"You see, the ups and downs of this relic eventually lead to the top of the pyramid. The two stone pillars represent the wooden slips, but I have searched the nearby area and still found no traces of boulders.

There are several pieces of ancient wooden slips, each of which is different. If you can find other wooden slips, you will definitely know more details. "
To study Dawu by myself is both fortunate and somewhat nai.
Fortunately, he wrote down the landmarks in his handwriting so that he could find the exact location, but he didn’t know what to do next.
It’s like knowing that there is a gold mine in a mountain, but I don’t know where it is.
"There’s no hurry. Since there is no land, let’s go to the door and have a look. Maybe the clue is there."
In Longye, a group of people came to the top of the pyramid, and two stone pillars stood out here.
"The stone pillar pattern should have a special meaning, but so far I still haven’t cracked it," Dawu said, stroking the stone pillar in front of him gently.
When talking to Dawu, Ryuno’s hand also took a fancy to the left pillar.
At this time, Longye and Dawu’s evolution key stone bloomed at the same time, and the stone pillar pattern was filled with light a little bit. Soon, a ladder composed of colorful light appeared on the ground.
This light ladder extends from the top of the pyramid to the misty place on the opposite top of the mountain. Longye seems to have seen the situation that the ladder leads to the first encounter with Arzeus at the top of the gun column in the game.
"It’s true that the wooden slips leading to the Boulevard Gate are recorded. I didn’t expect the key to the door to be the key stone of evolution. Fortunately, Longye you came, otherwise I might have been digging holes here."
"Awesome!" Nazi was surprised to stare at the light ladder. I didn’t expect the ancients to create such miracles.
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
The light ladder connects the high mountain, almost all of which are vertical cliffs, and the top of the mountain is covered by clouds. These conditions ensure that the remains of the top of the mountain are always in a state of human disturbance, that is to say, it is highly probable that the boulder will still be sealed there.
The feeling of walking step by step on the escalator makes people have more expectations for the top of the mountain.
Everyone walked carefully to the end of the light ladder, and an ancient relic community appeared in front of everyone. Among a group of low-rise stone houses, the huge circular stone tower in the middle of the top of the mountain was very eye-catching
"The shape of that tower is exactly the same as that of Tianzhu. It seems that we really found the right one," Dawu said excitedly.
Chapter 732 Fierce sitting appeared
Dawu, he ran into the collapsed stone tower with excitement, but the swinging inside made him original? 15? ? Enthusiasm instantly cooled down.
"It’s impossible that the boulder should be here!" I can’t believe all this. Dawu is walking around the stone tower
"Don’t worry, isn’t it shown in the Tianzhu mural that the boulder is sealed? Let’s have a good look here." Seeing Dawu being swayed by considerations of gain and loss, Longye immediately said.
"Yeah, yeah, there must be clues around here."
Dawu searched around for the remains of the swinging stone tower and finally found an ancient text on a square base with a round stone face.
"Put different keys in these two altars." Dawu translated the ancient words. At this time, his face finally showed a happy smile. "Yes, the boulder is here, Longye. Go to another altar."
After the stone pillar machine, everyone already knows that the so-called key is the key stone of evolution, but for Dawu, he shook his head.
"There must be a reason why the ancients sealed that boulder. We can’t seal it rashly. I have informed the people from the source manufacturing company to come here with instruments. You should also contact the people from Dewen manufacturing company as soon as possible. We will test it here first."
"Longye, you’re right. I’m impatient."
Archaeologists can not complete many archaeological excavations by brute force. Of course, they know something about it. Today, it is because the boulder is too precious that they will forget it.
Although the boulder seal has not been struck yet, just the front light ladder has shown that this relic is different.
After listening to Longye’s suggestion, Dawu immediately got in touch with his father.
Three hours later, scientists from Source Manufacturing Company and Dewen Manufacturing Company arrived here with a large number of instruments.
"The boss that light ladder is how to return a responsibility? If that kind of technology can be applied to other aspects, we will definitely make a profit. "Feng Liuli is responsible for protecting scientists this time. She kept talking in front of Longye as soon as she appeared.
"Wait for the light ladder. Now, the stone pagoda remains are carefully detected and analyzed, mainly in terms of energy," Longye told his company’s scientists
"You also go" Dawu waved.
Dewen manufacturing company is indeed better than the non-source manufacturing company in the research field, but they are equally competitive in basic energy testing.
"Boss, we have detected the energy waveform like a super-fossil. The energy should have escaped from the circular area in the center. There must be something hidden on that surface."
The scientist of Dewen Manufacturing Company nodded his head in recognition of Dawu’s inference.
"It is said that megalith may really be the evolutionary origin of mega", Dawu mused.
Researchers from two companies have been studying the ruins for a day, but the information they get is still limited. The seal in the ruins isolates 90% of the energy fluctuation of the boulder. It is worse to study in this situation than to scratch the boots.
"Longye, I think it’s sealed."
"Come on," Longye went to an altar and picked his evolution key stone pendant and stuck it on the altar stone ball.
On the other side, Dawu and Longye took the same action.
When the two evolution keystones were in contact with each other, the altar and the evolution keystone bloomed at the same time, and the white light spread like liquid. At this time, everyone found that there was a huge magic pattern covered by dust on the ground.
The magic lines formed by circles and semicircles are not only covered with the ground, but also covered with magic lines on the surrounding walls.
However, at this time, no one has paid attention to those magic lines, and even more amazing changes have taken place in the center of the stone tower.
A circular stone slab in the center of the stone pagoda slowly divides into a huge stone with colorful light, which rises from the ground little by little.
When the boulder rose to the ground, the slate closed again.