"It’s hard for me to feel where my brother is now." Red shook her head gently, and her eyes were full of worries. She was Hu Mei looking for help to find evidence. Her ability to search for evidence was much more convenient than the average person. Plus, she really needed to replenish energy here in Feiyang, so red rushed over overnight to prepare for assistance, but I didn’t expect Feiyang to leave the research center.

"So you stay at home and keep in touch with us at any time. You go out with me in red to look for flying separately." Hu Mei bowed her head and thoughtfully and made a decision soon.
"Yes," they nodded and quickly moved Hu Mei out of Laojiu with red clothes and then looked for traces of flying.
"Do you know how to get to the White House in red?" Hu Mei asked softly in red out of the door.
"Know that we will go there directly?" Red nodded and asked lightly.
"Well, let’s go." Hu Mei nodded and drove rapidly towards the White House. I don’t know how many red lights I ran all the way, but I was worried about flying safety.
"Today is our birthday, Miss Bai Da. She doesn’t want to get dirty, so she will honestly go to the White House with us." One of Bai Jingxuan’s four hands looked at Feiyang and said maliciously.
Flying ignored the four men, but looked at Bai Qianqiu and said indifferently, "Miss Bai has done this, so I will leave now." Then I want to fly away.
"Can you walk in the sky?" Bai Qianqiu laughed coldly and looked at the flying figure and disdained to leave.
Feiyang said nothing and suddenly picked up speed, rose and ran rapidly towards the roadside forest.
"Hum, I don’t know what to do." Bai Qianqiu snorted with a right hand and pointed to a bullet flying, then he felt that a gas strength came quickly behind him and quickly bypassed a tree after two people folded, but he didn’t realize that this gas strength turned out to be directly through the trunk and came to fly towards himself, which turned around a figure and was worn by this gas strength, which made a through hole in his left shoulder.
Fly in the sky immediately stuffy hum a shape non-stop running towards the distance.
"Big miss this small to us" four people face a pleased to Bai Qianqiu ready and said, and then quickly rose up and chased.
Bai Qianqiu coldly looked at Feiyang and fled. The figure was unhurried and followed behind the pursuit of Feiyang. Like a cat and mouse, he jokingly looked at the killing and rushing to the sky.
"Give me a little life." Four people met Feiyang and fled at a very fast speed, so they looked at each other and made an attack towards Feiyang in succession, and then split into two ways and chased him towards Feiyang.
Feel behind four gas strength hit turns out to be flying forward and backward roads blocked flying for a moment to avoid two gas strength hard to carry a gas strength and a direct hit on his chest immediately stuffy hum a spit out one mouthful blood simply because of the distance, this gas strength is not very big, but it is also pulled into the distance between himself and them.
Flying didn’t dare to stop, then covered with lush trees to avoid the attack of four people. I felt glad that Bai Qianqiu didn’t make a move, but I also noticed that Bai Qianqiu was unhurried and anxious behind him, but he couldn’t come up with any better way. Besides, it’s too far away from Laojiu and the terrain is unfamiliar. It’s also a method to bring down the things that float in the sky. Where can you choose to flee and escape?
"Boss, what should we do? This little escape is too strong. I’m afraid we can’t catch it." One of the four people said anxiously to the first man.
"Leave it to me." Don’t wait for the first person to answer. Bai Qianqiu’s body suddenly flashed, that is, he reached out his right index finger in front of the four people, and gently pressed it in the direction of flying away, that is, he heard the flying in front of him and snorted again, and the speed of the whole person suddenly became sluggish.
"Big miss terrible" four people suddenly in the heart a happy big kowtowing.
"Don’t chase me" Bai Qianqiu naturally didn’t put four people’s praise in mind and watched the flying slower and slower.
"Yes," four people hurriedly chased after it, and the murder in their hearts became stronger and stronger. With Bai Qianqiu at one side to help float in the sky, it was like a turtle in a jar.
"Brother, I’m coming" is smiling at myself in the flying heart. Today, I’m afraid born to die suddenly heard a long-lost red tone in his ear, and then he felt that the speed of thin body suddenly accelerated a lot and escaped the attack range of Bai Jingxuan’s four hands again.
"What’s going on?" Four people are about to chase the flying, but they see that the flying speed has accelerated again. Many people are not startled and stood there.
"Oh, the spirit" Bai Qianqiu clearly saw that the flying body was wrapped in a light red shadow, and then he reacted slightly one leng and shouted "Do you chase me or not?"
"Yes, please, Miss Big." Four people face a happy face and don’t care about flying to escape the embarrassment again, and continue to chase after Bai Qianqiu towards flying.
"Fly in the sky, you stop for me. Bai Qianqiu’s own personality guarantees that you won’t kill me. Cold eldest brother, I will definitely save your life." Bai Qianqiu’s speed suddenly accelerated, and his figure flashed in the forest and quickly pulled into the distance from Feiyang, and at the same time assured Feiyang that:
Chapter 73 White-haired witch anger
"Miss Bai Da, thank you for your kindness. I won’t go back to the White House for the time being, and I will also go to your White House to kiss you." Feiyang temporarily settled down and survived. Suddenly, there was some slack in his heart. Unexpectedly, Bai Qianqiu heard that he was furious and even played several times, and he came straight towards Feiyang. Although Feiyang tried his best to avoid it, he was still hit by bellow. A figure was not affected at all.
"Yi-hum" Bai Qianqiu was surprised by the fact that he saw the flying trick and heard his screams, only to find that his speed was not affected by the injury. After a little thinking, it was white. At this time, the flying situation could not help but catch up with the cold hum.
"Miss Big, let’s help you." Bai Jingxuan barely followed the flying and Bai Qianqiu’s speed, but he was even more angry with the flying in front of him. The escape speed of Wang’s egg was too fast.
"You outflank from both sides" Bai Qianqiu gently nodded and ordered coldly.
"Yes," said the four men, ready and willing, handing over slightly towards Bai Qianqiu and quickly dividing them into two groups to outflank both sides of the sky.
"Miss White, don’t chase me flying. Keep your word and never leave Yanjing before the bottom of this matter." Although Feiyang used the extreme flying skill of Dugu’s family to swim freely with the help of red clothes, the distance between Feiyang and Baiqianqiu is still shortening bit by bit, and the flying body qi is almost exhausted at this time.
"Hum flying don’t, I don’t know that you are a spent force. You’d better give in easily and go to the White House with me." Bai Qianqiu floats in the middle of the body, motionless and driven by the true qi, instead of stepping in the middle like flying, constantly consuming the true qi to speed up.
"It’s impossible, Miss Bai Da. I have already said that Bai Jingxuan is not a good person. Why are you so stubborn?" Feiyang felt that the true qi was almost exhausted. Looking at the bitter words in Bai Qianqiu’s heart after chasing after him, he said it smoothly. When he said it, he felt cold for a few minutes. He secretly cursed the sentence and wished to give himself a hard slap in the face.
"It’s good to fly in the sky. You are the first person to scold me for so many years." Bai Qianqiu’s original cool look suddenly turned cold, and the temperature around him was several degrees lower. Suddenly, he stopped his body and looked at the sky coldly.
"Miss Bai Da, I didn’t mean to, but everything I said about Bai Jingxuan is absolutely true." Flying is not stupid. Bai Qianqiu stopped. He can’t stop to explain to Bai Qianqiu and quickly pull the distance between Bai Qianqiu.
"You really deserve to die flying. Now I will let you know how big the gap is between us." Bai Qianqiu looked at Feiyang fading away, and his figure was not anxious, but looked at him and said with a light smile, and then suddenly snowflakes floated.

"By … big deal was found to do a fight!" Because the former big fiend resented fu, please ask him to do it. Jiuchong found himself a little tied behind his back and was too careful. He thought of this heart, a horizontal ion and an ing swaggering, and Jiuchong walked past in front of him.

