"Hey, this is not a colorful sister and a colorful sister flying in the sky. What are you going to do?" Chuxueqing looked at the brain screen and said to himself in surprise. Then he saw the screen and Dugucai moved to take off his clothes one by one.

"Snow shine, you and Xiaobai go back to your room." Hu Mei frowned and looked at what the brain screen suddenly turned white and said to Chu Xueqing and Xiaobai lightly.
"Eh, don’t, I want to see it." Chuxueqing pursed her mouth and muttered.
"Xue Qing, this is not what you should see. This can only be seen when you have a boyfriend." Han Jin Huan said with a smile.
"Is this the case?" ChuXueqing asked with a frown.
"It’s like this. Ok, Xueqing, I’ll take you back to your room. Xiaobai, you also come here." Hua Xuan got up and took ChuXueqing back to her bedroom. Xiaobai was also very obedient and followed the two.
After sending ChuXueqing back to the bedroom, Hua Xuan simply comforted her and coaxed her to sleep. This just came out of ChuXueqing’s bedroom and went back to the sofa to sit and continue to look inside.
Flying in the sky, the more I see the back, the more fidgety he is. Isn’t that what happened in the institute? After that, I can guess Du Gucai by myself. This woman showed this thing to Hu Mei. What does it mean? Flying in the sky can’t figure it out.
"Don’t you explain why you are flying?" Hu Mei asked softly with an inscrutable smile, looking at the video in which Du Gucai stripped off his clothes and clothes.
"Mei elder sister, you can see this. You can’t blame me. I was in a coma at that time. I don’t know much about what happened.
"Flying replied quickly.
"Well, let’s continue to look." Hu Mei gently nodded noncommittally to Feiyang’s answer. He turned his head and continued to stare at the brain screen with his hands around his chest.
What happened next, although Feiyang had already been psychologically prepared, seeing this picture still made his face burst into fever. In the video, Dugucai was tactfully charming and charming, which made Feiyang easily recall that in the last two days of the Transcendental Group, it was a time when she was obsessed with her.
Very not easy to return to absolute being and secretly look at Hu Mei’s three girls’ faces. Seeing that they are also red-faced, the spring mist in their eyes is biting their lips from time to time, which makes people even more swaying.
Hu Mei suddenly got up and dropped the video directly, then took a deep breath and finally adjusted her chaotic mentality, staring coldly at the sky.
Hua Xuan and Han Jin Huan and two women also looked at each other quietly, and then bowed their heads shyly to this scene. It was the first time for them to see the fierce scene of their own men and other women. At that time, they were somewhat overwhelmed. Finally, both of them were addicted to it. Fortunately, Hu Mei got up and dropped the video. Otherwise, I’m afraid both women would have to take a look at it. Hu Mei saw that she was also red in the face, and it was a little easier, but she was still too shy to do it with her head down.
"Sister Mei, I said this. I have always been in a passive situation, and I was completely unconscious at that time." Flying saw Hu Mei coldly looking at himself and hurriedly got up and explained lightly.
"What does she mean by showing this to us?" Hu Mei asked coldly.
"I don’t know this." The little flying mutters.
"You don’t know, don’t tell me that you came back directly after this. You must have gone to bed again, right?" Hu Mei asked sneeringly, looking at Feiyang with his hands around his chest.
"Is the color elder sister is my woman now.
"Anyway, those soft-on-terror is also a knife float in the sky simply confessed to three women completely.
"Fly in the sky you good thing, this just went to a few days and there was another woman." Hu Mei was so angry that she didn’t know that there was a faint mist in her chest.
"Sister Mei, I’m sorry, but I still have to be responsible for her, even though I’m conscious and Sister Cai happened." Feiyang said softly with his head down.
"I didn’t ask you this. I asked you what she wanted to show us. Is this a provocation to us?" Hu Mei asked with a smile, feeling a great crisis for no reason. I’m afraid this woman is not a good crop:
Chapter 697 Strength Nai
"I don’t know this. I’m not a worm in her stomach." Flying eyes are unnatural and embarrassed elsewhere, but I can’t wait to break DuGuCai’s ass in half and dare to embarrass myself by such a means.
"You two individuals in that melodramatic come and talk about how to do it?" See Feiyang push things all the way beyond the group. Hu Mei suddenly burst into a feeling of tightness and looked at Han Jin Huan and Hua Xuan, two women. Seeing two women is still not from the shocking picture in the video just now. I can’t help but drink a little towards them.
"Oppose and resolutely oppose" two women were scared and shocked, then stared angrily at Feiyang and said that it was some Shirley and convergence that made Hu Mei look depressed and rubbed a dull pain. The woman had already provoked the two positively, and she didn’t realize that the appearance of this woman would threaten her position in Feiyang’s heart.
