Chapter 463 Think about it

Although there is money in hand, it seems to the merchant Cen that this money is what people have seen here for the time being. Shang Tanglian seems to be squandering her posture, and her heart is not practical. In the merchant Cen’s view, this is also a flashy thing.
Shang Tanglian shook her head and said, "This is not the way to calculate the account. Sometimes the company address is the facade of the company, and the bottom manufacturers can be managed in a unified way. In many ways, many things can be standardized. This is a hub of the company."
"It can coordinate the interaction between factories and some other aspects, and you will know that there is a big difference between the appearance of a company and whether it is or not, just as if we are the same person, but you are wearing dozens of dollars’ clothes and you are wearing hundreds of clothes, which gives people a different feeling. A specific company also represents our strength. If there is no company, you say it is not a hundred times and ten thousand times, and the company must be established to a higher level."
In fact, Shang Tanglian said that there is nothing wrong. You have a company and you don’t have a company. There are two concepts. If you don’t find a place to set up the company, you will shout it 1100 times, and no one will believe it. Even if you believe it, it will give people a feeling that the company is very fragmented, because several manufacturers are divided into separate departments, although it is managed by the same person, it feels really different.
Once the company is established, no matter what business the other party wants to talk about, they can talk about it in the company. The company is to glue a loose sand into a shape, so that people can know that it is a whole at first glance. Those factories are part of the company. These factories seem to be independent, but in fact they are all Lianhua Company, which gives people a different feeling.
Another and most important point is that it will be more difficult for a company to develop after it is not established. Without standardized management, it is the foundation of everything to expand its scale and become a leading enterprise.
Businessman Cen doesn’t understand Shang Tang Lotus very well, but Shang Tang Liandu said that Businessman Cen won’t say anything when it comes to this. Anyway, it’s reassuring to know that Shang Tang Lianlian is reliable.
The merchant said, "All right, if you insist, do it. By the way, I’ll transfer the money to your account."
Shang Tanglian hesitated, "You turn another billion, and the remaining 500 million will stay with you. No matter whether the factory transports machinery or buys it, it can be exported from it. Moreover, the more liquidity we have, the bigger the scale will be, and more people will have to make friends. We can’t let the other side become our resistance and talents when we expand the scale. We are now well funded, but we are short of people, equipment and scale."
The merchant nodded and said that he would do it.
Shang Tang Lotus is really not worried about the meaning of the merchant Cen with this 15 billion yuan in hand, otherwise it would not leave 500 million yuan for the merchant Cen, but Shang Tanglian has to put all the money into the stock market so that the so-called advance payment value can be fully reflected, isn’t it?
Otherwise, on the other hand, the company did not make a loss.
Shang Tanglian went to the market for a few days. If someone else just set up a company, they might rent an office building. But Shang Tanglian doesn’t intend to do this. In fact, she has never been ambitious, and she can deeply understand what is called one step at a time.
Shang Tang Lian wouldn’t have this bold idea if she didn’t have so much cash in hand, but now Shang Tang Lian naturally depends on money to do things.
Shang Tang Lotus is not going to choose a bustling business district, but to find another piece of land and build a building directly. Wouldn’t it be better?
In the following days, Shang Tang Lian has been looking for where to build this building, Lianhua Building.
In the past few days, Shang Tang Lotus has won a prize in Shang Tang Lotus, and it is not urgent to do so overnight.
However, Shang Tang Lotus wandered around the streets without any results, but it got a message from the newspaper.
On this day, when Shang Tang Lian was reading a newspaper, she was immediately attracted by the news, which said that Wuliqiao would be connected to the subway. Of course, the other party said it was possible, and it would take several years if it was to be realized.
Then Shang Tang Lian specially checked the surrounding situation and went to the field trip, and finally chose the place where Wuliqiao needs to pass the subway several thousand meters apart. Shang Tang Lian finally found a suitable place
Speaking of which, if Shang Tanglian hadn’t come to visit Wuliqiao, I didn’t know there was such a suitable place here, which was more suitable than the Wuliqiao subway.
Shang Tanglian chose this place to be a little remote. In fact, this place is a desolate and unfinished project. Later, Shang Tang Lian found out that it was a company that wanted to build a house here. Who knows, it was overshadowed by friends. When the land was just built, the funds were transferred out, which made it impossible to implement this piece. Then it has been deserted.
