Black loach

She is a black dragon, even though her blood may not be pure, at least she is a dragon, which cannot be changed.
The man who raised her called her loach so much.
Placing it on purpose is a sign of extreme contempt for her.
Chai Wanying couldn’t help feeling angry and wronged by this little black dragon. Then why are you here now?
That man asked me to come.
The little black dragon is obviously really sincere.
And when this answer came up, she suddenly jumped Yi Long.
Oh, no, I forgot about him
Said the little black dragon while some fear looked up at the natural Wan Liyun sunny scene.
Tears in golden eyes suddenly fell to the rustling.
When it falls to the ground, it immediately condenses into golden balls and emits fragrance.
Chai Wanying quickly stroked her head while looking at this scene in surprise. Hey, don’t cry, don’t cry. Who is that man? What does he want you to do?
He told me to scare people and gave me two spirits to eat me. I forgot to go back. He would definitely hit me.
The little black dragon is obviously really afraid that the dragon body is huddled up.
Damn it, I hate it when people abuse animals and even abuse a dragon.
Chai Wanying immediately became indignant when you heard it.
Why don’t you just don’t go back? I think you’re pretty white, too. Just stay and be friends with Xiaobai and live with us. I’ll raise you.
Tourmaline, however, looked slightly moved after listening to the little black dragon’s words. That man asked you to scare people. How could he scare you?
The little black dragon was afraid to see Xiaobai being honest in front of tourmaline.
I can also be afraid of tourmaline in my heart.
At this moment, when I heard his mouth, I told her how the man who raised her told her to hide in the clouds and make clouds and rain.
Listen to Chai Wanying Luning and they frown.
When Lu Ningkou asked her what the person who raised her looked like, the little black dragon obviously couldn’t tell.
She can’t see the human face clearly every time, saying that his face is foggy, golden and tall.
And she said that if these three conditions are met, the immortals in heaven can achieve these three points.
Root can’t judge who the people who raised her and sent her are.
The only thing that can be judged is that the little black dragon is sent by heaven.
Chai Wanying clenched his fist and looked at the direction of the sky. He said shamelessly, it’s so mean that even small animals benefit.
Don’t go back to heaven after I give you a new name. Since that man is so bad and abuses you, how about hitting you and following us?
Chai Wanying’s abacus is like this.
On the one hand, this little black dragon is cute and straightforward. She is bullied by the celestial people and she really can’t stand it.
Secondly, Xiaobai has always lacked a companion.