Kemp body majestic strong magic blood energy suddenly burst the original tall and stalwart body at this time in the whole body around latosolic red energy state is more terrible like a real fiend.

The whole thing seemed to be in this powerful momentum and trembling gas kept rippling like ripples in Kemp, and this energy department was hit by Gedao Gedao in Kemp’s energy support, which instantly shone with dazzling brilliance.
When Duanmu Quchong saw Kemp’s sample, he hit a black box with a soul print, and a large area of black fog floated out of the unique mixed print under the urging of a large number of immortal forces. The black fog kept drifting to cover an increasing area before blinking, and the black fog was already hundreds of meters in Fiona Fang.
Windson and Lin Ye have already retreated to the distance and watched the black fog continue to spread. Some Kemp in Windson are worried that because Windson knows that this soul print is badly touched by the black fog, Yuan Ying will be taken away and ruined.
Kemp, of course, won’t be stupid enough to wait in the same place for the black fog to cover himself and fly high. Duanmu Quchong controls the black fog and entangles Kemp like a snake, pouring out a large amount of magic blood and energy, and slashing the light with a knife.
A giant knife with a length of 100 feet chopped the black fog head-on and cut it to the place where Duanmu Quchong stood. It was early to guard against Duanmu Quchong and narrowly avoided Kemp. This blow once again urged a large number of black fog to attack Kemp.
Angry Kemp didn’t stop attacking himself. The ghosting image fluttered all over the sky. Kemp kept moving, and it didn’t stop attacking Duanmu. Zhan Ran’s knife light chopped the Duanmu like half a month, and the black fog was scattered by the knife light department.
Duanmu Quchong was very embarrassed and dodged around, but Duanmu Quchong was afraid to face Kemp face to face. The biggest reason was that Kemp Xiu was superior to Duanmu Quchong, and the magic artifact, Ge Dao, was powerful. Duanmu Quchong was certainly no match for Kemp.
The masterpiece is Kemp’s great fear of magic weapons, and it is only by grasping Kemp that he dares to fight Kemp.
If it had not been for the soul print, Qu Chong would have died in the Kampgo knife.
Windson know that this is not the way to play, but dare not let Kemp get close to Kemp, and also fear that it will be a pause to pester the soul print in his hand all the time.
At this time, Lin Feng made a bold decision in his own mind, that is, to help Kemp by his own ability, and only by giving Kemp a chance can he defeat Duanmu Quchong.
Windson figure suddenly disappeared in the in situ Lin Ye now very angry nu way "the wind! Where are you going? Your strength to help Kemp is nothing! "
Lin Ye, his disciple’s mind, is able to guess that the tug-of-war has already unfolded in front of him. Lin Feng’s character will not endure long-term torture, although sometimes he can remain calm, but after patience to a certain extent, Lin Feng will still make more impulsive things.
Windson cast his wind shadow travelling at the fastest speed, and at the same time, Tianhong blade in his hand suddenly cut forward, aiming at still dodging Kemp’s knife.
Kemp saw that windson suddenly joined and was slightly surprised, but the horse recovered. In Nai’s wry smile, he also flew near the self-respect.
Is a mess dodge Duanmu Quchong theory such as also can’t think of windson unexpectedly dare to die casually waved and swept to windson Tianhong blade but didn’t think windson face instead of fear revealed a sly smile.
When the pain in the left arm came, Duanmu Quchong was surprised that instead of sweeping the latosolic red long knife in Lin Feng’s hand, he was scratched by it, and he had not come to see the injury. Lin Feng called out the statue of two places at once and had already made a second attack.
Angry, Duanmu Quchong frantically urged Jueyin to kill Lin Feng immediately in Jueyin, but behind him, Lin Feng Zun was attacked by two places at once, but he arrived at Kemp again. To avoid accidental injury, Lin Feng has temporarily stopped attacking himself. Duanmu Quchong flickered away from the Zun Mang attack and was about to kill Lin Feng.
An important question suddenly appeared, that is, where did the Kemp people go? This question was answered by Kempgo’s knife. Duanmu Quchong’s knife flashed, and Duanmu Quchong was frightened. Now he left his body with a ghost print, and his left arm and legs were cut off one after another by Kempgo.
To the best of all the immortals in the body, a dark red light flashed, and Duanmu Quchong used the method of escape-blood dun. This dark red light passed, and Kemp knew that Duanmu Quchong used the method of blood dun to escape Mure Xuean Lin Feng and did not stay here.
And Kemp Lin Ye, three people chased Murrexue’s place, and Kemp teleported the fastest several times to find Murrexue’s mountain peak.
Lin Feng and Lin Ye also flew here a moment later. Lin Feng saw sitting cross-legged on the ground and practicing Mu Rexue. "Ruoxue!"
