"This is probably the mysterious person who pretended to be Ouyang Ke and attacked us in Zuixianlou that day!" Huang Rong suddenly said.

"I told you I didn’t do it, but you don’t believe me!" Ouyang Ke said, "Sister Huang, you should believe that I am a good person now, right?"
"Even if you are not a murderer, you are still a bad guy!" Huang Rong Road
"I just like you. Just say I’m a bad guy. Then you just wanted my life and I don’t know who is worse …" Ouyang Ke said very grievance.
"I’m a good man, of course, to pick up the bad guys! If you like me again, believe it or not, I’ll think of a way to kill you! " Huang Rong Road
"Ahem, you’re beside the point …" Ling Feiyang quickly stopped the two men from continuing to bicker and then said, "Since the mysterious man is likely to be on this island, we should guard against his sneak attack all the time, so it’s better to take the lead in finding him!"
"Brother said it was good to kill him once and for all with the four of us!" Although Ouyang Ke regarded Ling Feiyang as a rival in love, now everyone is United in their common destiny and called him "Brother".
So the four men covered the weeds in the cave entrance to prevent the mysterious man from discovering Hong Qigong’s hiding place and then went to find the whereabouts of the mysterious man together.
This island covers an area of about six or seven miles. The mountains of the square island stand tall and there are large pine trees in the valley. If someone hides in the pine forest, it is really difficult to find four people and dare not look for them separately. The search speed is much slower.
The four men searched the pine forest but found no trace, so they returned to the seaside.
"What do you think that is?" Huang Rong suddenly cried out, "Look at the beach with Huang Rong’s guidance, and there is an extra boat!"!
"Be careful! The mystery man may be nearby! " Ling Feiyang hurriedly woke everyone up.
The four of them approached the sampan with guard, and three girls suddenly came out from behind a big stone and shouted, "Little master!"
Two of the three girls were dressed in white, and the other one didn’t seem to be dressed in a sheet. Ouyang Ke immediately shouted, "Purple Han, purple smoke, purple bamboo! It’s great that you are still alive! "
"We’ve been bumping in the sea for a whole day and finally drifted here, but the other sisters’ sampans were knocked over by the waves …" Zi Yan sobbed as she spoke, and Zi Han was blushing at the thought that she was still naked.
Everyone continued to look for the mysterious man near the beach, but it was still a catch. At this time, it was getting late, and everyone felt hungry. So they stoned some wild sheep and rabbits and cooked them with a fire. Huang Rong knew that Hong Qigong was greedy and caught some fish, shrimp and scallops in the special sea, and brought them back to the cave to cook them and gave Hong Qigong a small stove.
Hong Qigong immediately felt some physical strength after eating seafood, so he got up and exercised his muscles and bones. Then he said, "Flying, I always call it martial arts. Now I’m afraid I’m going to lose it. I’ll teach you another trick while I’m still in good spirits."! If you uncle and uncles want to learn old poison, I’ll also teach you! "
"Seven brothers, you also despise me. I, Ouyang Feng, have its own martial arts. It’s very rare for you to put the dragon in the palm of your hand. Chloe, let’s go out for a walk! " Ouyang Feng said with Ouyang Ke and three maids out of the cave.
"Master Hong, your injury has not recovered yet, so don’t wave your strength!" Ling Feiyang hurriedly said
"This move’ Seeing the Dragon in the Field’ is different from other moves. It is the only defensive move in the ten palms that won’t wave any physical strength!" Hong Qigong said that the left palm was placed horizontally and the right palm was erected and lined up on his chest
"Qi concentration is lucky to be in the palm of your hand!" Hong Qigong told Ling Feiyang the secret of true qi operation and then let him try to attack himself.
This recruit seems to be plain, but in fact it is a secret. It has been tried several times in succession, but Hong Qigong’s two palms echo each other from beginning to end, just like an iron wall, which easily dissolves all kinds of attack means and makes him completely able to strike, and once he launches a counterattack, it is unstoppable.
After about half an hour, Ling Feiyang has memorized this recruit when Ouyang Feng’s father and three maids have come back.
Chapter 116 Huang Rong knowledge blind spot
"Maybe the mysterious man was not washed here by the current. Let’s try to leave the island first!" Ouyang Feng said.
"It is estimated from the sea journey that the island is still about three or four hundred miles away from the land. Even if we can barely get people with our two small sampans, we may not be able to withstand the wind and waves in the sea. There are many trees on this island. We can cut some wood, tie the rattan as a rope, tie these wood together into a larger raft, and then make a few oars and barks from the wood to make a sail. When the east wind blows on the sea, we can row with the wind and return to the land in an estimated four or five hours!" A moment later, Huang Rong has figured out a way.
"Huang Mei is really clever!" Ouyang Ke just compliment was glared at Ouyang Feng ruthlessly.
"Rong Er, this method is really good, then please!" Hong Qigong Road
"Sister Zihan, come with me!" Huang Rong said, taking Zihan to a bush outside the cave and asking her to take the sheet from her body. The dagger engraved with the word "Guo Jing" cut the sheet in half and prepared half of it to make a blouse and the other half to make pants.
