? Because it was Duan Xin’s day, the western Maddy won the game, and Lin Sheng didn’t do much delay. He just took Duan Xin back to rest. Although Duan Xin didn’t want to get any good results in this competition, it was also a rare opportunity for him to "hand over" the mobile phone club. Duan Xin also wanted to grasp that she didn’t want to delay Lin Sheng’s retreat at the crucial moment. If possible, she also wanted to help Lin Sheng. Every successful man has a woman behind him who silently supports him. Duan Xin wanted to be the woman behind Lin Sheng.

It was night when Duan Xin sat quietly on the bed, with a faint’ milky’ white’ color’ brilliance. Xuan and Xuan Lin Sheng had never seen Duan Xin’s complicated handprint before, but Lin Sheng didn’t bother Duan Xin. He could wait and find an opportunity to ask, while Lin Sheng sat quietly guarding Duan Xin’s little’ flower’ and was obedient and snuggled in Lin Sheng’s arms without disturbing Duan Xin.
Small flowers in my arms fell asleep. Lin Sheng looked at the bed. Duan Xin looked at the small flowers in my arms. My heart was full of warmth and a warm smell of home.
"Sleepy little guy …" Lin Shengfu "touched" a small "flower" little head and said in a low voice.
On the second day of a night’s sleep, Duan Xin woke up, and Lin Sheng had already brought breakfast from the page. After breakfast, they went directly to that place, which is located in the middle of Nanshan Mountain. One night’s practice didn’t make Duan Xin break through much, but Lin Sheng could feel that Duan Xin was still’ refined’ at this time, especially that it was not distributed, and it was also possible to clearly feel the breath of life and became much stronger.
The bell rang Duan Xin nodded to Lin Sheng, and then went directly into the Bidou field. After several times of Bidou, the original desolate Biba finally had some taste of Bidou field. The western repairman Madi and the wind flying technique were very elegant and entered the Bidou field, which attracted a burst of applause from the grotto spectators. Although it was not my race, it really had other advantages for the western practice.
After Maditai took a faint look at Duan Xin, his face was disdainful. In his eyes, the other party was just a’ female’ and’ sexual’ practitioner, and it was the root of Wu Ling’s early days that he did not put Duan Xin in his eyes
"Beautiful women, I really don’t know where you men in the fairy mainland have gone. How can we make such a beautiful woman fight? Is there no one in the fairy mainland?" Marty proudly smiled and said that all the words were verbatim, and everyone was furious in the grottoes. The original affection for the other party’s Fengxiang technique was also dissipated. This guy was too arrogant to talk and provoked public anger, but Marty was not surprised at all and still went his own way. To tell the truth, they came to smash the field. Where can they manage this?
Duan Xin didn’t mean to watch Marty quietly. Just now, Lin Sheng repeatedly told him that if he lost, he would quit decisively. Of course, Lin Sheng also kept an eye on Taiwan all the time. Once Duan Xin was in danger, he would rescue her at the first time.
Duan Xin quietly in Madi was suspended in the middle of the school by the wind flying technique, so both of them were waiting for each other to make the first move. In the end, Madi was impatient. It should be that the weaker party was impatient, but Madi seemed to be the first to move when he didn’t want to "wave"
"It’s really interesting, then it’s hard for me to get rid of you." Marty drank his hands lightly and recruited the magic elements of heaven and earth, and a fire dragon art was gathered towards his hands, which was directly brought out by him. This fire dragon art is enjoyed by all magicians, whether it is a primary magician or a great magician. Although they all like to make it, the power is quite different. Previously, Lin Sheng was also seen by the wooden pass family. The little patriarch made this fire dragon art, but if you compare it with this Marty in front of you, it would be far from that guy. What spell will be read when the time comes, and the power is far from it. At present, this Marty is directly using this fire dragon technique to make it come out at will to the extreme.