This passage said that it didn’t take long, and it didn’t take long for Jiuchong to come to an end. Nothing happened in the process before the farewell party in front of the Blissful Heavenly Road. Those np in the palm of the angel statue were unaware that they were still praying devoutly.
"It turned out to be a decoration after a long time!" Nine heavy rest assured to step into the front to send array.
There is no entrance to Blissful Heavenly Road, and there is such a farewell party. In Jiuzhong’s mind, it must be sent to Blissful Heavenly Road through this farewell party.
"Hum-!" Just as Jiuzhong entered the array, the array suddenly burst into an urgent buzz. In the buzz, Jiuzhong was surprised to find that he was invisible.
"Where come fanatics? ! Dare to break into the Temple Cathedral without permission! "
Chapter six hundred and sixty Exposed
The so-called manifestation of the Nine Heavens is the true literal manifestation, because the Nine Heavens invisibility is perfect, and it is cracked to reveal its true self. The perfect stealth state does not mean that the stealth state is nine times, that is, the real person has evaporated, but it has blocked the visual effects of other creatures, and he is still there.
This magic circle is beneficial to this point. When Jiuzhong entered the magic circle, he coated Jiuzhong with a layer of magic illusion to make Jiuzhong appear.
The Magic Circle of Nine Heavens also issued a report. jing buzzed and prayed in the palm of the angel statues on both sides of the Blissful Heavenly Road. Bishop Huo Ran opened his eyes and locked his eyes in the magic circle. He shouted and shouted at Jiuchong almost at the same time.
I have been psychologically prepared for this situation for a long time. Although I am surprised, I will calmly deal with it. It is not like attacking magic when they display their skills. It must be bound magic. I instantly realize that they want to trap themselves first and then take care of him slowly.
Thinking of this nine-fold decision, I suddenly broke up and stepped out of the magic circle. At the same time, I benefited myself from the 360-degree action on Sunday. The advantage of the dead angle was that the twelve bishops of light had not yet finished attacking him, and the virtual jumped in the mouth several times to avoid their attack range.
"Trial sword net!" Seeing Jiuchong emerge, their encirclement is closest to Jiuchong. A bishop of light cancels the pre-binding magic with one hand, and points at Jiuchong with dozens of ru white se angel swords with the other hand, grabbing her and tearing her out.
"Xuanwu earthquake! !” Nine times castration, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change.
"Boom boom! !” In the serial explosion, the nine-fold March into the force to break through the trial sword net and go straight towards the release of the trial sword net. The Bishop ran to kill the past and instantly came to the front. !”
"Ah light shield! !” I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to break through his trial sword net, and I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to come so soon to offer another attack magic. I was forced to offer a guardian magic to stand in front of me.
"boom! !” A shock blasting of the dragon broke the skill and turned it into the image of the dragon. However, the bishop’s light shield was not much better. The surface of the shield was covered with cracks, and yu was already on the verge of collapse.
"Dragon Grammar Canon-Kang Long regrets! !” Just now, the dragon broke the ninth weight with his left hand, and his right hand was reserved for additional attacks at any time. Now, when I look at the dragon breaking, my right hand has not achieved the expected effect, and I decisively attacked a gold se dragon gang. When the dragon fist gang collapsed, it didn’t explode in the holy shield of light.
It’s already on the verge of collapse, and it’s hard to resist the light holy shield. It’s harder to resist the nine times than the single-handedly broken dragon. Kang Long regrets the attack, and it collapses instantly. Fragmented Kang Long regrets the skill, and evolved the gold se dragon gang, and went straight for the yellow dragon.
"Holy awning! !” However, at the critical moment of the Nine Heavens attack, the other eleven bishops of Light finally came to the rescue and jointly set up a huge light curtain. Brigadier General jing’s nine heavy dragons regretted the attack and the nine heavy ministries framed it, which made the Nine Heavens attack hit the sacred canopy, but did not lock the Bishop of Light in the Nine Heavens.
Trapped at the same time, Jiuchong was approached by Jiuchong. At the same time, the Bishop of Light hurriedly retreated. At the same time, the other eleven bishops of Light quickly jumped out of the palm of the angel statue and offered an auxiliary magic. Each of them turned into a pair of light wings and flew towards Jiuchong, which controlled the sacred canopy and contracted and oppressed Jiuchong.
Through this short-term encounter, Jiuzhong has realized that these twelve people’s strength and tacit understanding are abnormal. Once se is trapped by them, it will definitely be very troublesome. Maybe yin will capsize in the ditch.
Realizing this, Jiuchong instantly made the following action and deployed it in the sacred canopy while Kanglong regretted bombarding it, and continued to add additional attacks "Dragon Grammar Code-Hurricane # Nine Dragons! !”
Add-on effect of dragon grammar code in combination technique Nine dragons are like light. At first sight, the nine images of dragons can’t be seen clearly. seeing nine golden Se come out like nine lasers, she is excited in the sacred canopy.
"Boom!" A nine-laser-like golden dragon fist smashed through the sacred canopy defense barrier, and rushed out of the curtain in lightning speed, continuing to kill the retreating Bishop of Light.
"Fast! !” In order to make a quick decision, Jiuzhong no longer gave the other eleven bishops a chance to rescue them, and entered the state of little black and fast. Jiuxian’s dragon skill attack was integrated and killed in front of the single bishop.
It’s too fast to be alone. The Bishop’s failure to respond has been hit by a nine-fold attack.
Hearing "bang", the bishop of light was directly exploded into blood rain all over the sky without even screaming.
"Oh, you evil ACTS take life! !” Seeing that his companion was bombed miserably, the other eleven bishops of light were indignant, their eyes were on fire, and the magical elements of light were gathering wildly. Now they are planning a big move.
Although I am confident that I can kill these light bishops, the purpose of coming here today is not to kill people here, but to go to the Garden of Eden. After killing a light bishop, Jiuzhong did not continue to fight, and directly offered a big dragon fist. The second type-the dragon swallowed the sky, rolled up a dragon swallowing the sky, rose into the sky, penetrated into the temple cathedral, and rushed out of the cathedral without looking back.
A mountain not far outside the sanctuary city.
At the top of the nine-fold du li Peak, while making the eye-catching super vision focus on the sao chaos in the city of Sanctuary, it is not difficult for him to sum up the previous paragraph of the cathedral, nor is there anything to sum up. The key point is to act after entering the cathedral
Those bishops are still there, and the second most important thing is that the magic circle that made him manifest passed this attempt. First of all, it is certain that sneaking into this move is no longer feasible. If you want to enter that array, you will be exposed. Then I’m afraid it’s not as simple as I thought.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-nine The return
He has just entered the magic circle, but the magic circle has no intention of sending him into the bliss path. Obviously, this magic circle is not automatically sent. It has been specially set, and it may take special permission or special startup password to start the sending function and enter the bliss path.
"If yu knows the details, it seems that he has to grab a tongue … His mother is so troublesome to go to the Garden of Eden!" Complained about a nine-fold trampling, and went back. Just now, he caused the sao chaos and returned to the sanctuary again before it subsided.
The magic circle in front of the blissful paradise road ended when he was coated with that layer of magic magic color all over his body. The nine-fold stealth effect was restored and he sneaked back to the Temple of Light in Sanctuary City unnoticed.
At this time, the temple was in a mess because he had just made trouble. The temple clergy and the temple guards were in a mess. He was in a hurry.
Jiuzhong didn’t act in a hurry and wandered around the temple compound. From the discussion of the people in the temple, he learned that he had just killed the np, one of the twelve bishops who were in charge of guarding the Elysium Road in the cathedral.
These are not important. What is important is to enter the Elysium Road and go to the Garden of Eden. These twelve bishops of light are the key figures.
To go to the Garden of Eden, first of all, you have to go through the examination and test of the clergy to confirm your absolute belief in the doctrine of light, and at the same time, you must be absolutely innocent and clean, and you must not have anything to do with Diablo ing. Only after the test can the player adventurer be recommended by one of the twelve bishops of light and get the consent of other bishops of light, can he be allowed to enter the Temple Cathedral, open the Blissful Gate, that is, the first nine people went to the farewell party and enter the Blissful Heaven Road to go to Eden through the Blissful Gate.
After hearing the news, Jiuchong breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it is not necessary for these twelve bishops to be transported together to send people to Paradise, otherwise he would really shoot himself in the foot.
It’s easy to get the exact information.
Nine heavy touch into the cathedral again, at this time, the church is full of all kinds of clergy gathered here, and the eleven bishops discussed and dealt with the major event of the assassination of the bishop this time.
I don’t have the luxury to listen to them chattering like a swarm of bees. I dashed past the heads of the clergy in the temple and finally stood quietly behind one of the eleven bishops sitting in the palm of the angel statue.
"This time, trespassing into the cathedral and trying to sneak into the pure land of Eden is outrageous! I have reason to believe that these extremely evil people are absolutely inseparable from the Temple of Hades. Ten times, jiu is an assassin sent by the Temple of Hades to assassinate the Emperor in the Garden of Eden! By …! " The Bishop of Light also didn’t realize that someone was behind him, and he was eloquent to the clergy in the temple. "From now on, you must fight hard, and God jing will never let him have another chance!"
"yes! !”
"Small kind skull is quite good? You’re right! Then there’s nothing to say. It’s up to you ~! " Nine-fold heart said a sentence, suddenly, a snap of the fingers called out the virtual door behind him, and the Bishop of Light grabbed his hand and threw him directly into the ten layers of hell.
"Give it to you!" For the people who are stationed in the virtual door, the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team shouted a sentence for a moment and then snapped their fingers to close the virtual door.
This movement is too sudden and too fast. In the Firestone Cathedral, people don’t react at all, so someone will stop it.
For a moment, these people finally realized that when the Bishop of Light was kidnapped, Jiuzhong had already broken through the hole in the ceiling and ran away.
"Well, someone kidnapped the archbishop! !” The cathedral suddenly fell into a mess again.
The first nine outside the city temporarily stopped at the top of the mountain.
Nine heavy to call out the virtual door turned and drilled into it.
"What happened to the Bishop of Light I just threw in?" Nine heavy into the ten layers of hell to the door near the dragon magic team and crazy magic team members ask "ask something? !”
"Ah …? Boss, did you just mean that we should interrogate him? !” Li Tang is still bleeding blood, and the fighting knife seems to have made a mistake. The child has some measures. "I … I still want you to let us take care of him!"
“……!” See Li Tang’s hand drop of blood combating Dao Jiuzhong has realized what. As the Dragon Magic Team and the Mad Magic Team members left and right, they will see the front not far away. Just now, the Bishop of Light has turned into a pool of paste on the ground.
"Hoo …!" Jiuzhong took a deep breath. "Say you are wrong!"
"We are wrong boss! !” Just now, some players from Dragon Magic Team and Crazy Magic Team all threw away their swords and squatted on the ground with their hands clutching their ears.
"Well … you are really going to find trouble for me!" Nine heavy turned out of the ten layers of hell, a ring closed the virtual door and went back again. The front foot just came out and returned to the Temple of Light in less than ten minutes.
I came to the Temple Cathedral to see the clergy gathered in the former hall. At this time, it was a mess. They were all looking for the missing light. Ten bishops left behind were also using various exploration skills to search in the hall. Obviously, I didn’t expect Jiuchong to sneak so fast, and I didn’t expect Jiuchong to go back now.
"Find it for me quickly!" A bishop of light has a very loud voice. "You must find this unforgivable villain for me. I will give him the harshest trial and cut him to pieces! He is simply challenging the majesty of our whole temple of light! !”
"It’s you!" On hearing this, Jiuchong decisively targeted the Bishop of Light. If the Bishop of Light knew at this time that he was going to be robbed because of a disaster, he believed that he would have to smash his mouth.
Once born, twice acquainted, and three times, I walked with my eyes closed, and I was very familiar with it. I took advantage of the chaos and once again robbed a bishop of light and left.
"No, another bishop was kidnapped! !” It’s not calm. The cathedral is becoming more and more chaotic because of the disappearance of another Bishop of Light.

