Lazio didn’t get the top six results in the league in the end, because the team led by Casso not only didn’t get the top six, but also slipped all the way to the relegation zone. If you don’t change the head coach, you may have to lead the team to play Serie B next season.

Although he has signed a contract with Changsheng, Changsheng can’t come to coach Lazio now. He has to find someone else.
Finally, papadopulo was invited out, Lotito gave the other side a short-term contract and lied to him that he would consider giving him a new contract if the team performed well.
The team led by papadopulo finally succeeded in relegation and finally ranked tenth in the league.
But they still haven’t qualified for the UEFA Cup.
If they want to qualify for Europe, they have to count on the Italian Football Association to arrange to see if they can be selected by the Football Association to represent Italy in the Toto Cup.
Tournaments like the Toto Cup are unpopular in China, but for those who fail in the league competition, the Toto Cup is a good chance to start again.
If you can win the top three in the Toto Cup, you can participate in the UEFA Cup next season.
Lotito announced the decision of papadopulo class after playing the last round of the league.
Some media coaches complained because they thought papadopulo’s performance was good enough. At least he let Lazio avoid relegation.
Qualifying for the European War … that’s even less papadopulo’s responsibility. "I’m afraid it’s impossible for anyone to lead a team like Lazio to qualify for the European War … It’s obviously very wrong to think that Lazio’s failure to break into the European War is the responsibility of the head coach."
The media laughed at Lotito, a clean businessman, who didn’t understand the most important thing about football. A team changing coaches so frequently can make the coach’s level lower and lower.
"The head coach is the key and root of the team’s competitiveness … Lack of trust in the head coach and frequent coaching changes will make the team lose motivation. Which teams are getting better and better after frequent coaching changes? No, not one! Lazio are obviously going the wrong way now. Can they find a better coach besides papadopulo? Lazio’s current situation is probably very difficult … Caso has an annual salary of 50,000 euros a season, and papadopulo also gets very little-to put it bluntly, how can such a small amount of money attract a qualified coach to coach the team? "
"… for Lazio, papadopulo is actually the most suitable head coach for them. For a team, the best head coach is not a famous coach, but the best one for them. papadopulo has led the team to avoid relegation. He has created a situation in Lazio and laid the foundation for him. When he leads Lazio, he may not enter the European War every year, but at least he will not avoid relegation and change coaches …"
Listening to the media, it seems that Lazio deserves to be coached by a coach like papadopulo …
Chapter 16 I’m here to ask you, and I mean it.
The media were dismissed, and papadopulo cried foul of papadopulo, who also felt aggrieved and dissatisfied with Lazio.
"I did well in Lazio. When I came to the team, Lazio was on the verge of relegation. I let the team avoid relegation. Lotito once said that if I did well, he would give me a new contract, but now he doesn’t intend to fulfill this promise because I didn’t lead the team to qualify for the UEFA Cup? But I think it is not easy to lead Lazio to avoid relegation … "
"Lotito bought me a player, a young Croatian guy. What’s his name? By the way, modric and luka modric, but I never asked him for this person. I don’t know what he did when he suddenly bought this person … I asked Caso and I didn’t ask Lotito for this at first … "
Papadopulo poured out the bitter team in his stomach when he met the reporter.
The loyal image of the coach with these hardships immediately attracted everyone’s sympathy.
Many Lazio fans also think it is immoral and inappropriate for Lotito not to renew papadopulo’s contract.
Because of the current situation in Lazio, it is really difficult to find a coach with some level. It is very good to have a person who doesn’t care about Lazio’s lack of money and is willing to coach.
Is Lotito still Lazio the last one who can win the League title and the Italian Cup double?
Just then Changsheng received a message from Lotito, in which Lazio President told Changsheng that the press conference was ready to be called at any time.
Chang Sheng looked at it and said to Lotito, "Just June 1st."
On June 1 ST, that is, two days later, the transfer base here has been settled, and Changsheng also thinks it is time to come out and meet with you.
In the past six months, his name has rarely appeared in the media. He is really heavy-hearted to do his own thing. No matter what the media says, he doesn’t care whether the media discusses him. He has been laughed at by the media and has been forgotten by the world. He has not jumped out and talked back because he knows that it is more important to concentrate on doing his own thing at this time.
When it’s time to hit the face, he is absolutely unambiguous, but now is really not the best time to hit the face, because he has a lot of things he can’t say now, so jumping out and hitting the face is easy to be regarded as a mouth gun.
He likes to argue the facts and hit his face as hard as iron
This half-year silence made the world football almost forget him? It doesn’t matter that he will remind the world football of him again
The disappearance of the past six months has made the media laugh at him and ridicule him, forgetting everything he has done, and sometimes letting them know themselves again.
After half a year’s dormancy, he will finally reappear in everyone’s sight.
This time he firmly believes that he will surprise everyone!
Since May 30th, all the media have received invitations from Lazio Club to attend the press conference held at Vermelot training base on June 1st.
At this time, the team was dissolved, and the reporters didn’t know what the club called the press conference for.
Is it to announce the new coach candidate?
But have you seen the news that Lazio is looking for a coach these days …
Many media ridiculed Lazio for letting go of the only manager who is still willing to play for them. Where are we going to find the manager next? President Lotito will not be allowed to coach himself, will he?
Everyone thinks that it should be impossible to announce the new head coach.
So what else could it be?
Declare the debt discharged?
That’s even more impossible.
With doubts, reporters gathered in the press conference hall of Vermelot training base on June 1 to wait for the answer.
In the office of the head coach of Vermelot training base, there is a bit of idleness now because the former head coach papadopulo has moved something that belongs to him.
Changsheng is sitting in his chair and looking around at his friends.
Assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez, tactical coach Guardiola, physical coach Elias Dominique.
These are his assistants, and they will also attend the press conference with him for a while, because they are a holism, and they have to be together wherever they go.