Three people each drank a large can of dark beer, which was half full, and the chat happened to be a happy place. The three people were going to look around the beer city to see the beautiful women drinking beer.

There are more than three beers, more foreigners, more beautiful women at Oktoberfest.
There was a big circle of people in front of Tsingtao Brewery booth. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou were very lively. The more lively people were, the higher Xing Lincheng was. Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou also crowded in.
In fact, Nie Lei and Liu Zhongzhou are not crowded, but directly in front of the crowd
There is a beer competition in front of the Tsingtao Brewery counter. The first prize is 10 thousand yuan, the second prize is 5 thousand yuan, and the third prize is 2 thousand yuan.
"Let’s go for a walk and sign up." Nie Lei is a good person and a strong person. No one will care about the prize money in the competition, but he enjoys the atmosphere.
In fact, Nie Lei said that the most important thing to sign up is to let Lin Cheng fully enjoy this atmosphere and forget about women’s troubles.
"If you sign up, sign up." Lin Cheng also felt the atmosphere now and had a good time when you came out to play.
There are many good people in China, and many people like to watch the excitement, but there are not many real drinkers. It is not that simple for everyone to drink beer by cups and bottles.
When the beer is poured into a cup, the bubbles in the beer will evaporate a lot during the pouring process, and a drop of gas in the beer will be drunk into the stomach when it is blown into the bottle.
It is said that blowing into a bottle is stronger than pouring into a glass, and it takes a considerable level to blow such a large bottle of wine without taking a breath.
Many people pour beer into a glass and drink three bottles and five bottles, but blowing two bottles is the reason.
Lin Cheng and Nie Lei signed up together. Liu Zhongzhou didn’t attend. His best skill is not beer but liquor. He knows that his beer level is not high.
Lin Cheng is a heavy drinker, and it is common for Nie Lei to blow a few bottles of beer directly to his mouth when he is fighting with his younger brother. Whether it is to boost morale or show his eldest brother’s demeanor, it is necessary to give confidence to his younger brother. Blowing bottles is the most basic thing for social people.
Nie Lei is full of confidence.
It has been going on for several rounds now, and the fastest time to drink a bottle of beer is seven seconds. Nie Lei is not to be outdone when he goes to Lin Cheng for the first place in the record, nor is he going towards the second place.
Nie Lei and Lin Cheng are grouped together, and the horse is about to die. Nie Lei and Lin Cheng are in good condition at this time. What do you mean, because they are just in the stage of having something in their stomachs but they can’t hold it up, it is most suitable for a person to drink a lot at this time. It must be very difficult for him to drink a bottle, which will affect the actual level of exertion. Abdominal drinking also affects the exertion of people’s body. It is a wonderful organization that is more receptive to gradual changes rather than sudden changes. When people suddenly change from one state to another, their bodies will be extremely uncomfortable, that is, when they change from abdomen to
But there is no such thing as Lin Cheng and Nie Leixian. They both drank a large glass of Munich stout just now, and both of them are at their peak.
Although there are a lot of people in the surrounding audience, it is less than 1% compared with the participants.
Lin Cheng and Nie Lei’s participation in this beer drinking contest obviously triggered the climax of the scene. The audience applauded warmly. Nie Lei drank quickly. First, he was in good condition. Second, he often practiced his physical skills. Nie Lei drank a bottle of beer in one breath. It took only five and a half seconds. Nie Lei wiped the foam on his mouth and looked at Lin Cheng. He was already smiling at him and put a bottle in front of Lin Cheng. Nie Lei didn’t know how long it took Lin Cheng to finish this bottle of wine.
Nie Lei didn’t know, but there was someone present who knew that the atmosphere was completely detonated by Lin Cheng, who was close to the speed of drinking.
Everyone else drinks, but Lin Cheng is a drinker. It takes Lin Cheng four seconds at most to run out of this bottle of wine.
What do you mean by drinking? A bottle of beer can be poured vertically for four seconds, but it can be finished after drinking. What is this? Because the drinker has mastered the trick, the beer gas exchange and drinking have been integrated into a fastest speed, and this drinking also has a certain nature of attraction.
