Respectfully waiting for Jiang Ya at the door, after listening to this, he quickly bowed before saying, "Brother Jiang Shang, visit the master and wish him a holy life." He received a gift, and Yuan Tianzun was satisfied with it. "Well, get up! Jiang Shang, how long have you been in the mountain? "

After listening to Jiang Shang, he said, "My younger brother envied monasticism since childhood. At the age of 32, he was lucky enough to join the master. My younger brother is 72 years old this year."
After hearing this, Yuan Tianzun said, "You were born with a thin fairy road, but you can be blessed with soup. The weekly room will help you and me to seal the mountain and help the main body and the generals. It is not worthwhile for you to practice in the mountain for 40 years. This is not where you have lived for a long time. You can clean up the mountain early."
Jiang Ya was shocked when he heard this, and quickly prostrated himself on the ground and begged for help. "My brother really became a monk and worked hard for years. Although he has been practicing for years, he hopes that the master will be merciful, pointing out that his brother would rather be ascetic in the mountains than covet the world of mortals and wealth."
"Alas," Yuan sighed when he saw the pleading tooth. "You are so lucky." After listening to it, Tooth was silent and came back from heaven. The Antarctic immortal couldn’t help but persuade him that "Tooth mountain is the number of days, and the mountain is the time when you are successful."
Knowing that it was a foregone conclusion, I gave a ceremony to everyone and slowly went out to pack my bags. When I left, I went to Yuanyi to worship the mountain and went to practice hard for many years. At this moment, I didn’t enter the fairy road. dzogchen was just practicing the virtual road. Walking on the mountain road, I thought, "Where should my parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters go?"
Suddenly, my mind flashed that his sworn brother had become a foreign Song Dynasty stranger. I was happy that I also had a home and felt better. His pace was much lighter in Kunlun Mountain. The whole humanization fled to the foreign Song Dynasty with the help of the earth. For a month, his face was dusty outside the Song Dynasty stranger village.
Looking at the scenery in front of me, I can’t help but sigh with emotion, "I don’t think the scenery is still different from here for forty years." Before I finished, I said to the door, "I don’t know if your master can be your sworn brother Jiang Ya outside my family." I heard the words that the man gave him a gift, "Please wait a moment, Master, and my horse will go in and leave."
Soon the courtyard to a burst of footsteps, Song makes quickly came out from the inside and saw Jiang Ya outside the door and grabbed his hand and said, "Dear brother, when you leave, it’s more than forty, and all your brothers" alas "don’t say that. Go with your brother and enter the house."
Ginger tooth heard the song makes a slight warm heart way "big brother inside, please"
In the day after tomorrow, I married Ma Hong’s daughter Ma Shi’s wife in the Song Dynasty. Ma Shi is a 60-year-old yellow flower eldest daughter who married Ma Ke’s teeth and still had ideas about practice, so I had an idea about Ma Shi’s teeth before I slept with him.
In order to make a living, I went to Chaoge to set up a stall for fortune telling. Soon, I became famous in Chaoge. People were afraid of being famous, pigs were afraid of being strong, and I was ordered to go to Chaoge. There were three demons and foxes who sneaked into the imperial city, jade and pipa, and I came to Chaoge to see da ji’s fortune-telling teeth on a whim and let him tell fortune.
Naturally, at first glance, it was a monster who complied with the demands of pipa essence and told his fortune. Finally, he held his life door and returned the three flavors of pipa essence to his true body in front of Zhou Wang and a group of Chaoge people. He was a talented person, and he was granted the post of supervisor with the court by the doctor.
The good sister was killed, and da ji held a grudge and was bent on revenge. One day, da ji presented a painting, and there was a four-foot-nine.
Chidian Pavilion is majestic, Qionglou is made of jade and agate, and the balustrade beads are made up into Liang Dong. At night, Guanghua shines, and Ruicai says "Lutai" to Zhou Wang. "If you don’t build this platform, it’s not spectacular. This platform is really a Yaochi Jade Que Langyuan Penglai. The early dinner in Taiwan has its own immortals, and the fairies are really immortal, so they can live longer and live longer."
Zhou Wang looked at the joy and asked da ji, "I don’t know who will cover it." da ji said, "Isn’t this ginger tooth transcendental? It’s better to give it to him, such as" Zhou Wang, who is in favor of it, aims to make ginger tooth the deer platform.
Jiang Yabai received the will. This is a trap. If he wants to build a deer platform, he will be ruined and go home. He said to Ma, "I’m leaving Chaoge. I don’t know if you would like to come with me." Ma has long been dissatisfied with Tooth’s heart. Ma directly refused and asked Tooth to divorce her.
