"Come on, come on, you can see it. It’s not that we don’t invite this bitch suluo. We can’t help it. If you want to send the blade, just send it to him."

Suluo also buried himself in the past and took a look at Nima
I cann’t believe I’m on the live webcast
This fat bastard gave me a condom.
The screen barrage has exploded and the crowd is surging.
"suluo, you’re dead."
"I’ll blow up DreamWorks if I don’t let Tang Yike be a singer."
"suluo is a bitch. Do you want to ban and suppress my baby?"
"suluo, get the hell out of here."
"Try again if you disagree."
It’s too cloudy to collapse. It’s hard enough to take the route of Tang’s mother and baby and dig a pit to bury yourself.
I fell to the floor and looked up at the ceiling again, tears streaming down my face.
"What is this live broadcast platform?"
"Mango Taiwan live broadcast platform, now is the media age, etc. The trend is that no one usually watches cough, but now there are not many tens of millions of people."
"You big ye!"
Hong Bin grinned at each other, as if you had cheated me like this before. Karma is not good.
"Come on, let’s talk."
Done. Hong Bin snapped a finger at the camera
"Dear old irons, don’t be impatient. Now we are officially talking about live broadcast first. Wait for my good news. Okay, please note that I am a singer. Official Weibo fuels old irons."
Dead fat, you’re waiting hard this time.
Chapter one hundred and four Wit Tang Dad
Although I was a little embarrassed by Hong Pang, the process of discussing with Hong Pang was still very smooth. At least Hong Pang gave money very generously. The price for the next issue was to invite Tianwang Huaan to definitely help Tang Yike to sing a song and then not participate in the competition.
Hong Pang’s idea is very simple. Go to your uncle’s position in the music world. Anyway, I want to be hot. I’ll invite whoever has the highest attention now. Please do whatever it takes to make a vote. suluo can see this product. The ratings are very good
According to the current baby fever, if you want to sit there in the first issue, it will definitely be a ratings storm, which is better than any king or superstar. If you don’t come, you will have a big head. Fans may really want to blow up Mango Taiwan.
Suluo’s idea is also very simple. Since I decided to support Tang Yike, let’s have another issue. It’s also a plan.
Besides, although the network is well received now and you can’t even see a bad word, it’s not that simple. After a few days of hot speculation, there will be a group of people questioning lip-synching and questioning this and that. People are temporarily dying, and it is estimated that they are preparing a copy and brewing a counterattack.
In this way, the new heyday club held its nose and recognized the impossibility.
This kind of thing, regardless of past life experience, suluo has experienced it many times. Which time is not a compliment first, and then the climax will fade a little?
Besides, Tang’s father is coming soon, and he always has to stay in Changsha for a few days, otherwise he should have packed his bags and gone back. It’s not a problem to be stuck in a hotel every day.
Get a satisfactory answer. Hong Bin smiled like Maitreya again. It’s honest and honest. You can still see that it’s half treacherous. Only when you have dealt with him do you know that this cargo is definitely not loaded with fat and something.
"Sue bro then it’s a date. By the way, we have an interview column in Mango Taiwan. Do you think it’s also" Hong Pang asked smilingly.
Section reading 5
"It is impossible to get out of here quickly." suluo now wants to punch directly when he sees this fat face
"Oh, win-win. You don’t go to the press conference after your program, and you don’t pick up any interviews. There are too many curious audiences for you."
Suluo Nye said, "It’s too late for a baby to be over three years old."
Hong Bin is really a smart person. When suluo said this, he immediately stopped. "Yes, yes, this is my thoughtless first."
"You can get out of here. Those reporters in the hotel building, you ask the hotel to cooperate, don’t talk about driving away, don’t get stuck there. If I want to go out, you can really block me."
Suluo roared, Mom, you are really stupid. Every time I talk to the hotel manager about this matter, the other party is hesitant to do nothing, which is definitely a small measure of Hong Pang.
"No problem, but you also know that these reporters can’t get rid of you. You’re so cruel that you don’t even have an interview with you." Anyway, Hong Pang, who succeeded in his goal, confessed.
Depend on really didn’t guess wrong suluo eyes a stare way "that’s not in the hotel lobby is full of reporters and the hotel incredibly still hold back what’s wrong, or I’ll do things".
"No, absolutely not." Hong Pang hurriedly waved his head. This suluo is also not afraid of the victim’s forcing, saying that doing things is absolutely doing things.
"By the way, the new heyday suffered such a big defeat. It’s too quiet and unscientific. Do you want me to press the news of inviting a baby to wait for them to jump out and you can slap their faces again?" Suddenly thought of something. The fat thief asked nervously.
After all, white people can really see through things at a glance. suluo gave Hong Pang a thumbs-up in his heart, which is definitely a talent.
"You will be so kind to help me" suluo looked incredulous.
"Hey, Sue, bro, what are we talking about? I’ll watch the new heyday in the first phase, and the old show is not pleasing to the eye. They all dare to play tricks with me. I want you to continue to be so amazing in the first phase, and I will definitely help you slap them in the face." Hong Pang righteously patted his chest.
"Come on, I’ll let my baby apprentice’s songs be absolutely fine. It’s really interesting."
Despise this dead fat one eye, this Sima Zhao heart is not well known, to put it bluntly, it is not afraid that when the baby goes, it will not be so amazing for the first time, and there will be no confidence in it.
Hong Pang immediately smiled and gave a thumbs-up and said, Brother Su, you are definitely my friend. You know me best, and then you were happily expelled by suluo.
And a confidant, a confidant, an egg
Go back to your own set, pick up the peak and grab it back to the sofa to control it.
"Agreed" Gao Feng asked with a yawn.
"It’s a good deal to meet an opponent."
"Ah, then we’re not going to stay here for another week." knife elder brother was wailing.
"Cut the crap. You have to follow me. Anyway, it’s certain to go out, but it’s absolutely impossible to surf outside unless you want to be watched by people or go out in disguise. By the way, you and Brother Bao helped me pick up Tang’s father at the airport. He was late," said suluo Nye.
"You’re treating me like a driver."
Knife elder brother is going to run away.
"Who let you be Chuang Xiao Wang? I’ll book a good table and have a good meal for Tang’s father late." suluo pointed his middle finger directly at the knife and said.
Just go out baby Yang and hurried to come over the sad face way
"Brother Luo, my mother still doesn’t believe what I said."
"Hey, it’s a small matter. Tell your uncle and aunt to watch on time on Friday. I’ll let you take the baby on stage and give it a shot."