He immediately jumped forward and was a short figure, and he fell behind with a sword stab in Hanshan.

But the palm wind still hits the beam.
Liang Dou threw himself out and people crashed into the column, and the Wulong Pavilion collapsed.
Xiao colchicine lost call way
"Liang Daxia!"
Only to see Liang Dou, the great warrior in the ashes, magically get up.
When Liang Doufu got up, he bowed and his body tightened.
But his horse didn’t relax until he found that Liang Dou’s mouth was bleeding and his face was like purple and gold.
Xiao colchicine rushed to hold Liang Dou Liang Dou gave a wry smile.
"Brother Qu is so fierce."
Qu Hanshan sneer at a way
"Liang Daxia has great strength!"
Liang Dou eye closure gave a wry smile Hanshan rhetorical question.
"How do you know I want to sell? !”
Liang Dou slowly Zhang Mu way
"Your words"
Qu Hanshan eyes contraction way
"I speak!"
Liang Dou incredibly still can say with smile
"Your words"
Qu Hanshan laughed
"I don’t believe my words will go wrong. I am very calm!"
Liang Dou smiles to say
"It is because of too calm" Liang Dou smiled and added.
"If you hadn’t been so calm, people would always be a little angry if they were wronged."
Say "cough up" vomitted an one mouthful blood flexor Hanshan murder big blazing teeth way
"It seems that you are a wise man and I have to kill you."
Xia Liang Dou tired tunnel
"If I don’t have a little bit of Xiaocong, I won’t have a life if I don’t stay away from you when you palm the sword." I stretched out my hand and slowly patted Xiao Qiushui on the back of my hand.
"You protect the law for me, and I want to exercise my power and adjust my breath."
Xiao Qiushui suddenly rushed Xia Liang Dou with blood, but he closed his eyes with his legs crossed.
-Great Xia Liang Dou gave his life to him like this!
Him! Xiao Qiushui! Even martial arts have not yet married Xiao Qiushui!
Qu Hanshan grimly smiles to say
"He protects you? If only he could protect himself. "
Liang Dou still closed his eyes as if Root didn’t hear him.
Qu Hanshan sneer at a way
"You are closing your eyes!"
Suddenly listen to a humanitarian
"Who said that? !”
Another humanitarian said, "I saidno."
Another humanitarian said, "How can something happen with our Liang Daxia? !”
Another person said