"By … big deal was found to do a fight!" Because the former big fiend resented fu, please ask him to do it. Jiuchong found himself a little tied behind his back and was too careful. He thought of this heart, a horizontal ion and an ing swaggering, and Jiuchong walked past in front of him.

This passage said that it didn’t take long, and it didn’t take long for Jiuchong to come to an end. Nothing happened in the process before the farewell party in front of the Blissful Heavenly Road. Those np in the palm of the angel statue were unaware that they were still praying devoutly.
"It turned out to be a decoration after a long time!" Nine heavy rest assured to step into the front to send array.
There is no entrance to Blissful Heavenly Road, and there is such a farewell party. In Jiuzhong’s mind, it must be sent to Blissful Heavenly Road through this farewell party.
"Hum-!" Just as Jiuzhong entered the array, the array suddenly burst into an urgent buzz. In the buzz, Jiuzhong was surprised to find that he was invisible.
"Where come fanatics? ! Dare to break into the Temple Cathedral without permission! "
Chapter six hundred and sixty Exposed
The so-called manifestation of the Nine Heavens is the true literal manifestation, because the Nine Heavens invisibility is perfect, and it is cracked to reveal its true self. The perfect stealth state does not mean that the stealth state is nine times, that is, the real person has evaporated, but it has blocked the visual effects of other creatures, and he is still there.
This magic circle is beneficial to this point. When Jiuzhong entered the magic circle, he coated Jiuzhong with a layer of magic illusion to make Jiuzhong appear.
The Magic Circle of Nine Heavens also issued a report. jing buzzed and prayed in the palm of the angel statues on both sides of the Blissful Heavenly Road. Bishop Huo Ran opened his eyes and locked his eyes in the magic circle. He shouted and shouted at Jiuchong almost at the same time.
I have been psychologically prepared for this situation for a long time. Although I am surprised, I will calmly deal with it. It is not like attacking magic when they display their skills. It must be bound magic. I instantly realize that they want to trap themselves first and then take care of him slowly.
Thinking of this nine-fold decision, I suddenly broke up and stepped out of the magic circle. At the same time, I benefited myself from the 360-degree action on Sunday. The advantage of the dead angle was that the twelve bishops of light had not yet finished attacking him, and the virtual jumped in the mouth several times to avoid their attack range.
"Trial sword net!" Seeing Jiuchong emerge, their encirclement is closest to Jiuchong. A bishop of light cancels the pre-binding magic with one hand, and points at Jiuchong with dozens of ru white se angel swords with the other hand, grabbing her and tearing her out.
"Xuanwu earthquake! !” Nine times castration, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change, no change.
"Boom boom! !” In the serial explosion, the nine-fold March into the force to break through the trial sword net and go straight towards the release of the trial sword net. The Bishop ran to kill the past and instantly came to the front. !”
"Ah light shield! !” I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to break through his trial sword net, and I didn’t expect Jiuzhong to come so soon to offer another attack magic. I was forced to offer a guardian magic to stand in front of me.
"boom! !” A shock blasting of the dragon broke the skill and turned it into the image of the dragon. However, the bishop’s light shield was not much better. The surface of the shield was covered with cracks, and yu was already on the verge of collapse.
"Dragon Grammar Canon-Kang Long regrets! !” Just now, the dragon broke the ninth weight with his left hand, and his right hand was reserved for additional attacks at any time. Now, when I look at the dragon breaking, my right hand has not achieved the expected effect, and I decisively attacked a gold se dragon gang. When the dragon fist gang collapsed, it didn’t explode in the holy shield of light.
It’s already on the verge of collapse, and it’s hard to resist the light holy shield. It’s harder to resist the nine times than the single-handedly broken dragon. Kang Long regrets the attack, and it collapses instantly. Fragmented Kang Long regrets the skill, and evolved the gold se dragon gang, and went straight for the yellow dragon.
"Holy awning! !” However, at the critical moment of the Nine Heavens attack, the other eleven bishops of Light finally came to the rescue and jointly set up a huge light curtain. Brigadier General jing’s nine heavy dragons regretted the attack and the nine heavy ministries framed it, which made the Nine Heavens attack hit the sacred canopy, but did not lock the Bishop of Light in the Nine Heavens.