A dragon formed by a flaming flame is constantly rising around Marty. With a wave of his hand, the dragon directly impacts Duan Xin and goes to Duan Xin instead of retreating. It is urgent to know that Duan Xin has just advanced to the early stage of Wuling, so it is unwise for Marty to knock hard. Lin Sheng is already ready to save people. Not only is Lin Sheng this idea, but everyone is actually holding the same idea, although everyone is holding the same idea.
However, it was not expected that Duan Xin’s pair of "jade" hands and a palm of his hand actually scattered the dragon head directly. Although she herself was forced by the dragon to step back several steps, the dragon head was indeed scattered once. Although Marty controlled the magical elements and quickly repaired it, the dragon head part was also illusory.
"Good should be like this! Give the west a lesson! " Applause resounded through the field, and Marty’s face was livid with "color". He didn’t know that he despised Duan Xin just now, but he didn’t want to get rid of Duan Xin in one fell swoop. But he didn’t want to be careless and was broken by the other party. Plus, the ridicule of everyone now made him furious.
"Go to hell!" There are no superfluous words. Maddy directly waved the fire dragon again and roared. Directly, he attacked Duan Xin again in the past. Even the surrounding gas was burned to be illusory. See that the fire dragon is much more powerful than the second time.
Duan Xin naturally also saw that the direct flash didn’t fight hard, and then the little business refers to a point directly toward Marty, and a sharp shock wave directly toward Marty’s’ chest’ mouth, but he didn’t notice it at all, but then a shock’ swing’ in his heart made him flash quickly, and he was about to lock him up, ignoring the master’s face and fleeing to the side. At this time, the station was already laughing. Although Duan Xin’s six-pulse Excalibur was not hurt at all.
"damn it! You make me angry! " Maddy’s face’ color’ stared at Duan Xin, and then with a wave of his hand, pieces of fire directly condensed behind him, and a fire directly made it a little distorted, and then a big drink and a sea of fire directly flew up to Duan Xin to avoid it, but it was a sea of fire. Duan Xin’s root was too big to avoid the flash, but it was not directly enveloped by that sea of fire, and he rescued Duan Xin before Lin Shengzheng’s’ desire’, but then he stopped living. At this time, the fire was already wrapping Duan Xin completely. Surrounded by the outside, I can’t see what happened to Duan Xin inside, but Lin Sheng did forcibly break the inferno by relying on the soul force in the middle of guanyu. At this time, Duan Xin was not hurt by the inferno. At this time, she was covered with a’ milk’ white’ color’ shimmer, which actually blocked the inferno from the outside. The’ milk’ white’ color shimmer was like a fire elemental nemesis, and those fire elemental roots were blocked by the shimmer.
See Duan Xin nothing Lin Sheng is stopped, and then looked at the Marty with interest in addition to Lin Sheng also Marty can see clearly what happened inside. When he saw Duan Xin unscathed in the fire, he showed a stare blankly, and then he noticed Duan Xin emitting a white’ color’ light, mumbling way.
"Life magic …" It turned out that life magic has been lost for hundreds of years, but it has merged with undead magic into two ultimate magic. Strictly speaking, life magic is more valuable. Although the damage of undead magic is amazing, it is after all a destruction of’ sex’ magic, but life magic is a combination of repair and attack. It can be humanized to the extreme, and bones can also directly deprive others of their vitality. But this is just how powerful it is. They are also destined to see.
But to say that the magic of life actually appeared in the hands of an oriental’ female’ is to make him puzzled and amazed, and at the same time, it is more greedy’ desire’. If he gets it himself, he will have to practice for decades. Who are his peers?
Eating fruit and greed’ desire’ made no secret of appearing in Marty’s eyes. Lin Sheng first noticed that the back channel was broken. Did he see that Duan Xin’s night bead Lin Sheng had never heard of life magic and didn’t know what this Marty was paying attention to?
