"Well, thank you." Feiyang smiled and nodded, then walked towards the courtyard and rang the doorbell before coming to the gate.

"Who?" The door came to Chen Xiaoxiao’s big smile for questioning, followed by hearing a brisk running and then the footsteps disappeared. There was a slight pause for a moment. The door Chen Xiaoxiao gave a joy and exclaimed that the door was slammed, and then a petite body was thrown into the flying arms. Surprise cheered in her ear, "Brother, why are you here?"
"Come and see me smile." Float in the sky hugged Chen Xiao and laughed and replied.
"Cut is to see my mother" Chen smile pursed mouth JiaoChen way.
"You this little girl is necessary to share so clearly? I’ll come to see you two." Feiyang pinched Chen Xiao’s delicate little face, frowning and pretending to be angry.
"Hee hee, that’s more like it. Brother, come in." Chen Xiaofei kissed her flying face and said with a smile.
"Well, smile, are you alone at home?" Flying with Chen Xiao walked into the room and conveniently took the door. At this moment, Wang Pingcai smiled and moved a step to continue patrolling around.
"Yes, I’m chatting alone. My brother came to play games with me." Chen Xiaoxiao nodded with a smile. Today is the weekend. Chen Xiaoxiao didn’t learn Chen Yun and didn’t want her daughter to work too hard, so she didn’t give her any cram school interest classes. So Chen Xiaoxiao was very relaxed at the weekend.
"Good" float in the sky nodded with a smile.
"Yeah" got the consent of Feiyang. Chen Xiao cried and cheered. He kissed his face in Feiyang for several times and then took out s4 game console from the video cabinet. He took two line handles and Feiyang one by one, and then sat down on Feiyang’s leg directly.
Flying hands encircle Chen Xiao’s skill, holding a gamepad, smiling and looking at his face with a bright smile. Chen Xiao set up a game and gently kissed Chen Xiao’s black hair with a comfortable smile on his mouth.
Chapter 723 Play
Just as Chen Xiao and Fei Yang were having a good time, the doorbell was suddenly rung outside.
"Who?" Dissatisfied with himself and flying with love, the atmosphere was broken. Sitting on the flying leg, Chen Xiao pursed her mouth and didn’t good the spirit toward the door and asked Chen Yun that it was impossible for her to come back late, so Chen Xiao was in a bad mood.
"Miss Xiaoxiao, I brought you lunch." There was a woman outside the door who was a little nervous when she heard Chen Xiaoxiao’s tone seem to be a little unhappy.
"Oh, you wait." Chen Xiao and Fei Yang discovered that it was almost twelve o’clock. Chen Xiao had to pause the game, put the gamepad and then came to the door and hit the door.
"Hello, Miss Xiaoxiao, good sir." Outside the door was a slightly attractive young woman who saw that she was followed by two young men in clothes printed with the words "XXX Hotel". The two men each had a lunch box in their hands, and the woman just entered the door. She bowed respectfully and behaved generously.
"Well, come in," said Chen Xiao, who nodded his head and pursed his mouth slightly unhappy, and then turned around and walked towards the house. The three of them quickly followed her into the house, bowed respectfully towards Feiyang, and then went straight to the restaurant. The woman put all kinds of dishes in the box on the table.
"Isn’t it takeaway?" Feiyang washed his hands in the kitchen and then went to the restaurant to find that this dish looks very good, and there are many more precious seafood. Obviously, there is no such thing as takeaway.
"No, sir, this is our hotel. You and Miss Xiaoxiao are going to specially order us to prepare meals for delivery because Sister Yun is worried that Miss Xiaoxiao often eats takeout." The woman replied with a smile.
"Oh, what hotel is so good?" asked Feiyang with some surprise.
"Brother, why are you so stupid? It’s our own restaurant, of course." Chen Xiao looked at Feiyang Nai with a mouthful of chopsticks and turned supercilious.
"Hey, when did we have a hotel?" Feiyang said with some consternation that the hotel seemed to be doing well and had all come to Hangzhou.
"Sir, our hotel is already in Xuanzheng Street, which is under the jurisdiction of non-success elder sister. Later, non-success elder sister came to Hangzhou to expand her business, which also gave our hotel here.
"The woman replied with a smile.
"Oh, so that’s it." Feiyang nodded with some shame. This boss is still really incompetent. I don’t even know what the situation is in my own industry. Anyway, I am not interested in this aspect. I just leave it to the women at home to do it. I am also happy to be a shopkeeper of cutting. Anyway, I am my own woman. What are you divided into?
Two men in charge of the box are waiting outside the restaurant after the food is finished, while the woman is respectful and thoughtful behind Feiyang and Chen Xiao.
Serve the flying and Chen Xiao two people finished their lunch, and the woman packed the chopsticks and wiped the table clean. This was only when two men left the lunch box and chopsticks, and three people did not forget to bow respectfully to them.
"Brother, have you called my mother?" After lunch, Chen Xiao was sensible enough to make a cup of hot tea for Feiyang, and then he sat down on Feiyang’s leg with a cup of hot tea and looked up at him and asked softly.
"Yeah, I called her, but I didn’t tell her to come here." Feiyang replied with a smile.
"What didn’t you tell mom? Oh, I know that my brother is going to give her a surprise." Chen Xiao asked first with some doubts, and then quickly reacted to solve the question himself.
"Cong" float in the sky smiled and nodded slightly bowed their heads in Chen Xiao forehead kissed a reward.
"Brother Xi Xi, where are we going to play in the afternoon?" Chen smiled smugly and then looked up at the flying expectation and asked.
"Where do you want to go to play in the afternoon?" Feiyang looked at Chen and smiled with big eyes.
"I want to go boating in the West Lake." Chen smiled with big beautiful eyes full of expectation.
"Well, we’ll go to visit the West Lake in the afternoon." Feiyang raised his eyebrows and made a decision.