"But I can’t help it ~! !”

"You … you … whatever. You just bully me!" Shen Yue mercilessly in nine waist to a..
But at this time, Shen Yue’s actions will add fuel to the fire, and the nine desires will be stimulated even more!
"Then walk ~! !” Jiuzhong picked up Shen Yue and didn’t even bother to leave the stairs. He directly cast his superb realm and went to work. He jumped from the middle school and ran back to his room like a gust of wind on the second floor.
See nine heavy werewolf transformation holding Shen Yue ran back to the living room Wang Baobao straight teeth "blade this beast dare so blaspheme my goddess I’m going to waste him! !”
Xia Dongdong looked at a Millennium kill and raided Wang Baobao Chrysanthemum. Wang Baobao was hit by a recruit and jumped three feet high. "Oh, why did you sneak up on me?" !”
"Eldest brother and sister-in-law to get down to business what are you gnashing your teeth here! Let’s go and find Li Tang and them for a drink! "
"I have a responsibility to protect every beautiful woman from being ruined by a pervert without a escort. I must go and abolish the blade!"
"Ah da! !” Xia Dongdong chopped Wang Baobao in the neck with a hand knife, stunned him and dragged him out of the leading mansion.
As soon as they left the mansion, they groaned one after another.
These days, although beautiful women are always around, they have made great efforts to heal those unconscious girls.
These days, I have never touched Shen Yue after abstinence, and I am almost a monk.
And now I finally liberated Jiuchong’s accumulated desires these days. The fire broke out fiercely, and Shen Yue intertwined and enjoyed the bliss brought by Shen Yue’s blending with each other.
Shen Yue has tasted it again, but she has not endured it for many days. Now she can finally release it to her fullest, show her wildest side in front of her favorite person, and try her best to cater to Jiuchong Bao and feel Jiuzhong’s strong love for herself.
Jiuzhong and Shen Yue both have martial arts constitutions that are far superior to ordinary people’s endurance. Naturally, they are far from ordinary people. They have been fighting this war from day to night for six or seven hours before they finally meet each other temporarily without eating dinner, so they hug to each other and sleep until dawn.
The next day, Jiuzhong didn’t enter the game. On the one hand, he waited for news from Han Yi, and on the other hand, he was still wanting more yesterday. Today, he still has to enjoy a private world with Shen Yue.
On the third morning, it was only seven o’clock, and Jiuzhong was dreaming in bed with Shen Yue in her arms, but she was woken up by Longya Guards and told Jiuzhong Han Yi that she was back.
Hearing the news, Jiuzhong had to get out of bed, wash up, get dressed and come to the living room from the floor. Han Yi was waiting in the living room, and the steaming table in the living room had already prepared breakfast for him and Shen Yue.
"Han Yi eat? !” And Shen Yue came to the table and waved with nine strokes. "You didn’t eat when you saw it. Just come and eat together!"
Han Yi just came back from Japan this morning and came here. She really didn’t come for breakfast, so she didn’t refuse to come to the table and sit at Jiuzhong and chat with Shen Yue over dinner.
"The two of them things check? !” Jiuzhong asked over dinner.
"I just want to report to you that it has been checked out! Well, that’s all we can find about these two people. Please have a look! " Said Han Yi will hand a stack of data to nine heavy.
Jiuzhong took the information and looked through it from the beginning. I found that Han Yi was really poor enough. All kinds of detailed information of Yamato Soul and Bushido were recorded in the information department. This information is so detailed that even Yamato Soul usually doesn’t like to wash his feet and Bushido doesn’t like to wear pants. Even two people have had sex with several girls in Japan!
Looking through it from beginning to end, nine nodded. "Well, it seems that these two people are really in Cao Cao’s heart and in Han, or are we China men to be trusted!"
"Han Yi, you are doing very well!" Jiuzhong put aside the information after reading it and said, "Look at your bitter gourd dish. I’m sure you haven’t had a good rest these two days. Eat it quickly and go back and have a good sleep!"
Han Yi was really tired these two days, so he didn’t sleep a wink. After breakfast with Jiuzhong and Shen Yue, he left and went back to sleep.
And Jiuzhong and Shen Yue went back to the room together. Of course, they didn’t continue to sleep, but both wore game helmets and found a comfortable position to lie in bed and returned to the game together.
At present, the virtual light flashed in the living room of Yamato President’s private villa.
As soon as there was a nine-fold, I saw a sad face and a bushido sitting in a chair.
"Hey, how come I haven’t seen you both for two days and your expressions have become so tragic? !” Nine heavy blunt two people say hello way
"Ah, holy brother, you finally appeared ~! !” See nine heavy figure and soul and bushido happy almost jumped up.
Bushido was a little excited and said, "Holy Brother, you disappeared for two days. We waited for almost all the flowers and you won’t appear!"
"Oh, how come!" Jiuzhong smiled indifferently. "It takes me some time to investigate your two information."
Two people smell speech nervous looking at the nine heavy way "that … that we can be qualified? !”
"You two …!" Nine heavy paused, "seems to be in Japan to fuck a lot of girls? !”
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Heart Yue Cheng
"ah? Ah … Ahem … We are recruiting island women in the motherland to contribute our strength! " Yamato Soul and Bushido looked embarrassed and were surprised. They said that they were going to investigate them, but it was just a joke to scare them to see if they were patriots. I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to really turn over all their past information and even know everything about their whoring.
