"Hey, I have an idea!" Bushido had a brainwave

Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Assistant
Then Bushido fished out a big cloak from his backpack and handed it to Jiuzhong. "Boss, take a look at this!"
Nine heavy took the back and forth a recruit even the head with the whole person wrapped in a wide black robe and couldn’t see clearly, much like the kind of dark wizard who specializes in doing bad things. !”
Bushido looked at it and said, "Well, it’s not bad, but it feels a little unsightly with a long head!"
"This also tube he what unsightly to see people! Go! "
When Yamato Soul and Bushido accompanied Jiuzhong three people from the president’s private villa to the head of Yamato City.
The wartime of the Yuen Long Games is approaching, and the Yamato national players are all gathered in Chengtou for battle.
Yamato Soul and Bushido Yamato Nation generally have different forces among Chinese players in the Japanese area. There are Yamato Soul and Bushido in this guild who are Chinese, and these tens of thousands of players in their hands are ghost players. None of these players know that their real identities are judged by their names. They are real compatriots.
This is the essence of Yamato Soul and Bushido. Since they have come, they are up to no good and want to hide in the enemy’s department to stir up trouble. Then simply hide it in the end. No other Chinese have anything to do with it. It is really unnoticed to hide themselves among ghost players.
"The President is good! !” Seeing Yamato Soul and Bushido come to Chengtou Chengtou, players salute them one after another, and then their eyes involuntarily fall on the modeling. It’s a little abrupt, and they look at the length of the nine-fold cloak and hat with a surprised look. Boy, is this sacred? ! What a face!
Seeing that these hands were puzzled by Yamato’s soul, they said, "I invited an expert to help us fight against the Yuen Long Association!"
"… oh!" The players nodded, but they all looked suspicious in their eyes. Can a superior person alone, even if he is a superior person, be able to deal with the Yuen Long Games? ! What’s more, this man can’t see how tall he is, but his face is quite long!
In the face of these players’ suspicious eyes, Jiuchong is noncommittal, and Dahe naturally won’t explain to them in detail. Take Jiuzhong straight to the rostrum and dismiss all the players, leaving Jiuzhong and the three of them.
When the three men first came to the tower, they saw that the dust head rolled up in the depths of the plain outside the city for more than ten miles. Obviously, there is an army approaching Yamato City rapidly.
"Boss, the army of the Yuen Long Association is coming!" See the dust head rolled up in the distance and the soul and bushido nerves immediately tightened up.
Jiuzhong said, "What’s so nervous about this? It’s just a group of local dogs!"
"… oh!" Hearing Jiuzhong’s words, Yamato Soul and Bushido seemed to be reassured, and they suddenly relaxed. They can believe everything Jiuzhong said. Since Jiuzhong said that they are a group of native tile dogs, they are a group of native tile dogs. There is nothing to be afraid of!
Speaking, the army of the Yuen Long Association has arrived in the city and tied up in front of the south of the city of Yamato. At this time, it can be clearly seen that the army of the Yuen Long Association is looking at the troops of the Yuen Long Association outside the city. A rough estimate has roughly estimated the strength of the other party. "One hundred and fifty thousand is at least one hundred and fifty thousand! Boss, it seems that this Yuen Long Club has done its best this time. Yamato City is bound to win for me! "
150,000 troops, which is already an army in the eyes of Yamato Soul and Bushido. After all, there are only 10,000 people in their entire Yamato nation, including life players. The invading troops in Yuen Long are almost twice the total number of their guild.
But for Jiuzhong, this 150,000 people are really hard to get into his eyes. He is now fighting with millions of regiments and armies, and he is used to seeing millions of troops. If you look at these 150,000 troops, it is simply a group of gangsters who can’t root the table.
"Hem yamato soul you this serious embattled is also want to fight? !” A 30-year-old middle-aged player in the Yuen Long meeting outside the city shouted at the Yamato soul of the tower, "You Yamato national sports members are only 10,000 people with a little fighting capacity, and 70,000 people are dead!" Do you think you can stop me from meeting the Tiger and Wolf Division in Yuen Long with just 70,000 U.S. dollars? ! I advise you to beat the city gate and lead your Yamato national members out of the city to surrender. As soon as I am happy, I may consider giving you a small captain Dangdang! Otherwise, I will bloodbath you and wipe out the player department in Yamato City! !”