"Haha, after this’ female’ competition, we must find a way to catch her. When the time comes, I will’ force’ the secret of life magic from her!" Marty thought to himself that he knew that he had nothing to do with Duan Xin, but he changed his mind after thinking about it. Although the fire had no damage to Duan Xin, it could effectively block the view of the outside audience. He was worried that Blackwood and another western magician would discover the magic secret of life, which would be too bad. He was no match for Blackwood. He wanted to keep the fire to block their view. Of course, he didn’t think of it, but Lin Sheng had already checked his every move’ hole’ and unconsciously he was already blacklisted by Lin Sheng.
If you dare to hit my family, there will be a result.
Die! This is the only idea in Lin Sheng’s heart at this time.
Maddy himself was involved in the inferno, which was controlled by himself, and it didn’t matter much to him. They confronted Duan Xin in the inferno. At the sight of Maddy, it was a shock wave of six-pulse Excalibur, which taught him a lesson. This time, Maddy easily avoided Duan Xin, who didn’t learn any high-order Wushu, that is, he practiced the six-pulse Excalibur stunt at most, but it was far from reaching Dacheng. At this time, the lack of Wushu skills and disadvantages were revealed.
After several times of confrontation, Duan Xin just felt more and more tired, and the white’ color’ light on the body surface was gradually reduced because of the consumption of Qi in Duan Xin’s body. Slowly returning to Duan Xin’s hot body made Duan Xin very uncomfortable.
Now Duan Xin’s heart is fighting again. Anyway, her purpose is just to see someone’s attack skills and hone them. Now Duan Xin has achieved his goal. He has come to the end of the game and is retreating towards the periphery of the fighting field. It seems that Madi also knows Duan Xin’s intention and has not stopped it too much. Now he is full of plans, such as quietly taking Duan Xin away when the game is over. He is also eager to end the game.
Finally, when Duan Xin gathered the white light department, Marty decisively tore off the fire, and Duan Xin also directly returned to the outside of the bucket field and withdrew from the game.
"Are you okay? "Lin Sheng cut to Duan Xin said.
"Well, it’s okay, that is, the consumption of qi is almost the same, and it will be okay after a rest."
The audience outside looked at Duan Xin in surprise. I didn’t expect Duan Xin to bake in that sea of fire for so long, but it was a little bit of harm. Although it was defeated in the end, it was still glorious. After all, the other party was a strong man in the King of Wu and Duan Xin was only in the early stage of Wu Ling. Duan Xin was already proud of himself, but his face was full of Marty at this time, but there was no regret. On the contrary, if you look closely in his eyes, you can find that it contains excitement. However, because of the distance, everyone didn’t see it. Only Lin Sheng captured it.
Even if you leave a message of * _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
[65] Please enter the urn
? In the next few days, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin didn’t go to the derby. Qilian went to every game and brought back the game information. Mu Yaoyao lived up to expectations and defeated Hao Yucheng, the last contestant who entered the finals. But although he won, it was also a tragic victory. It is said that Mu Yaoyao was also seriously injured. At this time, he was healing. After a few days of competition, he finally decided to rest for three days and then have a round of derby.
Now there are not many people left, and there is only one round of Lin Sheng left.
About Lin Sheng took Duan Xin to visit Jinling City. This place is not the kui. The prosperity of the imperial city of Chu is far from that of other cities. In the past three days, Lin Sheng and Duan Xin have bought a lot of local specialties. Duan Xin is rare to come out shopping with his lover, thinking that a child is generally alive in the street and jumping around’ disorderly’ and small’ flowers’ is comfortable. Lin Sheng’s shoulders and paws are holding Sugar-Coated Berry in one hand and burning’ chicken’ in the other. How cute is it? If it is not out of the door, Lin Sheng specially. After some time, I don’t know how much trouble it will cause, but even the pedestrians who disguise the street are constantly pointing at Lin Sheng’s small’ flower’ on his shoulder. The local dude even wants to buy the small’ flower’, but they regard the small’ flower’ as a small pet, but in the end they are all scared away by the small’ flower’ grin.
