Dayou Dazhuang and Lin Cheng are in Wendeng for freight transportation. If they are more familiar with the industry, they will introduce the transportation situation here in the port to Lin Cheng in detail.

The transport fleet is full of ground cars, and no car has been brought from Wendeng. Now everything is lacking except people and cars.
At present, the port industry is less, and it goes out to sea in winter, and the freight volume is not large. Now it is easier to organize the fleet than to be in a hurry.
There is always trouble here. The big fishmonger’s name is Jiao Wen. Everyone calls him Wen Ge Jiao Wen. He is the earliest fishmonger and the biggest fishmonger in Shidao Port. He has a boat, that is, four pairs of fishing boats, which is worth 10 million yuan. He also has a cold storage. Half of the fish in Shidao Port are sold to Jiao Wen.
With money and territory, he still befriends the fishing gang. He takes it for granted that this place should be his own boss, plus the fishing gang’s second husband, that is, Uncle Chen Jingtang and follow focus promised that you would be the boss of the port fishery after that, and no one had ever competed with you.
But now Lin Cheng and others are here. Although Lin Cheng and others are not collecting fish, Jiao Wen can feel the sense of crisis. Since Lin Cheng can come, he must have hesitated in his heart, so he found Chen Jingtang’s uncle Chen Guangzong. Chen Guangzong didn’t know that his father was missing. He didn’t recognize that Chen Jing was so bold that he could kill his father in secret, but after all, he also suspected that he and Chen Jing were not very tough on this cousin Chen Guangzong. He loved and feared that Chen Jing was the goddess he had always dreamed of, but he knew that his IQ was not Chen Jing’s opponent. He hit it off and he supported Jiao Wen secretly.
Of course, Lin Cheng and Chen Jing attacked Weihai to help Chen Guangzong and Jiao Wen don’t know that if they knew, they didn’t have the courage to Lin Chengnan.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Jiao Wen swaggered with his Toyota bullying, followed by a Jetta, in which Jiao Wen sat two bodyguards and a driver.
Jiao Wen is also a mixed gang in Shidao Port. Of course, he is in the fishing gang. That is the underworld. Jiao Wen can be regarded as a relatively mixed gang. Of course, everyone understands the difference between the underworld.
Jiao Wen is obviously drunk today, and he can’t walk steadily when he is drunk. Jiao Wen staggered ahead and followed three minions for the common people to see. It’s really a triad.
Jiao Wen walked to the front of Lincheng colorbond board house and kicked the door of the board house.
The cold wind blew in, and Zhang Bin Dazhuang and others shrank their necks with cold. Dayou squinted at the door and came in, such as Jiao Wen and others.
Lin became up "who are you trying? What can I do for you? "
Jiao Wen unbridled laughed with a mouthful of alcohol. "What can I do if I kick the door? Elder brother is to find another project, "said this JiaoWen frankly come straight to the point.
Big Zhuang was annoyed with "Fuck you" first. Big Zhuang picked up the teapot and threw it at Jiao Wen.
Jiao Wen was drunk and tired after talking for a long time. A stumble just happened to avoid hitting the teapot with a big strong one. I have to say that this Jiao Wen was so lucky.
However, Jiao Wen’s good luck seems to stop here. Lin Cheng watched Jiao Wen avoid the teapot and provoked a lump of coal to fly to his knees. Lin Cheng didn’t look at it. A volley of coal flew to Jiao Wen’s thigh like a bomb.
The coal hit Jiao Wen’s thigh and flew Jiao Wen out. He lay on his back directly in the arms of two bodyguards behind him, and his mouth ached and groaned.
"Are you still so crazy now?" Lin Cheng walked to the front of Jiao Wen and pulled out Jiao Wen’s sweater to wipe the blood on his mouth and asked softly
This lump of coal was knocked dizzy by Jiao Wen. Although it hit the thigh instead of the brain, Jiao Wen was really knocked dizzy by Lin Cheng.
But Jiao Wen’s mouth is not soft. "Are you Lin Cheng?"
"I am my mother, my mother is my mother." I grabbed Jiao Wen and dragged Jiao Wen to the hearth, grabbed Jiao Wen’s palm and pressed it on the red-hot stove.
Jiao Wen gave a general cry of killing pigs, emitted squeaky smoke and gave off a barbecue smell.
Jiao Wen was really awake and cried out in pain, "Brother, grandpa won’t dare. Never again."
Lin Cheng withdrew Jiao Wentang’s half-cooked and half-cooked palm. "Remember that I am responsible for the port transportation, and you’d better not challenge me."
