Today, in the first quarter, we will deduce the attack to the extreme, and I gave it to you to get a very leading edge in the first quarter. Do you have confidence? ! "

"yes!" Everyone shouted together.
"Very good" Wang Xuechao is very satisfied with the players’ fighting spirit. Although Beiyang No.12 Middle School is the national championship, these players were all bench players when they won this honor last year. This is the first time for them to be the main players. Whether these excitement and excitement can be turned into stadium scores depends on how much these players can do. "Although this is an away game, I believe you have the ability to win." When Wang Xuechao looked down at his watch, it was almost time to go to the stadium.
"good!" Everyone’s fighting spirit is still high. Wang Ruore seems to see Ouyang Zhi clutching his fists and shaking gently. She has never seen such Ouyang Zhi with an almost hysterical and forbearing madness at this moment.
Wang Ruoruo was suddenly worried by his opponent Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. When Ouyang Zhi’s madness was lost in the stadium, how powerful and severe a blow would it bring to their opponents?
Wang Ruoruo also believes that Ouyang Zhi will tell everyone with his hands in this game.
He is the country’s first defender.
The third quarter peak field high morale (2)
This game was broadcast by all media in Nanchuan, and it pushed the game to an unprecedented height of high school basketball. A competition representing the peak of the southern district attracted several basketball fans to stop and watch.
All the tickets on the scene were sold as early as the second day after Nanchuan entered the finals, and more than 1,000 tickets were sold on the same day. On this day, Nanchuan also poured into a small number of Beiyang fans.
Nanchuan No.7 Middle School is different from Beiyang No.12 Middle School. It is a team with a history. Many Beiyang fans have followed them since Beiyang entered the National Competition in the first year, and they can be regarded as hardcore fans of Beiyang No.12 Middle School today.
Although Kobe Bryant’s tightrope was quietly disbanded with Yan Yufeng’s departure, in many people’s minds, the players in Beiyang No.12 Middle School still had reasons to support Beiyang No.12 Middle School before they left.
Now Ouyang Zhi is suspected to be the hottest young star player in Beiyang.
At the stadium of Nanchuan Olympic Sports Center, there was a full audience. At least 20% of the audience came from Jiangsu. They were waving colorful flags and demonstrating to Nanchuan fans. However, this is not their home stadium in the stands, and they have not posted the banner of "Dominating the country" in Nanjing.
But that doesn’t mean that those fans from Jiangsu won’t shout like this. At present, no group of fans from Jiangsu have shouted their slogan "Ouyang Ouyang Enemy Beiyang". These are the fans of Ouyang Zhi who once joined the dissolution of others to support Ouyang Zhi’s back-up team.
Although compared with those movie stars and singers who often have thousands of fans, these dozens of fans are too subtle, but they shout that they converge into a river in this arena, which is impacting those silent Nanchuan fans. They are different from each other. Nanchuan No.7 Middle School once lost to each other in the round robin, so the other side has their pride and arrogance.
In any way, it seems that Nanchuan’s self-confidence is extremely lacking, but these supporters Nanchuan No.7 Middle School students can wait for the game quietly.
"Nanchuan basketball atmosphere is not worse than that of Beiyang." Looking at the packed stadium, Xiang Jie couldn’t help sighing at the night Changfeng.
"That’s for sure. We just created Jiangsu in those days, which caused a basketball craze. Now the city team has entered the finals of the Southern District, and the population of this city is much larger than that of Beiyang." Night Changfeng also looked around and sighed, "A team that broke into the National Competition in the first year was already on the top stage of the Southern District … This team is even more dazzling than we were."
"Hey, hey," Xiang Jie did not know the so-called dry laugh. "The player is going to play."
The light at the scene was dim, and the commentator made a very inflammatory remark: "Welcome to the first scene of the 27-2 Nike Cup China High School Men’s Basketball League South District Final, please welcome our soldiers!"
"Well, Xiaotian is coming out." Xue Yangyi looked at the players who were already eager in the shadow of the player channel with a bucket of popcorn.
"First of all, Yin Yun, No.4 of the basketball team of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School …" Yin Yun was photographed, and he trotted to the stadium with excitement. Many students from Nanchuan No.7 Middle School came to the scene today and remembered a lot of cheers after Yin Yunchang, followed by the commentary, one by one, and one player came out of the player channel.
When Ji Hantian appeared, the applause and thunder made everyone who knew him feel that he had great influence on this stage.
It was not until the players of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School had left the stadium to explain and broadcast the players of Beiyang No.12 Middle School that the MVP voice was gradually weakened.
"Xiaotian’s influence … has exceeded our imagination." Han Zheng sighed. He never thought that one day he would hear himself cheering in such a big stadium. What was it like? However, he did it after a year of cold weather. He is the MVP of this city and the owner here.
When he played, he shouted like a mountain call and a tsunami, which was like a breathtaking sound of every year. Even when he played in Ouyang Zhichang, the Beiyang fans were shouting loudly, but the huge gap in the number of supporters made their sounds really small.
Night Changfeng was really surprised to be able to have such a great influence in one place. Before that, he knew that Yan Yufeng had done this in Jiangsu. At the end of the last game of the finals of the year, 10,000 spectators unanimously applauded and shouted MVP.
Like a battle-hardened soldier, he held his fist high there and stood out from the crowd. On that day, he won the championship in glory and won the most valuable player trophy, which symbolized strength and honor. He left the country with the Nike Cup for 27 years and went to his dream basketball country, the United States.