But MuReXue like finish didn’t hear windson Shouting is still sitting still windson felt something strange was about to call MuReXue again was stopped by Kemp.
"If Snow Girl is trapped in the array set by Duanmu Quchong now, we can clearly see if Snow Girl’s every move is outside the array, but if Snow Girl is in the array, she can’t see us here, which is the severe point of imprisoning the array," Kemp whispered.
Lin Feng was busy. "Then Kemp, please break this imprisoned Ruoxue array quickly!"
Kemp chuckled, "Are you so anxious to meet Ruoxue? Look at you in a hurry, as if you will fight me hard if I don’t break the array. "
Lin Feng was embarrassed to look at Kemp and glanced at Lin Ye angrily. "Are you asking me to go through all the hardships to help you find the magic artifact and restore the magic artifact Godknife Kemp? Is this how you repay me?"
The third volume Chapter 25 Blood dun
Kemp said quickly, "My horse will break this array and let you get together with Miss Muruexue."
After that, he stretched out his hand and waved a few magic blood energy at random at the corner of the array where Muruoxue was imprisoned, and instantly heard "Bang Bang!" A few days later, the law of imprisoning Muruoxue collapsed in shape.
At this time, the original dish sat on the ground, Mure Snow seemed to sense the energy fluctuation and slowly opened her beautiful and melancholy eyes.
When you see windson full of passionate eyes, MuReXue seems to be in his sleep, but he still has a very psychedelic and unreal feeling. "Windson, is it really you?" Am I dreaming? "
"If it were me, I finally found your deadwood, Qu Chong, who was also injured and escaped from these, didn’t come to torture you?" Linfeng low road
Aside Kemp dry cough a dignified way "windson let’s get out of here first? Duanmu Quchong was seriously injured, and what’s more, he used his life-consuming divine power to escape. At this excellent time, we must find his soul print. At this moment, he still has it. Once he is recovered, the consequences will be very serious! "
Mure snow strangely looked at Kemp and Lin Ye puzzled eyes and asked Lin Feng that both of them were Mure snow strangers. Lin Feng smiled, "If you don’t know who these two are, do you? Let me tell you that Yingjie is a big shot in this person-O Kemp. "
After hearing the words of windson, Murenxue paused for breath, and his face was full of amazing colors. "O Kemp! Windson you incredibly and fiend camp together what the hell is going on? "
Lin Ye changed his true power and restored it to its original state. Looking at Mu Ruoxue, he said, "Ruoxue, look who I am?"
"Lin Shibo! Things seem to be getting more and more complicated. Can you tell me all the details? " Mure snow more confused way
Windson gently stepped forward and came to the front of Mure Snow, and carefully watched Mure Snow’s eyes. "If Snow actually has a very simple cause, it all has to start with the original black iron bar when I got the magic artifact remnants."
Lin Feng’s experience of doubt is very tortuous. He wandered around for life and death several times to find all the remnants of magic artifacts. It can be said that Lin Feng has suffered a lot. If Mu Re Xue has not been held hostage by Duane Quchong, Lin Feng will help Kemp find the fiend remnants. If it is to keep the promise, then if Xue is caught by Duane Quchong to intimidate Lin Feng, Lin Feng has already put everything aside.
There is no point in saving Mure Snow and Windson from doing other things. Even if you can practice to Du Jie, you will not feel the heart.
Mu Rexue’s mood is ups and downs after hearing all Lin Feng’s experiences at the moment. I didn’t expect that there was such a big conspiracy hidden in it. What Lin Feng did made Mu Rexue very moved. Although his family was killed by Duanmu Quchong, he wouldn’t feel lonely with Lin Feng in Mu Rexue.
The chief culprit of Duanmu Quchong is not dead yet. Kemp has not sensed where his breath is for the time being. The four of them stopped and continued to pursue Duanmu Quchong’s footsteps.
Now Lin Feng and others don’t want to go back to the polar city. Mu Rexue doesn’t want to touch the scene again. Lin Feng stayed here in a place with beautiful scenery.
The sea of clouds is rolling and misty.
In the depths of the sea of clouds, at the moment, there is a flash of blood-red light and shadow. Yes, this blood shadow is a dead end.
Although the physical body was severely damaged by Kemp, after the ascent, all celestial beings could rebuild their true bodies with immortal strength, and Qu Chong reunited with immortal strength to recover the physical injury = = = =
However, due to the use of blood, a large number of immortal forces have been consumed. Now Duanmu Quchong is very weak. If they are again spoken by Lin Fengkamp, Duanmu Quchong will never escape again.
Hiding his breath, Duanmu Quchong hid in the vast sea of clouds and sat cross-legged in the middle, and entered the dormant state of consciousness. The immortal knowledge was not leaked, so it was very dangerous, but it was able to quickly reply to his own immortal strength. Now Duanmu Quchong has no other choice.