"This man is Shan Zhen, the mayor of Yuen Long!" Yamato introduced Jiuchong to the soul and then shouted at Shanzhen outside the city, "Shanzhen, what are you talking about there?" Don’t be afraid of you in the wild area. My Yamato soul doesn’t give a fuck. You are just a group of hands. Even you are counted as a group of native tile dogs in my Yamato soul. Just because you still want to destroy my Yamato nation, I will let you go back and forth today! !”
"… you want to die!" Shan Zhen heard the words of Yamato’s soul, and his face was shaking. For a moment, he pointed his long knife at Yamato City and shouted to him, "All players of the Yuen Long Club have been ordered to kill and flatten Yamato City! !”
"Kill! ! !” After the command of the 150,000 troops, the Yuen Long Club roared like a tiger and rushed towards Yamato City. In an instant, it had already rushed to the city, while the Yamato City and the national players were fiercely attacking each other, while frantically bombarding the city wall and the war broke out!
What Shan Zhen said just now is really arrogant, but it is not unfounded. Moreover, it is really far from the overall level of national players. Moreover, the most important point is that the strength is very different. Based on these two points, Yamato National Roots can’t be the opponents of Yuen Long Games.
As soon as the battle is over, the national players will fall into the wind, and they will be desperately beaten by the players of the Yuen Long Club. If there is no unexpected battle, it is certain that the national city will be destroyed!
See is almost a one-sided war yamato soul and bushido will look to the nine heavy "boss …! !”
“*¥%……!” Jiuchong’s direct action responded to the two people’s hands grasping each other in the chest, and quickly sang a lengthy spell. With the singing, Jiuchong’s hands appeared a concentrated purple-black fireball, which twisted and changed as if a sealed animal was going to get out of trouble at any time.
"Forbidden spell # phoenix dance for nine days! !” After singing the spell for half a minute, Jiuchong suddenly drank and pushed the purple-black fire group in his hand out to the tens of thousands of war troops in the Yuen Long meeting outside the city.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven The curse raged.
As soon as the purple and black fire group got out of the nine palms, it became violent and agitated, as if it were going to be a disaster at any time, and roared away at the Yuen Long battle troops.
"Hum is a broken fireball also dare to put out a fool? !” At Jiuchong, the fireball flew towards them, bearing the brunt of the fireball’s advancing route. In Yuen Long, players were too lazy to display their defensive skills, so they threw their left wrist shield in front of them to prevent the fireball.
Who knows, for a moment, the arrogant player suddenly froze in his face with a stagnant smile, and the whole person froze there. When he saw him on his chest, his shield and chest seemed to be hit by a laser cannon, and he was pierced with a cold heart!
For a moment, the player’s dead body fell from the middle like mud.
"It’s not good. This is not a common fireball. Strengthen the defense quickly." After their companions were killed, the players of the Yuen Long Club finally realized that it was not good. They exclaimed that they wanted to add defensive skills to protect themselves at the same time, but it was too late. The fireball had already penetrated their bodies before they sacrificed their skills, and finally landed in the center of the battle of the Yuen Long Battle Force.
"Hum" suddenly, the eardrum swelled and hummed, and the purple-black fire ball Huo Ran swelled and instantly turned into a huge spherical light curtain with a radius of meters. Then I heard a crisp and melodious sound in the light curtain, and the whole surface of the light curtain cracked inch by inch. After reaching the limit, it crashed and broke, and thousands of purple-black fire phoenixes rushed out of the light curtain, spiraling and flying around like dancing, flying in the battle force array of Yuen Long for nine days!
Phoenix dance is spectacular and beautiful for nine days, but this beauty is fatal.
The fire-forbidden spell "phoenix dancing for nine days" and the nine-fold attack mode of "dragons dancing in disorder" have the same effect, but the lethality is not excessive. How can the human body be safe in the area where Wanfeng burns mountains and cooks the sea? !
Seeing that the battle troops in Yuen Long were like dry wood, the crowds were instantly ignited and burned into human fireballs, which rushed to fall from the middle like a meteor.
The "phoenix dance for nine days" is not a general spell, but a group spell. Under normal circumstances, the fire magician can’t start it, but the magic is not enough. The magic consumed by the "phoenix dance for nine days" is too great for the general fire magician to bear.
However, the nine-fold emphasis is on the phoenix and the king’s black, which can be ignored. These two magic powers are profound, powerful and scary enough to launch a "phoenix dance for nine days"