Song Luo # looked at the leaders and waited for them to make a decision

It’s true that human leaders discussed it and said, "From the information we have at present, the tip-off report is not a hole in the wind. This orange rose research institute is very important. We must take action to protect the lives and property of the country and the people. However, in view of the current situation, I decided to sneak into the research institute secretly to investigate."
It’s really human. "At the same time, you need to wear locators and line communication equipment to keep in touch with the headquarters at any time. In addition, we will dispatch special police and armed police to stand by near the institute. Once you find key evidence or encounter danger, they will forcibly enter the institute to support you at the first time. You are all valuable talents of the country, and you should try your best to ensure your own safety while implementing it."
Song Luo # got up and solemnly said, "I am white."
Shi Banshan # got up and saluted "Ensure completion!"
It’s really a human investigation team, and other policemen also salute.
Song Luo # will no longer delay bringing equipment and belongings to the Orange Rose Institute with everyone.
Shi Banshan # Put on your equipment, check your belongings and set out.
It’s really human. You came to the Orange Rose Institute, and there was no population around it. Today, everyone in the institute has left, which makes it even more deserted.
Shi Banshan # Look at the entrance of the Institute and other places from a distance to see if there are any guards.
Really human (reconnaissance)
Shi Banshan R investigation
Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan] conducted investigation and appraisal: D1=54/8 succeeded! Taoist friends are lucky and will be safe and smooth ~
It’s really human. You found that several entrances to the institute were indeed guarded.
Shi Banshan # Looking for a place to enter the institute without being found.
Really human (another investigation)
Shi Banshan R investigation
Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan] conducts investigation and appraisal: D1=8/8 is difficult and successful! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
It’s really human. You found a place that is located in the dead corner of the institute’s monitoring coverage and has no personnel to guard it. However, if you want to enter the institute from here, you must climb over the towering wall.
Shi Banshan (can our np teammates help us with this? )
Really human (but)
Shi Banshan told his teammates about his discovery and then said, "Are any of you good at climbing?" I’m not very good at this song director, probably even less. "
Song Luo # reveals Nai wry smile. He never thought of climbing the wall before doing an office. There is no hobby of climbing. It really won’t.
It’s human. One of the policemen said, "No problem, we’ll take care of it."
Shi Banshan # safely set out for the location I found.
Song Luo # feels a little weird to go.
It’s really human. With the help of other policemen, you successfully entered the research institute from this dead corner. After entering the research institute, you found that your location is behind a remote experimental building. If this experimental building is remote in peacetime, there are still researchers working here, but now it is deserted.
Shi Banshan # looked around warily and asked in a low voice, "Now shall we go to the core laboratory building or the dormitory building first?"
Song Luo "The core laboratory building is more important to go there first"
Shi Banshan is "good"
Shi Banshan # walked carefully towards the location of the core laboratory building in memory, observing the movement around him while walking, and in case anyone was found, stop and hide quickly.
It’s really human. You’ve been outside the core laboratory building, and then you find that there are two foreigners guarding the door of the core laboratory building.
Shi Banshan # Then I’ll hide and quietly observe whether these two guys have weapons.
Really human (reconnaissance)
Shi Banshan R investigation
The investigation and appraisal by Xiao Tong [Shi Banshan]: D1=13/8 is extremely difficult to succeed! Daoyou’s profound Taoist edge will surely soar to the celestial world ~
It’s really human. You find that they carry knives, but they certainly don’t have hot weapons. After all, Xia Guo still has strict control over hot weapons.
Shi Banshan # was a little relieved and told his teammates about his discovery.
It’s really human. You saw two policemen who are good at hiding and came out and said, "Let’s go and deal with them!" "
Shi Banshan # didn’t come out because he was not good at stealth.
Song Luo # A combat waste is very clear about fighting and he is not told to "pay attention to safety".

"This unlucky child" Chen Yun looked at Chen Xiao angrily and hurried to the back of the building. Nai said that he had some bitterness in his eyes and took a look at Feiyang.

"What’s wrong with non-success elder sister how suddenly so big internal heat" float in the sky was Chen Yun this look a little puzzling and asked her.
"Nothing" Chen Yun gently shook his head and ate breakfast without saying a word.
Flying in the sky, wondering, I looked at Chen Yun and wanted to ask her about the situation. However, there were too many people at this time, and I didn’t want to see people anywhere.
"I’ll go there and have a look." After breakfast, Feiyang got up and said.
Daughters didn’t speak float in the sky and walked out of the restaurant towards DuGuCai there.
"Did you ladies have breakfast?" When you get to DuGuCai’s side, flying is to see several women sitting in the living room watching, then walk over and sit beside DuGuCai and ask with a smile.
"Finished eating, thank you for sending me breakfast." DuGuCai leaned against Feiyang’s arms and said with a smile.
"Sister Cai, how do you feel? Do you feel sick and vomiting? Do you want to see a doctor for examination?" Feiyang asked, pulling Du Gucai’s hand.
"No, I am a doctor myself. I know my own situation." Du Gucai smiled and shook his head.
"This is also if you have any questions, you must remember to say," Feiyang nodded Du Gucai’s accomplishments in medical skills. I’m afraid that the whole country of China can’t find a few people who are better than her, so I can rest assured:
Chapter 57 consent
But just as Feiyang hugged Du Gucai very much in love, he didn’t know that women in his home were calling a meeting for himself.
Li Siqi, Huang Xue and Chen Yun, who should have gone to class, are sitting on the sofa in the living room at this time. Besides the three of them, there are two women, Bai Qianqiu and Bai Li, while the two little girls in red and Chen Xiao are invited to play upstairs.
"I don’t know what the three want to talk to me about." Bai Qianqiu looked at the three women sitting opposite him, looking forward to watching their women drinking tea at ease and wondering.
"This young lady is actually like this. We want to ask you a small favor." The three girls looked at each other, and finally it was Huang Xue who came up with this idea
"Oh, let me help." Bai Qianqiu frowned slightly, took a sip of tea from the teacup in front of him and said softly, "Go ahead."
"Miss Bai Da doesn’t know how long she will stay around Feiyang" Huang Xue asked softly.
"Well, you don’t want me to stay here?" Bai Qianqiu asked with a slight look at the three girls in front of him.
"Of course not, of course not." Three girls waved and felt as if they were shorter than a generation in front of Bai Qianqiu. They all spoke carefully.
"Oh, then why do you want to ask this?" Bai Qianqiu nodded and asked indifferently.
"That’s because we want Miss White to help us with that and this." Huang Xue replied with a smile.
"Oh, you should know that. I’m going to be around him for a year, so naturally I’m going to stay here for a year. I don’t know what you want me to do," Bai Qianqiu said lightly
"Well, we hope you can follow Feiyang to supervise him for the next year," Huang Xue said with a smile.
"What do you mean by supervision? I’m not too white." Bai Qianqiu shook his head slightly with a frown.
"But although Miss Bai is now a flying person in name, we naturally won’t treat Miss Bai as a person, but we will make this decision because you and Feiyang have been close recently and you can make him have some scruples. I hope you can supervise him," Chen Yunqing explained.
"I don’t know what you mean. You are complaining about flying and bringing a woman back from the outside, but you can’t control what he wants and ask me to help supervise him, right?" Bai Qianqiu asked with a smile.
"Yes, yes, yes, that’s what we think. If Miss Bai doesn’t agree, we won’t be difficult for you." Three girls nodded and looked at Bai Qianqiu.
"I naturally need to correct my master’s bad behavior." Bai Qianqiu was silent for a moment with his head down and then said softly.
"That would be great." The three girls were relieved.
"Sister in red, did you hear my mother talking about something in the building?" At this time, two little girls in red and Chen Xiao were listening to the outside sound by the door.
"No, I can’t hear you." Red shook his head and said softly.
"It’s really boring, sister in red. Let’s play games." Chen Xiao muttered a few words of dissatisfaction and said with a smile in red, then straightened up from the door and walked to the front of the brain to sit down.
"Well" nodded in red and walked over and sat down beside Chen Xiao. Two people played a double game in the brain and laughed like a bell from time to time.
"Miss Bai Da, please do everything." Three girls and Bai Qianqiu finished their talks and solemnly said to Bai Qianqiu.
"If you don’t do this, I’ll just stay with him for a year at most, but you are different. Do you just spoil him like this?" Bai Qianqiu frowned and said.
"We have tried, but he is often away from home for many years because of the nature of his work, and we have to take care of the company ourselves, so we have to take care of him when we have no time," replied the third girl.
"What about Hu Mei? They have the same attitude as you." Bai Qianqiu asked lightly.
"What else can we discuss together, but they are also very busy and sometimes can’t be with Feiyang, but that guy who flies in the sky doesn’t know if he will definitely take a woman home if he wants to go out alone in his previous life." Three women nai wry smile way.
"Well, then, don’t worry. I will supervise him well in this year." Bai Qianqiu is almost aware of the difficulties of the three girls and solemnly promises.
"Then we’ll thank Miss Bai Da first." The three men thanked Bai Qianqiu with joy.
"What are you talking about so much?" At this moment, the door fluttered just came in and saw four women in the living room seem to be chatting very much, so they asked with a smile and then went to Li Siqi’s side to hug her in their arms.
"Stop that now" Li Siqi pursed her lips and was not too happy to earn flying arms.
"What’s the matter?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"Not how non-success elder sister snow elder sister go to our class" Li Siqi shook his head and said softly.
"Well" Huang Xue and Chen Yun also promised to go out together.
"I’ll see you off" float in the sky followed up and said softly.
"No, we can go to class by car." The three lesbians refused the suggestion that Feiyang car send their class without going back out of the door and then went to class.
"Did you say something to them?" After three girls left and flew, they sat opposite Bai Qianqiu and stared at her for a long time. However, Bai Qianqiu did not move at all, drinking some tea and not caring about the sight of flying. It took a long time for Feiyang to ask coldly.
"What if I said it? What if I didn’t say it?" Bai Qianqiu looked up at Feiyang and asked with a smile
"You" feel oppressed in your heart, but you can’t wait to give a good lesson to this beautiful woman, but because you are no match for her, you can imagine a burst of anger in your heart, and you can look at Bai Qianqiu to demonstrate.
While Bai Qianqiu is still like that, and he is not angry with Feiyang’s eyes, which is like a shadow, so that Feiyang can’t get rid of it and earn it.
"Forget it, I’m afraid of you, okay?" Feiyang Nai left the pie mouth and went upstairs.
Looking at the back of Feiyang Building, Bai Qianqiu put on a cool smile and I don’t know what’s going on:
Chapter 5 is there a way
Fly in the sky just floor Chen smile door came to see red came out from the inside.
"Did you just play with Xiaoxiao in red?" Feiyang asked with a smile.
"Well" red nodded with a smile.
"Smile" float in the sky walked beside the red dress and looked at the room. Then he saw Chen Xiao lying in bed and sleeping soundly, apparently because the holiday was too relaxing. He was sleeping in a cage and couldn’t help laughing "This girl"
"Xiaoxiao just played with me for a long time, so I fell asleep when I was tired." She may be afraid of flying and blaming Chen Xiaoxiong for being light in clothes.
"Well, let her go." Suddenly, with a chuckle, flying with his head down, he frowned and didn’t talk in front of the red dress. It seems that there is something difficult to choose.
"Brother, what’s wrong with you?" The bedroom door with Chen Xiao in red looked up at Feiyang and asked.
"Nothing in red. Come with me. I have something to ask you." Feiyang smiled and shook his head, holding hands in red, and walked towards his bedroom.
Looking at Feiyang in red and holding his hand, he hurried towards the bedroom. As soon as the figure misunderstood Feiyang’s meaning, his face turned red with transient, but he did not resist shyness at all, and he pulled him into the bedroom.
"I’m in red" flew into the bedroom backhand with red, and the bedroom door was about to ask. Suddenly, I found that my face was covered with shyness with my head down in red, and I couldn’t help but wonder, "What’s wrong with you in red? Why are you so red?"
"Brother, what do you want to do when you bring me here?" The red dress bowed its head and fiddled with the fingers and asked the mosquitoes and flies.
"Uh-oh" float in the sky leng for a moment and then looked at the red face instantly turned white. She misunderstood that she couldn’t help but slightly raise her eyebrows and put her head to Li Siqi’s ear and said with an evil smile, "My little red dress is getting more and more colored. Where do you want to go?"

