"Here we are." Zhao Taozhe looked up at a nearby stadium and parked his car on the side of the road. "Have you been here in the cold weather?"

"Well," Ji took a deep drag on the car door in cold weather. Although the air here is also cold and cold, Ji felt something familiar in cold weather.
"This is Nanyun Wu Yue?" I met Chu Chenxi at the school gate and followed him. He looked up from the other side of the gate car. The only street stadium that is famous for high school basketball in Nanchuan City can beat Wuyue in the edge. It is Yunye Stadium, the home of Nanchuan No.4 Middle School in the Western Jin Dynasty.
For most people, Wu Yue can make them flinch from the wild, so don’t think about it if it’s too far away.
"Let’s go" can’t help but act as a guide when we get to the familiar place.
In such a street stadium where dozens of people can play at the same time, four people enter the No.1 stadium in the cold weather without attracting anyone’s attention, and a few people are playing bullfighting.
Ji Hantian suddenly realized that he was not the former patron of the stadium for a while.
He coughed, "hasn’t Xue Yangyi come yet?" It’s not loud, but it’s enough for those people in field one to hear clearly. When they finished speaking, they stopped moving and came to the department to look over here.
"What do you want with him?" A few people looked at each other, and one of them led the way to look at it, but it was only 16 or 17 years old. Ji Hantian knew that these should all be senior one students of Yunshan High School. They all like to play here, and every session is because Wu Yue is their glory and pride. They can create a glory but enjoy it.
"I told him I’d come today." Xue Yin copper’s imposing manner can’t be said without bluffing. On the other hand, his appearance is not bad, and his superior family conditions also make him pack it up with a good temperament. If he doesn’t play ball, he will really pack it up.
Young hesitate to see the eyes Xue Yin copper.
"Brother Yang Yi said he would come over later. Wait a little."
"What a big face" Xue Yin copper murmured a.
I don’t want to say anything more now that I’ve talked about the horse coming over for a cold day. I’m leading a group of people to watch the game over and over again. These are all very strange teenagers.
It is Ji Hantian who found that the leading teenager seems to have been glancing at this side.
"What is he looking at?" Zhao Taozhe wondered.
"Look at me." This tone does not say that it is Xue Yin copper.
And after playing for two rounds, the boy finally couldn’t help coming over here and going directly to Ji Hantian.
"Are you …" Left-handed "brother?"
Section DiYiWuEr return to Wu Yue (2)
The juvenile talk evoke Ji Hantian’s memory of counting that past.
Half a year ago, he had spent a period of time in Nanyun District, picking a small stadium that was never very famous every day, and finally picked out a top five venue in Nanyun District, and it was that time that Ji Hantian made a name for himself.
At that time, those who were defeated by him gave him a nickname called "left hand", and he has always been the name of Wuyue Stadium. He went out to play Wu Yue’s "left hand" and became a number one at that time.
However, this fame is limited to Nanyun District. After joining the seventh middle school, I joined the basketball team, and naturally I had a lot less opportunities to play wild ball outside. At worst, I played in Hanchuan Stadium.
"And you are?" Ji Hantian frowned and looked at the young man who spoke. His mind seemed to have no impression of him.
"You are really a left-handed brother!" The teenager didn’t care about Ji Hantian and didn’t remember him jumping up when he was excited. "I knew I didn’t admit it. I just came in and I felt familiar. I entered Yunshan High School this year, right? l a You don’t know me. I only met you once during the summer vacation."
"Oh" Ji Hantian nodded and didn’t know how to continue talking to him.
"’left hand’?" While Xue Yin copper gather together to "this nickname how so rustic!"
Listen to the Xue Yin copper words young show some dissatisfaction "that’s not a nickname! That’s your respectful name’ left hand’. Brother swept almost half of the street courts in the southern district six months ago, which is our pride in Wu Yue. "
"… no, brother Tian is so terrible. Are you the boss of Wuyue?" Xue Yin-tong listened to the teenager’s almost worship speech, but he was a little dumbfounded. It was hard to accept that the person who had been around him for so long was actually the big brother of the graded stadium. Holy shit!