"Grandpa, never again." Obviously, Jiao Wen’s nerves are still immersed in the pain and fear just now.
"I also want to tell you that whether you are a dragon or a tiger before, you have to lie down and roll when you see me as a dragon or a tiger!"
Jiao Wen entered the Amnesty and fled with his arm in his arms.
Set up a card at the entrance of 99 village
The formation of the port transportation fleet went well. The second space-based fishing port was visited by everyone, and Zhang Bin’s eyes were even more awed. Because Lin Cheng rarely came forward, Zhang Bin was carrying the whole thing. Of course, he was regarded as Zhang Bin’s deputy, and his reputation in Shidao Port also soared.
Everything is going well here at Shidao Port. Lin Cheng got a message. Who is it? It’s Xiaojian
"Master, is everything going well over there?"
"Yeah, not bad. What about you?"
"I’m okay here, but there’s a little problem."
"Don’t hesitate. Is it practicing or business?"
"It’s a little trivial to report that the master practiced martial arts for a day, but the business is a little trivial. So there is a driver in Gejia Town who came here and walked all the way. Didn’t Gejia section of National Highway 39 be renovated earlier? There is a village next to a provincial highway in Gejia Town, which is called Dongli, and then the national highway is closed, which saves this small provincial highway. Then Dongli Village set up a card on the road to collect large trucks passing by, especially medium-sized trucks with a semi-trailer of 20 yuan from other places. This has little to do with us, but when the driver left, he left a message for us It’s illegal to collect it here, but the law enforcement officers ran away as soon as they collected it, and it came out again. I also called Wang Brigade, the third brigade of Gejia Traffic Police, and he also found someone to go, but he still couldn’t hold back. The culprit should be Dongli Village Committee, but the police can’t master the credentials. Do you think I won’t go and see for myself? "
"You went to the goods? Now our industry is so busy that we can’t lose our cars for a day. We are all familiar drivers. Let’s just say that my side is also busy. I will go back to Wang Jie and me today to see what’s going on. "
After Lin Cheng hung up, he called Chen Jing, "My horse is going back to Wendeng to do something to tell you."
"Hehe, you don’t tell me when you do things." Chen Jing thought about it and asked, "When will you come back?"
"Look at the situation. It’s hard to say."
"How do you get there? I’ll send a car to take you home. "
"No, no, I’ll just take a taxi."
Lin Cheng hung up the phone and gave a brief explanation to Da Zengyou and Zhang Bin. He stopped a taxi at the door and went straight to Wendeng.
In less than an hour, Lin Cheng returned to his own place in Wendeng Kunpeng Freight and met Xiaojian Wang Jie and others. Lin Cheng took off his coat and hung it on the wall.
Xiaojian Wang Jie and others got up when they saw Lin Cheng coming, and sat around the stove. There were many drivers waiting in line for Xiaojian to arrange work.
Xiaojian and Lin Cheng came to the office. Xiaojian specifically introduced Lin Cheng to the recent industry situation. The industry exhibition is very good. Now Kunpeng freight has reached many markets in Wendeng. There are more than 100 cars and ten trolleys every day, which are at least as busy as a bee every day.
In addition, Chen Wenfeng promised to buy the Land Rover Freelander and come back to the 4S shop before the Chinese New Year. donglin village Xiaojian introduced Lin Cheng in detail and nodded "I’ll go and have a look at it in the afternoon".
"Master is not with you?"
"No, it’s really no good leaving you. I’ll go with Wang Jie."
At the entrance of Dongli Village, a low-key Land Rover Range Rover stopped at the path beside the village.
Lin Cheng sat in the main driver’s seat. Wang Jie lit a cigarette in the co-pilot’s hand. The front of the car was facing two villagers wearing armbands at the entrance of Dongli Village.
Every big truck passing by will put that self-made roadblock bar more than two meters long, which directly blocks the road. More than one-half of the cars can pass from the side, but the big trucks can’t pass unless you are not afraid to scrape and force through, but several drivers are not afraid to scrape and transport the cars. Many drivers are not afraid to give the boss oil and water, not to mention saving more than 320 accelerator. In this case, foreign drivers usually pay for money. The village has a name for collecting money, called road maintenance. Think about it. The weight of big trucks is from several tons to more than ten tons. Every truck is ten tons.
Everyone knows that it is harmful to the road, but the national road is closed and renovated, and another provincial road is opened. This is the city’s policy and setting, and can it be decided by the city? You can set up a small village Committee? The smallest administrative unit in the country is the county, and your village is separated from the county by thousands of miles. The county dare not say that you can accept it casually. How dare you accept it?