Ann is exactly the same!

"ha! It’s really worthy of being out of the same door! Even the warm-up arrangements are exactly the same! "
A reporter in the media gallery laughed.
Guardiola walked out from the winning side. It’s normal for him to warm up with Lazio style … just for fun.
Look at all kinds of skillful kicks of these two teams … If you don’t look at the color of the jerseys, it’s really a team!
The fans in the stands also noticed this, so they made a comparison
Lazio fans warm up and cheer in Lazio, and 3 thousand Barcelona fans are not to be outdone. Their own teams warm up and give hands and cheers.
The players of the two teams also realized that their warm-up arrangements were exactly the same.
The media always announce which is better between Barcelona and Lazio. The more players in the two teams, the more they will have a comparative mind-yes, are we better or are they better?
Some people say Barcelona is better, others say Lazio is better.
But no one can say anything about this. You say Barcelona is better than Lazio. How can you prove this view? Than the number of champions? The number of historical champions Barcelona will definitely explode Lazio. Will it make sense by then? What are those champions a few years ago, ten years ago, decades ago and Barcelona now?
Than the current champion? Lazio won.
What can’t be compared like this? The best comparison is to fight together!
Winning is strong!
How simple it is.
These comments have made the players of both sides feel more thoughtful.
Isn’t sports and football a "competition"? People who don’t like competition can’t get ahead in this business, and players who don’t have competitive spirit can’t be successful.
Now they finally have a comparative opportunity.
However, the players on both sides were so eager that they couldn’t wait for the official game, so they simply showed a competition during the warm-up!
They all speed up the ball and increase the difficulty of catching and catching it.
All kinds of difficult and thoughtful balls just appear in the warm-up …
It’s a warm-up to watch the fans in the stands shout loudly!
"How interesting!" The reporters in the media gallery also commented this way.
An ordinary warm-up before the game actually made both players play tricks and played a climax!
In the rear view programs, some ongoing analysis programs were temporarily cut off and warm-up scenes were inserted.
This is the first time.
But no one will think that the TV station is superfluous.
In front of the TV, the fans are also fascinated.
I’m still not satisfied after reading it. I think if we warm up a little more like this … we won’t want to watch the official game!
In the end, because there is no referee, I don’t know who wins or loses, but in the eyes of their supporters, of course, my team performs better!
The players from both sides finished warming up and returned to the dressing room, and the noise in the stands gradually subsided.
Fans from both sides are taking time to recuperate and get ready for the real battle.
The head coaches of both sides will be the busiest and most nervous at this time.
This game is actually tactical, and there is really nothing new.
Playing football in Barcelona means that Lazio usually wins football, joking that this is the Lazio training match …
Lazio always wins football, and I’m sure Guardiola knows it.
There are no secrets.
In this game, both sides used their best tactics to see who was better.
So this is probably the best game.
Lazio knows Barcelona and Barcelona knows Lazio.
"I have been waiting for this game for a long time," Guardiola told his players in the dressing room.
Sure. What took you so long? Guardiola won’t tell them
That’s a contest of his heart.
He is telling everyone that this game is very important to him personally, and he hopes that the players will understand this and work hard in the game.
"I am familiar with this team. I know that they are strong and tenacious. Don’t let up in the game, or death will make us. I hope that winning six championships in a year has not killed your fighting spirit and desire for victory and championship. Gentlemen used to be the strongest team in Europe before you. We must beat them to prove that we are stronger than them!"