Xiao Wen, on the other side, has rushed towards the ground without hesitation. He will never let Nan Yunqing work hard!

The guy in the first ice pimple is trying to crack and want to escape. In addition to the passage of time, the ice gas in the ice pimple is indeed dissipating a little bit, but it is at this moment that the scene of despair appeared. Xiao asked his right hand, and when the cold light flashed, another ice bead appeared, he threw it directly at the DPRK!
That ice pimple is already full of cracks, and it has just risen outward. That ice bead has been mended!
It’s as if the ice gas from the nine remote places suddenly rushed out and invaded the ice lump department, which not only blocked all the cracks but also reached those ice cubes!
When the ice rings, it’s already a little bigger, and it’s full of chaos. Just now, the ice texture looks quite ferocious!
But even more incredible is still in the ice pimple department!
Before that man, he launched the hermetic technique to keep Nan Yunqing’s ice bead blow. This time, he hid in an ice pimple and didn’t need to launch the hermetic technique again. But the ice bead was rushed to the room like this, and it was too late when he wanted to launch it again!
Xiao Wen is the most clear. In fact, more than 90% of the damage of ice beads is in the original fried noodles! At that time, ice gas was the most destructive!
After all, it can be said that most of the power of ice spirit beads will be presented in the first moment!
When you look at the ice pimple department, the guy who had been throwing his weight around in Mingfeng was covered in frost, humiliated and purple, shivering involuntarily, just like he had just fished out of the glacier.
He’s caught off guard, and it’s no use being an ice bead!
At the moment, he not only has to resist the ice gas attack, but also gathers from all sides!
But even more let him despair scene appeared!
In the middle, Xiao asked his left hand that there was an ice bead again, and he slammed his arm and threw it at him!
"ah! ! ! !”
If you don’t work hard, you’ll die!
At that moment, the man couldn’t care about anything, and finally he used the hermetic again and it seemed to be more powerful than before!
However, he accepted the two ice balls according to the order. Chapter 325 She made great efforts, especially when she ran away again and again.
At this moment, Xiao asked, after closing his eyes, he could see that 90,000 had passed out from fatigue, but it seemed quite satisfied …
This must be the first war since its rebirth. It has never been so enjoyable.
Xiao Wen gradually recovered his mind and could not help but sigh, "No wonder so many people were red-eyed when 90 thousand appeared. This seventh-order fairy beast is really close to the enemy in the celestial world."
"It’s a pity that the rest of the higher-order fairies and beasts in this world were exterminated by all the gods and leagues as early as more than 90,000 years ago … If that didn’t happen, I really don’t know how prosperous the celestial beasts would be."
This time Nan Yunqing didn’t answer the phone. He nodded and didn’t know what to think of.
Seeing Nan Yunqing thoughtfully, Xiao asked Suo Xing not to talk. After a long time, Nan Yunqing asked, "Do you believe that there is still a place like this, where fairy beasts are the dominant players in the whole world and people are just as dispensable as fairy beasts?"
"Er … it was once a fantasy" Xiao asked crustily skin of head.
"That place is really a demon world."
"The demon world? Miss Nan, have you been there? "
"No, but I have dealt with several big demons in the demon world."
"So …" Xiao asked incredible tunnel.
"It was a long time ago. You must have a chance in the future. Maybe you can go to the demon world to cough …"
Nan Yunqing has to say that it suddenly coughed up, and even after coughing for several times, it simply coughed up blood.
She has always been peaceful and strong. At this time, seeing her coughing and bleeding at such a close distance, Xiao asked that she felt tight in her heart and scolded herself for not taking care of Nan Yunqing …
At this moment, Nan Yunqing looked up and shook his head to Xiao Wen, saying, "I’m fine."
"Let’s stop talking about horse healing," Xiao asked.
However, Xiao Wen also knows very well that neither of them has a good foundation. In fact, it will not have an immediate effect when Dan Dao heals the injury.
"Might as well" Nan Yunqing took out two medicine bottles and poured out a Dan medicine to swallow directly before asking Xiao "Where did you catch that ring?"
Xiao asked immediately in the waist to touch the changed shape ring handed it to Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing stretched out his hand and took it, and then directly poured out everything in the ring, picking it up and destroying it immediately.
Finally, Nan Yunqing took a few pieces of resident runes and read them carefully, and then handed them to Xiao Q.
Xiao Wen finished reading it a moment later, but he was still confused.

But green Yu Di still didn’t respond.

"Hum! I dare not! "
God read so into the green Yu Di, Xiao asked, with a wave of his right hand, that the flute was crossed in front of him in the distance and the exquisite fire sword was raised and cut off!
"Hum! ! !”
Never respond to the green Yu Di turned out to be a green light blooming after the earthquake, struggling to escape from Xiao Wen!
But Xiao asked how powerful it was, not to mention that the sacrifice was refined to the sixth floor, and even the seventh floor was under human control, you couldn’t escape from him!
By the green Yu Di or in the hands of Xiao Wen exquisite fire fierce sword chopping trajectory!
Suddenly there was a mysterious message flowing from the green Yu Di and pouring into Xiao Wen’s mind along Xiao Wen’s right arm!
The information was almost the same as the initiation, although it was not clear, but Xiao Wen immediately mastered a more effective way to play the role of this flute!
Exquisite fire sword turned a corner to meet the fish fiend Xiao asked is immediately put the flute in the mouth again.
This time, he still didn’t have the power to blow it, but mixed it with the method that God had just obtained.
The sound waves started …
"ah? ! ! !”
In the distance, the fisherman’s fiend suddenly slammed his hands into the wall on the left side of the main hall
Listen to "bang" a mermaid fiend turned out to be the temple wall body knocked out a big hole!
"Yao Ji! ! ! ! !”
Fishman fiend’s hands cover his head, his body aches, and he shivers sharply, carrying resentment that can drown heaven and earth and roared! !
Tehran trident finally lost control and hit the ground.
The temple was driven by the mermaid fiend avatar, which seemed to be alive, and the blue breath quickly calmed down.
But Xiao asked there didn’t stop, so the fishman fiend still had to hurt.
After yelling at the "Yao Ji", he put his head in his hands and trembled, trying to endure the pain, but he didn’t insist on it for a long time and then yelled again and hit his head against the wall again.
"boom! ! !”
The fishman fiend is absolutely painful and terrible. He may have lost his mind, but he even withdrew his body after breaking the temple wall instead of running away directly.
Then the scene of Xiao Wen and others seeing the scalp pins and needles appeared. Seeing that the fishman fiend turned out to be a left hand holding the left face and the right hand clenching fist "shout", it went directly to the right side of his head!
"bang! ! !”
"bang! ! !”
"bang! ! ! !”
Fisherman fiend is like not knowing that it’s his own head. Soon blood gushed out of his mouth, and his handsome face was already worse than ferocious hate, because his brain was more painful …
The first thing I can’t see is that Nan Yunqing and 90,000 of the former stopped in the middle and frowned at the fishman fiend’s face. And ninety thousand simply cried in the blood mark.
Ninety thousand shouted like this, but it didn’t mean that she wanted Xiao Wen to do it. After all, Xiao Wen should be in charge at this time. She didn’t want to hold Xiao Wen back, but at the moment, she really felt that the fisherman’s fiend was too sad. She would rather let Xiao Wen give him a good time than watch the fisherman’s fiend self-harm.
To tell the truth, Xiao Wen has long been guilty. He asks himself, if he is forced to blow his head with one punch, and he is still so hard to blow it to the death, then 90 thousand will definitely be distressed to death, and so will Nan Yunqing.
A man like him and a fishman fiend should have a decent way to die even if he dies.
So Xiao asked suddenly to green Yu Di took a frown from his mouth and looked at the nearby fisherman fiend and didn’t rush over to give each other a sword.
As soon as the flute stopped, the fishman fiend felt a little better, but the pain did not go away, and he put his hands on his head and locked his eyebrows for a while.
Before he finished his recovery, the fishman fiend opened his eyes. His eyes were full of fatigue after suffering, but it was by no means weakness, and there was no gratitude or forgiveness in them.
He looked at Xiao Wen quietly with slight ups and downs, just like looking at a person who has nothing to do with him.
That kind of feeling is like he can face the reality frankly, including being tortured to death by that Yu Di. Since he can accept it frankly, he will naturally talk about whether he is afraid or not. Since he is not afraid, what’s the difference between Xiao Wen and Yu Di?
He has lost hope for all intelligent beings in this world.
The fishman fiend didn’t talk. Xiao asked if he could speak first. Anyway, among the five of them, he was injured badly. Just now, he got enough. He said directly, "We want to go out. We don’t have to fight to the death."
Xiao asked is to take the initiative to give in. The fisherman fiend needs to say a word and the feud between the two sides will be revealed.
However, in the case of Xiao Wen holding Yu Di, this kind of peace talks is obviously that Xiao Wen let the fisherman fiend go.
Fisherman fiend seems to be didn’t expect Xiao Wen to say so, and his eyes are still thinking about Xiao Wen’s true words with more pain.
Then he finally noticed something from Xiao Wen’s expression and asked hoarsely, "Are you pitying me?"
"I just don’t want you to die like that. You deserve a more decent death, and we’ll have a grudge against you."
There’s another sentence that Xiao Wen didn’t say, that’s really pity. He’s 90 thousand and Nan Yunqing, but it doesn’t matter whether he says it or not. Anyway, after they go out, they won’t have any friends with this guy again

