She said

She turned to a taxi and got off.
He didn’t move there.
When she said not to go home, her voice was a little weak.
Section 31
He doesn’t understand how much she cares about his seriousness.
When she got home, she found that she didn’t have her wallet and wanted to die instantly.
The driver said he wasn’t worried about your man following you.
Gentle Zheng, then I turned my head and saw that he had come over.
The driver’s master hit him on the front window and said he wouldn’t change it.
Gentle …
Then pull the door for her.
The happiest thing for him is that she likes to sit in the back every time she takes a taxi.
He doesn’t like her being close to other men, which is exactly what he wants.
After the gentle car, he put his arms around her shoulders again, and it was still a long way to go.
"Who told you to make the house so big? It takes twenty minutes to walk from home to the door." She muttered after the car.
But he laughed.
"What are you laughing at?"
"I’m glad you blame me."
It suddenly occurred to her that there were still so many people who were a little worried about him at the annual meeting tonight, but it suddenly occurred to her that he had done this not once or twice.
Probably everyone is used to it.
Also didn’t say more.
When she got home, the little guys were asleep. She was just about to go back to her room and heard his cell phone ring.
I remembered that I was still wearing his coat
He was wearing a suit and shirt in the cold wind just now …
But I’m sorry about that. It passed quickly.
Because …
She took out her mobile phone and saw that it was a strange number, and then when he answered it …
"Miss Ann?"
"I’m sorry I forgot where you were."
Gentle …
Forget where he is?
He’s such a big living person.
"That’s it, then you can slow down or ask Han Xi to call a car for you to hang up."
Gentle …
What a lover
She leaned against the handrail beside the steps and put her hands on the handrail to watch the man talking in front of her eyes. He couldn’t help but be a little guessing.
"Since you want to marry Anjia, why refuse?"
Although she couldn’t hear what Anli said, she could guess a thing or two from his answer.
"I told you not to settle down with me."
"You said you didn’t want Miss Ann"
"I’m going back to my bedroom to sleep."
"Don’t even think about it"
He was depressed and thoughtfully on the stairs, and then looked at the bedroom door being opened by her.
After the gentle door, I suddenly turned to look at the doorknob and then went back to lock the door.
Teng Yungang returned to his room when he received a call from Anjiazhai.
"But I’ve been a little busy recently, and I’ve visited in person in a few days." His deep voice filled the whole room.
He pulled the tie around and threw it on the cold bed, but it sounded patient.
After the call, I threw away my mobile phone and went to take a shower.
When is the most tired?
When you are unhappy, you will be very tired.
When the company has a holiday, it’s gentle to watch him stay at home with the children all day and say, You play with the children at home and I’ll chat with Yun Xiang and chenchen?
He looks up at her. It’s up to you.
Gentle and got up, then I won’t cook my meal at night.
Manager Teng …
She just left?
Manager Teng immediately winked at his son and then played with toys when he couldn’t see his eyes.
Then he looked at his daughter in his arms and asked his mother to stay at home, okay?
Teng Ai looked up at him with the white rabbit in her arms and nodded.
"Then go and ask Mommy to stay."
Teng Ai jumps from Dad’s leg, then looks gentle and comes from the building with a bag, and calls Mommy.
Teng Yun waited for his daughter to keep her for him.
Gently bow your head and walk towards your daughter. Gently pick up your daughter. What is it?
"Dad than …" Teng Ai smiled and looked at her dear dad than then would not say.
Smiling, I looked at manager Teng. Manager Teng’s face turned green.
Gentle eyes sparkled with brilliance, as if to see his mind, but said to his daughter, is it better to stay at home with my brother than with my father? Mommy, go find auntie’s stall. Things will be back soon.
My girl immediately nodded and readily promised.