"It’s exposed!"

Windson nodded, "I underestimated our opponents."
"What shall we do?"
"Let me think."
Not far from the jungle, that special team stopped in the mountains and slowly turned around with a cold hum. "Didn’t Kojima see it?"
The samurai named Kojima nodded and said, "I almost got cheated. If the blood inside was not true, those people were really pirates."
The person next to him is happy. "On the surface, it seems that these people are full of flaws. Doing those things from the back of the most exposed flaws is constantly trying to cover up these flaws, which will make those flaws expand and eventually become lies."
"Songjun deserves to be the wisest man among the generals’ most proud brothers."
The man next to me smiled. "Although I’m not sure who these people are, they may be our enemies since they are not our friends."
The island nodded. "This will make it easier. While they are still in the dark, they will launch a night attack tonight to wipe out each other."
"Good. That’s what I’m thinking. It’s a celebration of our first victory in the great territory."
Two people smile at one another. From the identity, it should be forbearance. In the world, it is more forbearance. For example, those who hide water and kill water ghosts generally have special skills. If they want to achieve forbearance, they must pass the layer-by-layer assessment. Once they have defeated Lin Feng in the secret method, that water girl is forbearance. Once they have achieved forbearance, it is absolutely terrifying. Because forbearance has not only super killing methods, but also extraordinary brain power and control.
A forbearance is often a battle planner, and the real implementation is precisely these responsible forbearance and forbearance.
"What would you do if you were them?" Lin Feng’s eyebrows are locked, and he keeps asking questions, cheating and lying. Don’t forget that the other side is a murderous ninja team.
Will definitely retaliate.
Windson eyes open "those who ambush in the forest tonight will definitely come"
It soon got dark at the top of the moon, and the whole night became quieter than before. There were insects singing in the ears. Lin Feng and his party lit a fire in front of the dense forest. There were seven people around the fire. It should be the night watchman. At this time, it was nearly midnight, and the predecessors bowed their heads and dozed off. Someone had fallen asleep.
You can faintly see the figure lying prostrate in the Woods, and then the black shadows are quietly touched. The movement is very light and there is almost no sound. At this time, the machete hand holds the ninja in the other hand, often hidden weapons shuriken.
Once there is any trouble, shuriken can be instantly hit. This wrist-powered rotating hidden weapons hit technique is extremely special and more difficult to deal with than flying knives or iron thistles.
Don’t forget that these ninjas are all good at fighting shuriken. If they are one, they may be able to cope. Once they find danger, dozens of people throw it at the same time. I can’t imagine who can be so close to hidden weapons.
One person makes gestures, several black shadows approach the feet quickly, the speed is very light, and the speed is not slow at all. The distance between each other is holding a sharp sword and approaching the fire quickly. Every target of the predecessors is almost at the same time, covering their arms and breathing, and the knife in their hands takes advantage of each other’s neck force.
The whole killing process became very simple in front of these specially trained killers, almost as soon as it was completed, with the shaking of the arm, the bodies by the fire fell to the ground from appearance to death without even making a sound.
With a wave of his arm, a man in black quickly approached these Japanese samurai camps that appeared during the day. As Lin Feng said, these people really saw the flaw from the blood on the ground, and determined that those roots of Lin Feng were not the generals, but the pirates in advance.
A black shadow ran in the Woods and leaned against the tree. On the one hand, it was carefully prepared to hold a sword killer, on the other hand, it was unaware of its opponent. This was doomed to be a massacre.
The only difference is that the other person’s reaction seems to be really small. Even if you are close to that moment, your arm will cover your opponent and gasp. Even if you are asleep, your body will still react very strongly when the weapon pierces that moment. That is human survival ability.
At this moment, when different weapons pierce, those people who sleep on tree trunks do not respond, and some people will not feel.
dead body
Someone took out a fire and took a closer look. The man couldn’t help but gasp and fell to the ground. Although there was blood on the body, the blood had solidified. When he touched the body, the body was as cold as a piece of ice.
The man shouted a voice, which should be that he found something wrong. Almost at the same time, a fire rose around him, and then two bangs, bangs, bangs, and the whole jungle flashed up.
There is fire around, and there is no one. Since there is no one, there will be no fire!
One man winked, and four Japanese samurai slowly advanced with knives in their hands. When they took the first step, there was a dense hidden weapons in the dense forest in front.
Those who hit hidden weapons and shuriken in ninja’s hands with different flying knives, sleeve arrows and even stones instantly hit away through the cracks in the trees. The four Japanese samurai found it too late.
At the moment before the blade, I waved a hope in front of my body, but this way blocked those who flew to hidden weapons. Unfortunately, hidden weapons was not only anxious, but also had a dense forehead, chest, lower abdomen and legs, all of which were hidden weapons.
A few times, I screamed that the bodies of four samurai who tried to get close to the Japanese fell to the ground. This is what people should react before they die. At this moment, these people know that they have been fooled by being surrounded by dense forests.
