"Thank you this year, Snorlax."

"I’m sure you can have a bumper harvest in your lucky year."
The onlookers expressed their gratitude to Snorlax, and no matter what the residents said, Snorlax patted his belly and got up and walked towards the path when he came.
"Snorlax may not know what help he has done to the residents of Gumu Town, but it is a gratifying thing for both sides to understand this kind of behavior."
"I think so, too." Nazi took the initiative to hold Longye’s arm when the fireworks bloomed.
After a night’s rest in the lazy castle, Longye, before they were ready to leave Gumu Town, everyone wanted to have a look at the nearby Muxiang Temple in Balfa. However, after hearing their plan, the old housekeeper tried to dissuade everyone.
"The owner of Balfa Muxiang Temple is now Princess Ali, and the temple is very unruly. You will definitely not have a good experience when you go there."
In the eyes of Longye, this old housekeeper is a gentleman who knows aristocratic manners very well. Generally speaking, he will not take the initiative to speak ill of others, which can make such an old man say what he just said disrespectfully. It is conceivable that Princess Ali of Balfa Muxiang Temple has a bad personality.
"Forget it, it’s a luxurious palace anyway. If you don’t go, you won’t go." Longye decided to follow the advice of the housekeeper
After leaving Gumu Town, one of their goals is to fight against the castle, which is the top holy place in Carlos area. Whether it is an ordinary trainer, a Taoist owner or a four-heavenly king or a champion, these people have left their own footprints in fighting against the castle.
Longye is very interested in the battle castle, not only because he wants to fight in it, but also because he is lucky enough to see the Dojo trainer fighting at a higher level in the battle castle, and he also has the opportunity to see the four kings fighting.
"If only I could meet Carlos champion Carlo Lunai there, I could have an elf fight with her."
Just as Longye imagined the battle against the castle, Nazi suddenly grabbed his arm. "Longye, listen to what seems to be happening ahead."
Being awakened by Nazi, Longye listened to it for a while. "It seems that something hit the ground sound to see if it doesn’t know."
Because there is a man in front of them, this time Longye was cautious. Many Longye walked in the front, meowing and meowing, and three people quietly moved forward to the sound position after the middle posture was broken.
After walking about 100 meters, Longye finally found the sound source.
A flying sword with a scabbard is flying back and forth in the middle. In a moment, the flying sword rushes to a thick thigh tree and quickly chops it up. In a blink of an eye, the flying sword cuts out four swords in front of the trunk. The trunk surface is separated and four parts fall to the ground to form a dragon field. They hear the sound.
"It turned out to be an elf like scabbard alone. I almost flew a sword." Longye vomited.
"Longye, what do you think a flying sword is?" Nazi asked curiously.
Longye wanted to say that it was something in Xianxia’s novels, but he thought that there was no such novel in the elf world and he could confuse the past.
"I don’t know if this is a wild elf," said Long Ye, looking at the unique scabbard in heaven.
Nazi shook her head. "It shouldn’t be that the scabbard just hacked. There is no way to do it without special fencing training."
"How do you know all this?" Longye asked curiously.
"You forget that there is a fighting Dojo in Golden City. Some time ago, fencing training was added in the Dojo. I went to see the masters there to demonstrate."
Nazi said it was an understatement, but Longye was even more puzzled. "I remember that uncle and the foreign librarian were not good, right?"
Ryuno still has an impression on Yosuke. At the beginning, he witnessed Yosuke and Nazi’s father Yu Tai fighting for the official Dojo of Golden City. Later, Yosuke gave it to Ryono-Sha Walang.
"How long has it been? Besides, although the two of them have been fighting, it’s still good. It’s appreciate each other."
Just as Longye was talking to Nazi, the scabbard in the sky suddenly rushed to a nearby tree trunk. This time, it flew smoothly without attacking.
Pa a figure from the canopy jump firmly in the scabbard ridge alone.
Alone with the scabbard behind his back, he flew to Longye. This series of handsome moves immediately excited Longye.
"Riding a battery is simply weak. I want to fly with a scabbard!"
Chapter 643 Against the castle
"Hello, my name is Rona." The single scabbard trainer reported his name directly after jumping from the ridge of the single scabbard.
"Hello, my name is Nazi."
"My name is Longye. Just now, we heard a sound in the Woods and ran over to have a look. I didn’t disturb your training with the scabbard, did I?" Longye said with some apologies
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Me and Duscabbard have been training here all afternoon, and it’s time to end the training," Rona said brightly.
Seeing Rona’s performance, Longye knew that the other person should be a very talkative person, just as he also wanted to know more about the scabbard, so he didn’t stop chatting. I just saw that your scabbard moves very much like some human swords. Have you specially trained it in this field?
"Did you see that?" Rona suddenly became very worried. "To tell you the truth, our home is the Kendo Hall. This scabbard is the only scabbard that I have been playing with since I was a child, and it always follows me when I practice my sword."
"It’s my companion who sees that she knows a little about this." The only thing Longye knows about kendo is that Scorpion King learned from Cobalion to make the mysterious sword a trick, and he just knew some fur by the way. He just wanted to pretend to be an expert, but he couldn’t. Just admit it directly.
Although Longye doesn’t know much, he is a good listener because he is curious about single scabbard training.
Rona seldom meets people who are willing to listen to them, and immediately tells what they know.
Through Rona’s story, Longye has a preliminary understanding of kendo, and at the same time, he also finds that Rona has realized that it is inappropriate to attack the scabbard alone according to the human sword.
"Elves are different from humans after all. If the single scabbard imitates those moves and attacks in the Kendo Hall, it will definitely wave a lot of attack opportunities. Recently, I am working with the single scabbard to find ways to improve its attack mode."
I see
In fact, Longye also thought about similar problems when the former Scorpio King learned how to make the mysterious sword, but he and Rona had the opposite problem.