Sue sent the Empress Dowager Tai back.

Mu Jing saw that they had just set foot in Meiyuan, and he quickly left in another direction, even jumping over the wall without further delay. He quickly rushed to the palace gate, but Chen Shougang was lucky.
Hearing Chen Shou’s report, the first snow is already in the palace.
It’s been an hour
It’s late. Is the gate closed?
Was it at the gate an hour ago?
Does the first snow take the waterway or does Lu Dao go east or west?
Mu Jingma sent someone to chase them respectively.
According to the first snow, it shouldn’t go far, and will he travel at night?
Calm down, Mu Jing forced himself to calm down. How can it be too sexual to let him go like this? Don’t say that if he doesn’t take medicine for half a year, his life will be in danger.
Chen Shou is at Mujing’s disposal.
To be cautious, Mu Jing didn’t send Chen Shoujing.
He always felt as if he had revealed something, so he asked Chen Shoudao where did you say the first snow would go? Did he really say that he would go to Naman?
I don’t think so. Why should I go to another relative? I’m afraid Sima Dian will receive a letter just like you.
Well, it’s unlikely that he will go, so in which direction will he change? Yes, in which direction will you go? In the opposite direction, Mu Jing is a fan of the authorities. He needs other people’s opinions and then decides that Section 118 will be the last one to ask for 4.
I don’t know Chen Shou’s words and deeds, but if I were you, I would definitely go to a place that means something to me. He doesn’t know anything about the first snow. After all, he is the closest person to their family.
Where is the most meaningful place for Chuxue? Looking back, Mu Jing can’t think of it. He doesn’t know where is the most meaningful place for Chuxue. He thinks the most meaningful place is the Imperial Palace in Beijing. He grew up here and loved his relatives. Isn’t this enough?
Suddenly Mujing Road, Chen Shouma rushed to the ferry. Now the first snow is probably not in Beijing for several times. What is the most way to leave Beijing alone? It has become the only way for him to walk through the waterway together from the ferry in recent years.
Shuidao was once embarrassed by Chen Shouzheng and didn’t continue to talk because he shouldn’t have said the next words.
Admire the scenic spots and nod for the first snow. If you still choose the waterway, do you miss it or deliberately?
Ride wildly
Several fast horses galloped quickly.
The night wind is cool, and the scales on the water surface are shining with soft colors.
The big ships are moored in considerable order one by one.
Chen Shouma asked someone to check.
It wasn’t long before people reported that no one had seen them.
Mujing kept silent and stared at the water god.
It’s late at night, and there is no boat now. Shouldn’t you go back to the palace and wait for another day?
No, you send someone to guard the gates with the first snow. If you want to beat the city even if the gates are closed, you must send a confidant to guard it. When you see him, you must leave him and report to me quickly. Don’t disturb anyone. The first snow doesn’t want to disturb Mujing. When making the order, he deliberately added.
Chen Shouling was ordered to leave.
Mujing stood by the river in the evening breeze and looked up at the stars. He couldn’t help wondering if he was right or wrong. Chuxue said that he wanted to live according to his own will. If he stopped it again, what would it be? In fact, he has been struggling. Section 119 became the last one to ask for 5.
The east side is getting white.
The veils of the hazy night on the earth are gradually lifted.
It’s dawn.
The silent ferry also gradually rang, and there were few people in the place where there was no figure.
Not far away, a young figure in a gown is leisurely
Long hair blown and look safe.
The light pace looks like flowers in the weeping willows by the river, which are warm and pleasing to the eye.
He has no baggage, not like a distant place, but like a distant place.
At last he stood at the ferry.
Looking at the riverside boat in a daze
I still remember the day when he and she came here together, but they boarded Xiao Zhong’s boat. It seems that all his life, he lived in his brother’s feather and Ji, and never really left him to protect or appreciate the shadow. At the same time, he would be rebellious like many teenagers in his heart.