What does it mean to lead by two goals in such a strong dialogue?

That means victory!
After this game, Chang Sheng believes that the suspicion of the team’s own new tactics will be further reduced, which will help him control the team.
Bosco sighed when he saw that his team had lost another goal.
The problem of Pa Wen and Pa Wen still appeared in Paven.
He is now suddenly less concerned about winning or losing the game and more concerned about florentino’s thoughts.
Although it has been more than 30 minutes, Valencia has made everyone see how unreliable Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy is.
After the game, I believe that many media will laugh at florentino’s policy of leaving Chipa.
Will florentino’s short temper end Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy in a hurry by then?
That’s definitely not a good thing for young players.
Although Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy has such and such problems, I’m afraid I’m still able to ensure that this policy will not die halfway …
Being a head coach at Real Madrid sometimes depends not on your coaching level but on your political level.
When Oti scored and cheered in front of florentino, florentino lowered his head and no one could see his expression.
But a fool should have guessed that the builder must be in a bad mood.
When he introduced the policy of Zidanaga Pa Wen, the media cheered that he had finally solved the problems that plagued several big teams.
But now it seems that the root has not been solved!
Valencia made the simplest move and let him lose the game!
Half-time is coming soon. In the remaining time, Real Madrid huddled in the penalty area, hoping not to lose any more goals.
This is tantamount to giving up the attack, but this is Nell.
Because Real Madrid can’t concede any more goals.
Whether considering the team as a whole or Pa Wen alone, the team can’t keep losing goals.
If we concede another goal at half-time, it will be hopeless. Besides, Pa Wen’s confidence will be completely destroyed!
As a last resort, Bosco can order the Real Madrid line to return to defense.
I have to say that this is really Real Madrid is not good at work.
Even if they returned to the defense, their defense did not rise much.
The scene is still unfavorable to Real Madrid.
On the contrary, Valencia has put a lot of pressure on this attack to play as well as it can when there is no threat from the defence.
Ikiaka has long been famous for its splendor, and the frequent passing and running of tactics interweave a magnificent image that is sighing.
The defending champion can be exhausted when facing Valencia.
Be led by Valencia by the nose
Then inadvertently Valencia’s deadly direct kick will make Real Madrid’s goal sound a piercing alarm
Valencia fans in the stands were dumbfounded-they really didn’t expect Valencia to perform like this against Real Madrid.
Although they beat Real Madrid away from home last season, Valencia won the game narrowly.
Real Madrid scored two goals, and Valencia almost couldn’t win.
It’s not as easy as it is now, and it’s already two goals ahead …
Many people turned their eyes from the stadium to the sidelines. The new coach of Valencia always wins. This tactic is brought by the constant victory.
Without him, Valencia would have played a defensive counterattack.
Before, they complained that winning always destroyed Valencia, but now they can’t say such a thing.
Can they easily lead Real Madrid by two goals at home if they don’t always win?
Many Valencia fans think that there seems to be an answer to this question.
When the whistle came to mind at half-time, Pa Wen was finally relieved.
He has an illusion that his legs have lost their strength and he will just sit down on the ground.
He doesn’t know if he can finish this half if he plays one more minute in stoppage time at half time.
Even so, when he heard the whistle at half-time, his body shook.
At this time, someone held him from behind
"Steady boy!" Captain Yero appeared behind him.
Pa Wen didn’t thank the captain for his kindness. He just walked off the court with his head down without looking at the captain.
Yero looked at his back and shook his head.
He knows that this half has dealt a heavy blow to Pa Wen, and I don’t know how long it will take him to get out of the shadow of failure.
Of course, it is also possible that he will never get out … This talented player may completely degenerate.
Thought of this, Yero suddenly resented Valencia coach’s constant victory.
But it’s just that a victory will ruin a player’s future … You didn’t do it too hard, did you?
Valencia has been attacking for a long time without looking for other Real Madrid players, and all of them are going for Pa Wen.
What does it mean to be obvious?
He is going to completely destroy Pa Wen!
But Yero didn’t know that even if he didn’t always win Pa Wen, the future wouldn’t be so wonderful. He didn’t need to destroy Pa Wen to disappear.
Pa Wen has been struggling since the complete failure of the Zipa policy, but it is like being in a swamp. The harder he struggles, the faster he sinks.
Finally, he was able to leave the Bernabeu and go to Zaragoza.
In Zaragoza, he didn’t have much chance to play because of injuries and other reasons. Later, Zaragoza was demoted. He stayed for an extra season or chose to leave.
This time he went to France.
A team that has just upgraded to Ligue 1-arles, a team that is very strange to European football.
He has no place in the mainstream world of European football.
A player who was once famous for Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy just fell.
Without Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy, he might not get a chance to play in Real Madrid, but he wants to save the country like his predecessors and successors, go to other teams and get more chances to play, and gradually hone himself and eventually become a great player.
For example, Arbeloa was also a member of Real Madrid’s youth training guard. He chose the curve to save the country. After leaving Real Madrid, he joined La Coruna. Six months later, he moved to Liverpool. After doing well in Liverpool, he was finally valued by Real Madrid and bought back. Although he won’t always play the main force in Real Madrid, he is still an important rotation player.
Isn’t this better than disappearing into Ligue 1 in the future?