Although it is remote here, it is actually a good location, surrounded by some rural areas, and there is a spacious path, which is a rural dirt road.
But Shang Tanglian looked at it again and again. There is a avenue 100 meters away, and then it goes out to Chaoyang North Road. It can be said that this geographical location is quite good, and that dirt road is easier to handle. Even if it is built to Chaoyang North Road, it will not cost much, and there are no supermarkets in the wasteland for several miles.
Shang Tang Liandu feels that if it is not in this supermarket, it will be so good.
Shang Tang Liandu has decided that when the building is completed, the ten floors in the north are relatively high, the staff dormitory and some suites are relatively low, so the supermarket will be established, and the whole building in the south of the hypermarket will be the office space of the company.
In this way, the company can still be extraordinary without saying anything.
However, this is Shang Tang Lian’s temporary idea. She thinks so with a fever, but after Shang Tanglian calms down, she feels that she has to think again:
Chapter 464 Do business with Dad! !
The first floor and two floors are very good, but no matter how people feel that the company’s style is still detrimental to the company’s image, Shang Tang Lian still needs to consider it carefully
To put it bluntly, Shang Tanglian just doesn’t want to be blind in such a good position, so it can be seen that there are some money-making opportunities. Now Shang Tang Lotus has some dilemmas. Do you want the company’s image of style and deep pockets or do you want to seize the money-making opportunities?
Later, Shang Tang Lotus directly took this issue out for discussion. Finally, Fu Huamei solved the problem of Shang Tang Lotus in one sentence. Fu Huamei said at that time that he didn’t really think about anything, and he said it purely with his mouth.
Fu Huamei saw that Shang Tang Lotus was rarely entangled. Otherwise, he said, "Since it’s really so nice, is there a small place there? Isn’t it enough?"
Shang Tang Lian’s eyes lit up. Yes, she was stupid before. How could she be entangled in such a problem
However, if it is not too weird to build a supermarket and a building there, it is bound to build a small residential area, otherwise it will be strange.
In this way, the amount of work is too huge, not to mention that the merchants can’t do it now. It’s simple to buy that land, and the money is not a big problem. The big problem is that the merchants can’t carry it now and they can’t eat it.
After thinking for a while, Shang Tanglian felt that it was urgent to eat the land first and then talk about other things. However, if possible, Shang Tang Lian still wanted to find a joint venture. At present, a few years ago, the business did not have the strength. Moreover, Shang Tang Lian had learned everything in her previous life, even architecture, but she had not learned how to build a house, not to mention rolling around with people on the construction site.
Shang Tang Lotus is not familiar with this industry.
Shang Tanglian really thought about Fu Huamei’s words carefully, and finally decided to take the land first, then find someone to build the building first, and then consider other things. Of course, if you find a suitable builder, you might as well join hands with each other.
It’s true to find the original owner and sign the land first.
It’s not easy to find the owner of this land. I just asked a few people, and I didn’t know that I finally asked Grandpa Liu’s eldest son Liu Zhihai. This is the right way, but it took Shang Tang Lian ten minutes to get the desired answer.
To buy this piece of land from each other, Shang Tang Lotus didn’t spend too much. Since I got it from Liu Zhihai, Shang Tang Lotus simply handed it over to the other party for processing, and finally talked about that piece of land.
If you want to build a business district in Shang Tang Lotus, it’s not enough. Because the land is too small, who knows that what Shang Tang Lotus saw before is not the original appearance, including the surrounding areas. At the beginning, this person came because he had a big heart and felt that it was not easy to argue with others before buying them. Who knows what will happen later?
So it’s cheaper. How do you say Shang Tang Lotus? Shang Tang Lotus is also doing business with a person. At the beginning, the other party had to take the land, but it took a lot of effort. It was also looking for it and climbing with those old-fashioned farmers’ uncles. It can be said that it was all by what means. Now it is a complete piece of land.
Liu Zhihai is now more in harmony with Shang Tanglian, and there is Master Liu’s layer, which is mainly for merchants and for Master Liu’s sake. Let’s take a fancy to each other for mutual affection, so naturally it will get better and better.