Lin Cheng’s lung capacity is amazing, and his body muscles can be changed at will according to the actual situation. Lin Cheng’s neck muscles pull the esophagus outward to increase the radius of the esophagus and add lung suction. Naturally, Lin Cheng’s drinking speed of this bottle of wine is amazing. Compared with Nie Lei, it is even more amazing and unpredictable for the veteran bottle blower.
Lin Cheng and Nie Leishen pushed the beer contest to a climax, and then several rounds were held, but Lin Cheng set a record of three and a half seconds, but no one could break it.
In the end, not surprisingly, Lin Cheng won the first prize of 10 thousand yuan, and Nie Lei also won the second prize of 5 thousand yuan
Liu Zhongzhou was so excited that he almost asked for a play-off. He won the third place again, so today’s game is perfect.
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While Lin Cheng and Nie Lei were drinking beer, Wang Jiao was resting with Liu Yifei at the beach with an umbrella. Liu Yifei had just finished filming a scene and his forehead was sweating.
Wang Jiao has been filming with Liu Yifei these days because Liu Yifei persuaded Wang Jiao to try the development of the entertainment industry first. It is quite easy to develop in the entertainment industry. It is difficult for Liu Yifei to be unknown again.
Wang Jiao also thought carefully about Liu Yifei’s words. She said that it was reasonable. If she became a superstar in the entertainment industry, she would like to see Lin Cheng regret it when she found out.
You can take a break from school first. Wang Jiao hates to clench his fist when he thinks that hateful person even has a child. Please go to the net to see the first advertisement.
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143 Sanzhangwei
Liu Yifei strongly invited Wang Jiao to show with her in the entertainment industry ≥ ≯ 1 ≤ <. ≦ 8 ≦ 1 ≦ Z ??. ?? C ?? O ≦ M ≦ mainly Liu Yi.
Liu Yifei’s character has been quiet for a long time. In the entertainment industry, she is called an iceberg. She has never had an affair. This is simply an alternative entertainment industry. As we all know, everyone in the entertainment industry has to lose sex after going in and out, but Liu Yifei is an exception.
In fact, this is why Liu Yifei is lonely. There is no one like her in the entertainment industry.
The consequence of getting rid of mud without dyeing is being avoided by mud.
Liu Yifei talks very much with Wang Jiao, and both of them are congenial. It is rare to see a beautiful woman talking and speculating. Liu Yifei really wants to bring Wang Jiao to the show business.
Liu Yifei is a big name. She told the director to temporarily add a role suitable for Wang Jiao. Of course, the director knows that Wang Jiao is the niece of Deputy Commander Wang. He dare not say that with Wang Jiao’s appearance, it is a first-class and great temperament, and people can match it. With backstage helpers and rich directors, Wang Jiao was forced to squeeze in and become the female No.3. However, it can be seen that this is the level until the director and screenwriter’s skills are not greatly changed.
Wang Jiao went back to school two days ago and went through the formalities of suspension. Of course, Lin Cheng didn’t know.
Lin Cheng is actually not worried that Wang Jiao sent Wang Jiao directly to his home because Wang Jiao is a local person. Presumably, no one will dare to touch the niece of the deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet in Wang Jiao’s family.
What really reassures Lin Cheng is not that Liu Lin Lin Cheng is worried about what happened to Liu Lin during his study. Well, let’s go to Liu Lin’s house and have a look.
After more than three hours, the bus arrived at Liu Lins’ home. Liu Lin had already gone back to school. It had been ten days since Lin Cheng heard Liu Lin’s parents say that he could say that he had not arrived at school and was just about to come over. Then Liu Lin went with him. Since Liu Lin was not at home, Lin Cheng could go back first, but if he told Liu Lin’s parents that this was really a tangled problem, wouldn’t it be crazy if he suddenly heard that Liu Lin was missing? If Liu Lin went to a classmate’s house to play or nothing happened, it would be a big sin to scare Liu Lin’s parents and parents.
