Dinner dishes are really rich, although not many have five meats, one vegetable and one soup, but they are completely different, because these dishes are even more difficult to cook roast lamb chops, not to mention other crab powder and lion heads. It is also a test of kung fu. It is also a long time to call chicken and duck soup, which is a Buddha jumping wall and fried vegetables. It is not usually bamboo shoots and fried sauerkraut, and there is a cup of fishbone for each fan. Bamboo sun is also added.

None of these dishes is easy to say that the crab lion’s head has to be chopped by hand, and the roast lamb chops have to be marinated first and then roasted. Of course, there is no charcoal fire here, so Grandma bought an oven to roast something that has been roasted. Everyone knows that baking is the most challenging task. If you are not careful, it will become coke, otherwise it will be more terrible. It is coke outside and half-baked inside.
It’s easier to cook beggar chicken, but grandma Yu added mushrooms, rice and some medicinal materials to it, so that it would taste better. Then the precious duck didn’t say that it was not ready yet, and even worse, it was so good.
Don’t underestimate whether this dish is delicious or not, but it is much worse, especially if the bamboo shoots are not selected well, they will be old and astringent and can’t be chewed. Grandma Yu specially chooses the most tender bamboo shoots and makes them into sour bamboo shoots later, which is also good.
Pickled sauerkraut is pickled Buddha jumping over the wall after Grandma Yu came, especially when it is necessary to hang the soup first and then add all kinds of ingredients, fishbone fans. It is also a reason that there is less soup to hang the soup. Grandma Yu hung the soup from early.
This meal is not only very satisfying for Shang Tanglian, but also for others. Grandma Yu has cooked it very carefully at ordinary times, but she didn’t expect to cook it more carefully.
It’s rare for Shang Tang Lotus not only to eat a full meal, but to have some support. Shang Tang Lotus is rarely unrestrained, but who can let Grandma Yu cook it so delicious? Nothing in it is fresh, and nothing in the market is thick soup, but the taste of the things is really just right, so that Shang Tang Lotus almost swallowed her tongue. What’s more, it’s no wonder that other people have such an unrestrained time.
Shang Tang Lian used to cook with experience, but there was no difference after it was almost possible, but she didn’t expect to pursue the ultimate. It was completely different. Anyway, Shang Tanglian thought that her cooking with Grandma Yu was much worse than her.
After dinner, I feel a little bit supportive. Let’s just go for a walk together. The moonlight is still quite bright tonight. There are no clouds around, no street lights, and everyone can see the road.
Talking and walking together as a family feels that everyone is getting closer. Zong Lao and Grandma Yu also like this atmosphere.
When she came back, Shang Tang Lotus took out all her gifts. Grandma Yu and Zong Lao saw a Shang Tang Lotus shopping for herself and others, and she was very satisfied with the quality of things.
Fu Huamei is the most satisfied among them, because Shang Tang Lian not only bought her a whole set of makeup, but also bought a lot of Chanel clothes suitable for her to wear, as well as perfume, makeup, ornaments and so on.
The merchant Cen is also satisfied with buying those clothes for himself, and it is also good for him to look at and like his daughter’s heart.
Shang Tang Lian recovered after a day’s sleep. The next day, she studied the stock market again. She didn’t read it for a week. Even Shang Tang Lian didn’t dare to buy stocks easily, and she didn’t rely on luck to make money. Shang Tanglian must study and be underestimated. The stock market will change a lot in seven days, and this day is also a rest for Shang Tanglian. From today, Shang Tang Lian will start her own business.
It’s not clear what to do with Shang Tang Lotus, but the main thing is to find a cheap factory for her to buy Shang Tang Lotus, which is more inclined to buy a cosmetics factory.
Throughout the ages, except for children, money is easy to earn for women. Even now, many men feel that they need to dress up. The makeup factory is the first step of Shang Tanglian’s tendency. She doesn’t need how big the factory is or that kind of unfinished business can’t be done for a few days. Shang Tanglian still thinks that she can pick up a ready-made cheap one.
