"This unlucky child" Chen Yun looked at Chen Xiao angrily and hurried to the back of the building. Nai said that he had some bitterness in his eyes and took a look at Feiyang.

"What’s wrong with non-success elder sister how suddenly so big internal heat" float in the sky was Chen Yun this look a little puzzling and asked her.
"Nothing" Chen Yun gently shook his head and ate breakfast without saying a word.
Flying in the sky, wondering, I looked at Chen Yun and wanted to ask her about the situation. However, there were too many people at this time, and I didn’t want to see people anywhere.
"I’ll go there and have a look." After breakfast, Feiyang got up and said.
Daughters didn’t speak float in the sky and walked out of the restaurant towards DuGuCai there.
"Did you ladies have breakfast?" When you get to DuGuCai’s side, flying is to see several women sitting in the living room watching, then walk over and sit beside DuGuCai and ask with a smile.
"Finished eating, thank you for sending me breakfast." DuGuCai leaned against Feiyang’s arms and said with a smile.
"Sister Cai, how do you feel? Do you feel sick and vomiting? Do you want to see a doctor for examination?" Feiyang asked, pulling Du Gucai’s hand.
"No, I am a doctor myself. I know my own situation." Du Gucai smiled and shook his head.
"This is also if you have any questions, you must remember to say," Feiyang nodded Du Gucai’s accomplishments in medical skills. I’m afraid that the whole country of China can’t find a few people who are better than her, so I can rest assured:
Chapter 57 consent
But just as Feiyang hugged Du Gucai very much in love, he didn’t know that women in his home were calling a meeting for himself.
Li Siqi, Huang Xue and Chen Yun, who should have gone to class, are sitting on the sofa in the living room at this time. Besides the three of them, there are two women, Bai Qianqiu and Bai Li, while the two little girls in red and Chen Xiao are invited to play upstairs.
"I don’t know what the three want to talk to me about." Bai Qianqiu looked at the three women sitting opposite him, looking forward to watching their women drinking tea at ease and wondering.
"This young lady is actually like this. We want to ask you a small favor." The three girls looked at each other, and finally it was Huang Xue who came up with this idea
"Oh, let me help." Bai Qianqiu frowned slightly, took a sip of tea from the teacup in front of him and said softly, "Go ahead."
"Miss Bai Da doesn’t know how long she will stay around Feiyang" Huang Xue asked softly.
"Well, you don’t want me to stay here?" Bai Qianqiu asked with a slight look at the three girls in front of him.
"Of course not, of course not." Three girls waved and felt as if they were shorter than a generation in front of Bai Qianqiu. They all spoke carefully.
"Oh, then why do you want to ask this?" Bai Qianqiu nodded and asked indifferently.
"That’s because we want Miss White to help us with that and this." Huang Xue replied with a smile.
"Oh, you should know that. I’m going to be around him for a year, so naturally I’m going to stay here for a year. I don’t know what you want me to do," Bai Qianqiu said lightly
"Well, we hope you can follow Feiyang to supervise him for the next year," Huang Xue said with a smile.
"What do you mean by supervision? I’m not too white." Bai Qianqiu shook his head slightly with a frown.
"But although Miss Bai is now a flying person in name, we naturally won’t treat Miss Bai as a person, but we will make this decision because you and Feiyang have been close recently and you can make him have some scruples. I hope you can supervise him," Chen Yunqing explained.
"I don’t know what you mean. You are complaining about flying and bringing a woman back from the outside, but you can’t control what he wants and ask me to help supervise him, right?" Bai Qianqiu asked with a smile.
"Yes, yes, yes, that’s what we think. If Miss Bai doesn’t agree, we won’t be difficult for you." Three girls nodded and looked at Bai Qianqiu.
"I naturally need to correct my master’s bad behavior." Bai Qianqiu was silent for a moment with his head down and then said softly.
"That would be great." The three girls were relieved.
"Sister in red, did you hear my mother talking about something in the building?" At this time, two little girls in red and Chen Xiao were listening to the outside sound by the door.
"No, I can’t hear you." Red shook his head and said softly.
"It’s really boring, sister in red. Let’s play games." Chen Xiao muttered a few words of dissatisfaction and said with a smile in red, then straightened up from the door and walked to the front of the brain to sit down.
"Well" nodded in red and walked over and sat down beside Chen Xiao. Two people played a double game in the brain and laughed like a bell from time to time.
