The white-bearded old man obviously has a certain understanding of Huihui City. After hearing Xu Shao’s self-declaration, he thought of the well-known Xu family waste. After carefully watching Xu Shao for a moment, the white-bearded old man couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. "It seems that it is not only true that Xu’s parents are waste, but if Xu Gong repairs like this, he will fall into waste. Then I can’t think of whether there will be normal people in the world."

"In fact, all those words are true." A bitter feeling in my heart made Xu Shao sigh lightly, and grabbed the jar from the old man with a white beard and looked up and drank it.
Xu Shao’s sudden loneliness made the white-bearded old man feel surprised and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but finally he shook his head.
"Compaq Lu Yu bosom friend how can you not call me a"
Just when the atmosphere between the two people was just a little solidified, a slightly hoarse voice came out from the depths of the team, and soon you could see a boy with a pale blue shirt slowly coming out of the team, and he was still holding an altar of sealed wine in his arms.
"Jade Emperor tribute?" The appearance of the teenager made Xu Shao dump a hundred huā. After a slight hesitation, his eyes stayed in the arms of the blue teenager.
The blue-shirt teenager just appeared and has been drinking Compaq with Xu Shaohao, so he got up very nervous and looked towards the blue-shirt teenager. After seeing the blue-shirt teenager shaking his head slightly, he was a little relieved. This scene fell in Xu Shao’s eyes and made Xu Shao feel very surprised.
"Yes, it’s the Jade Emperor Gong Yuan who heard from the team that Compaq met a bosom friend in the mountain. I don’t believe it. It’s amazing to take out the Jade Emperor Gong with a try attitude." The young man with a light smile and a blue shirt has jumped to Xu Shao’s side. It’s very elegant to raise his finger gently across the jar and carefully pour a glass for Xu Shao and Compaq respectively, as if he cherishes this jade emperor Gong.
It’s not that Xu Shao is dissatisfied with the blue-shirt teenager’s cherishing of the jade emperor’s tribute. It’s a blessing that the blue-shirt teenager drinks it occasionally. It’s also reasonable that he cherishes it so much.
To Xu Shao’s surprise, the elegant movement of the blue-shirted teenager is like a natural beauty. Although the movement is gentle and simple, it seems to have a poor charm deeply imprinted in Xu Shao’s heart.
"Is it a false mother?" Surprised in the heart, Xu Shao also had no qualms about looking up at the blue shirt and being so reckless, which led to the reddish face of the blue shirt and the morbid beauty of the pale face.
This further aggravates the suspicion in Xu Shao’s mind.
And perhaps Xu Shao was too bold to make the original laugh. Compaq was also somewhat dissatisfied when he was about to speak out to stop it. "Xu Gong met in Ouyang Zhi today, and it is fate that we are not as drunk as we are?"
The tone is dull, like Gu Ming singing, but it is not heroic
Xu Shao seems to have a flash of light in his mind. Just now, all the suspects have understood in a flash that "it is fate to meet each other well, so let’s make a toast tonight."
Go ahead, Xu Shao will pour the jade emperor gong in the glass into his mouth without waiting for Ouyang Zhi to raise his hand, and feel the aftertaste back to dàng Xu Shao’s face and flow out of the deep intoxication Se.
Just when Xu Shao was intoxicated with the delicious jade emperor tribute, he didn’t say a word since Ouyang Zhi came here. Compaq was also very suspicious and looked at Ouyang Zhi with a trace of blame and deep love in his eyes.
Feel the profound meaning in Compaq’s eyes. Ouyang Zhi lightly waved his hand and pointed to the depths of the jungle. Those deep eyes flashed a bit cold and cold.
Look down Ouyang Zhi’s fingers into the depths of the jungle. Although the depths of the jungle are silent because of the night Se, it makes Compaq’s face instantly full of frost and look at Xu Shao’s eyes. There is no soft state just now.
Face cold gas just emerged Ouyang Zhi’s hand held Compaq’s arm and shook his head slightly. Immediately, in Compaq’s surprised expression, he followed Xu Shao to pour the jade emperor gong into his mouth.
The pale face flushed, and then added a trace of aftertaste. Se made Ouyang Zhi look more and more human at this time.
Ouyang Zhikangbo’s conversation did not attract Xu Shao’s attention. At this time, Xu Shao was still immersed in the rich bouquet of Jade Emperor Gong for a long time.
After a long time, the smell of wine dispersed, and Xu Shao sighed with a sigh, "It’s a pity that such wine can be tasted slowly. Now is the wrong time."
After saying his word, Ouyang Zhikang Bo’s two faces suddenly changed into a cold, murderous face, which also came from the depths of the jungle.
As soon as the pitfalls emerged, a tearing virtual explosion came from the jungle. In the cold, a long knife was still cut and inserted in front of Ouyang Zhi’s feet.
"Yang Zhi, the master of the top ten young evil sects in Kyushu, bloodthirsty knife?"
Chapter VI Half-naked Clothes
Knife gas like a rainbow with new cold gas fell at Ouyang Zhi’s feet.
The trembling blade, a snake-shaped blood Se dragon relief, gave a sharp scream, and the blood gas instantly swept away from the blade.
"Bloodthirsty Knife Yang Zhi, Top Ten Young Evil Sect Masters in Kyushu?" Zuiyan hazy Xu Shao’s hand didn’t stop at all, and he looked into the depths of the forest with great interest.