Seeing that things haven’t eased, I don’t want to force a piece of paper to take Ma off. Songjiazhuang said goodbye to Song Yi people. When I stepped on the road of seclusion alone, I cast spells for a long time. Some people finally lived in seclusion in Panxi to be continued.
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Chapter 26 Ji Chang fled to Lei Zhen to save his father
Tooth Retirement, etc. The sage was born in Boyi, Ji Chang, and his father Ji Chang was trapped in prison for seven years. One day, he said to all the ministers, "The fathers of all the uncles and ministers were trapped in prison for seven years, and my heart is uneasy! I decided to take tribute to Chaoge to make atonement for my father. "The doctor San Yisheng tried to dissuade him, but Boyi did not listen to the exam and went back to the palace to say goodbye. My mother went to Chaoge with three different treasures.
One day, I was drinking in the Star Tower. Zhou Wang heard that Ji Chang Boyi had brought three treasures to sing a song to atone for my father. He was curious about three treasures of Xibe Hou Jichang’s family. But he had heard about it long ago. He could not force the minister to send him the treasures. He will see it in person this time.
Lead da ji to the main hall to look at Taiwan Boyi test and three different treasures covered with wooden boxes. Zhou Wang couldn’t help saying, "Show the three treasures, and if I am satisfied, I will let your father and son go back to Xiqiao." Sitting there, da ji looked at Fang Boyi test and couldn’t help but be surprised. This Boyi test looks unusually handsome. da ji had an idea about it.
Boyi Kao heard Zhou Wang say that one of the rare wooden boxes was removed from Zhou Wang’s way, "Report to me that this rare wooden box with seven fragrant cars was created by Xuanyuan Huangdi’s army of breaking the human-god. If people sit on their faces and don’t push for the east, they want the west, and the west is the treasure of the world. If people are drunk, they will wake up in no time. Although the white-faced ape is a beast, it is really like singing and dancing before the feast.
Zhou Wang’s interest in hearing Boyi’s test is strong, so Boyi can demonstrate the ability of seeing seven cars one by one. Zhou Wang and da ji are very satisfied. At this time, they are sitting on the sober carpet, and their minds are very clear. When the last white-faced ape comes out, it comes out. This white-faced ape is an animal. Seeing that da ji fox can’t help scratching, Boyi is also surprised that she was hit by Zhou Wang, and she quickly appeases the white ape.
Seeing that my concubine was frightened, Zhou Wang shouted, "Somebody will behead Boyi Kaola." Fortunately, da ji got rid of his guilt and took off his death. On the second day, Boyi took an examination of da ji’s piano skills, but the drunkenness was not in the wine. da ji constantly hinted and tempted Boyi Kao, but all of them were rejected by Boyi Kao. da ji couldn’t help but hate it.
In da ji, Boyi KaoQin was designed, da ji was stabbed by Zhou Wang, and vicious da ji said to Zhou Wang, "I heard that Ji Chang is called a saint, saying that saints don’t eat. It is better for us to make Boyi KaoQin into a package and send it to Jichang for food." da ji proposed that Zhou Wang raise his hand in favor, and as time went by, King Zhou was no longer disturbed and lived wholeheartedly.
After Ji Chang was killed in the Boyi test, he felt a palpitation in his heart. He couldn’t help but learn that Boyi test didn’t listen to his instructions to sing songs to save himself from being framed by da ji. He was also chopped up and let him eat. "My son’s Boyi test! I regret that you didn’t listen to my father’s words. If you don’t eat my son’s meat today, your life will be in danger. If you eat it, you will have the heart. If you do, you will say, "Being alone with loyalty and loyalty, Wan Li will visit relatives, and the disaster has not entered the city of Youli. First, you will go to Yin’s platform to play the piano, except that the witch will be angry in an instant. It’s a pity that the young guest’s soul will travel to the ashes."
On the second day, I took the Boyi meat guard to the prison to dispel doubts. Ji Chang pretended to be very grateful. Generally, all those meat packages were eaten into the stomach, but who knows that his heart is bitter and there is no bite in it, just like in his heart, so that he can’t breathe. When he is satisfied with eating the guards, he goes back and reports that Jichang will spit out all the meat packages and turn them into a frog. Ji Chang, the frog, is in tears.
