Since the snowman ~ beast dad really had no affection for punishment, Chu Xing Meteor would lament every time he heard this name. This time, I heard Mu Yan talk about the possible punishment of Xueshu Village’s misfortune a year ago, and adding an egret who came back from the dead for no reason, Chu Xing Meteor felt that this man was not a good thing at all! Luckily, the first time she saw this man being bullied by Aoqing, she felt quite pitiful.

"The emperor is gone?" When Duane rolled his eyes, he secretly called "Oh, no!" Get up and run out of the door
Pan Hui also reacted instantly, pulling Ao Qing and Chu Xing meteorite, and walked out and said, "The punishment is really like always wanting to kill Zhao Changli, the puppet emperor whose full moon was just full. Zhao Huan saved Zhao Chang’s life and fled the palace with his son, saying that if he was too out of the palace, the punishment would be really like not killing the emperor first, so Zhao Chang was temporarily punished. It is really like the day before yesterday, and now Zhao Chang suddenly disappeared …"
"Are you worried that if there is no face to control the punishment, the emperor may come to snatch the child?" Chu Xing meteorite instantly understood Pan Hui’s meaning.
Pan Hui nodded and shook his head again. "It’s not possible to be absolute! He is definitely coming soon, otherwise the master elder brother would not have left in such a hurry without even saying hello! "
She has a very bad feeling that this punishment will definitely happen if it comes again!
Aoqing heard another thing from Pan Hui’s words, "Is the punishment really like a son here?"
"It’s not true that punishment is Zhao Wei," Pan Hui corrected.
AoQing felt a strange strange look at Pan Hui strange way "Zhao Tuo son is punishment really like? Can it be that she was born with someone else? "
"Cough …" Pan Hui choked to cough a few times before saying, "It’s really someone else, but she doesn’t know it. She’s also a poor person."
"Don’t ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Zhao Huan didn’t know that his son was not really punished, but someone else’s emotional punishment. He always let body double take his place in the house! This is so insulting!
Aoqing was shocked for a while, then the horse turned his mind and looked at Pan Hui with a face of divination. "Do you know who the father is?"
Pan Hui also took a complicated look at Aoqing and said, "I know that you don’t want to know."
"What?" Aoqing curiosity is not letter.
Pan Hui sighed and hesitated for a moment before slowly saying, "Because the father of the child is an egret …"
"What? !” AoQing Fried hair whole person transient homicidal "that old miscellaneous hair really didn’t die! It’ s really like being rescued by punishment! "
No wonder Pan Hui said that she certainly didn’t want to know who the father was. It turned out to be the old hairy egret!
But she had frozen the egret into ice with a dragon’s breath and then slapped it into ice slag. How did this man come back to life? ! Is it possible? Or did she shoot a body double instead of a real egret?
Aoqing is very grumpy now, very grumpy. I wish the punishment was as good as a horse and brought an egret to Changxuan to let her have a good look at whether this egret shot that one by herself in those years … Hum!
She can kill the egret once and kill him again! It’s just an old hairy finger that can be destroyed!
Aoqing became manic, but Chu Xing meteorite was calm. Pan Huineng accidentally discovered that the egret was not dead because of punishment. It was as true as bringing the egret to the Long Xuan. Who is Zhao Wei’s biological father? Pan Hui also cared about things. After all, if Zhao Wei didn’t know himself, it would be natural not to tell Pan Hui about the child’s life story, so it was natural that someone else would tell Pan Hui.
Who is this man? What did she tell Pan Hui about it? And did she deliberately come to tell the news after knowing that Zhao Wei had defected to Pan Hui?
All this is worth exploring.
So Chu Xingyu asked, "Who told you that Zhao Tuo’s father was an egret?"
Pan Hui suddenly understood the meaning of Chu Xing’s meteorite and then slowly spat out two words: "Gai, pity".
"Who? !” ChuXing meteorite and AoQing exclaimed at the same time sell Pan Hui dazed.
Pan Hui looked at the reaction of two friends, and her doubts became deeper and deeper. She immediately repeated "Gai Lian".
"Is she still here?" Aoqing eye dew yoshimitsu gnashing asked.
Chapter 479 Punishment is really like an pounce (3)
When it’s really hard to find a place, she sent someone out to find Gai Lian, but she didn’t fall for half a year. I didn’t expect to get a message from Pan Hui.
