"Close the team!" Princess Jenny waved a few flags and said

After they heard the word "call it quits", they didn’t run around because of their hearts, but ran orderly to the gate of the Sky City one by one like those soldiers in the 21st century! Every soldier who enters the city will receive a gold coin from the gate of the guarding city, and then he will be scattered around the city and go back to their own homes to drink water and eat.
"This duke really has money to send after practice. No wonder they are serious and hard!" Next to those people looking at the door that a box of gold coins said
Through this exercise, Li Lian is convinced that she will be able to play in four or five months. I believe that their strength should reach that in four or five months. Although Li Lian wants to come back outside, Princess Jenny is very tired, but she is very sweet when she looks at this batch of military strength. If Li Lian is willing to borrow this army one day, she believes that she will get what she wants soon, but now she is still a virgin. Li Lian has been busy with military affairs and things in the city, but she has to wait for those beautiful women to arrive.
After the drill, Li Yun did not go back to the house, but patrolled the streets with three beautiful women to greet the rented civilians and asked them if they were satisfied with the monthly rent here. Although the monthly rent is three gold coins, their workers here get seven gold coins a month and live a better life than usual. However, those businessmen are a little dissatisfied. They say that those civilians rent three gold coins a month and they charge as much as 30!
"First, my Sky City is a world-class big city, where civilians can enjoy preferential treatment if you are willing to be civilians, but I don’t think you will give up that wealth, right, sir!" Li Yun explained it to them reasonably.
However, these 30 gold coins are not a problem in the eyes of these businessmen, but they are a little unbalanced in their hearts. But this is indeed a place that mainland people want to come to. Not only can they enjoy equal class treatment, but they will also be protected by the city. Residents here also get a gold coin every month. It is only in the eyes of others that residents here enjoy Li Yi’s love for the people as a Lord, but Li Yi’s heart is so bad that he keeps trying to make these civilians wait for work every day.
At this moment, Li Lian passed by a hotel and saw two waiters blocking a person outside the hotel. This city wanted Li Lian to manage everything when he saw it. So he asked this person to tell Li Lian about this hotel. The waiter said that he couldn’t let him in without his hands.
"Dude, how can I recognize this little two? You don’t have double hips. Did you go in and let the little two feed you? Or do you have your own way to eat? " Li Yun couldn’t help asking the man if he had no hips.
"Hum, if my arms were not cut off by the lackeys in the Temple of Light, I would challenge you!" The bear’s waist and tiger’s gait scolded Li Yun for looking down on him.
"Do you know who is in front of you? It’s thanks to him that your grandmother can come here. If you stop me from doing business here, I’ll have someone stick you! " This young man knows Li Yun and Li Yun speaks well of him.
"bang!" Crash!
Sweat! This big fellow is not too hot, is it? That little two was kicked by him and hit the ground more than ten meters outside, clutching his belly and coughing with Li Yun’s horse to stop this big fellow. I didn’t expect this big fellow with no hips to use force against Li Yun, and my feet kept kicking Li Yun ten times in a row. Li Yun was surprised. I didn’t expect this big fellow to be so powerful that his hands were blocked and even took two steps back!
"Good strength and good footwork. Please back off a little and let me meet him for a while!" Li Xun meaning beauty receded around looking at the big fellow in situ, such as loose way
Chapter one hundred and nineteen The emperor’s daughter
Chapter one hundred and nineteen The emperor’s daughter
Since the big fellow was cut off by the Temple of Light, he didn’t think he would kill himself. He wanted to live well and try his best to have his identity and disability. He was bullied and despised wherever he went until one day he heard that there was a sky city in the lost forest, where there was no honor to come here and live a peaceful life.
I didn’t expect to walk for two months and beg dozens of silver coins to enter this vault city, but I was still ridiculed by those people, and today I was bullied by a noble (Lord) young man. He is tired of living like this, and today he will show the noble how to practice his legs and feet for months.
