The blade touches the pure gold dragon chair and makes a harsh metallic sound.

It is this sound that wakes Shen Jianing and his heart at the same time.
"No, we are all blinded by the control of the mirror."
Heart suddenly exclaimed is teamed up with Liang Ping to attack the dreamland king.
However, it seems that their dreamland king lies in different corners of the Maple City Hall.
At the same time, Liang Ping attacked the King of Dragon Chair Dreamland, but his heart attacked the King of Dreamland in the blue light array outside the hall of Maple City.
At the same time, Shen Jianing had already made moves, but she didn’t seem to find the real king of dreamland when she attacked left and right in the hall of Maple City.
It is also this dreamland king who appears everywhere in the hall of Maple City. A burst of laughter makes people feel unbalanced.
"Ha ha ha ha ~ ~"
The audio and video came from the depths of people’s hearts and seemed to appear at the roots of people’s ears.
Just as the three of them were in chaos, suddenly there was a strange sound in the virtual.
Like a huge wooden stick.
I didn’t see the real thing, but I felt my body hit by a huge wooden stick
Three people a stuffy hum mouth spray blood fog in succession.
Hp of all three people dropped rapidly
Liang Ping finally got a little nervous. Quickly play the personal interface and bring up the map. Sure enough, a red dot was found in the northwest corner of the Maple City Hall through the grand glasses.
So Liang Ping showed his figure.
Cast a primary flying skill and flash in front of the red dot.
Sure enough, I saw the old man with huafa in Daguan glasses.
"shua shua shua"
Qi Kuai swings three swords, each of which goes straight to the key of the dreamland king.
However, the three swords failed, and the king of dreamland evaded like a ghost.
The brisk wind swept across the beam plane and he had flashed to the southwest corner.
Visual coordinates (1, 15)
That’s where the heart is, so Liang Ping drank a "heart is going to be swallowed up."
Heart smell speech does not hesitate to display the swordsman level 2 skill.
"swallowing the right"
It is also a level 1 skill to kill the shock wave and condense it into a cold wave.
Jian Bo scattered at the same time, the dreamland king’s figure has been displayed, but it seems that he has been hit by his heart.
In the map method, I saw how much hp the dreamland king had lost, but I found that his posture had slowed down and hid in the (15, 15) position.
That distance has reached the range that Shen Jianing can kill, so Liang Ping sank and shouted, "Shen Jianing, it’s your turn to shoot 15, 15."
Shen Jianing saw the coordinates, but her posture was unimaginable fast.
"Howl, howl"
Like a red gale, kill array is formed in the vicinity of 15 and 15.
That’s not a ghost pharmacist skill, and it doesn’t seem to be a skill. It relies on quick shots and moving speed to form a stall attack and kill around 15 and 15.
Sure enough, the king of dreamland evaded again.
Liang Ping discovered that the position occupied by the three of them was extremely scientific and formed an effective killing range in all corners of the whole Maple City Hall.
The dreamland king appeared in Liang Ping’s killing range. Liang Ping could clearly capture the dreamland king with the help of Daguan glasses.
See dreamland king 4 hp has dropped two.
I didn’t expect that the attack by Xin and Shen Jianing was really powerful. Si cut off the 50,000 hp value of Dreamland King with one attack.
Liang Ping is not to be outdone, but he will sink his mind and cast a level 1 killing skill.
"the tortoise comes out of Luo"
"level 1"
Accurately slay the dreamland king 2 meters away.
"shua shua shua"