"No, I used to play ball here at that time. I was a Wuyue person." Ji Hantian’s tone was calm, like stating a common thing.
"Eldest brother, what do you want to choose to transfer? If you stay in Yunshan, it shouldn’t be difficult to win the championship with Xue Yangyi this year. Listen to them and say that the No.7 Middle School in North District is very strong this year. Recently, they all came here when they were training. If you didn’t come back, they wouldn’t have come here. What are you doing here today? " Young excitement has been mouth kept following JiHanTian said
It is revealed in the words that these surprises Chu Chenxi who came with Ji Hantian.
He knew for a long time that everyone had a past. He didn’t expect that the past was so brilliant in the cold weather. He wandered around the street court all the year round. It was a great honor when others remembered your nickname and respected him from the bottom of their hearts. To put it bluntly, this is a cruel world where the law of the jungle does not have the strength. It is more important for people to support themselves in this place and gain respect from others.
-It turns out that Ji Hantian is so brilliant in the southern district. Once upon a time, his skills were much more reasonable in Chu Chenxi’s view, and much more real than a silent transfer student.
Chu Chenxi himself can’t finish it in other places around Yunhai junior high school, but Chu Chenxi is very curious. From the boy’s tone, he can hear that Ji Hantian and Yunshan Xueyangyi know each other and are definitely in the same stadium. How can people not know each other? Why is he so persistent in trying to beat Yunshan?
"The elder brother of the’ left hand’ came over." The young man saw Xue Yangyi through the barbed wire and said happily to Ji Hantian, but he didn’t know anything about what was going to happen.
JiHanTian this just narrowed his eyes looked up for a long time did not see an old friend.
Xue Yangyi came to Korea with Han Zheng and didn’t show much surprise when he saw Ji Hantian. To tell the truth, except Xue Yangyi, there was no contradiction at all for others in Yunshan Ji Hantian, and Han Zheng was also his friend for many years. He just nodded his head. Now he is really a little embarrassed. So when he came across these people, Han Zheng greeted Ji Hantian with a careless smile.
"You’re here." Xue Yangyi sounded like he was facing a friend he hadn’t seen for years.
"Well" Ji is a little uncomfortable in cold weather.
"Did you really post yesterday?" Xue Yangyi didn’t care.
"It doesn’t matter whether I’m here or not." There are also some things that people don’t feel like "what matters is that I’m here."
Xue Yangyi was stunned and seemed to be savoring the phrase "Yes!"
"What do you want?" Xue Yangyi said bluntly.
"We are rivals now, aren’t we?" Ji Hantian answered irrelevant questions.
"I didn’t have to wait until 2008 to get where I am today."
"That’s not necessary" Ji Hantian pie pie "It’s time"
"Five balls, then." Xue Yangyi looked at the cold weather. It’s simple. It’s nonsense for the cold weather.
"Good" without hesitation, Ji nodded decisively in cold weather.
Xue Yangyi reached out to one side holding a basketball, and a basketball reached his hand.
Han Zheng just stood by and watched all this happen, and he could do nothing. From the moment he knew the truth, he knew that this day would come sooner or later. There was a deep bone marrow in his bones, and there was no way for him to make a decision. In the past, it seemed that it was really Xue Yangyi’s fault. In this case, it was impossible. Han Zheng didn’t know who he wanted to win the final victory.
Ji Hantian’s personal ability has made a qualitative leap in this year. Han Zheng sometimes feels that it is difficult to find anyone who can be equal to Ji Hantian in one-on-one combat. What about this famous genius Xue Yangyi? Can he personally result this? He once planted Han Zheng and wants to know the answer, but what if he loses? In this undefeated Wuyue Stadium,