In front of Li Xun, he flew without reservation to gather his feet to fight. There are grades to make Li Xun can’t believe that this disabled person turned out to be a blade master. He gathered his feet to fight and kicked dozens of feet to Li Xun in a row with strong strength and a whirring wind.
And Li Xun’s eating of the dozens of feet in front of him surprised him. It reminded him of a movie called "man called hero" in the 21st century, in which the strongman without arms secretly decided to accept this disabled person. If he was retrained, he should become a humble killer. So Li Xun drank a lot of anger at his dozens of feet and gathered his hands.
"Ice and fire boxing!"
Dozens of ice and fire punches and his foot shadow exploded together with great strength to melt away the foot shadow of this disabled person and repel him for a few steps, which made him unable to believe the strength of this young man. He was not afraid that Li Yun stepped on his feet again and then flew up, constantly turning this man’s stick-shaped body. The speed of rotation was very fast, as strong as a wind.
"whirlwind feet!"
"His grandmother this recruit is not the earth" Fengyun "Nie Feng trick? Ok, let me break your whirlwind leg! " Li Yun recruit looked at him from the surface such as diamond dragon roll pressure to say.
One yin, one yang, one true qi, Li Lian’s palm is another trick, Tai Chi, the sixth formula, and the four strengths reach a certain level, so that the strength of the other party can be turned away. Li Lian’s head is covered with a huge fish of yin and yang, and this trick is slowly consumed. Finally, Li Lian throws it to the ground, making him look at Li Lian with incredible eyes. I can’t believe this young man is so easily resolved.
"What other moves do you have? If not, it’s my turn!" Li Yun smiled and said to this middle-aged man with great strength.
"Good old today will make your eyes wide open!"
Say that finish, it’s another trick of leg skill, which is more malicious and poisonous than the previous two tricks. If Li Yun is not mistaken, it should be a leg piercing. If he is hit, a person with shallow skill may be fatal on the spot. However, Li Yun has several hundred years of deep skills, so he is not afraid of this trick, so he forms a light protective shield for his true spirit, sticks it in place and lets him wear a leg piercing. He is kicking seven serial legs in a row.
"This Mao Gong let you see what is leg work! !” Li Yun hand gently patted his chest and said
Later, a few figures around Li Yun made a move, and the little dragon asked for directions in different directions. This big fellow was kicking, and then it was Huang Feihong, Foshan, whose shadow feet really deserved its name. His constant attacks made him retreat.
"Let you see a chain of legs again!"
After that, Li Yun appeared beside him again like Bruce Lee. He kicked out a dozen feet and then flew up. Those Sanda legs in Thailand kept banging on his knees, but Li Yun’s strength was still under control. Otherwise, he would have hung up at the moment of landing. Li Yun swept his legs and fell to the ground. At the moment when he didn’t fall to the ground, his legs sent him to the middle. It was another trick. The wind wheel legs kept kicking him behind him and flying to more than 20 meters high, and then he slammed his lower abdomen over his body.
"Boom!" Drop sound
Li Lian’s last move fell to the ground like a meteor and cracked the ground. After this move, Li Lian can also make a fatal attack, which is to press his neck from the middle to end his life. But Li Lian doesn’t need to do this. Instead, two sacred balls appear in his hand and throw them at him and his little hand respectively, and then throw a sentence.
"If you want to report the broken arm, you can come to the duke’s house to find me!"
In this way, Li Lian took his woman back to his own house to stay. When the big man in the shape of a stick was lying on the ground with a smile on his face, he knew who the young man was. He knew that he was the king praised by civilians and slaves in the Lord of the Sky City. He knew that Li Lian had deliberately used those legs just now. He just gave him those feet in battle.
"What a martial arts genius! I’ve been practicing leg skills for months, but I can’t match his temporary realization of leg skills!" Mouth murmured praise Li Yun said
Li Yun actually learned it from the 21st century cinematography, but Li Yun believes that if he has profound skills, he will be more powerful and powerful! It will never be worse than the blade master’s strength. In the future, there will be a general in the battlefield. He is wearing a black cloak and has no arms. Others will see that he rides with his feet as quiet as a bell. Ma An is facing a horde of horses and his face is pale. That is the man without arms, but that is another story.