"I’ll take you to find her." Pan Hui didn’t ask the reason. Because of Gai Lian and Aoqing, she believed Aoqing more, no matter whether she doubted Gai Lian at the moment.
Three people walked out of Tianlu Mountain and felt that the whole long porch was severely shaken. Pan Hui suddenly held her chest without a mouthful of blood, and her eyes were full of horror.
The root of this vibration is that someone is attacking the Changxuan Guardian Mountain Array!
Aoqing and Chuxing meteorite held Pan Hui one by one. Aoqing looked at each other firmly and said, "The punishment is really coming!"
Chu Xing meteorite is familiar with the law, and naturally knows that Changxuan Guardian Mountain Array is an unusual fairy-level law, but a god-level large array. Although there are mortals and immortals in the human world now, there are no immortals any more, so a god-level large array can at most play a demigod level, but it can shake a demigod-level large array to the prisoner’s strength in the case of human-driven law … She looked anxiously at Aoqing.
If there is only one pounce, then this person’s strength can definitely keep pace with Aoqing!
Chu Xing meteorite thought of this. I didn’t know who the bearer would be, but Aoqing released the gods in the moment of vibration. He explored Fiona Fang’s dozens of miles. A familiar magic gas appeared in her exploration just outside the gate of Changxuan Mountain. The magic gas left over from Xueshu Village a year ago is the punishment!
Aoqing momentum surge in the eyes of the existing golden light flashing eye pupil is turned into a vertical line.
That’s the dragon eye pupil. That’s the blood awakening!
Aoqing lived in the human world for 1617 years, which is the first time to activate her own blood power, because now the punishment really makes her feel a threat, a threat that is absolutely more than half a step!
If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!
She doesn’t know whether the punishment is really as short as eleven years, from being immortal to being close to being immortal, but she knows very well that anyone who cultivates magic can’t have such a strong magic spirit unless … this person has become a demon!
Since it’s a demon, it’s natural to have a fairy god to drop!
Aoqing activating blood force is to cast himself out by seal force all the time and completely crush the punishment!
No one can threaten her without paying the price, no one can destroy the order of the human world at will, no one can hurt her under her nose and protect people!
More than 1,600 years ago, the other six channels leading to the human world were closed by the gods, which made people recuperate and regain their vitality after the conan the destroyer God-Devil War. After two thousand years, the gods calculated to open the channel again. Now, after 1,620 years, someone has made the idea of opening the channel.
Aoqing cold hum a cheek and hands ice white scales gradually emerged.
She knew that when she was sent to guard the Arctic ice sheet, the passage from the underworld to the human world was just her natural ice and snow strength to strengthen the passage seal. She didn’t expect that there would really be people who overreached to come up with the idea of the passage. Now think about it, the people who explored her entrance in those years must be punished.
However, Aoqing did not dare to think that punishment really knew the secret of the channel?
Everyone who cultivates immortals knows that except for the celestial world, the passages leading to the human world are closed, and they can soar and cannot return. But where is the entrance to the passage? Everyone knows that except for the head of the Xiuxian Mountain Gate who is responsible for guarding the five passages.
That’s right!
The entrance of the five realms passage has been guarded by the head of the five sects and the heir appointed by the king, and the ice flow where Aoqing is located is the five sects. The only difference is that there is a head of the ice flow for more than 1,600 years, Aoqing does not believe that anyone else will know the mission of the ice flow!
Punishment is as true as it is in the end!
Aoqing decided to take the punishment as if it were taken alive. If you can’t take it alive, just kill it!
The one in the divine world who told her that she wouldn’t allow people to threaten the tunnel safety, once she found out that people with ulterior motives were directly-go up in smoke!
However, no one noticed that just after Aoqing activated the blood vessels, there were a few clouds inexplicably. The colorful glow and auspicious spirit were darker than the surrounding clouds. If you don’t look at the roots carefully, you can’t find the differences between these clouds.
Pan Hui didn’t take Aoqing to find Gai Lian at this time and rushed to the gate. At this juncture, nothing is more important than the punishment being really like an pounce, especially when the mountain shook. The bystander may feel that the arrival of the prisoner can easily shake the whole long porch. Pan Hui is very clear that the man attacked the Alexander array because her source was shaken.