A penalty point was safely pocketed by Lin Yuchen.

After just one round of three-pointers, Lin Yuchen and Yunshan won three points.
"Lin Yuchen, No.11 in Yunshan High School, is really remarkable in shooting baskets. At this critical moment, he made a foul with a backward jumper and helped Yunshan hit a two plus one."
"Good job" Han Zhengli grabbed a Lin Yuchen’s arm "Go back!"
Lin Yuchen seems to have been greatly encouraged and cheered and squeezed his fist.
It seems that the game is not over until the man is serious.
Chu Chenxi stretched out his hand outside the three-point line to cross the basketball in the cold weather.
After hooking Lin Yuchen’s finger, he stretched out an index finger and bent it to signal him to pull him to singles.
On-line Yin Yun’s heart is really still this reckless character. If the other party is provocative, he will definitely hook back, but if he doesn’t, it won’t be him.
"Now the other four departments of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School have taken a look at the sample number Chu Chenxi, who has just been beaten by Lin Yuchen on Yunshan No.11 for two plus one, and can’t wait to fight back. Let’s see what No.11 will do."
"No, No …" A handful of spectators in the east stand were shouting the number. After a few seconds, the whole east stand resounded.
Chuchen was a little surprised and looked up. There was a surge of heroism in his heart. It should be that a group of people in his class took the lead in shouting the guys … Chuchen was slightly warm in his heart.
Lin Yuxin silently cheered in her heart, listening to the sudden shouts around her, and she also had a feeling of boiling blood.
Be sure to go in, Chu Chenxi
Xia Rou silently read in his mind that although losing to No.7 Middle School made her feel a little uncomfortable, he saw that Chu Chenxi was becoming more and more mature and sharp. Xia Rou watched Chu Chenxi play basketball for three years and watched him almost change from a rookie to today. He knew that Chu Chenxi would go forward and keep going on this road without stopping.
Lin Yu dust sink in front of the ChuChen hope.
Chuchen lay with the ball looking at Lin Yuchen’s eyes flashed a cold light.
In this game, he almost didn’t hold the ball by himself. Because of the cold weather, he took most of the ball. Usually, Chu Chenxi just caught the ball at the last minute.
This time, he suddenly raised his fighting spirit. It’s been a long time since anyone made a provocative jump shot in front of him and hit two plus one-since he practiced his jumping ability crazily.
Come on, I want you to know that you are the way to stop me.
(there is one more)
Section 176 Can soldiers slam dunk (2)
Lin Yuchen’s pupil is shrinking into a needle-like shape, which seems to feel a strong crisis from the inside.
In another second, Chu Chenxi’s momentum soared, his right hand kicked the ball, and his right foot suddenly slammed to the ground. Lin Yuchen felt the light flashing in front of him. He could slide and barely follow Chu Chenxi’s breakthrough speed and stretched out his hand to recover Chu Chenxi’s skirts.
Don’t be paranoid! Chuchen and mercilessly turned away and threw Lin Yuchen on his side.
In basketball competition, if the attacker wants to pass the other side, the defender will have lost his position base, so he can be regarded as a lost person. At the moment, Lin Yuchen seems to be still unwilling to give up. He turned around and tried to stop Chu Chenxi from rushing to the basket.
And on the other side, Ming Chen also doubled up and saw that Chu Chenxi was caught in the corner.
Chu Chenxi glanced at the stadium again. Although Fan Li seemed to find a place, this time Chu Chenxi didn’t want to. He looked up at the basket and insisted on getting the ball into the basket.
Did he do it? Thief bar zei8com
Ming Chen finally made up for the position, holding his hands high above the blocker Chu Chenxi’s pace of progress.
"No chance" Fang Yuan is a little sorry. Almost, if Ming Chen arrives at the location later, then Chu Chenxi still has a chance to insert.
"Wrong" Ji Hantian always feels that Chu Chenxi has any attempt.
Seeing that his footsteps were staggered and three meters away from the basket, he went to Ming Chen and Ming Chen jumped up first.
Lin Yuchen felt that he had missed something. Before Chu Chenxi attacked, he almost always attacked the line, but he couldn’t see CIC. Lin Yuchen always realized that his goal was to cross his own line, but why couldn’t he choose to shoot?
Due to inertia, Chu Chenxi almost folded up in the middle of the body.
However, he didn’t care about the last freeze, and his hands were facing the basket. He threw the basketball out with a stubborn attitude.
Although basketball has almost no radian, it bounces in the side of the basket like a sight. Lin Yuchen can see that Chu Chenxi doesn’t practice too much for shooting, but shooting like this is almost impossible to judge.
Who knows how to jump up and shoot even if the center of gravity is unstable, so the shooting rate is extremely low for the average shooter!
But Chu Chenxi just entered.
Everyone in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is a freak … This is Lin Yu’s idea of dust force. No matter this number, that No.13 or even that rookie No.12 three-pointer is so unreasonable.
Two-point entry
"Nanchuan No.7 Middle School Chu Chenxi didn’t want to be outdone. He still scored two points in the center of gravity."
"Are we coming again?" Han Zheng looked at Chu Chenxi and yelled, "Don’t relax!"
Three-second zone and Han Zheng caught the basketball.
Yin Yun had to devote his energy to taking special photos of Han Zheng.
Han Zheng’s endless strength like the sea once again posted Yin Yun.
Yin Yun gritted his teeth and resisted him intensely.
Han Zheng shot the basketball, and the strength increased a few minutes, which lasted less than two seconds.
He shrank back and turned to score while Yin Yun suddenly took off the force gap.
7163 is nothing but three back-and-forth events in this kind of offensive intensity competition. In front of Han Zheng, it seems that Yin Yun’s line industry is weak. Han Zheng thinks it is difficult to stop Zhang Yang, the first center in No.4 Middle School, from invading even if they reach the final.
Xue Yangyi and Wu Qingyi whispered for a while.