"Miss Bai Da, please do everything." Three girls and Bai Qianqiu finished their talks and solemnly said to Bai Qianqiu.
"If you don’t do this, I’ll just stay with him for a year at most, but you are different. Do you just spoil him like this?" Bai Qianqiu frowned and said.
"We have tried, but he is often away from home for many years because of the nature of his work, and we have to take care of the company ourselves, so we have to take care of him when we have no time," replied the third girl.
"What about Hu Mei? They have the same attitude as you." Bai Qianqiu asked lightly.
"What else can we discuss together, but they are also very busy and sometimes can’t be with Feiyang, but that guy who flies in the sky doesn’t know if he will definitely take a woman home if he wants to go out alone in his previous life." Three women nai wry smile way.
"Well, then, don’t worry. I will supervise him well in this year." Bai Qianqiu is almost aware of the difficulties of the three girls and solemnly promises.
"Then we’ll thank Miss Bai Da first." The three men thanked Bai Qianqiu with joy.
"What are you talking about so much?" At this moment, the door fluttered just came in and saw four women in the living room seem to be chatting very much, so they asked with a smile and then went to Li Siqi’s side to hug her in their arms.
"Stop that now" Li Siqi pursed her lips and was not too happy to earn flying arms.
"What’s the matter?" asked Feiyang lightly.
"Not how non-success elder sister snow elder sister go to our class" Li Siqi shook his head and said softly.
"Well" Huang Xue and Chen Yun also promised to go out together.
"I’ll see you off" float in the sky followed up and said softly.
"No, we can go to class by car." The three lesbians refused the suggestion that Feiyang car send their class without going back out of the door and then went to class.
"Did you say something to them?" After three girls left and flew, they sat opposite Bai Qianqiu and stared at her for a long time. However, Bai Qianqiu did not move at all, drinking some tea and not caring about the sight of flying. It took a long time for Feiyang to ask coldly.
"What if I said it? What if I didn’t say it?" Bai Qianqiu looked up at Feiyang and asked with a smile
"You" feel oppressed in your heart, but you can’t wait to give a good lesson to this beautiful woman, but because you are no match for her, you can imagine a burst of anger in your heart, and you can look at Bai Qianqiu to demonstrate.
While Bai Qianqiu is still like that, and he is not angry with Feiyang’s eyes, which is like a shadow, so that Feiyang can’t get rid of it and earn it.
"Forget it, I’m afraid of you, okay?" Feiyang Nai left the pie mouth and went upstairs.
Looking at the back of Feiyang Building, Bai Qianqiu put on a cool smile and I don’t know what’s going on:
Chapter 5 is there a way
Fly in the sky just floor Chen smile door came to see red came out from the inside.
"Did you just play with Xiaoxiao in red?" Feiyang asked with a smile.
"Well" red nodded with a smile.
"Smile" float in the sky walked beside the red dress and looked at the room. Then he saw Chen Xiao lying in bed and sleeping soundly, apparently because the holiday was too relaxing. He was sleeping in a cage and couldn’t help laughing "This girl"
"Xiaoxiao just played with me for a long time, so I fell asleep when I was tired." She may be afraid of flying and blaming Chen Xiaoxiong for being light in clothes.
"Well, let her go." Suddenly, with a chuckle, flying with his head down, he frowned and didn’t talk in front of the red dress. It seems that there is something difficult to choose.
"Brother, what’s wrong with you?" The bedroom door with Chen Xiao in red looked up at Feiyang and asked.
"Nothing in red. Come with me. I have something to ask you." Feiyang smiled and shook his head, holding hands in red, and walked towards his bedroom.
Looking at Feiyang in red and holding his hand, he hurried towards the bedroom. As soon as the figure misunderstood Feiyang’s meaning, his face turned red with transient, but he did not resist shyness at all, and he pulled him into the bedroom.
"I’m in red" flew into the bedroom backhand with red, and the bedroom door was about to ask. Suddenly, I found that my face was covered with shyness with my head down in red, and I couldn’t help but wonder, "What’s wrong with you in red? Why are you so red?"
"Brother, what do you want to do when you bring me here?" The red dress bowed its head and fiddled with the fingers and asked the mosquitoes and flies.
"Uh-oh" float in the sky leng for a moment and then looked at the red face instantly turned white. She misunderstood that she couldn’t help but slightly raise her eyebrows and put her head to Li Siqi’s ear and said with an evil smile, "My little red dress is getting more and more colored. Where do you want to go?"