Lin Cheng called Calvin on his way back from Xicheng and asked him to ask Lingling if Liu Lin had gone back.
After getting the negative news, Lin Chengxin couldn’t help but sink. Today is the second day of school. It is reasonable to say that it is time to go back. All the students have already gone back. It is impossible to be at school at this time.
Suddenly, Lin Cheng had a flash of light in his mind. "By the way, you should ask Liu Lin, their counselor. It is reasonable to say that the counselor knows best whether the people in his class have come or not and will ask for leave with the counselor."
Thought of here, Lin Cheng stepped on the accelerator to the end, and the six-cylinder motive force produced great power. The degree of instantaneous grip reached 200 yards, and the old Duke Wang’s territory was solid and wide, and the tire grip was very strong, and it was very stable to run.
Lin Cheng ran back to school in less than three hours.
Find the counselor in Liu Lin’s class and see Lin Cheng. "Who are you from in Liu Lin?" The tone of voice is unhurried, but the tone of voice is that you should know that Liu Lin fell
If this counselor was a man in his 40 s and 50 s, Lin Cheng would never be so rude as he is now. "Don’t pretend to be deep with me if you are not old!" Lin Chengyi slapped him in the teacher’s office.
The table suddenly sank, and the legs of the desktop were broken by Lin Cheng’s dark strength, but there was nothing strange about the desktop.
Lin Cheng’s palm is quite powerful in suppressing anger in Lin Cheng.
In fact, Lin Cheng doesn’t want to run wild in the teacher’s office because he doesn’t want to come this semester, but the tie is here. He is so relieved to find out the situation in Liu Lin and Wang Jiao. However, there is no news from Wang Jiao and Liu Lin. Lin Cheng is in a bad mood to the extreme, and this counselor knows the situation, but he is also angry with Lin Cheng.
In fact, a master like Lin Cheng will not easily get angry because of family boxing, especially a master who is strong in mind and firm in mind as a rock.
When the counselor saw that his desk was shot by Lin Cheng, he suddenly became shorter. The whole desk collapsed and almost hit his feet. The teachers all looked this way. It seems that the counselor is also angry. "How dare you run wild in the teacher’s office?"
The more anxious Lin Cheng is, the more the counselor can force Lin Cheng to flip his palm and slap it directly at the table, which shocked everyone more than just now.
Lin Cheng’s first palm was slapped on his desk, but the desktop was not damaged at all, but the legs of the desk were broken. Lin Cheng’s second palm was patted on the desk glass, and the glass was made into a palm shape, which frightened the counselor at that time.
It’s not difficult to break the glass and put it on the table, but it’s amazing that one hand can make the glass into a palm shape. It’s a big surprise to the teachers in the office
What is this? Does that mean kung fu? Lin Cheng is the president of the martial arts association. Many teachers know this, but what is this martial arts association? Everyone knows that it is just a student organization with a low status. No one will pay attention to such a thing. But just now, Lin Cheng’s palm has made these teachers instantly change their views on the martial arts association. Look, there are still talents in China. They know that this is not a movie, and they are not prepared before.
The palm of Lin Cheng’s beating the glass is dark, but it is not the same as the one that just broke the leg of the table. Although it is also dark, it is not the same as dark. The first palm of Lin Cheng’s beating cattle from the hills in the dark, that is, the second palm is strong, but the second palm is strong, and it suddenly spurts out from the pores of the hand hole at the moment of contact with the glass, forming a powerful stamping effect, which is equivalent to a one-stage punching machine, but much higher than the punching machine. Because the punching machine is strong, Lin Cheng is mainly soft.
Being able to play the soft strength in boxing is equivalent to being a master of dark strength, but being able to transport dark strength to perfection is a master of turning strength.
Lin Chengdui’s dark energy has been transported to perfection.
"What did Liu Lin tell you?" Lin prejudice this counselor has been shocked by himself patted him on the shoulder and asked softly.
"She said something happened at home and she needed to take a month or two off."
"Oh, did she say when she would be back?"
"No, she hung up without my consent."
"When did she call you?"