"I’m sorry I misunderstood you just now. I’ll help you up and then I’ll take you to the duke’s house after I get something to eat in the store!" The little two came to him to help him up and said
Just now, people gathered around the theater and dispersed in succession. Since then, they have known a disabled strongman in the city and won the attention of the duke. At the same time, they have learned to respect those disabled people. There are good people in the city to build a disabled welfare union so that people there can enjoy some treatment.
Miss Louise and Princess Camille, accompanied by thousands of elite soldiers, hurried day and night to the Sky City in the lost forest. Princess Camille kept asking if Miss Louise had lost her virginity to someone. And miss Louise smiled and answered what she said. She will know when she gets to Sky City.
"What is the sky city? I heard from my classmates that I don’t know who is building a big city there, but if we get lost in the forest and practice our father, that’s what I’m told! " Princess Camille was naive and said to Miss Louise
"You really don’t know or not? You don’t even know your father’s attention. Is he really willing to take risks in the forest? Even if he is willing to your mother, he won’t be willing, "said Miss Louise, patting this good sister with a smile.
"The imperial edict says that if I didn’t go there to practice, what did my father ask me to do in the lost forest?" Kamiai said, pointing to the surface with the imperial edict from the ring.
"Oh, I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m not afraid to be honest with you!" Miss Louise told Princess Camille the real purpose, so that she couldn’t finish her father there.
It turns out that the real purpose of Princess Camille’s father’s call for her to go to the Sky City is to get to know it so that she can see more of the world there. If possible, she can recruit some powerful warriors from various empires. Finally, she can get to know Li Lian and make good friends with him. In this way, she also hopes that Li Lian will not find it difficult to help the great empire in the future. If possible, she can get Li Lian’s great empire to work and seal him a big, big city from his official position.
Of course, the Senao empire also hopes that his daughter Princess Camille is known as the first beauty in the country, and then he can live and work in peace and contentment in the future, and he will no longer be afraid of the lackeys of the Temple of Light. The Emperor Senao knows that the Temple of Light is afraid of Li Yi’s body weapons. If he helps him someday, the Senao empire will not contribute millions of gold coins to the Temple of Light every year.
However, this time, either the Senao Emperor appeared a honey trap, but also the Temple of Light appeared a honey trap. At the same time, all the mainland empires received their spies. It was reliable that the Senao Empire and the Temple of Light sent honey traps to approach the Castle of Heaven in the lost forest to pull the duke, so all the imperial horses sent their most beautiful women in the empire to send them to the lost forest.
At one time, the top ten beauties in the Royal Academy received orders from their king or father, and they were asked to practice in the lost forest by the oldest imperial edict. The dean of the school found that it was not that simple, so he sent someone to inquire about it. It turned out that the empires sacrificed their students as politicians, while the dean of the Royal Academy protected those students.
They decided to send the youngest and most beautiful granddaughter of the college to the Sky City with those beautiful students. At best, it means supervising them. At worst, it was the dean who thought of the boy in Sky City. With his help, the dean of the Royal College will have a successor. The Royal College will once again break through the top, or the college will find a powerful man for his granddaughter.
But this cold weapon era is also an era of war and strife. How many beautiful women can escape the road bandits and come to the lost forest in the sky city? In the end, has this sky city really become the residence of the world’s beautiful women? The back is more exciting, waiting for everyone to explore together.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Plane supermarket
Chapter one hundred and twenty Plane supermarket
As we all know, there is a trade union in ideal city. The headquarters of the mainland trade union in Senrdas needs to know that there is a prosperous and powerful city in the lost forest. Ma sent hundreds of construction workers to the sky city and the ground south of the sky city did not pass the approval of Li Luan to start construction. The so-called trade union planned to build a good shop and supermarket for the land south of the city.