"Lord adult seems to be wrong."

A senior bear goblin warrior is confused.
More than a dozen senior bear goblins have found that the deserted town is shrouded in a layer of fog.
Neru, the Lord of Heisha Town, is a bear goblin with dark hair. His eyes are cold and fierce, and he looks at the front coldly. "Our troops have been exposed before, and the deserted town seems to be ready."
in this regard
Bear goblins are not interested either.
Because bear goblins come, they are not good at hiding their whereabouts, so it doesn’t matter if they are exposed
"The new Lord is a wandering race that we have never seen before. It is not surprising that we don’t know the array or means, but it is ridiculous to stop the soldiers in Heisha Town because it is not lethal!" Neru went on to say, "Desert Valley Town must belong to the bear goblin clan!"
He is quite good among the small lords.
The 12-level strength is complete, and the third-order "melee mage" and four second-order skills are combined with the vitality talent of the bear goblin, which is very powerful.
If you go back,
Araya town more than a year ago
It used to be the territory of the bear goblins.
Nilu, the old Lord of Barren Valley Town, has some origins, probably from a group or tribe, but I didn’t expect that the bear goblins in Barren Valley Town would fall into chaos after the fall of the old Lord.
It will eventually be cheaper for a group of jackals.
Let these guys pick up a big leak
In exchange for the resources of the jackal for the shelter of Shaquan City, Neru was afraid that the forces of Shaquan City would not dare to attack the town, although he was very coveted by the town.
It is common for lords to plot against each other in secret.
It is difficult to bring down the deserted valley town by such means.
Nehru never imagined that it was a wandering race that came out of nowhere and suddenly overthrew the jackal and took the deserted town for himself.
Here’s your chance!
Nilu learned through various channels
Although the new race has never seen it, it is not strong enough to pay full protection like the jackals, that is to say, they have not been sheltered by Shaquan City.
Take barren valley town first.
Foster a new Lord.
This will bring great benefits to Heisha Town.
"Lord, we have carried out investigation. There is no ambush trap in the fog. We have identified it and can attack at any time."
Neru looked around again and gave the order.
"Leave a small team behind to guard."
"His soldiers are ready for battle!"
"The huge shield array attacked the deserted town!"
There is not much fancy in the spirit world war.
Because of the huge strength gap, the effect of the strategy is very limited
Neru firmly believes that he is a strong side.
Six hundred bear goblin shield soldiers are all strengthened.
Ordinary bear goblin giant shield soldiers are all equipped with dark white equipment, which is a level 1 bronze elite strength.
Every equipment of this batch of giant shield soldiers selected by Neru has been strengthened and upgraded to plain quality, and their shields have reached bright white quality, which is already close to the strength of silver elite soldiers.
Raise the strength of troops
Nilu spent a lot of resources.
A new territory cannot have this condition.
These 600 bear goblin giant shield soldiers are prepared by Neru to attack the territory and their strong defense skills are enough to stop resistance from the front!
"get ready!"
More than a dozen advanced bear goblins inspire various skill scrolls.
The occult soldiers gave all kinds of BUFF to the front-row large shield soldiers.
A command from the senior bear goblin
Six hundred bears are arranged neatly in two rows.
They are wrapped in all kinds of growth state light, holding a huge shield more than two meters high to the top of the deserted valley town, uniform and full of momentum!
Bear goblin occult soldiers bear goblin throwers immediately attacked and destroyed most of the spell traps along the way. The giant shield soldiers cleared the obstacles as much as possible, and soon the wall of desert town appeared in the fog.
Although fog can affect vision perception
But Neru is at least 12 powerful.
His basic attributes are also much higher than those of his bear goblins!