There are also people leaning against the tree trunks by the fire. Those people are all dead people who have that strange feeling. It is precisely because of the appearance of these dead people that these close-to-Japan warriors will enter the ambush circle carefully set by each other step by step.
Just four people fell to the ground at the same time, and one person drank a swish swish. More than a dozen shuriken instantly sent a message straight to hidden weapons to go to shuriken, which was heavier than ordinary hidden weapons. The wrist was strong enough, and the speed was faster than that of ordinary hidden weapons real ninja master. shuriken could fly back by himself.
Poop, poop, poop, in the night, the ninja should have hit something when he hit the shuriken. This is a dense forest with lush trees, which is relatively large and shuriken is relatively disadvantaged.
There is no sound in front of the first ninja, so I can’t help but frown. These people are all hidden weapons players who can judge each other’s position by hidden weapons’s position and strength.
All those seemingly random shuriken are also purposeful.
No sound is equivalent to telling yourself directly that those shuriken hit tree trunks instead of people.
"Pine is a little strange here. It’s better not to stay long."
Another person nodded, "Good tactics, right place, right time, and recklessly at this time are not dominant."
"knot array"
Those ninjas quickly gather to form a square array to control each other’s certain positions, especially the peripheral swordsmen slowly move backwards. Once hidden weapons calls, they can immediately shoot.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-three Endure in the war again
As the flames around the jungle rise, the situation in the jungle changes, just as Lin Feng predicted. These seemingly agree that the ninja has seen the flaw and it is the first time to launch a night attack.
If it weren’t for Lin Fengzao’s arrangement, this moment would inevitably suffer the other party’s extremely high means of night attack, and the means of killing is not bad compared with Lin Fengjinyiwei.
Windson, a thick branch looks at the surface. Those people are close to the jungle and have been alert to the distribution. Those people by the fire and in the Woods are just the bodies of pirates killed during the day. At this moment, they are also sent to the scene.
Good fighting power! Windson couldn’t help feeling this way from the heart. Although there are more than a hundred people in this team, if they are properly finished, they can defeat a previous team and easily attack a city.
Such an elite is absolutely a terrible force, even if it is found that these faces are surrounded by people at this time, they are not afraid at all, and they are not in a panic.
When the opponent’s square moves slowly, it looks like a compass moving slowly outward, which can maximize the flexibility of the array
Windson heights coldly looking at the ninja camp at this time those deadly hidden weapons with disappear in front of the camp back to the front of a tree that moment windson corners of the mouth couldn’t help to Yang.
It was a small movement, followed by a bang, bang, bang. Someone accidentally stepped on the machine and fell all over. At that moment, dozens of ropes bounced up. This is far from over. At the other end of the rope, a wooden stick was attached to it. At that moment, the boulder fell with the rope.
This opponent suffered a great loss. Those boulders fell from the surface, which happened to be the position in the phalanx. The camp formed by the ninja was actually suffering at this time.
This is the first time that Lin Feng’s calculation has met, and it has been seen that the other side often adopts relatively dense positions, which can reduce some uncertainties, especially by entering unknown areas and increasing camp secrecy, which can ensure mutual care.
Peripheral ninjas roll forward quickly. It should be worried that hidden weapons will suddenly hit, and almost at the same time, the ninjas will retreat to the periphery. Those ninjas who get out will hold the periphery with machetes.
It is undeniable that these Japanese samurai have mastered the battle quite well in an instant. It can be seen that it is inevitable to form this kind of instant coping quality in the face of different forms after several killings and drills on weekdays.
This is the so-called elite. Of course, don’t forget that the Royal Guards hiding in the dark at this time are also the elite trained by Lin Feng and the training experience of modern special forces in China and Canada, which can form amazing combat effectiveness in such a short time.
Fei Tian Yan’s face was cold at the height. Looking at Fang, those people changed their positions with the change of the other camp. At night, Fei Tian Yan’s flying skill traveled back and forth too easily, hiding in the dark. hidden weapons was carefully trained by Liu Ernian. Feitian Camp was one of the best in a hundred, and his legs were trained for a while. There were ropes all over the jungle, and every tree was connected because those ninja roots discovered such secrets at night.
Feitianying people changed their positions immediately after these ropes were sent out of hidden weapons. It is for this reason that those shuriken will fight.
All over the sky, hidden weapons sent out that although the other side was prepared, someone was hit by hidden weapons from time to time. The most important thing was that even if the people behind were prepared in front, it would not work. Those hidden weapons kept changing direction and almost just got ready. The original head-on call came from hidden weapons and suddenly appeared from behind.
This continuous change is the ninja method. Those ninjas gather again with the boulder falling from the forest air. This time, it is a chastened few people rushing out quickly. It should be to destroy the other party in this way.
With a wave of his hand, Lin Feng’s high arm flashed out thirty or forty branches, holding a sharp stick in his hand and throwing it straight to the ninja camp.
This almost original style of play is unimaginable at this time. Throwing a wooden stick from the surface instantly pierces the body of those peripheral defense samurai.