But green Yu Di still didn’t respond.

"Hum! I dare not! "
God read so into the green Yu Di, Xiao asked, with a wave of his right hand, that the flute was crossed in front of him in the distance and the exquisite fire sword was raised and cut off!
"Hum! ! !”
Never respond to the green Yu Di turned out to be a green light blooming after the earthquake, struggling to escape from Xiao Wen!
But Xiao asked how powerful it was, not to mention that the sacrifice was refined to the sixth floor, and even the seventh floor was under human control, you couldn’t escape from him!
By the green Yu Di or in the hands of Xiao Wen exquisite fire fierce sword chopping trajectory!
Suddenly there was a mysterious message flowing from the green Yu Di and pouring into Xiao Wen’s mind along Xiao Wen’s right arm!
The information was almost the same as the initiation, although it was not clear, but Xiao Wen immediately mastered a more effective way to play the role of this flute!
Exquisite fire sword turned a corner to meet the fish fiend Xiao asked is immediately put the flute in the mouth again.
This time, he still didn’t have the power to blow it, but mixed it with the method that God had just obtained.
The sound waves started …
"ah? ! ! !”
In the distance, the fisherman’s fiend suddenly slammed his hands into the wall on the left side of the main hall
Listen to "bang" a mermaid fiend turned out to be the temple wall body knocked out a big hole!
"Yao Ji! ! ! ! !”
Fishman fiend’s hands cover his head, his body aches, and he shivers sharply, carrying resentment that can drown heaven and earth and roared! !
Tehran trident finally lost control and hit the ground.
The temple was driven by the mermaid fiend avatar, which seemed to be alive, and the blue breath quickly calmed down.
But Xiao asked there didn’t stop, so the fishman fiend still had to hurt.
After yelling at the "Yao Ji", he put his head in his hands and trembled, trying to endure the pain, but he didn’t insist on it for a long time and then yelled again and hit his head against the wall again.
"boom! ! !”
The fishman fiend is absolutely painful and terrible. He may have lost his mind, but he even withdrew his body after breaking the temple wall instead of running away directly.
Then the scene of Xiao Wen and others seeing the scalp pins and needles appeared. Seeing that the fishman fiend turned out to be a left hand holding the left face and the right hand clenching fist "shout", it went directly to the right side of his head!
"bang! ! !”
"bang! ! !”
"bang! ! ! !”
Fisherman fiend is like not knowing that it’s his own head. Soon blood gushed out of his mouth, and his handsome face was already worse than ferocious hate, because his brain was more painful …
The first thing I can’t see is that Nan Yunqing and 90,000 of the former stopped in the middle and frowned at the fishman fiend’s face. And ninety thousand simply cried in the blood mark.
Ninety thousand shouted like this, but it didn’t mean that she wanted Xiao Wen to do it. After all, Xiao Wen should be in charge at this time. She didn’t want to hold Xiao Wen back, but at the moment, she really felt that the fisherman’s fiend was too sad. She would rather let Xiao Wen give him a good time than watch the fisherman’s fiend self-harm.
To tell the truth, Xiao Wen has long been guilty. He asks himself, if he is forced to blow his head with one punch, and he is still so hard to blow it to the death, then 90 thousand will definitely be distressed to death, and so will Nan Yunqing.
A man like him and a fishman fiend should have a decent way to die even if he dies.
So Xiao asked suddenly to green Yu Di took a frown from his mouth and looked at the nearby fisherman fiend and didn’t rush over to give each other a sword.
As soon as the flute stopped, the fishman fiend felt a little better, but the pain did not go away, and he put his hands on his head and locked his eyebrows for a while.
Before he finished his recovery, the fishman fiend opened his eyes. His eyes were full of fatigue after suffering, but it was by no means weakness, and there was no gratitude or forgiveness in them.
He looked at Xiao Wen quietly with slight ups and downs, just like looking at a person who has nothing to do with him.
That kind of feeling is like he can face the reality frankly, including being tortured to death by that Yu Di. Since he can accept it frankly, he will naturally talk about whether he is afraid or not. Since he is not afraid, what’s the difference between Xiao Wen and Yu Di?
He has lost hope for all intelligent beings in this world.
The fishman fiend didn’t talk. Xiao asked if he could speak first. Anyway, among the five of them, he was injured badly. Just now, he got enough. He said directly, "We want to go out. We don’t have to fight to the death."
Xiao asked is to take the initiative to give in. The fisherman fiend needs to say a word and the feud between the two sides will be revealed.
However, in the case of Xiao Wen holding Yu Di, this kind of peace talks is obviously that Xiao Wen let the fisherman fiend go.
Fisherman fiend seems to be didn’t expect Xiao Wen to say so, and his eyes are still thinking about Xiao Wen’s true words with more pain.
Then he finally noticed something from Xiao Wen’s expression and asked hoarsely, "Are you pitying me?"
"I just don’t want you to die like that. You deserve a more decent death, and we’ll have a grudge against you."
There’s another sentence that Xiao Wen didn’t say, that’s really pity. He’s 90 thousand and Nan Yunqing, but it doesn’t matter whether he says it or not. Anyway, after they go out, they won’t have any friends with this guy again