Trapped at the same time, Jiuchong was approached by Jiuchong. At the same time, the Bishop of Light hurriedly retreated. At the same time, the other eleven bishops of Light quickly jumped out of the palm of the angel statue and offered an auxiliary magic. Each of them turned into a pair of light wings and flew towards Jiuchong, which controlled the sacred canopy and contracted and oppressed Jiuchong.
Through this short-term encounter, Jiuzhong has realized that these twelve people’s strength and tacit understanding are abnormal. Once se is trapped by them, it will definitely be very troublesome. Maybe yin will capsize in the ditch.
Realizing this, Jiuchong instantly made the following action and deployed it in the sacred canopy while Kanglong regretted bombarding it, and continued to add additional attacks "Dragon Grammar Code-Hurricane # Nine Dragons! !”
Add-on effect of dragon grammar code in combination technique Nine dragons are like light. At first sight, the nine images of dragons can’t be seen clearly. seeing nine golden Se come out like nine lasers, she is excited in the sacred canopy.
"Boom!" A nine-laser-like golden dragon fist smashed through the sacred canopy defense barrier, and rushed out of the curtain in lightning speed, continuing to kill the retreating Bishop of Light.
"Fast! !” In order to make a quick decision, Jiuzhong no longer gave the other eleven bishops a chance to rescue them, and entered the state of little black and fast. Jiuxian’s dragon skill attack was integrated and killed in front of the single bishop.
It’s too fast to be alone. The Bishop’s failure to respond has been hit by a nine-fold attack.
Hearing "bang", the bishop of light was directly exploded into blood rain all over the sky without even screaming.
"Oh, you evil ACTS take life! !” Seeing that his companion was bombed miserably, the other eleven bishops of light were indignant, their eyes were on fire, and the magical elements of light were gathering wildly. Now they are planning a big move.
Although I am confident that I can kill these light bishops, the purpose of coming here today is not to kill people here, but to go to the Garden of Eden. After killing a light bishop, Jiuzhong did not continue to fight, and directly offered a big dragon fist. The second type-the dragon swallowed the sky, rolled up a dragon swallowing the sky, rose into the sky, penetrated into the temple cathedral, and rushed out of the cathedral without looking back.
A mountain not far outside the sanctuary city.
At the top of the nine-fold du li Peak, while making the eye-catching super vision focus on the sao chaos in the city of Sanctuary, it is not difficult for him to sum up the previous paragraph of the cathedral, nor is there anything to sum up. The key point is to act after entering the cathedral
Those bishops are still there, and the second most important thing is that the magic circle that made him manifest passed this attempt. First of all, it is certain that sneaking into this move is no longer feasible. If you want to enter that array, you will be exposed. Then I’m afraid it’s not as simple as I thought.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-nine The return
He has just entered the magic circle, but the magic circle has no intention of sending him into the bliss path. Obviously, this magic circle is not automatically sent. It has been specially set, and it may take special permission or special startup password to start the sending function and enter the bliss path.
"If yu knows the details, it seems that he has to grab a tongue … His mother is so troublesome to go to the Garden of Eden!" Complained about a nine-fold trampling, and went back. Just now, he caused the sao chaos and returned to the sanctuary again before it subsided.
The magic circle in front of the blissful paradise road ended when he was coated with that layer of magic magic color all over his body. The nine-fold stealth effect was restored and he sneaked back to the Temple of Light in Sanctuary City unnoticed.
At this time, the temple was in a mess because he had just made trouble. The temple clergy and the temple guards were in a mess. He was in a hurry.
Jiuzhong didn’t act in a hurry and wandered around the temple compound. From the discussion of the people in the temple, he learned that he had just killed the np, one of the twelve bishops who were in charge of guarding the Elysium Road in the cathedral.
These are not important. What is important is to enter the Elysium Road and go to the Garden of Eden. These twelve bishops of light are the key figures.
To go to the Garden of Eden, first of all, you have to go through the examination and test of the clergy to confirm your absolute belief in the doctrine of light, and at the same time, you must be absolutely innocent and clean, and you must not have anything to do with Diablo ing. Only after the test can the player adventurer be recommended by one of the twelve bishops of light and get the consent of other bishops of light, can he be allowed to enter the Temple Cathedral, open the Blissful Gate, that is, the first nine people went to the farewell party and enter the Blissful Heaven Road to go to Eden through the Blissful Gate.
