, but it is simple here in the small day, but I ordered everyone to wake up one after another.
"Here you are-all of them!"
"Jack must survive the apocalypse!"
"We are watching you silently in the back to give you strength!"
They handed the Dan medicine to Ji Xiaotian, and at the same time they quickly said the words of blessing. So many people left the bottles of Dan medicine to Ji Xiaotian like an assembly line, and Ji Xiaotian was also very skilled in throwing the bottles of Dan medicine into his bag.
Even if the bag is bombarded by Armageddon, it won’t collapse. Only when he is dead will Dan medicine be lost and scattered, so he is not worried that these Dan medicines will have problems in Armageddon bombardment.
Soon Xiaotian’s bag was full of Dan medicine, and there was no way to put it in. When the rest of the people couldn’t help but jump, they always felt that Dan medicine was given too little for fear of not counting it, little angel.
"Come on, Jack, you wear this and put the rest of the pills in."
At this time, HuYanLei came out, and he was reluctant to take off a black jade ring from his fingers. Finally, he gritted his teeth and handed it to Jixiaotian.
The drop of blood is the master’s plan. Xiaotian soon knew why Hu Yanlei would be so reluctant to calculate the area compared with the meter unit in the bag. This ring turned out to be inside to calculate.
It’s at least about ten miles, that is, about five kilometers. This is still a plan. In a hurry, it is conservatively estimated that he will not look at what is a little numb and send the rest of the people into the ring.
With the ring meter, Xiaotian doesn’t need to pick up all the pills. It is to let everyone take out the pills and put them on the ground, and then Ji Xiaotian will urge the ring to collect all the pills with one thought
"Gankun Ring" Is this the Gankun ring of Zhongxian? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Compared with Ji Xiaotian, he was puzzled and didn’t know the value of this ring. Wu Gui was much more suspicious. He looked at Ji Xiaotian’s performance and pointed to the ring and asked Hu Yanlei in doubt.
"Well, otherwise, why are you and me so distressed?"
HuYanLei nodded his head, he can get this fairy or narrowly escaped death. If it is not an emergency, he really doesn’t want to hand it over to Du Jie.