The furthest distance in the world is not loving each other.

But we can’t be together, but we know that we really love our enemies
Pretend not to care
The farthest distance in the world
Not tree-to-tree distance
But the branches that grow from the same root are dependent on each other in the wind.
The furthest distance in the world is not dependent on branches.
But looked at each other at the stars, but there was no intersection track
The farthest distance in the world is not the track of stars.
But looking for it in a blink of an eye even though the tracks meet.
The farthest distance in the world is not looking for it in an instant.
But doomed to meet before meeting.
The farthest distance in the world
It’s fish and birds, a distance in the sky.
One dives deep into the sea. "
"I love you too, Liu Yong’s concubine Shuijunshan; The water is smart and the mountain is calm; Water flows around the mountain and never moves; I want you to know each other; The river is exhausted, the thunder and the earthquake in winter, the summer rain, the snowy mountains and the mountains, and the heavens and the earth are the best. "
It was a flash, and the romance between the two men reached its peak, and Chu and I became two people’s obstacles. I peeled off my body one by one, and I gently approached her lips and tasted the grass, which made my heart blurred in an instant.
There was a fighting sound outside the door, which scared ChuXian to shrink into my arms. I swore "bad luck" and looked up at the door and shouted "What happened to Jinxiu"
My voice went straight through the corridor and landed in Jinxiu’s ear in the struggle with Qin Yueer. Jinxiu naturally left a hand for Qin Yueer, because Qin Yueer’s brow and Qin Yaner were very similar to Jinxiu’s bad killers.
"Liu Yong Liu Yong"
And Han Meng shouted at me in the room like crazy, and I quickly failed to take that step away from nephrite and warm skin.
"Yan Yan, when she comes in, you tell her that Han Meng will see you in the afterlife."
Chu Xianshun nodded, and then I said to Jinxiu in the way of repairing words, "Let them come in. It’s time for me to leave you. Take care of yourself."
"Oh, forget it, you go in."
Jinxiu has suppressed Qin Yueer almost completely. Suddenly, she stopped inexplicably and threw out such a sentence. After that, she gave it to the side of the barbecue grill, holding a string of chicken wings in one hand and roasting it by the fire while singing "Roasted chicken wings are my favorite".
Qin Yueer almost bit by bit with the old blood behind Han Meng, and was directly spit out by Jinxiu’s strange song.
When Han Meng and Qin Yueer came to the room, they saw Chenxi and Chuxian sitting in bed talking and laughing, which made them startled. They were startled because they were alone in the same room and chatted so much that they didn’t believe it.
"What the hell are you doing?"
Han Menggen doesn’t know that I have left the morning light, and the morning light naturally doesn’t care about her feelings.
"You are Han Meng, right? Liu Yong said he left because he was going to try reincarnation again."
Chu Xianbi said this sentence with sincerity and no impurities, just like a pool of clear water, and Qin Yueer considered the question: "I didn’t end the battle so soon when I was with Liu Yong, and it’s definitely not that he didn’t know that Han Mengyou inferred that this man was Liu Yong."
"Then who is he? Don’t tell me he’s not Liu Yong."
Han Meng saw what just happened, which can prove that it was me in the morning, and I was quietly watching them, so I can get together with these girls again before I leave. Looking at Han Meng, I don’t feel heartbroken, but I still want to chat with her. It is now that there is no need to add more misunderstandings before my heart dissipates.
"Ouyang Chenxi Chenxi Chenxi Chenxi"
Dawn this sentence let people present a layer of black line on their foreheads, but it attracted Han Meng to smile. If it were Chuxian’s words, he would not laugh.
"Well, since we misunderstood Han Meng, don’t apologize to them and leave them quickly."
Qin Yueer hurriedly beat around the bush. Han Meng was indifferent to Qin Yueer’s words. He stared at me in the hidden corner and put away his smiling face. He couldn’t help but show a sad look. He said, "Liu Yong, I almost lost my mind in looking for your trace. In fact, I have been saying a lot by your side. I want you to know that you can live or die. Don’t you have the heart to leave me a word before leaving? Do you know that it is too cruel to me?"
Han Meng’s words made my heart continue to hurt inexplicably. Looking at my face twisted in the morning, he said to me, "Liu Yong, a coward, threw yourself back to me when you lost your mind, which made the girls who followed you suffer a lot. You really didn’t deserve it." The morning words were like an awakening to me. Maybe I really did something wrong.
Dawn unexpectedly ChuXian will speak out his mind ChuXian full of gratitude looking at the morning drink a way "enough morning Liu Yong can I do those things that make people misunderstand is enough, less he is worthy of me, I forbid you to say that about him"
"Well, I won’t come to Liu Yong for your things. It’s time for them to tell me something."
You know me better than Liu Yong. After all, I have to deal with my own affairs. I watched the situation tense and there were splendid things that could turn the tide, but splendid things were not here. I returned to the morning light and moved a chair from the side to sit and wait for the family meeting.
"Are you Liu Yong or Dawn?"
Han Meng looked at me and sat there with a full face of surprise. He asked Chuxian to come behind me and put his hand on my shoulders to round up the words for me. "I don’t want him to be the wind. You have something to say."
"You really have to be like her."
Han Mengyin’s timidity is not so strong when I really appear, but more like a clever little girl.
"Anyway, for me, Liu Yong, I never explain anything. If you think I’m not doing well, now I’m dead anyway, and you can have a new life."
My arrogance is absolutely beyond Han’s dream, like she petrified in an instant, but my performance is completely different from that of men in this era, and I finally got up with the arrogance of the ancients.
"Liu Yong, I was wrong."