Today, in a different city last year, Changfeng saw the same tianjiao teenager who became the city from a different angle last year. Although it is obvious that his style and Yan Yufeng’s style are completely different, Yan Yufeng’s ball style will always be the kind of bold and positive impact that gives people a strong visual impact. When a player explodes, he is really unstoppable, just like a god of war for nine days.
However, Ji Hantian is a different player. In the night Changfeng’s view, he is very similar to Ouyang Zhi, but the difference between them is that Ouyang Zhi has been at the top of glory like a noble man. He followed a superstar like Yan Yufeng and easily reached the championship, which is unimaginable for other teenagers in the southern district. However, compared with Ji Hantian, who slowly climbed from the bottom with his own hands, Ouyang Zhi lacked a little domineering and pride.
Ji Hantian can be recognized and cheered by all the audience at the scene. Perhaps he is better than Ouyang Zhi in dominance. He is recruiting not only one team after another, but also the spectators watching the game on the sidelines.
Night Changfeng couldn’t help worrying for the first time whether Ouyang Zhi could win the final victory in this game.
"I miss those days when I fought Yufeng in the National Games last year. At that time, we also enjoyed such cheers at the stadium. It’s not like now … Alas, the school can’t even get out of the CUBA qualifiers, and the audience will always be a few. They are still friendship cards." Xiang Jie sat there feeling for a long time and didn’t feel the extremely strong atmosphere. I couldn’t help admiring Ouyang Zhi at the stadium.
At least he can become the focus of attention in this highly anticipated stadium, and the focus of this game is suspected to be that Nanchuan No.7 Middle School and Beiyang No.12 Middle School are fighting at the point guard line. The result of their struggle will directly affect the result of this game. Half a month ago, Ouyang Zhi won a little, but there are too many factors that can play around on the stadium. Who can be sure that even Beiyang No.12 Middle School will not have some abnormal performances and mistakes in this game in such a strong away atmosphere?
Although it seems that there is a gap between the two teams from the previous game, it can be proved that the gap between them and Beiyang No.12 Middle School is absolutely not so big that it can be won at a glance. What’s more, this is Ouyang Zhi’s home game, which is bound to be extremely difficult.
That assassin Ouyang Zhi, who flashed behind the strong, wanted to know if he could win a big victory in this confrontation. Xiang Jie wanted to know.
Yan Yufeng also wants to know.
Section 329 High morale in peak areas (3)
New york USA.
"Yufeng" Shanglin sat on the sofa and shouted that she was already sleepy in front of her head. Yan Yufeng "The intellectual competition is coming"
Yan Yufeng hit a tingle and soon woke up "coming". He grabbed the next table and poured a little cold ice water into his stomach and throat. The cold feeling made him feel awake a lot instantly.
Shanglin yawned and brought the coffee brewed in the oven to the sofa and poured himself a cup. "Do you want it?"
"No," Yan Yufeng waved his hand and went to the refrigerator to pull it out and pour a large glass of ice water into his cup. "It’s not good for me to drink too much water and coffee."
"That’s true." Shanglin smiled and took a sip of his coffee on his lips, but he has been accustomed to high office efficiency at night for so many years. "It’s hard to stay up until 3: 30 in the morning. Seeing CCV abroad feels just like coming to the United States in a different country. After coming to the United States, the time difference is just the opposite with China. Yan Yufeng has hardly made contact with his friends in China, and this time he finally got a chance to see his former teammates. Yan Yufeng also felt a little excited.
This feeling is like a generation of masters looking at their younger brothers. It is absolutely reasonable to say that Ouyang Zhi is Yan Yufeng’s younger brother. It was Yan Yufeng who appreciated Ouyang Zhi and asked him to join the basketball team of Beiyang No.12 Middle School, and it was Yan Yufeng who helped him refine his skills bit by bit that made him the first defender in China today.
Yan Yufeng wants to see what he can do without himself, Changfeng and Xiang Jie Ouyang Zhi if he learns to hold up a team alone and face his opponents.
After viewing the last group of advertisements, it officially cuts into the live footage.
"Good afternoon, everyone in front of the TV. I’m the host john young." john young, the host, said to the camera with a kind smile that he was a newcomer and could arrange to host such a program with no ratings at this time of noon, but he was not discouraged. He knew that every newcomer must have a growth process, and it was even worse. Although today’s live broadcast was a high school-level game, please be a big-name basketball commentator in the station.
"I’m going to bring you a game this afternoon. It’s the first final of the Southern District of the NIKE Cup National High School Men’s Basketball League. Today, we invite Zhang Weiping Zhang, a famous Chinese basketball commentator, to guide you. What do you think of this game today?" John young directly handed over the conversation to Zhang Weiping. His qualifications have never been combined with Zhang Weiping, but he is also vain. Anyway, he doesn’t know how to say it. Let Zhang Weiping say it and it’s OK.
"Hello, everyone, I’m Zhang Weiping, who explains the NBA game to you every time. Now the NBA has reached the playoffs, and the war is raging. Today, let’s talk about a national CHBL game to adjust everyone’s nervousness." Zhang Weiping was also rude, and the result was a conversation with Hu Kan. "Today’s game between two teams is actually quite interesting." Speaking of this, Zhang Weiping brewed a game without giving john young a chance and then continued, "You may not know much about these two teams. Let me introduce them to you first. First of all, let’s talk about the visiting Beiyang No.12
I believe that the audience of the high-stakes Chinese League must have heard of this colorful team.
Three years ago, they were still a small team that was not well-known in the municipal league. That was the first year that they entered the national competition, and they met this famous state-owned team, Nanyang Model, and won a semi-final in the southern district. After two years of fighting, they finally won a national championship last year.