However, it is not easy to want such a good thing. If you want to enter this industry, you are prepared unless there is an accident in the factory or the capital chain is not broken enough.
But these are all later stories. Now Shang Tanglian is right to concentrate on studying stocks, watching the trend of the stock market for a week and so on.
Shang Tang Lotus wants to make money from stocks for a while now, because I don’t know how much money is needed. If possible, maybe Shang Tang Lotus will invest all its funds.
If you really can’t find a cheap factory, it’s hard for Shang Tang Lotus to build a factory by itself, but when the time comes, you will have to work hard to find it yourself.
Shang Tanglian analyzed the stock market for a day, and finally bought five stocks that looked good before the afternoon stock market shift, and left three stocks yesterday and sold one. It was this one that Shang Tanglian felt that there would be some fluctuations in the future situation, but she was not sure whether it was good or bad, so she simply sold it.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t go out all day, but he picked up two words, one from Li Qiusheng and the other from Shi Xingchen, saying that he had studied Sun’s Art of War again. Please check it with the Queen’s adult, but when Shang Tang Lian asked, he knew that the two people were not so honest. It must be that the brain check couldn’t help shaking his head in his heart. The two kids wanted to get away with it, but Shang Tang Lian didn’t say anything about letting them wait for the day and let them go out with themselves:
Chapter 27 Find it.
Shang Tanglian knows that it’s better for these two children to watch Sun Yat-sen’s Art of War now, but they will watch it automatically and consciously when they really need it. If they feel the need, they will watch it themselves, and then they won’t be able to watch it themselves.
Shang Tang Lotus can’t force them to learn now, so even if they learn, they can’t learn anything.
In the next few days, Shang Tang Lian took Shi Xingchen to do market research with Li Qiusheng, and Shang Tang Lian also gave them one person to be responsible for part of the specific direction.
It’s not a simple matter to buy a factory. Shang Tang Lian went to the suburbs to see the factory herself, in addition to letting them move their own abilities to investigate some things.
First of all, you can’t buy a money-making factory, but you should also buy a factory that is willing to sell. Then, what is the size and mu of the geographical environment factory? Are their customers’ sources, customers’ quantity, purchase channels and equipment advanced? Is there any problem with the factory? Don’t look at it, there are too many negative assets and debts. It is better to buy that factory than not to have it. That is equivalent to spending more money.
Some people may say that negative assets are not what you want to see, but you have to wait until the liquidation. It’s almost the same when you don’t buy them.
But in fact, people’s accounts are not just for you to see unless you have determined how much you want to buy it and discussed it.
Do you see the negative assets again at this time? Even if it is a factory, you can do this. You can’t do this in every factory, can you?
At this time, you have to make an investigation. If you don’t have detailed accounts, you should be able to roughly estimate the amount of negative assets.
However, Shang Tanglian can really rely on the negative-equity factory if she wants to pick up cheap goods. However, if this factory is careless, it will lose a lot. It is very risky. If Shang Tang Lotus wants to accept this factory, it must be investigated clearly.
On this day, that is, on June 2nd, Shang Tang Lotus sat at home with Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng’s achievements for so many days. There was a lot of information in it, and some production and sales tables were sorted out, including some market data that Shang Tanglian needed.
After seeing a Shang Tang Lotus, I found a cosmetic factory with poor profitability. It is also a coincidence that this factory belongs to Huaqi. In this way, Shang Tang Lotus has an idea that it is hard to get Huaqi into the bag, but now Shang Tanglian wants to get this cosmetic factory with almost no profit and no loss. It is a simple matter. Because Huaqi is now in chaos, it can make Shang Tang Lotus fish in troubled waters again.
On the other side, in Shang Tang, where Lian doesn’t know, Zhang Yemei and Shang Jiayuan listened to Zhang Yemei outside the gate on the west side of the roundabout. "Is it really here? Are you not mistaken? Your brother will live here, even a suite may not be affordable?"