Respectfully waiting for Jiang Ya at the door, after listening to this, he quickly bowed before saying, "Brother Jiang Shang, visit the master and wish him a holy life." He received a gift, and Yuan Tianzun was satisfied with it. "Well, get up! Jiang Shang, how long have you been in the mountain? "

After listening to Jiang Shang, he said, "My younger brother envied monasticism since childhood. At the age of 32, he was lucky enough to join the master. My younger brother is 72 years old this year."
After hearing this, Yuan Tianzun said, "You were born with a thin fairy road, but you can be blessed with soup. The weekly room will help you and me to seal the mountain and help the main body and the generals. It is not worthwhile for you to practice in the mountain for 40 years. This is not where you have lived for a long time. You can clean up the mountain early."
Jiang Ya was shocked when he heard this, and quickly prostrated himself on the ground and begged for help. "My brother really became a monk and worked hard for years. Although he has been practicing for years, he hopes that the master will be merciful, pointing out that his brother would rather be ascetic in the mountains than covet the world of mortals and wealth."
"Alas," Yuan sighed when he saw the pleading tooth. "You are so lucky." After listening to it, Tooth was silent and came back from heaven. The Antarctic immortal couldn’t help but persuade him that "Tooth mountain is the number of days, and the mountain is the time when you are successful."
Knowing that it was a foregone conclusion, I gave a ceremony to everyone and slowly went out to pack my bags. When I left, I went to Yuanyi to worship the mountain and went to practice hard for many years. At this moment, I didn’t enter the fairy road. dzogchen was just practicing the virtual road. Walking on the mountain road, I thought, "Where should my parents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters go?"
Suddenly, my mind flashed that his sworn brother had become a foreign Song Dynasty stranger. I was happy that I also had a home and felt better. His pace was much lighter in Kunlun Mountain. The whole humanization fled to the foreign Song Dynasty with the help of the earth. For a month, his face was dusty outside the Song Dynasty stranger village.
Looking at the scenery in front of me, I can’t help but sigh with emotion, "I don’t think the scenery is still different from here for forty years." Before I finished, I said to the door, "I don’t know if your master can be your sworn brother Jiang Ya outside my family." I heard the words that the man gave him a gift, "Please wait a moment, Master, and my horse will go in and leave."
Soon the courtyard to a burst of footsteps, Song makes quickly came out from the inside and saw Jiang Ya outside the door and grabbed his hand and said, "Dear brother, when you leave, it’s more than forty, and all your brothers" alas "don’t say that. Go with your brother and enter the house."
Ginger tooth heard the song makes a slight warm heart way "big brother inside, please"
In the day after tomorrow, I married Ma Hong’s daughter Ma Shi’s wife in the Song Dynasty. Ma Shi is a 60-year-old yellow flower eldest daughter who married Ma Ke’s teeth and still had ideas about practice, so I had an idea about Ma Shi’s teeth before I slept with him.
In order to make a living, I went to Chaoge to set up a stall for fortune telling. Soon, I became famous in Chaoge. People were afraid of being famous, pigs were afraid of being strong, and I was ordered to go to Chaoge. There were three demons and foxes who sneaked into the imperial city, jade and pipa, and I came to Chaoge to see da ji’s fortune-telling teeth on a whim and let him tell fortune.
Naturally, at first glance, it was a monster who complied with the demands of pipa essence and told his fortune. Finally, he held his life door and returned the three flavors of pipa essence to his true body in front of Zhou Wang and a group of Chaoge people. He was a talented person, and he was granted the post of supervisor with the court by the doctor.
The good sister was killed, and da ji held a grudge and was bent on revenge. One day, da ji presented a painting, and there was a four-foot-nine.
Chidian Pavilion is majestic, Qionglou is made of jade and agate, and the balustrade beads are made up into Liang Dong. At night, Guanghua shines, and Ruicai says "Lutai" to Zhou Wang. "If you don’t build this platform, it’s not spectacular. This platform is really a Yaochi Jade Que Langyuan Penglai. The early dinner in Taiwan has its own immortals, and the fairies are really immortal, so they can live longer and live longer."
Zhou Wang looked at the joy and asked da ji, "I don’t know who will cover it." da ji said, "Isn’t this ginger tooth transcendental? It’s better to give it to him, such as" Zhou Wang, who is in favor of it, aims to make ginger tooth the deer platform.
Jiang Yabai received the will. This is a trap. If he wants to build a deer platform, he will be ruined and go home. He said to Ma, "I’m leaving Chaoge. I don’t know if you would like to come with me." Ma has long been dissatisfied with Tooth’s heart. Ma directly refused and asked Tooth to divorce her.
Seeing that things haven’t eased, I don’t want to force a piece of paper to take Ma off. Songjiazhuang said goodbye to Song Yi people. When I stepped on the road of seclusion alone, I cast spells for a long time. Some people finally lived in seclusion in Panxi to be continued.
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Chapter 26 Ji Chang fled to Lei Zhen to save his father
Tooth Retirement, etc. The sage was born in Boyi, Ji Chang, and his father Ji Chang was trapped in prison for seven years. One day, he said to all the ministers, "The fathers of all the uncles and ministers were trapped in prison for seven years, and my heart is uneasy! I decided to take tribute to Chaoge to make atonement for my father. "The doctor San Yisheng tried to dissuade him, but Boyi did not listen to the exam and went back to the palace to say goodbye. My mother went to Chaoge with three different treasures.
One day, I was drinking in the Star Tower. Zhou Wang heard that Ji Chang Boyi had brought three treasures to sing a song to atone for my father. He was curious about three treasures of Xibe Hou Jichang’s family. But he had heard about it long ago. He could not force the minister to send him the treasures. He will see it in person this time.
Lead da ji to the main hall to look at Taiwan Boyi test and three different treasures covered with wooden boxes. Zhou Wang couldn’t help saying, "Show the three treasures, and if I am satisfied, I will let your father and son go back to Xiqiao." Sitting there, da ji looked at Fang Boyi test and couldn’t help but be surprised. This Boyi test looks unusually handsome. da ji had an idea about it.
Boyi Kao heard Zhou Wang say that one of the rare wooden boxes was removed from Zhou Wang’s way, "Report to me that this rare wooden box with seven fragrant cars was created by Xuanyuan Huangdi’s army of breaking the human-god. If people sit on their faces and don’t push for the east, they want the west, and the west is the treasure of the world. If people are drunk, they will wake up in no time. Although the white-faced ape is a beast, it is really like singing and dancing before the feast.
Zhou Wang’s interest in hearing Boyi’s test is strong, so Boyi can demonstrate the ability of seeing seven cars one by one. Zhou Wang and da ji are very satisfied. At this time, they are sitting on the sober carpet, and their minds are very clear. When the last white-faced ape comes out, it comes out. This white-faced ape is an animal. Seeing that da ji fox can’t help scratching, Boyi is also surprised that she was hit by Zhou Wang, and she quickly appeases the white ape.
Seeing that my concubine was frightened, Zhou Wang shouted, "Somebody will behead Boyi Kaola." Fortunately, da ji got rid of his guilt and took off his death. On the second day, Boyi took an examination of da ji’s piano skills, but the drunkenness was not in the wine. da ji constantly hinted and tempted Boyi Kao, but all of them were rejected by Boyi Kao. da ji couldn’t help but hate it.
In da ji, Boyi KaoQin was designed, da ji was stabbed by Zhou Wang, and vicious da ji said to Zhou Wang, "I heard that Ji Chang is called a saint, saying that saints don’t eat. It is better for us to make Boyi KaoQin into a package and send it to Jichang for food." da ji proposed that Zhou Wang raise his hand in favor, and as time went by, King Zhou was no longer disturbed and lived wholeheartedly.
After Ji Chang was killed in the Boyi test, he felt a palpitation in his heart. He couldn’t help but learn that Boyi test didn’t listen to his instructions to sing songs to save himself from being framed by da ji. He was also chopped up and let him eat. "My son’s Boyi test! I regret that you didn’t listen to my father’s words. If you don’t eat my son’s meat today, your life will be in danger. If you eat it, you will have the heart. If you do, you will say, "Being alone with loyalty and loyalty, Wan Li will visit relatives, and the disaster has not entered the city of Youli. First, you will go to Yin’s platform to play the piano, except that the witch will be angry in an instant. It’s a pity that the young guest’s soul will travel to the ashes."
On the second day, I took the Boyi meat guard to the prison to dispel doubts. Ji Chang pretended to be very grateful. Generally, all those meat packages were eaten into the stomach, but who knows that his heart is bitter and there is no bite in it, just like in his heart, so that he can’t breathe. When he is satisfied with eating the guards, he goes back and reports that Jichang will spit out all the meat packages and turn them into a frog. Ji Chang, the frog, is in tears.