"Miss Huang, I’m really sorry about what happened last night …" Purple Han squatted on the ground naked with her hands holding her chest and said.
"Why didn’t you and Ling Feiyang have children?" Huang Rong asked purple Han while cutting the cloth.
"What children?" Purple Han leng immediately asked
"Since you have been married, why didn’t you have children?" Huang Rong continued to ask.
"Even if we do the husband and wife thing, we will not necessarily have children, and even if we have children, it will take ten months to be born …" Purple Han explained to Huang Rong patiently that Bai Huang Rong couldn’t understand men and women.
"Really?" Huang Rong looked puzzled and there was no one around, so he whispered to his ear, "Sister, can you tell me what to do about this couple?"
"Didn’t your mother teach you these things?" Purple Han asks.
"My mother died early …" Huang Rong went on with a red eye. "Dad said that the child came out from his mother’s arms. I don’t believe his story! How can a person get out without a hole in his arms? "
"Little master has always praised your cleverness since I saw you, but I really didn’t think how you don’t even understand such a simple thing …" Purple Han sighed and said naively.
"I just don’t understand! Sister Zihan, please tell me about it! " Huang Rong affectionately pull purple Han arm pleaded.
"This is really hard to say …" A night wind blew purple Han suddenly gave a quivering.
"If you don’t tell me, I won’t make clothes for you! Just stay here and get cold! " Huang Rong failed to win and threatened.
"If you don’t make it for me, give me back the sheets!" Zihan avenue
"Look, I’ve cut it in half!" Huang Rong shook two half pieces of cloth and said, "Even if I give it back to you, I can’t cover your body for a while. Ling Feiyang and Ouyang Ke must be very excited to see you naked!"
"Okay, okay …" Zihan finally bowed in Huang Rong and said, "In fact, you guessed right just now that the child came out of the mother’s hole. Do you think about where there is a hole in the woman’s body?"
"Don’t …" Huang Rong thought for a while, but then asked, "What do you mean, it’s a mother’s business and a man’s business?"
"You really like to get to the bottom of it …" Purple Han sighed and then said, "Once something in a man’s body enters a woman’s body, it slowly forms a kind of species, which becomes a child after ten months of growing up in a mother’s body …"
"So that’s it. It’s really amazing …" Huang Rong seemed to suddenly realize and continued, "It seems that I can’t give a man a bowl after dinner!"
"What?" Purple Han asked very strangely.
"If a man gives me a bowl and I accidentally eat the man’s saliva, won’t I have a child?" Huang Rong Road
"Ha ha ha!" Purple Han couldn’t help laughing, and her belly hurt.
"It turns out that she took the hole as her mouth. She can understand it as she likes …" Purple Han thought to herself and said seriously, "It is precisely because of this that you must be very careful not to give your job to a man, let alone make a man’s job!"
"Fortunately, I didn’t give my rice bowl to others when I was begging before!" Huang Rong was secretly glad and rushed to say, "I remember, thank you, sister!"
Zihan looked at Huang Rong carefully cutting clothes for her. She remembered last night and felt a little sorry. Huang Rong suddenly asked, "Did you see our lips touching when you broke into Linggongfang last night?"
"Although you were naked, your lips didn’t touch him …" Huang Rong carefully recalled the scene and immediately said.
"Then you should always believe that Ling Gong and I didn’t do husband and wife things now!" Purple Han said
"It seems that I was wrong about you …" Huang Rong wanted to think and said, "But since you are not such a husband and wife, it is still not good …"
Purple Han saw Huang Rong with bitterness and couldn’t bear to make her feel bad again, so she said, "I actually framed Ling Shaoxia. I took off my clothes while he was asleep, so you saw a scene!"
"So that’s it! Jose’s sister and Ouyang Ke all said that Ling Dage had some women, but none of them had given birth to children, saying that they had never done husband and wife … "Huang Rong immediately made a" strict "logical reasoning in his heart and changed the name of Ling Feiyang back.
"But Brother Ling and you have no enmity. Why do you want to frame Brother Ling?" Huang Rong continue to purple Han asked.
"Because less master likes you and Ling Gong is your future husband, I want to help less master, so I thought of this stupid way …" Purple Han said.
"This must be Ouyang Ke’s instigation. Why do you want to take the responsibility to yourself?" Huang Rong asked.
"It is really my voluntary …" Purple Han hesitated for a long time and suddenly said in a low voice "because I like less masters …"
"If you like Ouyang Ke, isn’t it contradictory to seduce Ling Dage?" Huang Rong mind confused again.
"There are many women in Baituo Mountain Villa who like the young master as much as I do, but he treats us as servants and has no feelings for men and women. We are all people who dare not have any extravagant hopes for their emotional affiliation. I hope that the young master can be happy. I saw that the young master likes what you want and came up with this idea to help him!" Purple Han said
Ps: How does the child come out every day? Huang Rong doesn’t understand things. Why don’t you explain it to her?
Chapter 117 Ouyang Ke love
"You are so stupid!" Huang Rong said, "I’m still a child under sixteen years old. I haven’t thought about these emotional things at all. Whether it’s Brother Ling or your young master, these men and girls are not interested at all!"