Liu Zhihai is naturally interested in Shang Xuelian’s thinking, and the price is not particularly hard in the other party’s bottom line. The main reason is that he is worried about breaking off in the future. Besides, although the other party has not been built here, other businesses are still good, and there is no need to offend such a person.
Sixty acres of land cost a total of 10 million yuan. Although this is a relatively remote place in Huadu City, the price is really not expensive. If Liu Zhihai didn’t say that he could pay cash, he would have to pay 100 million yuan to get it.
Among them, it is more economical to get through, and there are also 77 miscellaneous items. The other party also said that all documents can be transferred to them
Among them, how much effort and money do they have in Shang Tang Lotus? This deal is really cost-effective
Shang Tang Lotus had no objection and immediately divided the money. When Shang Tanglian consulted the information of the construction team, Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng met an embarrassing thing.
Shi Xingchen never thought that he had gone to his father’s body in business.
Today, Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng heard from a genus that someone called the company and wanted to get their umbrella agent. It should be said that Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng were hooked up and attached great importance to it.
What they value is not that the other party says that they are not stupid. If this thing is given to the other party, how can their company develop?
They can’t give each other what they want. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity. If we can sell abroad, the market will obviously be broader.
When they made an appointment with each other in Li Qiusheng, the two of them wore a formal suit and crammed a lot. They thought they might learn knowledge and then appear in the Roman Empire Hotel.
Speaking of this, Li Qiusheng and Shi Xingchen are also to blame. Although they are very good and know what each other’s family does, they have never had in-depth communication. They are good, that is, they feel that they have nothing to do with their elders, especially their careers. Although their parents know each other by chance, they are not familiar with each other, let alone the secrets of their fathers.
So Li Qiusheng is not familiar with Shi Xingchen’s father’s secret, which will cause embarrassment now. If Shi Xingchen had spoken at that time, he would have felt that the other party’s voice was familiar.
At this moment, Shi Xingchen is embarrassed with Li Qiusheng. Looking at the two people in the reserved box, I don’t know what to do.
Shi Xingchen’s father first reacted, "Why are you two here? What are you doing here? Is there something to tell me? Dad doesn’t have an appointment to talk about business now";
Chapter 465 Seriously, Dad!
Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng actually didn’t think that Shi Xingchen’s father came to look for Shi Xingchen, but as soon as he finished thinking about it, he knew it was impossible, because they were dressed formally and obviously had been sitting in the box for a long time. This is obviously a waiting posture. How can they not be white when they think about what business historians do again?
The two of them had no hope at all, and as expected, Shi Kawasaki’s words confirmed their guesses.
History of stars with Li Qiusheng glances looked at each other and then show a wry smile.
Shi Kawasaki couldn’t help but feel a little strange when he saw that both of them didn’t answer. "What’s the matter? Why don’t you talk? But what’s the matter? If it’s not particularly urgent, wait until you get back and say that Dad has something to do here." Shi Kawasaki couldn’t help but look at a watch and didn’t know that there was no other party coming and it was affected.
Shi Xingchen and Li Qiusheng were awakened by Shi Kawasaki’s words, and then they both took a deep breath and nodded at each other. Li Qiusheng just resisted embarrassment and shouted at Shi Kawasaki solemnly, "Hello, is this Mr. Shi Kawasaki and Mr. Li Xiao?" The words were interrupted by Shi Kawasaki before he finished.
In fact, Li Qiusheng and Shi Xingchen couldn’t help but want to slap themselves and look at the familiar son. Why don’t you think about it?
Li Qiusheng and Shi Xingchen forgot that no matter how much they thought about it, they couldn’t change such a fact, but the main thing was that it was too unprepared.
"What the hell are you doing?" Shi Kawasaki hasn’t reacted yet, mainly because he is still a child in his heart. Teenagers will rebel and commit mischief, and children have never thought about anything else at all.
See Li Qiusheng Shi Kawasaki and some unhappy that they are too disruptive. He is not good at Li Qiusheng. It’s much more natural to look at Shi Xingchen. "I said, Stars, don’t make trouble with your classmates. Dad really has something important to talk to people about today. Whether it’s something or nonsense will be said when he gets home."