The news of Boyi’s death soon returned to Xiqiao. Ji Fa heard that he suddenly fainted when everyone was in a hurry to wake up the doctor. Sanyisheng said, "We can bribe Zhong Youhun with gold and silver, and let them put in a good word to help the monarch and let him return to Xiqiao. Their greedy character will naturally not refuse."
Ji Fa after listen to worry way "that this matter to the uncle" Sanyisheng way "public trust I must not be entrusted to the CCBA will meet your marquis Xiqiao" Say that finish turned around the hall in Sanyisheng arrangement is too bumpy, Hong Yao dressed up as a gift to do business, starry night to Si Shui to check two will enter.
After ten miles in jiepai, I went through the clouds, and then I went into Tong120 miles, and Lintong crossed Mianchi County, crossed the Yellow River, and went to Mengjin to sing songs. The two generals were afraid to settle down at the inn, take a break, secretly collect gifts, and go too far to Zhongfu and Hunfu.
Zhong arrived at dusk and went out to return to the government. The gatekeeper, Master Qi, said, "There is a poor officer in Xiqi." Zhong Xiao said, "It’s too late! When he came in, he came to the front of the hall. General SHEN WOO was too upset. He was also ordered by the doctor to save my master’s life and rebuild Hong En’s profound mo Ji’s every dimension to complement each other.
There will be an opinion at the end of this special difference. "
Zhong looked at the ceremony and thought to himself, "How can you act now when this ceremony is worth thousands of dollars?" Meditation for a long time is to pay too much, saying, "You go back and worship the doctor more, and I can’t repair it. When I pick it up in the morning and evening, it will naturally make your master return home, and there will never be any negative feelings for your doctor." Too much thanks to leave, and I will also give gifts to you Hun. The two of them talk about the same thing, and they will be busy cleaning up Xiqiao.
Since Zhong received a gift from a casual student, he didn’t ask You Hun You Hun, and he didn’t ask Zhong. They both pushed and dragged each other. I didn’t know that the Star Tower was drinking one day. Zhou Wang suddenly asked him about Ji Chang. "Ji Chang’s theory of innate numbers from eating meat is all nonsense!"
One side waited for Zhong to take the opportunity to say, "I heard that Ji Chang was rebellious and disloyal. I have always been on guard against the fact that I went to the prison with my confidant a few days ago. The soldiers and civilians in the prison all said that Ji Chang was loyal and loyal every month, and he prayed for the country’s well-being, the country’s prosperity, the country’s prosperity, the country’s prosperity and the people’s peace, and the wind."
After listening to this, Zhou Wang thought, "Qing said the day before yesterday that Ji Chang’s’ loyalty and treachery outside’ harbored evil intentions. Is it not a good person?" Zhong went on to say, "According to people, it is difficult to tell whether Chang is loyal or not, so I am dark."
Let the confidant know the truth, and you will know that Chang is a loyal and loyal person. As the saying goes,’ Lu Yao knows horsepower and sees people’s hearts for a long time.’ "
Zhou Wang didn’t answer and turned to look at Youhun’s way of "I don’t know how to love you" and charged Youhun to take off the road for Ji Chang. "I agree with what Mr. Zhong said that Ji Chang was trapped in prison, and all loyal subjects can be called by the people. Jichang Shengren asked me if I dared not lie before I could play."
Zhou Wang nodded after hearing this. "Since the two Aiqing said that Ji Chang was a loyal minister, I will forgive him for his crimes and leave him to listen to the song." Zhong and You Hun couldn’t help saying "You can’t!"
Zhou Wang looked puzzled at the two people, saying, "I don’t know if two lovebirds are necessary." Zhong said, "It is inevitable that many people in Jichang will listen to their words, which is an unstable factor, although it is also a disaster for him to be loyal to the king."
As soon as Zhong’s voice fell, You Hun said, "It’s better to let it go to Xiqi and keep it away from Chaoge."
Zhou Wang said, "This method is good to order Ji Chang to leave the prison quickly, and there must be no mistakes." Ji Chang in the prison felt divination in his heart, and he said, "I have been trapped for seven years, and today I have made a positive result." Then he ordered Ding Ding to pack up and prepare to leave the imperial edict of the two of them and come to Ji Chang to meet the imperial edict to thank humbly.
When I came to Chaoge to thank Zhou Wang, I said, "Ji Chang, the guilty minister, is too guilty to be punished. Forgive me, even though all the bones are broken, long live the year!" Zhou Wang said, "You have been in prison for seven days without complaining, but instead of praying for peace and happiness in our country, it can be seen that you are loyal to me. Today, I am sorry for your sins. Seven koos still seal the virtuous, loyal and filial piety, and the chief of the hundred officials, who are specially appointed to conquer and give you Bai Luo and Huang Yue, who are in Xiqiao, add one thousand stone civilian officers and two military commanders every month to send you home and still give you a banquet in Longde Hall."
Three days later, King Jichang returned to China, and all the people in Chaoge sent him a gift from Huang Feihu, the king of Wucheng. As soon as he passed by Zhou Wang, he heard that Ji Chang had returned to China privately without saying goodbye to him. Zhou Wang was furious and ordered him to take it back and escape from Chaoge. King Jichang did not dare to gallop all the way and was soon chased.
At a critical moment, a foot-pedal Xiangyun wanted to hang a cone-shaped magic weapon with a gold stick, so Jichang sent him out of danger. This man was the literary king Jichang. Lei Zhen was loved by Yuan for the hundredth time. Lei Zhen had got rid of the scary appearance of the later generations. The two fairy apricots in the back hill were refined into wind hammers and thunder cones in the cloud. Both of them were extremely acquired Lingbao-level gold sticks, but they were innate Lingbao given by Yuan.
Now Lei Zhen’s sleeves are fluttering and his face is moist, and Ji Chang looks at him and asks, "I don’t know if there will be heavy thanks after Ji Chang, the immortal." Lei Zhen says, "Father and child are Lei Zhen." Ji Chang looks at Lei Zhen carefully after listening. "In a blink of an eye, my son has also cultivated successfully for more than ten years. I wonder if my son will go back to Xiqiao with his father this time?"
Lei Zhen said sorry, "My father was ordered by his teacher to send his father out for five days, and he will be reinstated in the mountains." Ji Chang said with emotion after listening, "My son must listen to the fairy long language in the cloud and follow the fairy long to practice the fairy method well." Lei Zhen respectfully said, "My father can rest assured that I will live up to my father’s expectations."
A little while later, five Lei Zhen sent Ji Chang away, and at the same time released a kind of entourage to Jichang Road. "My father and son will return to the mountain to report to me. Take care of your father." After that, he gave Ji Chang a head and set up a cloud to fly to Yuzhu Cave in Zhongnanshan. Looking at the distance, Lei Zhen Ji Chang looked gratified and looked at the horse waving to Xiqiao to be continued.
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Chapter 27 Began to ask questions and collect disciples.
Ji Chang escaped from Zhou Wang and flew into a rage, threatening to use his personal expedition to Xiqi to let Xiqi know the price of rebelling against singing songs. After all, he persuaded Zhou Wang to finally calm down and turn around and forget about it, and continue to booze.
As time goes by, winter comes, and the weather is cold. One day, da ji thinks of a group of foxes and grandchildren in Xuanyuan grave, who are well-developed and enjoy themselves in the palace, but people take care of them. He thinks that da ji is going to take them into the palace to have fun.
Think of this the next day, da ji said to Zhou Wang, "The courtiers know a Taoist fairy family, and they want to visit them in the palace. I don’t know the courtiers’ answer." Zhou Wang looked surprised after hearing this, and da ji said happily, "I didn’t expect my concubine to have such a layer of nothing! I agreed "Zhou Wang the words sound just fell and da ji was happy to send a kiss" Thank you for your position "by da ji’s sneak attack on Zhou Wang, and the sexual interest followed the counterattack and went back to pick it up naturally.
On the 2nd, all the foxes and grandchildren in da ji came to the Chaoge Palace. da ji said, "How about asking all the ministers to accompany the wine?" Zhou Wang looked at these humanoid foxes in front of him, wearing a cassock, and there was quite a hint of fairy family spirit. Zhou Wang was happy to say, "I’m allowed to announce all the ministers to enter the palace to accompany the wine."
After the announcement, Zhou Wang and da ji sat on the high platform to watch the palace dance and drum music. Soon, except for the patrolling town, Huang Feihu, the king of martial arts, didn’t come to Bigan, and all the other ministers came. This fox Sun gave Bigan and others a good first impression after seeing the ceremony with everyone, but a few cups of wine and ugly signs, the fox’s tail leaked out, and sitting opposite Bigan saw a real heart and a demon in chaos.
When da ji saw this, he couldn’t help saying, "This little fox is drunk, afraid of revealing his ugliness, and his face is ugly." It’s getting dark every day for all the ministers. It’s better to let all the adults go home without accompanying all the Taoist friends. "When Zhou Wang heard it, he was also in charge of drinking this national event every day, or was it handled by these ministers?" I love you late at night, so let’s go home! "