After hearing the news, Jiuchong breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it is not necessary for these twelve bishops to be transported together to send people to Paradise, otherwise he would really shoot himself in the foot.
It’s easy to get the exact information.
Nine heavy touch into the cathedral again, at this time, the church is full of all kinds of clergy gathered here, and the eleven bishops discussed and dealt with the major event of the assassination of the bishop this time.
I don’t have the luxury to listen to them chattering like a swarm of bees. I dashed past the heads of the clergy in the temple and finally stood quietly behind one of the eleven bishops sitting in the palm of the angel statue.
"This time, trespassing into the cathedral and trying to sneak into the pure land of Eden is outrageous! I have reason to believe that these extremely evil people are absolutely inseparable from the Temple of Hades. Ten times, jiu is an assassin sent by the Temple of Hades to assassinate the Emperor in the Garden of Eden! By …! " The Bishop of Light also didn’t realize that someone was behind him, and he was eloquent to the clergy in the temple. "From now on, you must fight hard, and God jing will never let him have another chance!"
"yes! !”
"Small kind skull is quite good? You’re right! Then there’s nothing to say. It’s up to you ~! " Nine-fold heart said a sentence, suddenly, a snap of the fingers called out the virtual door behind him, and the Bishop of Light grabbed his hand and threw him directly into the ten layers of hell.
"Give it to you!" For the people who are stationed in the virtual door, the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team shouted a sentence for a moment and then snapped their fingers to close the virtual door.
This movement is too sudden and too fast. In the Firestone Cathedral, people don’t react at all, so someone will stop it.
For a moment, these people finally realized that when the Bishop of Light was kidnapped, Jiuzhong had already broken through the hole in the ceiling and ran away.
"Well, someone kidnapped the archbishop! !” The cathedral suddenly fell into a mess again.
The first nine outside the city temporarily stopped at the top of the mountain.
Nine heavy to call out the virtual door turned and drilled into it.
"What happened to the Bishop of Light I just threw in?" Nine heavy into the ten layers of hell to the door near the dragon magic team and crazy magic team members ask "ask something? !”
"Ah …? Boss, did you just mean that we should interrogate him? !” Li Tang is still bleeding blood, and the fighting knife seems to have made a mistake. The child has some measures. "I … I still want you to let us take care of him!"
“……!” See Li Tang’s hand drop of blood combating Dao Jiuzhong has realized what. As the Dragon Magic Team and the Mad Magic Team members left and right, they will see the front not far away. Just now, the Bishop of Light has turned into a pool of paste on the ground.
"Hoo …!" Jiuzhong took a deep breath. "Say you are wrong!"
"We are wrong boss! !” Just now, some players from Dragon Magic Team and Crazy Magic Team all threw away their swords and squatted on the ground with their hands clutching their ears.
"Well … you are really going to find trouble for me!" Nine heavy turned out of the ten layers of hell, a ring closed the virtual door and went back again. The front foot just came out and returned to the Temple of Light in less than ten minutes.
I came to the Temple Cathedral to see the clergy gathered in the former hall. At this time, it was a mess. They were all looking for the missing light. Ten bishops left behind were also using various exploration skills to search in the hall. Obviously, I didn’t expect Jiuchong to sneak so fast, and I didn’t expect Jiuchong to go back now.
"Find it for me quickly!" A bishop of light has a very loud voice. "You must find this unforgivable villain for me. I will give him the harshest trial and cut him to pieces! He is simply challenging the majesty of our whole temple of light! !”
"It’s you!" On hearing this, Jiuchong decisively targeted the Bishop of Light. If the Bishop of Light knew at this time that he was going to be robbed because of a disaster, he believed that he would have to smash his mouth.
Once born, twice acquainted, and three times, I walked with my eyes closed, and I was very familiar with it. I took advantage of the chaos and once again robbed a bishop of light and left.
"No, another bishop was kidnapped! !” It’s not calm. The cathedral is becoming more and more chaotic because of the disappearance of another Bishop of Light.