The news of Boyi’s death soon returned to Xiqiao. Ji Fa heard that he suddenly fainted when everyone was in a hurry to wake up the doctor. Sanyisheng said, "We can bribe Zhong Youhun with gold and silver, and let them put in a good word to help the monarch and let him return to Xiqiao. Their greedy character will naturally not refuse."
Ji Fa after listen to worry way "that this matter to the uncle" Sanyisheng way "public trust I must not be entrusted to the CCBA will meet your marquis Xiqiao" Say that finish turned around the hall in Sanyisheng arrangement is too bumpy, Hong Yao dressed up as a gift to do business, starry night to Si Shui to check two will enter.
After ten miles in jiepai, I went through the clouds, and then I went into Tong120 miles, and Lintong crossed Mianchi County, crossed the Yellow River, and went to Mengjin to sing songs. The two generals were afraid to settle down at the inn, take a break, secretly collect gifts, and go too far to Zhongfu and Hunfu.
Zhong arrived at dusk and went out to return to the government. The gatekeeper, Master Qi, said, "There is a poor officer in Xiqi." Zhong Xiao said, "It’s too late! When he came in, he came to the front of the hall. General SHEN WOO was too upset. He was also ordered by the doctor to save my master’s life and rebuild Hong En’s profound mo Ji’s every dimension to complement each other.
There will be an opinion at the end of this special difference. "
Zhong looked at the ceremony and thought to himself, "How can you act now when this ceremony is worth thousands of dollars?" Meditation for a long time is to pay too much, saying, "You go back and worship the doctor more, and I can’t repair it. When I pick it up in the morning and evening, it will naturally make your master return home, and there will never be any negative feelings for your doctor." Too much thanks to leave, and I will also give gifts to you Hun. The two of them talk about the same thing, and they will be busy cleaning up Xiqiao.
Since Zhong received a gift from a casual student, he didn’t ask You Hun You Hun, and he didn’t ask Zhong. They both pushed and dragged each other. I didn’t know that the Star Tower was drinking one day. Zhou Wang suddenly asked him about Ji Chang. "Ji Chang’s theory of innate numbers from eating meat is all nonsense!"
One side waited for Zhong to take the opportunity to say, "I heard that Ji Chang was rebellious and disloyal. I have always been on guard against the fact that I went to the prison with my confidant a few days ago. The soldiers and civilians in the prison all said that Ji Chang was loyal and loyal every month, and he prayed for the country’s well-being, the country’s prosperity, the country’s prosperity, the country’s prosperity and the people’s peace, and the wind."
After listening to this, Zhou Wang thought, "Qing said the day before yesterday that Ji Chang’s’ loyalty and treachery outside’ harbored evil intentions. Is it not a good person?" Zhong went on to say, "According to people, it is difficult to tell whether Chang is loyal or not, so I am dark."
Let the confidant know the truth, and you will know that Chang is a loyal and loyal person. As the saying goes,’ Lu Yao knows horsepower and sees people’s hearts for a long time.’ "
Zhou Wang didn’t answer and turned to look at Youhun’s way of "I don’t know how to love you" and charged Youhun to take off the road for Ji Chang. "I agree with what Mr. Zhong said that Ji Chang was trapped in prison, and all loyal subjects can be called by the people. Jichang Shengren asked me if I dared not lie before I could play."
Zhou Wang nodded after hearing this. "Since the two Aiqing said that Ji Chang was a loyal minister, I will forgive him for his crimes and leave him to listen to the song." Zhong and You Hun couldn’t help saying "You can’t!"
Zhou Wang looked puzzled at the two people, saying, "I don’t know if two lovebirds are necessary." Zhong said, "It is inevitable that many people in Jichang will listen to their words, which is an unstable factor, although it is also a disaster for him to be loyal to the king."
As soon as Zhong’s voice fell, You Hun said, "It’s better to let it go to Xiqi and keep it away from Chaoge."
Zhou Wang said, "This method is good to order Ji Chang to leave the prison quickly, and there must be no mistakes." Ji Chang in the prison felt divination in his heart, and he said, "I have been trapped for seven years, and today I have made a positive result." Then he ordered Ding Ding to pack up and prepare to leave the imperial edict of the two of them and come to Ji Chang to meet the imperial edict to thank humbly.
When I came to Chaoge to thank Zhou Wang, I said, "Ji Chang, the guilty minister, is too guilty to be punished. Forgive me, even though all the bones are broken, long live the year!" Zhou Wang said, "You have been in prison for seven days without complaining, but instead of praying for peace and happiness in our country, it can be seen that you are loyal to me. Today, I am sorry for your sins. Seven koos still seal the virtuous, loyal and filial piety, and the chief of the hundred officials, who are specially appointed to conquer and give you Bai Luo and Huang Yue, who are in Xiqiao, add one thousand stone civilian officers and two military commanders every month to send you home and still give you a banquet in Longde Hall."