Le Xuewei hurried into the room to look at it, but did not see the nurse pushing her grandmother out. "Where is my grandmother, doctor?" Why hasn’t she come out? Are you still in the rescue? "

"Hey …" The doctor took off his mask and looked at Le Xuewei and Han Chengyi. "Are you all patients’ families?"
Han Chengyi should be busy to "this is my wife and I am the patient’s granddaughter-in-law"
"Ah," the doctor nodded and sighed, "I’m sorry, we’ve tried our best. The patient is getting old and has an acute heart attack … The old man will be sent to the intensive care unit later. Go and see her and prepare one by the way! It’s been two days now. "
Le Xuewei smell speech eyes suddenly a black like a broken puppet body tilted.
Han Chengyi’s arms are just like holding people in his arms, and all the weight of Le Xuewei is leaning on him, and his sadness can be contained.
"Ah …" Le Xuewei’s lips were slightly parted, breathing hard and tears solidified in her eyes. She couldn’t believe this fact. She stared at Han Chengyi and never gave up. "Chengyi, what did they say? They lied to me, right? Grandma’s fine. Grandma’s fine! They can’t cure grandma’s disease. Do something! Call Ni Jun and ask him to transfer all the experts from China! The doctor also said it was terrible, but didn’t you help me save my grandmother? I know you must have a way! Seung-yi, talk quickly! It’s dangerous to be late for grandma … You are quick to talk! You can save grandma! Ah? "
"Light snow …"
Section 93
Han Chengyi held Le Xuewei in her arms, and she cried so sadly that he was distressed, but he didn’t know how to comfort her. "Xiaoxue calm down and let Ni Jun go, so don’t cry."
"…" LeXueWei tearful eyes blurred staring at Han Chengyi grabbed his skirt.
"Light snow" saw Le Xuewei, and Han Chengyi felt a twinge of pain in his heart. There was nothing he could do to hold people in his arms tightly and tightly.
Le Xuewei leaned against Han Chengyi’s chest, and she had never done anything like this in her life.
The operating room door hit grandma lying in bed again. The nurse pushed her and was about to go to the intensive care unit. "Family members come in and change with us!"
Le Xuewei gave a cold shudder and pushed Han Chengyi to her grandmother regardless.
"Grandma! Grandma! "
Han Chengyi followed closely behind her, and two people followed the nurse into the intensive care unit.
Independent intensive care unit Le Xuewei has been sitting still for several hours in isolation gown, holding grandma’s hand. Han Chengyi has been sitting outside frowning and distressed.
"Three little experts are here. Shall we let them in?" Ni Junjin came to ask for instructions
Han Chengyi see callous LeXueWei nodded "let them in! Don’t let them see light snow wake up don’t wake up. "
Ni Jun promised the expert to change clothes and went inside to check the grandmother’s situation. Han Chengyi hugged Le Xuewei for fear that she would not stay up alone.
"How about it?" Le Xuewei tightened her nerves and hoped for a miracle.
Experts look at Han Chengyi Han Chengyi Nai nodded. Experts only looked at Le Xuewei and said, "Third mistress, the old lady, she … you are so sorry for your loss."
"…" LeXueWei knee a soft almost not to live.
"You are here tonight with the old lady! I’m afraid this situation won’t last until dawn … "The expert thought for a while, but how can this be tactfully said?
"Whoops …" Le Xuewei’s face tilted against Han Chengyi’s chest and whispered "What about Grandma Chengyi …?"
Han Chengyi can hold her silently. All he can do is stay here with her.
In the early morning, the sound of various instruments in the intensive care unit became louder, but grandma’s breathing was so weak that Le Xuewei’s tears never stopped.
Suddenly, grandma moved her hand, and Xue Wei suddenly straightened her back and shouted "grandma?" Did grandma just move?
Grandma moved a lot and struggled very upset. Her hands always reached her face and the mask seemed very uncomfortable.
"Grandma, what are you doing? Don’t move You have to rely on it to breathe! " Le Xuewei is crying.
"Light snow" Han Chengyi stopped her and analyzed, "Grandma … seems to have something to say."
Le Xuewei Zheng tears hanging in the corner of her eyes. At this time, grandma has something to say, that is’ last words’. Le Xuewei tilted her face and closed her eyes and took off her grandmother’s face mask.
"Snow … snow EU …"
"Hey, grandma, I’m here." Le Xuewei held grandma’s hand and put it on her face and told herself not to cry, but how did the tears stop?
"Xue Wei …" Grandma’s voice was very weak, and she couldn’t hear clearly. Le Xue Wei bent down and leaned against her mouth. "Grandma, you said I was listening."
"Grandma has to go … you remember to be good and filial to you … your father! He … He … is, is, good … People … "
Grandma said it was difficult. Le Xuewei kept nodding. No matter what grandma said at this time, she would promise "Your mother … your mother …"
"My mother what?" Le Xuewei froze and listened carefully, but grandma didn’t say anything. Her words came to an abrupt end here. Life has come to an end, and the heart monitor shows a straight line!
Han Chengyi put his hand on Le Xuewei’s shoulder and couldn’t bear to tell her that "Grandma Xiaoxue has passed away"
Le Xuewei directly knelt on the ground and burst into tears. The porcelain white face was mottled. She was confused and cried, "Grandma, why did you lose me?" Did you really lose me? Grandma, I’m not a third party. I didn’t rob my brother-in-law … I haven’t even come to tell you! Why don’t you listen to me? Chengyi is my husband and he is your granddaughter’s husband! Grandma, grandma, I didn’t listen to you … I’m not a bad boy. Grandma, grandma, wake up and listen to me and explain to you that Chengyi and I are married … Ah … "
But no matter how she cries, grandma will never wake up!
"Light snow, light snow …" Han Chengyi squatted down to hug Le Xuewei in her arms and cried by her. Light snow hurts as much as he does now.
Le Xuewei cried and leaned against Han Chengyi’s arms. Tears seemed to come out of her heart and she couldn’t stop.
Suddenly Le Xuewei pushed Han Chengyi crazy and rushed out of the intensive care unit and ran to Qiao Yuwei’s ward. Both Qiao Yuwei and Kang Huizhen were sick there. When they saw Le Xuewei, they were stunned, but they soon changed their disdain and contempt.
Le Xuewei went without saying anything, grabbed Kang Huizhen’s collar and dragged people outside.
"You! Little bitch, what are you doing? Are you crazy? " Kang Huizhen looked drastic and wanted to break free, but Le Xuewei was too strong at this time, and she couldn’t break free.

Yao Danxi’s smile faded as soon as the door opened. She sat there for a few seconds and suddenly raised her hand to cover her face.

She is actually very tired, because Shen Zhou is "busy" and she can’t see each other. The anxiety in her heart torments her all the time and makes her fall asleep at night.
But now she is afraid to relax, for fear of relaxing a little, and Shen Zhou has disappeared again.
Yao Danxi has been waiting in Shenzhou office with a tired and straight back.
The meeting didn’t end at half past eleven. Assistant Yuan Sheng came over twice to convey Shen Zhou’s meaning and let her go back first, while Yao Danxi smiled gently and didn’t speak.
Yuan Shengfa can relay Shen Zhou.
Shen Zhou didn’t show any surprise when he heard that Yao Danxi didn’t leave in the main seat of the conference room. He immediately threw himself into the meeting before talking to Yao Danxi in the office. It’s half true and half false, but it’s also true.
When Shen Zhou returned to the office after the meeting again, Yao Danxi had fallen asleep on the sofa.
The woman leaned back on the sofa with her head slightly crooked and frowned in her sleep.
Shen Zhou in front of her in the mind some regrets … If Yao Danxi didn’t meet her, wouldn’t she become like this?
Shen Zhoufa deeply wanted to go because he had seen Yao Danxi when he married Su Yun …
Shen Zhou leaned over and picked up the woman, but he woke up as soon as he moved Yao Danxi. He just woke up and looked at Shen Zhou vaguely.
Shen Zhou saw her eyes for a moment and seemed to return to the time when they had just been dating several years ago.
Shen Zhou squat/body her eye level way "why don’t you go back to sleep? What should I do if I catch cold? "
Yao Danxi raised his hand to encircle his neck judo. "Don’t want to go back to the meeting?" Let me order lunch. "
Shen Zhou smiled and said, "Yuan Sheng has already booked the horse and sent it."
Yao Danxi said, "Okay, I’m going to wash my hands."
Shen Zhou nodded
It’s past twelve o’clock now, and whether it’s Shen Zhou or Yao Danxi’s spirit is actually not easy.
Yuan Sheng will send lunch to Yao Danxi and Shen Zhou for dinner.
Both of them were well educated since childhood, and they didn’t say much about table manners.
Shen Zhou gathered her eyebrows slightly and ate intently. Yao Danxi sat opposite him and had a fine lunch, but she didn’t have much appetite.
Yao Danxi has been watching Shenzhou Shenzhou. I don’t know if he didn’t notice her sight or didn’t want to look up. He always bowed his head and ate without looking at her.
Yao Danxi took a deep breath and put chopsticks. "Ah Zhou, I … I have something to say to you."
Shen Zhou didn’t show any surprise, but also put chopsticks and paper towels and wiped her mouth. "Huh?"
Yao Danxi looked him in the eye and said, "Yu Xingxing … Do you think Xingxing is really Meng Yunan’s child?"
When it comes to the stars, Shen Zhou’s face becomes cold and smiling. Although he can’t see the difference in face, how can Yao Danxi not see it after years of dating?
Yao Danxi felt uncomfortable but continued, "If the star is really Meng Yunan’s child, then it is proved that she hooked up with Meng Yunan during the wedding period! You’ve always cared about the star’s life … Now you’re competing for it … You can also let Su Yun go … She’s not worth being sincere to her. "
Shen Zhou sighed, "Danxi …"
As soon as he called her name Yao Danxi, her heart ached reflexively-she seemed to be afraid that he would say something again quickly; "Su Yun she never loved you! She has been deceiving you and your feelings. She has impure eyes. Otherwise, how can the stars be Meng Yunan’s children? What will she not know about you and Meng Yunan? What a coincidence? !”
Yeah, what a coincidence? On the day when Shen Zhou learned that the star Meng Yunan was angry, Shen Zhou kept asking himself what the answer was.
Shen Zhou sneer at one in my heart-what’s the answer? Maybe it’s fate that makes them entangled.
Yao Danxi was emotional and stared at Shen Zhou’s chest ups and downs.
Compared with her, Shen Zhou was much calmer. He listened quietly to Yao Danxi and it took several seconds to lightly tunnel "Danxi Suyun met Meng Yunan that night."
Yao Danxi leng a "that night? Which night? "
Shen Zhou took the cup and drank a mouthful of "Su Yun’s birthday night two years ago"
Section 36
He spoke calmly without hesitation, but Yao Danxi’s face was instantly white and there was no trace of blood in his face. She leaned back in panic and almost swept the table and plate.
Shen Zhou calmly looked at her panic and her eyebrows were flat.
Yao Danxi’s heart was beating violently, and she was so nervous that she couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were so wide that she couldn’t speak for several times.
After several minutes, Shen Zhou said gently, "It’s all over Danxi."
He was comforting her. This sentence is like giving Yao Danxi a sedative. Yao Danxi quickly adjusted his mood and said, "Was the man Meng Yunan that night?"
"Yes" in Shenzhou Road
Yao Danxi sip lip way "that’s impossible! What a coincidence! And-"
And how can Meng Yunan enter that room!
Yao Danxi can’t figure it out. The more she thinks something is wrong!
Yao Danxi eagerly said, "Did Su Yun tell you that she told you that the man was Meng Yunan that night? No, it must not be like this! She’s lying to you. No way! How did Meng Yunan get into that room! His identity like that … "
Yao Danxi shook his head. "Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Ah Zhou, don’t believe this! It must be that Su Yun has long been allied with Meng Yun. They have been keeping you in the dark and watching you pay those feelings for Su Yun … Meng Yunan, Meng Yunan and Su Yun are definitely a group! "
Yao Danxi got up and walked over to grab Shen Zhou’s hand and repeated, "Ah Zhou, don’t trust them!"
Shen Zhou sighed and put his hands on the woman’s shoulder. As always, he said gently, "Calm down, Danxi."
Yao Danxi looks pale and lips are silent.
Shen Zhou said, "The star Meng Yunan is father and daughter … There is no doubt that you don’t doubt Su Yun … It was indeed that Meng Yunan was in the same room by mistake that night."
Although the man’s voice is gentle, Yao Danxi obviously feels that he is strange.
Yao Danxi said, "Why are you so sure?"
Shen Zhou let go and walked to the French window. He suddenly became addicted to smoking. He touched the table and didn’t touch the cigarette case. He remembered that he had given up smoking as early as Su Yun’s pregnancy. This habit has been preserved until now.
Yao Danxi saw Shen Zhou move without speaking.
Shen Zhouyin’s calm wave is a little cold. "Danxi, do you think Meng Yunan will joke about this?"
Yao Danxi’s Zheng suddenly turned white … but she had been paying attention to Su Yunshen and almost forgot what Meng Yunan was like. He had no reason to lie to them about the stars.
But-she never believed that Su Yun and Meng Yunan were innocent!
Want to know this Yao Danxi bit his lip to sober himself up a little. She walked behind Shen Zhou and raised her hand and hugged the man’s waist and put her face on his broad back.
Shen Zhou shape did not move is looking out of the window.
Yao Danxi’s voice came from behind with a hint of apology and gentleness. "I’m sorry I was arbitrary. You’re right. It’s all over. Whether it’s Su Yun or Meng Yunan, the stars are all you and me, I’m too afraid to lose you again. I’m afraid that other people will destroy our feelings … Can you understand me?"
Shen Zhou turned around and held her in his arms and said in a low voice, "Well, it’s good that you want to be white."
Yao Danxi laughed and said, "Then let’s continue to eat."
Shen Zhou rubbed her head and smiled "Good"
After dinner, Yao Danxi said with a smile, "Then I won’t bother you at work. Go back first and pay attention to rest."