At the same time, the corner of my eye looked at Compaq and Ouyang Zhi who were beside me. Although they were very careful just now, how can Xu Shao and the world understand the grasp of human nature?
"Don’t worry too much. Since this Ouyang Zhi dares to calculate, I want to come and have some self-protection ability. Just look at the strength of the top ten young evil sects in Kyushu. For example, although I think that I have improved my skills rapidly, I have never had a chance to compare with my peers. This is also a good opportunity." I thought to myself that Xu Shao regarded the delicate and delicate Se cast by Ouyang Zhi as comfortable and drank the Jade Emperor Gong with a full face of intoxication.
Xu Shao’s attitude made Ouyang Zhi very angry and hate stamping his feet. He raised his hand and took back the jade emperor tribute in Xu Shao’s hand, but he still muttered in a low voice, "You are a young master. I didn’t expect such a coward. This precious jade emperor tribute is not for a coward like you to enjoy it."
Ouyang Zhi’s facial expression changed rapidly, which made one side of Compaq’s face twitch. Although I knew in my heart that the big lady was eccentric, the attitude changed rapidly before and after. Rao was Compaq’s face after decades of exercise, and he could not help but burst into redness.
But at this time, the situation is urgent, and Compaq is not in the mood to explain to Xu Shao that he is guilty. He took a look at Xu Shao and said, "Xu Gong, you’d better get out of here as soon as possible. Our trouble is not that you can imagine or stay out of it."
Xu Shao was not surprised when he heard Compaq’s words. Although there were J and elements in Compaq’s words, Xu Shao was still able to hear a trace of affection from Compaq.
This made Xu Shao, who had already decided to turn away and stay out of the chaos, changed his original intention and decided to leave for the time being and wait for things to develop. If Ouyang Zhi and his party really face the law and resist the crisis, Xu Shao will have to help them.
After Xu Shaoxian enjoyed Compaq’s precious wine, Compaq was so eager to let Xu Shaofa leave.
"Well, I’ll leave now." Xu Shao took a deep look at the blood dragon knife inserted in the ground and regarded Ouyang Zhi’s eyes full of anger and turned to the depths of the jungle. He looked determined as if he was afraid of contaminating the curse here.
"It’s really a cowardly villain who just talked and laughed and saw that we were in danger and immediately turned away without the slightest nostalgia. Why didn’t Compaq just kill him and look at me and get angry?" I hate watching Xu Shao’s leaving figure. Ouyang Zhi is very surprised and looks at Compaq with incredible Se.
Bitter shook his head, Compaq sighed in his heart that Xu Shao was mature and great, but he felt that Ouyang Zhi was ignorant. But Compaq actually saw Ouyang Zhi grow up with his own eyes and didn’t want to let Ouyang Zhi suffer because of reckless reasons. He patiently explained to Ouyang Zhi in this crisis. "It’s even worse if you don’t say things without yourself and make a public visit … I’m afraid I want to keep him and I don’t have the strength."
Said at the end, the tone was low and almost inaudible. The face was lonely. Se wanted him to practice martial arts for decades, but in the end it was not as good as a young man. This kind of injustice made Compaq a little frustrated at the moment.
"Even Compaq you leave him? Impossible. "Ouyang Zhi was a little strange and looked at the disappearing back and muttered in a low voice." Is such a coward still so strong? "
Seeing that Ouyang Zhi’s face was full of disbelief in Se Compaq, he could shake his head and jump over the still trembling blood dragon’s long knife and sink into the depths of the forest and shouted, "Why don’t Yang Zhi, the bloodthirsty knife, come out and see it?"
"Do you think this is a word when the blood knife comes out of the bloodthirsty side?" In a cold stuffy hum, a cold boy dressed in a blood Se robe slowly came out from the depths of the jungle.
This blood Se robe teenager has just walked out of the forest, and the corners of his mouth are shallow and evoke a cold smile. Then he bowed his head and focused on playing with his waist. Yu Pei likes it as if he had a sen cold chill hanging over the whole forest.
When the sen cold chill enveloped the whole forest, Xu Shao, who had just turned into the dark forest, couldn’t help but have a cool look and a little dignified flow.
"It’s a bit interesting" to himself a xu shao looked towards the team with great interest.
Although the night se is quite thick, Xu Shaoyun can still see clearly the situation in the team when he turns his strength into his eyes.
In Xu Shao from such a short instant bloodthirsty knife Yang Zhi still stepped into the team, stretched out his hand in the virtual and gently grabbed the blood Se that was inserted in front of Ouyang Zhi. After a sharp trembling, the elders screamed and fell into the hands of Yang Zhi.
Spoiled fondle m not to the blood se long knife Yang Zhishen has a sen cold pitfalls soared.
"Today, Yang Zhi harvests your life, so don’t be embarrassed by what you have done in the city of Hun." With a cold hum, J and dang Yang Zhi raised his hand and chopped it toward Ouyang Zhikang Bo.
The knife is cracked, the tiger roars, and the dragons resound through the heavens and the earth. A dragon with tens of feet of blood, Se, is full of ferocity.
"Miss Bloody Jiuyang, hide."
Blood se dragon knife gas tearing empty bursts of bloody rain overwhelming some fighters in the team with low strength in the solidification period are trembling all over when they feel the ferocity in the knife gas.