But their celebration was not so intense.

Because for these Certa players, even if it is an away game, it is natural to lead a second-division team, so there is no need to be ecstatic.
Hertha fought to the death after one game. Even so, they persisted for seventeen minutes, and now the situation has been beaten.
The next game will be better.
Even the celebration of Certa’s coaching staff was restrained.
Victor Hernandez got up from the coach’s seat and clapped his hands. Even his facial expression didn’t change much, which made him a little arrogant.
His team’s momentum in the first division is just ahead of a second division team. It would be outrageous to be too happy.
Hertha fans were not too disappointed to see McCarthy score, but sighed in their hearts
Sure enough!
Our strength, even if we are all main players, still can’t compete with a first-class team like Certa …
It is right to give up before winning the game.
In such a game, it can be thankless to have a hard fight with the other side that you can’t win at all
Even the local media in Hertha in the media gallery are also in this state of mind.
On the other hand, other media have a schadenfreude mentality-aren’t you awesome in the second division? Aren’t you bent on getting promoted to the first division?
Then this game is a great opportunity to smash your dream department!
What paradise is the other first division? It’s more like hell for a team like you!
A substitute team in the middle of the ranking can easily get the lead. Did you have a good result when you went to the first division?
I’m afraid I’ll go back to the second division in despair after a disastrous season and never recover!
These journalists don’t hate Hertha, but they hate the house they hate, and they hope Hertha is unlucky. Hertha’s head coach is unlucky, so winning games is not much better.
Someone has turned their attention to the coach’s bench on the sidelines to see what winning looks like.
But unfortunately, the press gallery is behind the coach’s gallery, and they can’t actually see the constant victory.
The reporters saw the ceiling of the coach’s seat because he was always sitting in the coach’s seat and didn’t even get up.
But they always have other ways to see the winning expression.
They turned their mother light to the media viewing machine.
Through the camera, they can see the winning expression.
The TV broadcast seems to understand these people’s minds and give Chang Sheng a close-up shot.
At the same time, the Hertha players also turned their attention to the head coach. After they lost the ball, it became a habit, as if they could gain strength from seeing the head coach who was fearless.
But this time let them down.
In the eyes of reporters, in the eyes of players, sitting in the coach’s seat is always better than sitting in the close-up of TV broadcast.
"ha! I am afraid that I have been scared! " Someone in the press gallery laughed disdainfully.
Next to Hertha, the local reporter glared at him but turned a blind eye.
However, Hertha local reporters didn’t take the other side, and there was nothing they could do.
Now Hertha really lags behind and always wins, but it shows that they can’t come up with any powerful weapons even if they want to fight back.
Can watch the other team humiliate their team so naked.
There is a fire burning in everyone’s heart.
It’s a flame that is unwilling to admit defeat like this.
But this flame is unstable and swaying in the wind as if it could go out at any time.
Because even if they are unwilling to admit defeat, the facts are in front of them and tell them to accept the result no matter how unwilling they are.
The fire was very weak, so it was warm and light.
Being swallowed up by darkness is almost negligible.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Pride
Coach Manuel Garcia couldn’t help sighing after McCarthy scored.
He knew that he was going to win the game.