Yanji looks at the soul of the moon and respects Suiye very much. She also knows that she can’t be rude and laughs. "Sister Suiye flatter me. I listened to the soul of the moon for a long time. When you saw Yanji today, you really liked her sister. Please don’t call me a girl. We are sisters. Otherwise, it would be too welcome."

After two people praised each other for a few words, Moon Soul asked, "Sister Ye said that there is a way to find Datong Pearl. I don’t know what is the way?"
With Ye Dao, "Datong Pearl, we are all connected with Datong doorways. It is not difficult to perceive Datong Pearl."
After that, I scattered my breath with the leaves to find the Datong Pearl, and I found the Datong Pearl in the eclipse room very soon.
Lin Shu, from outside the cave, asked how the children should be placed.
The Moon Soul went to ask those children and knew that they were all robbed by the eclipse king, and all their families were killed by the eclipse king. Now they are all orphans and can go home.
The Moon Soul wanted to look at Qu Sheng, Lin Shu, Chu Gong, Huang Ting and several younger brothers of Datong. Knowing that there are twenty younger brothers in Datong Gate now, it is better to take these children to Datong Gate to collect them as younger brothers, so that these five hundred children can be well placed. Secondly, it is difficult to plan behind Datong Gate.
Moon Soul said this idea to Suiye, and Suiye agreed that Suiye said the five-line method can be achieved. I heard that Moon Soul also told Huang Ting to take a few younger brothers to clean up the treasure in the cave of Yinshi Jundong and take it away together. In fact, Moon Soul is not a greedy person, but needs the money to prepare some clothes for these children and some food in the early stage.
Yin-yang and Five Elements are the origin of all spiritual practices. It’s said that a five-element array will never fail, and it’s not difficult to take away so many people and things with Ye.
At noon the next day, I returned to Datong Gate.
Qu Sheng and Huang Ting went to buy clothes and food for those children according to the command of the Moon Soul. Looking at Lin Shu and some younger brothers, they were arranging housing for those children. What suddenly occurred to the Moon Soul?
He found Suiye and wanted everyone to move to Datong Peak. He tried to tell her that when she came there, there was a Datong boundary law to protect her. Secondly, there was enough aura to help those children practice. Suiye agreed to the suggestion of the moon soul
Just as it was about to be put into action, a female voice came outside the gate.
"You asked me to look for Brother Moon Soul."
"I’m sorry, girl, but it’s inappropriate for the boss to see outsiders now. Please go back."
"If you say Qianxue wants to see him, he will definitely meet me."
"No, girl, he really has something to do."
"If you don’t inform me, I’ll see him myself."
When the soul of the moon heard it, Qianxue remembered that she had spoken to him when she was playing abortion in Linglan family, and she didn’t know how to face her. Her horse was about to rush in, so she ran to the flower bed to hide.
Sure enough, those brothers couldn’t stop the snow or rushed in for her.
Lin Shu just walked out of another yard and saw it and went away.
Lin Shu asked, "What’s the matter?"
A younger brother replied, "Sister Lin, this girl has to see the boss. We can’t stop her …"
Lin Shu already knew about it and smiled at Qian Xue. "I wonder what the girl wants with our head martial uncle?"
Qian Xue took Lin Shu’s hand before seeing Lin Shu diffuse. "This elder sister Qian Xue wants to see the moon soul brother, please help him call him out."
Lin Shu saw that this was called Qianxue girl’s innocent tone and lovely appearance, and she seemed to know the moon’s soul. She was so fond that she asked, "Does Qianxue sister know Uncle Nangong?"
Qian Xue tried to light his little head and said, "I know him and I’m still very familiar with Brother Moon Soul."
Lin Shu let the brothers leave and then smiled at Qian Xue. "Then you can go to the living room with me first. I’ll help you get Uncle Nangong out."
Qian Xue Xi said, "Thank you, Sister."
Lin Shu came to the hall with a thousand snows and asked her to wait for a while before coming out to find the soul of the moon.
Lin Shu went out of the living room and was going to look for the Moon Soul, but the Moon Soul came out of nowhere. Lin Shu was about to say that a man named Qian Xue came to look for him, and the Moon Soul pulled her aside and looked back until Qian Xue didn’t come out. She said to Lin Shu, "I know everything. When you go back and tell her, I have to go out temporarily and I don’t know when I will come back. Don’t let her know where I am, otherwise … I will send Qu Sheng away to do business so that you won’t see it for a year and a half."
Lin Shu feels that the soul of the moon is strange today. How can I tell Qianxue when I get back? I can’t bite the bullet and say it.
Lin Shu went back to the living room to see Suiye and Yanji, who were also talking to Qianxue at this time.
Yanji changed her clothes with the leaves, and with the help of the leaves, she became less wild and more dignified.
Qianxue jumped up from her chair and ran to her when she saw Lin Shu coming back. "Did Sister find Brother Moon Soul?"
Suiye also said, "I was just about to discuss with him about moving these children to Datong Peak. Where are your uncles?"
I didn’t have the heart to cheat Qian Xue, such a lovely girl, when I came to Lin Shu. Now I was about to tell the truth with Ye again, but I remembered the "threat" of the Moon Soul just now, so I stammered, "Oh, Uncle Nangong … He, he just had something to go out."
With Ye and Yan Ji, Lin Shu’s expression is a bit unnatural.
Thousands of snow is don’t give up, "where did he go? Did you say when you will come back? "
Lin Shu thought for a moment and stammered, "He … He didn’t say where he was going or when he would come back."
Qian Xue’s face showed disappointment as Ye and Yan Ji looked at Lin Shu and felt that some of them were wrong, but they couldn’t say what was wrong.
At this time, Huang Ting sounded outside the gate.
"The nangongshan ShiShu what are you doing here? You asked Brother Qu and I to buy things, and we all bought them. Let’s report to you. After a province, you said we were stealing. "
As soon as I heard the moon’s soul and snow, I ran out of the living room, ran across the courtyard and ran to the front door like a gust of wind.
This matter Huang Ting is dragging the reluctant moon soul in from the outside, followed by QuSheng also came in.
"Moon Soul Brother Qianxue came to see you."
The moon soul came to sneak out, but just slipped out of the gate and bumped back, Qusheng and Huang Ting.
Then think of Huang Ting’s enthusiasm, go and pull the Moon Soul in a hurry to show his achievements. Do you want to hide or not? Since you can’t hide from the Moon Soul, you can face it.
The moon’s soul is filled with surprises. "Ah! Is it a thousand snows? How did you find this place? I haven’t seen you for a long time, how did you lose weight again? "In fact, the moon soul is telling the truth, and Qianxue is really gaunt."
Thousands of snow crossed and ran to the front of the moon soul. "I heard my brother say that you became the head of the big gate. I came here to see you thin. Of course, I miss my brother."
It seems that she doesn’t know that she is the soul of abortion. It is also a hint to her, but she really can’t have an affair with her, but she can’t say that he can repay her with a wry smile in his heart.
On the surface of the soul, I still said with a smile, "You also said that your brother didn’t introduce me and the crazy Taoist priest, so he left. It really scared me when I was in Muxinzong. I didn’t expect you to be a family member of Linglan."
On hearing that the Moon Soul said that Qianxue was a family member of Linglan, Huang Ting was puzzled. After Mu Xin’s general tinker, he felt that the Moon Soul should hate the family members of Linglan, but what seems to be very affectionate with this girl?
Qianxue looked aggrieved. "I don’t want you to change your attitude towards me because I am a family member of Linglan. Brother Moon Soul won’t be angry, will he?"
As soon as the moon soul looks up, she walks out of the living room with Ye and Yan Ji. She has an idea in her heart and laughs. "How can you be angry? Thousand snows come, let me introduce you to two people." She says, she walks to Yan Ji and Yan Ji with thousands of snows.
In front of the two people, the soul of the moon has not spoken yet, and Qianxue is proud. "I know this is Sister Suiye and this is Sister Yanji. We met just now."
This girl bites a sister and adds that lovely face. Ye and Yan Ji like to keep from ear to ear.
The moon soul walked beside Yanji and took Yanji’s waist and smiled. "You have another identity as Yanji’s sister, don’t you know? She is also your brother, my wife. "Say that finish, I kissed Yanji on the cheek and provoked Yanji to push him aside. Huang Ting blew a whistle.
When Qian Xue heard Moon Soul say Yanji was his wife, her charming body trembled and stepped back in disbelief, shaking her head and saying, "No, no, this is not true."