"Sister Mei is not so serious, is it?" Hua Xuan looked at Hu Mei and said softly.
"It’s not that serious." Hu Mei was angry and funny. Nai shook her head. This silly girl is estimated to have been sold by that woman and had to help her count the money happily.
"Yes, from the video, this woman and Feiyang are both victims." Hua Xuan nodded his head and analyzed it carefully.
"But what does she mean by showing us this video?" Hu Mei asked grumpily.
"Maybe she wants to prove herself and the cause of flying," said Hua Xuan, not sure.
"Come on, come on, just let it be." Hu Mei gave Hua Xuan a hard look with a look of medicine that can be saved. Since they are all like this, they are too lazy to take care of themselves and just let him go.
Flying aside, I was relieved to go to Hua Xuan’s head and get a grateful look, but Hua Xuan got a big supercilious look. Although it seems that all this can’t be blamed on Feiyang’s head, after all, it is not a heart-warming thing that my man’s love will be divided by a woman.
"flying you’d better stay here and don’t go out recently.
"Hu mei took a deep breath to press the previous unhappiness and then looked at the sky solemnly.
"What’s the matter?" asked Feiyang puzzled.
"Bai Qianqiu has come out" Hu Mei said with a dignified look.
"I know I just want to talk to her." Feiyang said with a light smile that although the surface looks very relaxed, the pressure in his heart is great.
Time and Ye Chen duel let float in the sky realized that their own strength is insufficient, although at this time they are already A-class strong, but in the face of Bai Qianqiu’s long-established S-class strong, there is still no chance of winning against Ye Chen. There are too many factors.
First Ye Chen careless underestimation and Ye Chen doesn’t want to kill him, but wants to be with him in red. If Ye Chen comes directly, he will kill. Flying feels that he is afraid that he will be able to get rid of it. This time, in the face of Bai Qianqiu, the other party has no conditions to talk to himself. If she really hands on her, spoken parts Qianqiu will surely die for the first time. I’m afraid it’s effortless for her strength to kill herself.
"Absolutely not, Bai Qianqiu’s personality will never let you go." Hu Mei resolutely stopped flying and went to find Bai Qianqiu’s position. She decided not to listen to Feiyang’s explanation. Besides, now all the evidence points to Feiyang and there is nothing to reverse the situation.
"Don’t I just hide in this generation?" Flying nai wry smile way
"Feiyang, you still have us, and we will try our best to help you. Everyone has been trying to find evidence beneficial to you to prove your innocence. I believe that we will be able to wash your innocence before long." Hua Xuan frowned and said softly.
"Can’t it be like this?" Feiyang sighed gently and suddenly felt a burst of force in his heart. He was actually promoted to A level and was able to grasp his own destiny. In the end, he found that he could still hide in the research center here and rely on his own woman to help, which made Feiyang feel very discouraged.
"Flying is fine, you are already great. Everyone’s life can’t be smooth sailing. Eating a little bit now is a valuable asset in the future." Han Jin Huan also comforted Flying.
"I know I will do as you say," Feiyang said with a smile, giving the daughters a reassuring look.
"Well, that’s good. You have to believe that it’s not a shame for us to bear everything alone and rely on others’ help." Hu Mei smiled and nodded.
"Well, I’m white" Feiyang nodded, suddenly remembering Xiaofeng’s injury, and smiled and asked Hu Mei gently, "What’s the situation of Mei Jie Xiaoge now?"
"Brother Xiao, he is awake, but he can’t get into bed for the time being. Now Sister Yu is taking care of him." Hu Mei replied with a smile.
"Oh, take me to see him sometime," Feiyang said with a smile.
"Well, I’ll take you to visit him sometime." Hu Mei bowed her head and hesitated for a long time before nodding gently and said.
"Thank you" Feiyang thanked Hu Mei with a smile.
"Thanks for what?" Hu Mei turned a supercilious look and then got up and smiled and said, "Well, you and Xue Qing have just come back from a tiring journey, so we won’t bother you. Go to bed early, Mary. Let’s go home."
"You don’t live here?" Asked Feiyang, a little surprised. I still see that three girls will stay with me when they bring back Chuxueqing. This idea may be too evil, but it’s not impossible to think about it.
"Let’s go if we want to be beautiful," Hu Mei said with a hard stare at Feiyang.
"Where do you live?" Fly in the sky and ask Korea to do it lightly.
"Sister Jin Huan is now a full member of the Tiger Group. Now you should not worry about it in the distribution room." Hua Xuan sarcastically chuckled and then took Han Jin Huan and Hu Mei away with a smile.