It seems that this sacred party is not only in the game, but also in reality. It is by no means simple. It is an extraordinary person. At this point, Dahe Soul and Bushido feel that Jiuchong is more and more inscrutable, and their fear for Jiuchong is deeper.
"It’s not a big deal that you are not nervous about worldly desires people’s nature!" Jiuchong said, "I have thoroughly investigated your information. Congratulations, you two are qualified! After that, you are my things in the Japanese area, and I will leave them to you! "
"Thank you, Holy Brother, for appreciating that we will live up to our expectations and do our best!" The two men expressed their attitude and paused. "The Holy Brother has …!"
Jiuzhong interrupted the two people. "Tell the boss that I am listening!"
"Hey, boss!" Yamato Soul and Bushido shouted together, and then Yamato Soul said just now, "Boss, there is something important that we have to tell you now-our Yamato nation has received the post of the Yuen Long Games, and our Yuen Long Games will be officially fought at 9 o’clock this afternoon!"
"… what? Yuen Long will launch a battle against you today? !” Nine heavy one leng said, "don’t you have three days to prepare for each other when the guild launches a battle?" How did you fight so soon? !”
"Ah … this … actually, the Yuen Long Club declared war on us before we invited the boss to be our guest, and now three days have passed, which is the war-ready day!"
"I declared war on you before I came …!" Jiuzhong’s eyes narrowed when he heard this, and he squinted at Yamato Soul and Bushido. "Oh … I said, why did you invite me to your place for no reason? My feelings are waiting for me here. I want to help you relieve this crisis with my strength!"
"This …! !” Yamato soul and bushido smell speech expression suddenly changed color.
As the saying goes, it’s good to be diligent, not treacherous, or stealing. Yamato Soul and Bushido found Jiuzhong and volunteered to ask Jiuzhong to go to the line in Japan. It was because they received the post of the Yuen Long Games and the lack of national strength to fight against the Yuen Long Club that they found Jiuzhong and wanted to rely on Jiuzhong’s absolute strength to help them lift the danger of destroying the gang!
Seeing Yamato Soul and Bushido being poked by him, I was so embarrassed that I smiled indifferently. "I’m not nervous. I don’t blame you. On the contrary, I want to praise you!"
"Ah …? !” Yamato Soul and Bushido have sunk to the bottom of the valley and are in despair, waiting to bear Jiuchong’s anger, but I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to say so. They are all at a loss.
"Oh ~!" Nine heavy face hung satisfied smile "you did very well, very well! When the guild was fatally threatened and in a desperate situation, you still didn’t give up trying your luck in the desperate situation and went to Jyukai in the blind valley. As a result, it was a coincidence that you found me! This is not the most valuable thing for you. The most valuable thing is that you know that there is no lunch in the world. If you want anything, you have to pay a corresponding price, so you will take the initiative to do it. I want this price in exchange for my help this time! "
"With these two points!" Jiuzhong got up and patted Yamato Soul and Bushido on the shoulder. "I like that you can be as good as an adult. From now on, you are not my own in the Japanese zone line! I can leave it to you two at ease. Do a good job and don’t let me down! "
Hearing these words from Jiuzhong, I feel that Jiuzhong has a broad mind, a great soul and a bushido, and I admire Jiuzhong deeply! The two people sincerely bowed to Jiuzhong and said, "The boss can follow you like this. After we are blessed, we will follow you!"
"Come on, now that you’re one of our own, there’s nothing to be polite about. Sit down!" Jiuzhong sat back in his chair and said, "Everybody sit and talk!"
"Hey ~!" Yamato Soul and Bushido sit down according to the words.
To get back to business, I saw that there was still a long time before the battle at 9 o’clock. "Tell me about the Yuen Long meeting when it’s better, so that I can know it!"
"Yes!" When Yamato Soul and Bushido talked to each other, they told Jiuchong about the Yuen Long meeting in detail.
Nine heavy listen to sneer at repeatedly "hum just a medium-sized guild also dare to challenge so delusion rule the whole map of YingYe he also don’t see if you have such a good mouth? ! Yeah, but …! "
Nine-fold temper turned and smiled brightly. "It’s a good idea to rule the whole map of Yingye, but the protagonist of this plan is no longer his Yuen Long Association but my Yamato nation! Why is it so awkward? You two are so talented in your name! "
"Cough … boss, what are we going to do now? !” After listening to Jiuchong’s words, although it was still an idea, I heard Yamato Soul and Bushido have a boiling passion!
"Do what? Of course, I will give the Yuen Long Association a good start! " When Jiuzhong saw it again, "It’s almost time to walk with you to meet this Rush Yuen Long meeting!" "
"aye ~! !”
Immediately three people got up and will go toward outside walk yamato soul and bushido see nine heavy suddenly stopped, "eldest brother you … you just go out, I’m afraid I will be recognized! Your image popularity is too high! "
"Ah, yes! You don’t say that I almost forgot this! " Nine heavy touch his head a pair of horns "everything else is easy to change and change! Only this can’t be changed! "
Yamato soul and bushido smell speech a face of curiosity "how can not change? Boss, aren’t you equipped with these horns? !”
"That’s right, this is not equipment!" Jiuzhong explained, "It’s that I grew out of my head after the racial transformation!"
"Oh, it’s amazing ~!" Yamato soul and bushido wowed way
"All right, what’s so amazing about this? Just two horns! Hurry up and find a way to cover up my horns. !”