"Do you know the tianshi? Is he the ancient strong man of the earth? " Xiao Lingyu asked curiously.

Chiyou nodded his head. "That day, the teacher was Fuxi, who was the leader of our ancient strong earth, but he, like many of us, is no longer in the divine world."
"Not in the divine world?"
Xiao Lingyu is even more surprised. Isn’t it that the celestial world has gone to the world?
"I remember that we sent personnel to maintain the order of the three realms, and you obstructed it and led to failure!" The shining golden monk is suddenly pointed to Xiao Lingyu said
Xiao Lingyu knows that this shining golden brother refers to protecting Yan Tian himself.
He could have guessed that the friar in shining armor must have a strong background in the divine world, but he didn’t expect the other side’s background to be so strong
Chapter 794 Far away
? Chapter far, far away
"Not in the divine world?"
Xiao Lingyu is even more surprised. Isn’t it that the celestial world has gone to the world?
"I remember that we sent personnel to maintain the order of the three realms, and you obstructed it and led to failure!" The shining golden monk is suddenly pointed to Xiao Lingyu said
Xiao Lingyu knows …
Chapter 795 Shamei Yaksha 1
? Chapter 9 Shamei Yaksha 1
Fin Yuan is not satisfied with this result, but he dare not say anything.
Dissatisfaction is dissatisfaction, but it is not unacceptable.
"Well, I should go when you’re done."
Stay all dorsal fin clan strong human-god clapped his hands and then said to Xiao Lingyu "you both …
Chapter 796 Shamei Yaksha 2
? I chose a direction at random, and Xiao Lingyu flew easily in the demigod’s knowledge spreading to note everything around me.
Xiao Lingyu saw the living thing after flying for about three days.
This desert is strange, either you can’t see a living thing from a distance, if you do, it’s a group.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t pay much attention to those fierce beasts who couldn’t repair well, but kept flying and saw a group of different kinds of fierce beasts every once in a while.
Fierce beasts in this desert are all irritable, and even in a group, they can be seen attacking each other.
However, Xiao Lingyu, who has been flying for half a year, has not seen a fierce beast for more than a period of time, and he has not seen the fierce beast acting alone.
Flying for another month, a small oasis surrounded by yellow sand appeared in his eyes.
Xiao Lingyu flew to the edge of the oasis to see clearly that the edge of the oasis was surrounded by a circle of stone walls, and there were many monks moving in the oasis.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, this group of monks looks a little strange. They all have two bodies and two heads, but they have two arms and two legs. They look like conjoined bodies.
And their heads are full of snakeheads.
What surprised Xiao Lingyu the most was that these monks not only had two bodies, but also two bodies, one female and the other male.
That is to say, this is a hermaphrodite race.
This vast borderland is really strange!
God’s knowledge swept Xiao Lingyu in the oasis, but it was still not found that there were only two people who repaired beyond the God’s period.
Xiao Lingyu went straight into the oasis and stopped in front of an early Godsworn.
There were no waves, and he put his palm on the forehead of the friar in the early days of God.
After searching the soul, Xiao Lingyu jumped up and disappeared after several flashes.
This hermaphrodite race is called Shamei, and all of them live in this desert.
In the early days of this god, the friar naturally didn’t know how vast this desert was, and he knew very little.
These low-level Samui monks hide in the village during the day and go out to hunt fierce beasts in the desert at night. They need to eat as much as Terran monks to maintain their state.
However, the Shamei people have a very obvious advantage, that is, they are not married, and every monk in their family can have children.
Even in this harsh desert, the Samui people can survive for a long time, and their ethnic group has never decreased, but has gradually grown.
After flying for two years, Xiao Lingyu found a Shamei city in this marginal desert.
The Shamei city is more humble than the dorsal fin family. There are almost no decent buildings in the city. If it is not surrounded by a circle, it will be tall and thick. Xiao Lingyu is not sure that this is ideal city.
Like those small villages, the Shamei city is also built in an oasis, but the city oasis is much bigger than those village oases.
In order to avoid trouble, Xiao Lingyu put the black robe and cloak on himself before entering the city.
Shamei city also does not accept freedom of entry and exit without restrictions.
There are no streets in the city, and some Sami monks are setting up stalls everywhere. Xiao Lingyu bought some jade pieces for burning information and then went out of the town.
After browsing all the information, Xiao Lingyu frowned slightly.
There is no shemale or dorsal fin clan in the narrow sense near the Shamei nationality, but all the jade blocks describe the desert where the Shamei nationality is located in a marginal way. These jade blocks also say that there is this big desert where the Shamei nationality is located.
I didn’t get anything. There was a jade block that burned a route to a high-level city.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t intend to go to the senior city of Shamei nationality, so he just found a place near this small town and then sank into the sand to close the sacred vessel.
It was less than ten years ago, and one night Xiao Lingyu suddenly noticed a big movement on the ground, so he stopped closing and jumped to the ground.
Flying to the middle school, Xiao Lingyu looked at the direction of the small town and saw a black fog with thick winds hovering in the city. Thick evil and bloody breath surged from the direction of the small town.
Xiao Lingyu’s god knowledge is still strong. He can see that in the black fog, there are a group of monks who are as ghostly as ghosts, and they are constantly swallowing the monks who are swept to the semi-Samoan by the black fog and the wind.
"Isn’t there a Sami family in this desert? Are these monks here again? How can the strong Samui people allow this group of monks to devour their people at will? " Xiao Lingyu was puzzled.
Fortunately, there are no strong monks in this ghostly group, and they are unaware of Xiao Lingyu’s presence.
The black fog stayed in the small town for less than a cup of tea, then flew away into the distance and disappeared in a few breaths.
It’s shocking that the whole town is alive again, but the walls and oasis in the city are a bit damaged
Although this is a small town, there are at least hundreds of thousands of Shamei monks in the city who were swallowed up by thousands of ghostly monks in such a short time, which made Xiao Lingyu have a little scalp pins and needles.
According to those jade blocks, the Shamei people are the rulers of this desert, and the Shamei people are huge, and there are many high-ranking strong people among them …
There are so many incredible things in this vast expanse of celestial world that Xiao Lingyu simply doesn’t think about himself anyway.