"It’s hard for me to feel where my brother is now." Red shook her head gently, and her eyes were full of worries. She was Hu Mei looking for help to find evidence. Her ability to search for evidence was much more convenient than the average person. Plus, she really needed to replenish energy here in Feiyang, so red rushed over overnight to prepare for assistance, but I didn’t expect Feiyang to leave the research center.

"So you stay at home and keep in touch with us at any time. You go out with me in red to look for flying separately." Hu Mei bowed her head and thoughtfully and made a decision soon.
"Yes," they nodded and quickly moved Hu Mei out of Laojiu with red clothes and then looked for traces of flying.
"Do you know how to get to the White House in red?" Hu Mei asked softly in red out of the door.
"Know that we will go there directly?" Red nodded and asked lightly.
"Well, let’s go." Hu Mei nodded and drove rapidly towards the White House. I don’t know how many red lights I ran all the way, but I was worried about flying safety.
"Today is our birthday, Miss Bai Da. She doesn’t want to get dirty, so she will honestly go to the White House with us." One of Bai Jingxuan’s four hands looked at Feiyang and said maliciously.
Flying ignored the four men, but looked at Bai Qianqiu and said indifferently, "Miss Bai has done this, so I will leave now." Then I want to fly away.
"Can you walk in the sky?" Bai Qianqiu laughed coldly and looked at the flying figure and disdained to leave.
Feiyang said nothing and suddenly picked up speed, rose and ran rapidly towards the roadside forest.
"Hum, I don’t know what to do." Bai Qianqiu snorted with a right hand and pointed to a bullet flying, then he felt that a gas strength came quickly behind him and quickly bypassed a tree after two people folded, but he didn’t realize that this gas strength turned out to be directly through the trunk and came to fly towards himself, which turned around a figure and was worn by this gas strength, which made a through hole in his left shoulder.
Fly in the sky immediately stuffy hum a shape non-stop running towards the distance.
"Big miss this small to us" four people face a pleased to Bai Qianqiu ready and said, and then quickly rose up and chased.
Bai Qianqiu coldly looked at Feiyang and fled. The figure was unhurried and followed behind the pursuit of Feiyang. Like a cat and mouse, he jokingly looked at the killing and rushing to the sky.
"Give me a little life." Four people met Feiyang and fled at a very fast speed, so they looked at each other and made an attack towards Feiyang in succession, and then split into two ways and chased him towards Feiyang.
Feel behind four gas strength hit turns out to be flying forward and backward roads blocked flying for a moment to avoid two gas strength hard to carry a gas strength and a direct hit on his chest immediately stuffy hum a spit out one mouthful blood simply because of the distance, this gas strength is not very big, but it is also pulled into the distance between himself and them.
Flying didn’t dare to stop, then covered with lush trees to avoid the attack of four people. I felt glad that Bai Qianqiu didn’t make a move, but I also noticed that Bai Qianqiu was unhurried and anxious behind him, but he couldn’t come up with any better way. Besides, it’s too far away from Laojiu and the terrain is unfamiliar. It’s also a method to bring down the things that float in the sky. Where can you choose to flee and escape?
"Boss, what should we do? This little escape is too strong. I’m afraid we can’t catch it." One of the four people said anxiously to the first man.
"Leave it to me." Don’t wait for the first person to answer. Bai Qianqiu’s body suddenly flashed, that is, he reached out his right index finger in front of the four people, and gently pressed it in the direction of flying away, that is, he heard the flying in front of him and snorted again, and the speed of the whole person suddenly became sluggish.
"Big miss terrible" four people suddenly in the heart a happy big kowtowing.
"Don’t chase me" Bai Qianqiu naturally didn’t put four people’s praise in mind and watched the flying slower and slower.
"Yes," four people hurriedly chased after it, and the murder in their hearts became stronger and stronger. With Bai Qianqiu at one side to help float in the sky, it was like a turtle in a jar.
"Brother, I’m coming" is smiling at myself in the flying heart. Today, I’m afraid born to die suddenly heard a long-lost red tone in his ear, and then he felt that the speed of thin body suddenly accelerated a lot and escaped the attack range of Bai Jingxuan’s four hands again.
"What’s going on?" Four people are about to chase the flying, but they see that the flying speed has accelerated again. Many people are not startled and stood there.
"Oh, the spirit" Bai Qianqiu clearly saw that the flying body was wrapped in a light red shadow, and then he reacted slightly one leng and shouted "Do you chase me or not?"
"Yes, please, Miss Big." Four people face a happy face and don’t care about flying to escape the embarrassment again, and continue to chase after Bai Qianqiu towards flying.
"Fly in the sky, you stop for me. Bai Qianqiu’s own personality guarantees that you won’t kill me. Cold eldest brother, I will definitely save your life." Bai Qianqiu’s speed suddenly accelerated, and his figure flashed in the forest and quickly pulled into the distance from Feiyang, and at the same time assured Feiyang that:
Chapter 73 White-haired witch anger
"Miss Bai Da, thank you for your kindness. I won’t go back to the White House for the time being, and I will also go to your White House to kiss you." Feiyang temporarily settled down and survived. Suddenly, there was some slack in his heart. Unexpectedly, Bai Qianqiu heard that he was furious and even played several times, and he came straight towards Feiyang. Although Feiyang tried his best to avoid it, he was still hit by bellow. A figure was not affected at all.
"Yi-hum" Bai Qianqiu was surprised by the fact that he saw the flying trick and heard his screams, only to find that his speed was not affected by the injury. After a little thinking, it was white. At this time, the flying situation could not help but catch up with the cold hum.
"Miss Big, let’s help you." Bai Jingxuan barely followed the flying and Bai Qianqiu’s speed, but he was even more angry with the flying in front of him. The escape speed of Wang’s egg was too fast.
"You outflank from both sides" Bai Qianqiu gently nodded and ordered coldly.
"Yes," said the four men, ready and willing, handing over slightly towards Bai Qianqiu and quickly dividing them into two groups to outflank both sides of the sky.
"Miss White, don’t chase me flying. Keep your word and never leave Yanjing before the bottom of this matter." Although Feiyang used the extreme flying skill of Dugu’s family to swim freely with the help of red clothes, the distance between Feiyang and Baiqianqiu is still shortening bit by bit, and the flying body qi is almost exhausted at this time.
"Hum flying don’t, I don’t know that you are a spent force. You’d better give in easily and go to the White House with me." Bai Qianqiu floats in the middle of the body, motionless and driven by the true qi, instead of stepping in the middle like flying, constantly consuming the true qi to speed up.
"It’s impossible, Miss Bai Da. I have already said that Bai Jingxuan is not a good person. Why are you so stubborn?" Feiyang felt that the true qi was almost exhausted. Looking at the bitter words in Bai Qianqiu’s heart after chasing after him, he said it smoothly. When he said it, he felt cold for a few minutes. He secretly cursed the sentence and wished to give himself a hard slap in the face.
"It’s good to fly in the sky. You are the first person to scold me for so many years." Bai Qianqiu’s original cool look suddenly turned cold, and the temperature around him was several degrees lower. Suddenly, he stopped his body and looked at the sky coldly.
"Miss Bai Da, I didn’t mean to, but everything I said about Bai Jingxuan is absolutely true." Flying is not stupid. Bai Qianqiu stopped. He can’t stop to explain to Bai Qianqiu and quickly pull the distance between Bai Qianqiu.
"You really deserve to die flying. Now I will let you know how big the gap is between us." Bai Qianqiu looked at Feiyang fading away, and his figure was not anxious, but looked at him and said with a light smile, and then suddenly snowflakes floated.