Street people crowded with people jostling with each other. Duan Xin always felt as if someone was peeking at him again and asking Lin Sheng for a look. Lin Sheng told her not to look back and didn’t find anything. He had his own plan. When Lin Sheng came out of the’ door’, he had already found someone following them out of that Marty. Who else has this Marty been paying attention to Lin Sheng and Duan Xin since that fight with Duan Xin? It seems that they are looking for opportunities, but because there are too many people in the post. Although he is as crazy as a cloud. False but still arrogant to Duan Xin’s hand in the post. Today, Duan Xin and Lin Sheng came out for a stroll. He recognized that the opportunity had come. He had been behind Lin Sheng and Duan Xin, and he could expect Lin Sheng to have found his figure when he came out of the’ door’. He just pretended not to see it.
This Madi is always a time bomb for Duan Xin. Lin Sheng wants to get rid of him, but it is also because there are too many masters in the post. Where to start work is likely to disturb others. It is also unclear that Lin Sheng is actually waiting for this opportunity. Who is mantis and who is yellowbird at the moment?
At Lin Sheng’s behest, Duan Xin walked directly towards a deserted area, and Lin Sheng was far behind. Lin Sheng is going to have a visit this time.
When Marty saw that they were walking towards a deserted place, he did not have the slightest doubt or hesitation. Instead, he was overjoyed in his heart and walked directly towards the old residential area that was about to be demolished. The residents here had been relocated as early as three months ago, but a veritable section, Xin and Lin Sheng, walked in a deserted street, and the atmosphere was weird to the extreme. Marty followed a lane and gradually widened. This part of the old house was already demolished, and a piece of it was very good. The demolition workers who used to work here in the big place also went home because of the suspension of construction in the young strong competition these days, and Lin Sheng and Duan Xin quietly waited for the arrival of Madi.
"Brother Sheng, who is behind that?" Duan Xin doubt’ confused’ asked Duan Xin, although not as abnormal as Lin Sheng, but since the fusion of the second and the night bead, her spiritual sense has also improved greatly. Although she is not sure who is behind, she has always been able to feel that kind of peep.
"Don’t you know when he comes out?" Lin Sheng smiled and said to the corner of the lane.
"Since I’m here, don’t you show up?"
At this time, Marty was hiding in the corner of the alley and peeking secretly. He was surprised to hear Lin Sheng shout like this. But then he was relieved and found it. Anyway, now there is no one here to directly kill Lin Sheng and then take Duan Xin away. Now that it has been found that it is no Ma Dishuang’s’ sex’ woman.she has come out.
"Ha ha, it was careless of you to find out, but without you, the horse would turn into a corpse, so I’m not worried that you would leak."
Lin Sheng did Sarah laugh in my heart. This guy doesn’t know whether he is so arrogant or not, but just like this, the enemy Lin Sheng is the least worried.
"We don’t know each other in the past, and we hate you recently. What’s the point?" Lin Sheng ponder heart so afraid asked together.
"Talking about resentments is not a’ female’ around you, but I have to take it away and get out of here. If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll save my life around you."
"She? Why did she have to take her away? As far as I know, the mu family longed for YaoYao, but featuring the strong, and now it is the injured pavilion that will take advantage of it … "Lin Sheng made a man understand the expression and laughed.
"Why don’t you hurry if you care so much? Otherwise, after a breath, you can lie down and walk …" Marty really threatened Lin Sheng as a person who was afraid of death.
"That little girl, you see this little lover around you is already like this. You’d better come with me. Tell me the magic secret of life. Maybe I’ll let you go as soon as I’m happy. Haha …" Mady is walking more and more arrogantly towards Lin Sheng and Duan Xin.
"Hum!" Duan Xin cold drink if it weren’t for knowing Lin Sheng’s own plan, he would have made moves to the other party at this time. The foul language has already angered Duan Xin, but now she is thinking about what the other party said about life magic. It seems that he is coming here now.