Three days later, King Jichang returned to China, and all the people in Chaoge sent him a gift from Huang Feihu, the king of Wucheng. As soon as he passed by Zhou Wang, he heard that Ji Chang had returned to China privately without saying goodbye to him. Zhou Wang was furious and ordered him to take it back and escape from Chaoge. King Jichang did not dare to gallop all the way and was soon chased.
At a critical moment, a foot-pedal Xiangyun wanted to hang a cone-shaped magic weapon with a gold stick, so Jichang sent him out of danger. This man was the literary king Jichang. Lei Zhen was loved by Yuan for the hundredth time. Lei Zhen had got rid of the scary appearance of the later generations. The two fairy apricots in the back hill were refined into wind hammers and thunder cones in the cloud. Both of them were extremely acquired Lingbao-level gold sticks, but they were innate Lingbao given by Yuan.
Now Lei Zhen’s sleeves are fluttering and his face is moist, and Ji Chang looks at him and asks, "I don’t know if there will be heavy thanks after Ji Chang, the immortal." Lei Zhen says, "Father and child are Lei Zhen." Ji Chang looks at Lei Zhen carefully after listening. "In a blink of an eye, my son has also cultivated successfully for more than ten years. I wonder if my son will go back to Xiqiao with his father this time?"
Lei Zhen said sorry, "My father was ordered by his teacher to send his father out for five days, and he will be reinstated in the mountains." Ji Chang said with emotion after listening, "My son must listen to the fairy long language in the cloud and follow the fairy long to practice the fairy method well." Lei Zhen respectfully said, "My father can rest assured that I will live up to my father’s expectations."
A little while later, five Lei Zhen sent Ji Chang away, and at the same time released a kind of entourage to Jichang Road. "My father and son will return to the mountain to report to me. Take care of your father." After that, he gave Ji Chang a head and set up a cloud to fly to Yuzhu Cave in Zhongnanshan. Looking at the distance, Lei Zhen Ji Chang looked gratified and looked at the horse waving to Xiqiao to be continued.
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Chapter 27 Began to ask questions and collect disciples.
Ji Chang escaped from Zhou Wang and flew into a rage, threatening to use his personal expedition to Xiqi to let Xiqi know the price of rebelling against singing songs. After all, he persuaded Zhou Wang to finally calm down and turn around and forget about it, and continue to booze.
As time goes by, winter comes, and the weather is cold. One day, da ji thinks of a group of foxes and grandchildren in Xuanyuan grave, who are well-developed and enjoy themselves in the palace, but people take care of them. He thinks that da ji is going to take them into the palace to have fun.
Think of this the next day, da ji said to Zhou Wang, "The courtiers know a Taoist fairy family, and they want to visit them in the palace. I don’t know the courtiers’ answer." Zhou Wang looked surprised after hearing this, and da ji said happily, "I didn’t expect my concubine to have such a layer of nothing! I agreed "Zhou Wang the words sound just fell and da ji was happy to send a kiss" Thank you for your position "by da ji’s sneak attack on Zhou Wang, and the sexual interest followed the counterattack and went back to pick it up naturally.
On the 2nd, all the foxes and grandchildren in da ji came to the Chaoge Palace. da ji said, "How about asking all the ministers to accompany the wine?" Zhou Wang looked at these humanoid foxes in front of him, wearing a cassock, and there was quite a hint of fairy family spirit. Zhou Wang was happy to say, "I’m allowed to announce all the ministers to enter the palace to accompany the wine."
After the announcement, Zhou Wang and da ji sat on the high platform to watch the palace dance and drum music. Soon, except for the patrolling town, Huang Feihu, the king of martial arts, didn’t come to Bigan, and all the other ministers came. This fox Sun gave Bigan and others a good first impression after seeing the ceremony with everyone, but a few cups of wine and ugly signs, the fox’s tail leaked out, and sitting opposite Bigan saw a real heart and a demon in chaos.
When da ji saw this, he couldn’t help saying, "This little fox is drunk, afraid of revealing his ugliness, and his face is ugly." It’s getting dark every day for all the ministers. It’s better to let all the adults go home without accompanying all the Taoist friends. "When Zhou Wang heard it, he was also in charge of drinking this national event every day, or was it handled by these ministers?" I love you late at night, so let’s go home! "