Xiao Wen, on the other side, has rushed towards the ground without hesitation. He will never let Nan Yunqing work hard!

The guy in the first ice pimple is trying to crack and want to escape. In addition to the passage of time, the ice gas in the ice pimple is indeed dissipating a little bit, but it is at this moment that the scene of despair appeared. Xiao asked his right hand, and when the cold light flashed, another ice bead appeared, he threw it directly at the DPRK!
That ice pimple is already full of cracks, and it has just risen outward. That ice bead has been mended!
It’s as if the ice gas from the nine remote places suddenly rushed out and invaded the ice lump department, which not only blocked all the cracks but also reached those ice cubes!
When the ice rings, it’s already a little bigger, and it’s full of chaos. Just now, the ice texture looks quite ferocious!
But even more incredible is still in the ice pimple department!
Before that man, he launched the hermetic technique to keep Nan Yunqing’s ice bead blow. This time, he hid in an ice pimple and didn’t need to launch the hermetic technique again. But the ice bead was rushed to the room like this, and it was too late when he wanted to launch it again!
Xiao Wen is the most clear. In fact, more than 90% of the damage of ice beads is in the original fried noodles! At that time, ice gas was the most destructive!
After all, it can be said that most of the power of ice spirit beads will be presented in the first moment!
When you look at the ice pimple department, the guy who had been throwing his weight around in Mingfeng was covered in frost, humiliated and purple, shivering involuntarily, just like he had just fished out of the glacier.
He’s caught off guard, and it’s no use being an ice bead!
At the moment, he not only has to resist the ice gas attack, but also gathers from all sides!
But even more let him despair scene appeared!
In the middle, Xiao asked his left hand that there was an ice bead again, and he slammed his arm and threw it at him!
"ah! ! ! !”
If you don’t work hard, you’ll die!
At that moment, the man couldn’t care about anything, and finally he used the hermetic again and it seemed to be more powerful than before!
However, he accepted the two ice balls according to the order. Chapter 325 She made great efforts, especially when she ran away again and again.
At this moment, Xiao asked, after closing his eyes, he could see that 90,000 had passed out from fatigue, but it seemed quite satisfied …
This must be the first war since its rebirth. It has never been so enjoyable.
Xiao Wen gradually recovered his mind and could not help but sigh, "No wonder so many people were red-eyed when 90 thousand appeared. This seventh-order fairy beast is really close to the enemy in the celestial world."
"It’s a pity that the rest of the higher-order fairies and beasts in this world were exterminated by all the gods and leagues as early as more than 90,000 years ago … If that didn’t happen, I really don’t know how prosperous the celestial beasts would be."
This time Nan Yunqing didn’t answer the phone. He nodded and didn’t know what to think of.
Seeing Nan Yunqing thoughtfully, Xiao asked Suo Xing not to talk. After a long time, Nan Yunqing asked, "Do you believe that there is still a place like this, where fairy beasts are the dominant players in the whole world and people are just as dispensable as fairy beasts?"
"Er … it was once a fantasy" Xiao asked crustily skin of head.
"That place is really a demon world."
"The demon world? Miss Nan, have you been there? "
"No, but I have dealt with several big demons in the demon world."
"So …" Xiao asked incredible tunnel.
"It was a long time ago. You must have a chance in the future. Maybe you can go to the demon world to cough …"
Nan Yunqing has to say that it suddenly coughed up, and even after coughing for several times, it simply coughed up blood.
She has always been peaceful and strong. At this time, seeing her coughing and bleeding at such a close distance, Xiao asked that she felt tight in her heart and scolded herself for not taking care of Nan Yunqing …
At this moment, Nan Yunqing looked up and shook his head to Xiao Wen, saying, "I’m fine."
"Let’s stop talking about horse healing," Xiao asked.
However, Xiao Wen also knows very well that neither of them has a good foundation. In fact, it will not have an immediate effect when Dan Dao heals the injury.
"Might as well" Nan Yunqing took out two medicine bottles and poured out a Dan medicine to swallow directly before asking Xiao "Where did you catch that ring?"
Xiao asked immediately in the waist to touch the changed shape ring handed it to Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing stretched out his hand and took it, and then directly poured out everything in the ring, picking it up and destroying it immediately.
Finally, Nan Yunqing took a few pieces of resident runes and read them carefully, and then handed them to Xiao Q.
Xiao Wen finished reading it a moment later, but he was still confused.